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Tonight on The Independents: Earth Day Hysteria, Drone-War Accountability, Palcohol Panic, Affirmative Action Boredom, AirBnB Agonistes, Aereo's Dealio, a Facebook Vote…Plus Sexy After-show!


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Is it still Earth Day if nobody talks about it? How about if people celebrate it by publishing an article calling the fight against climate change "The New Abolitionism"? These are some of the questions to be chewed on tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT). Party Panelists Monica Crowley (Fox News analyst, radio host, author of What the (Bleep) Just Happened? The Happy Warrior's Guide to the Great American Comeback), and Carrie Sheffield (Forbes contributor, "Committed to free minds + free markets"!), will talk about that, plus the Supreme Court's big affirmative action decision today, and then your Facebook vote will determine whether their final topic will be a new conservative gay marriage poll or Gov. Chris Christie's dull-witted remarks about not legalizing marijuana.

Cato Vice President (and columnist) Gene Healy will talk about the recent court ruling requiring President Barack Obama to at least explain when and how it determines that Americans need to be droned to death. Wall Street Journal multimedia explainer Jason Bellini, proprietor of "The Short Answer," will present his latest video, about New York's war on AirBnB. And the co-hosts will discuss the latest with the silly "palcohol" scandal.

After-show can be found at at 10 p.m. sharp; the aforementioned Facebook page at Follow us on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for video of past segments.

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  1. Hello.

    1. So this is what it feels like.

      Do I get a Reason First ribbon?

        1. Fist is Reason’s senior expert in disappointment.

          1. If only any of my girlfriends were reason regulars.

        2. Now I know how Browns fans feel.

    2. Hello darkness, my old friend.

  2. The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback

    Hubert Humphrey?

  3. How about if people celebrate it by publishing an article calling the fight against climate change “The New Abolitionism”?

    And we take another step towards Peak Derp.

    1. Because condemning the developing world (many of whom are quite swarthy in complexion) to bone-crushing poverty so that Progressives can feel those fleeting orgasmic thrills that come with an undeserved sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness is just like those who, under pain of death, fought for the end of the savage practice known as slavery.

      It’s tautologous, really.

      1. Um, what HM said!

        *slinks from room, still frozen in inarticulation*

      2. I think I’ll just copy and paste that in the comments, with your permission.

      3. Yeah, I brought up this point recently with someone I know. I was shocked, shocked to learn that he really likes that “Life After People” show and thinks that what we really need is a plague to reduce the human population drastically because of our sins against Gaia.

        A 21st century where even the poor and unemployed have bigscreen TVs and smartphones from which they can access the whole of human knowledge and culture at any time they so desire, need to labor physically so little and are so well-fed that “fat American” has become the go-to joke, seems pretty swell to me considering the starvation and misery that preceded capitalism and industrial civilization, but hey, what do I know, I’m not a “progressive”.

  4. Facebook vote? How individualistic.

  5. Now taking suggestions for the next SoCal Reason meet up. Suggestions?

    1. Pot Den, Crackhouse, gay bar or strip joint? Or all four?

      1. Sounds like anyplace in North Hollywood should do then.

      2. I’ve been to a brothel, but never a strip joint.

        1. Have you been to The Strip Joint in Redondo Beach? Blatant false advertising!!!!

          1. Is that place still there? I also liked the “Hand Job” car wash/detailing place.

            1. The strip joint re-finishes furniture. It is still there.

              1. Oh. I know what it does, I just don’t remember noticing it the last few times I’ve driven by there.

                1. I only notice them because they are near the best burgers in LA.

                  1. Standing Room is excellent. I’ve actually only been once.

                    1. Parmesan Truffle Fries or GTFO. I am getting close to the recipe. Close, but not exact. Yet.

        2. Back in my youth I got dragged to a strip joint every so often. I just don’t like being shown a meal which I have no option to eat.

          When I was 18 I once stopped a stripper in mid-act with nothing more than my attitude – I wasn’t saying anything or doing anything other than sitting there. It wasn’t my intention to do it – she just was PO’ed that I wasn’t getting into it like the other Marines in the room.

          1. “Put it ON! Put it ON!”

    2. I believe the overwhelming consensus last night was that everyone loved the idea of downtown.

      doubleplus benefit that I can get absolutely tanked and stumble home

      1. There was an overwhelming consensus because I was asleep for the conversation.


        2. I’m fine with downtown because I’m carpooling with you.

          1. If by carpooling, you mean driving me, then we have a deal.

    3. Get out of California before they institute the exit tax?

      1. We’re actually casually waiting for all the lefties to leave and then we will finally achieve our coup and turn California into Calibertopia

        Besides, the condition of the ROADZ! in Southern California is already on par with Somalia.

        1. In the futurementary things don’t turn out that way.

          1. I will now have to find that on Netflix.

            1. It was on there a few years ago. IIRC, either disk or streaming.

        2. Besides, the condition of the ROADZ! in Southern California is already on par with Somalia.

          Adam Carolla pointed that out a while back with the road by his dad’s old house. Described it the same way too, “like a Somali road.”

      2. I will vote for the proposal to split CA up into 6 states.

        1. Some lady approached me while I was getting gas to sign a petition to bring certain drug offenses and theft offenses down to a misdemeanor. I asked her what was deadline to get signatures, she said she didn’t know but she has another petition that will be due soon for the November ballot. I asked her what that one was and she said it was one no one wanted to sign, some petition to break up California into six states and I said “Fuck yeah, give me that one to sign!” She was taken aback then laughed.

    4. Sooooo…..
      Aside from Sudden wanting to stumble home drunk, there are no serious suggestions?

      Fuck it. Jesse is in charge now.

      1. I most likely wouldn’t be able to go, so might as well let you guys sort it out.

        1. Nights aren’t out of the question.

      2. It’s like herding cats, trying to get these people to cooperate.

        1. Ironic given our entire worldview is premised on the ability of people to voluntarily cooperate.

        2. Don’t you know that no libertarian ever cooperates. See, in opposing the State, we must oppose all collective action of any kind, in any context.

          Also roadz.

          1. What are these “roadz” you speak of? In Libertopia, we have no such thing.

            1. They’re those things that the “Bring Out Yer Dead!” guy with the wheelbarrel travels on collecting spent orphans.

          2. Also, there can be no agreement among true libertarians, only heated argumentation over what the NAP really means.

        3. We clearly need a Reason Scheduling Czar. I nominate you.

          1. SEXIST!!!

        4. Kibby, last time I paid for brunch, everybody focused like laser beams.

          1. I’m surprised they didn’t all drink themselves into stupors.

      3. Wait…what? I was unaware we were trying to bring my terrible taste in everything to bear on this event.

      4. In all seriousness, I am find making the pilgrimage to the westside. I have a buddy who manages a BBQ place on Abbot Kinney (can’t recall the name right now, he just recentl started there) and I have a bed that I believe I can sleep in (or at the very least engage in other activities in) in Mar Vista.

      5. We are all in charge.

      6. You should also know that I have an uncanny ability to stumble home drunk from any location on planet Earth. I spent an entire three week period between Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands x2, and Scotland in various states of drunkenness and still somehow managed to find my way home.

        You can drop me off in Duluth with no ID, no money, and no recollection of my name, identity, or geographic area of origin and like a dog, I will simply get drunk and somehow stumble home.

  6. I have to admit, Welch takes the prize for the most consistently link-ridden posts.

    1. There must be a scientifically determined number of links beyond which they serve only to deter anyone from clicking anything.

      Much like how the Independents never actually spend enough time on any single topic to ever either understand what’s being debated, a sentence be completed, or for any communist to ever be appropriately *rebutted*.

      I think the number is 5. And 30 seconds.

  7. So I still haven’t had a good explanation on what type of pot hipsters smoke ironically.

    1. I thought they smoked cloves ironically?

      1. Also what sort of pot do the pot snobs like? Organically grown free range sustainable artisanal marijuana from Inner Mongolia?

        1. Only cuz it makes them yak

        2. Doesn’t it have to be more local than Mongolia?

          Probably has to be some weird off-green color too.

        3. “Winston|4.22.14 @ 8:25PM|#

          Also what sort of pot do the pot snobs like?”

          Oh, its gone so overboard it doesn’t even matter anymore.

          Back in my day, if you got some decent indica you’d be happy enough. Now, “Northern Lights” is almost so common as to be passe, and unless its like, ‘Blueberry Skunk Hawaiian Kush Ninja Bubblegum”, you’re considered lame.

          Frankly I think its a good thing that the youth of today don’t have to put up with ‘mexican brown, ammonia stinking brick-weed’ as much. But nothing is more annoying than pot snobs. I tend to pre-empt them by saying, “You smoke the pot. You do not talk about the pot.” whenever i get the chance. Which isn’t often anymore.

  8. Wall Street Journal multimedia explainer Jason Bellini, proprietor of “The Short Answer,” will present his latest video, about New York’s war on AirBnB.

    How else will strangers unwittingly have their apartments used for BBW swingers orgy parties?

    1. That is one of the reasons why I haven’t offered my house.

        1. What was your PhD in again? Youtube links?

          1. Applied Linguistics. My dissertation* was the phonemic shift that occurs in Black Vernacular English (BVE) where the demonstrative pronoun “that” becomes /dat/ in front of any reference to the female posterior.

            *I wish.

            1. Excuse my ignorance but is this in the same ‘field’ as what Chomsky is in?

              1. If you mean linguistics, then sure. Linguistics as a field is divided into theoretical and applied. Theoretical covers the study of language per se, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and some argue pragmatics as well. Most of Chomsky’s most famous work is in syntax (generative grammar and all that). Applied is using linguistics to solve real-world problems. So things like how people learn languages, (which is what I study), sociolinguistics, translation theory, forensic linguistics, etc. which as far as I know Chomsky hasn’t really stuck his dick into much.

                1. /glazed look.

                  Seriously. Interesting.

                  Especially the part about Chomsky’s dick because he usually has it in his mouth when it comes to his political ruminations.

                  1. He’s quite flexible like that.

                2. So, HM, I will pose to you a question I have mulled over for years.

                  When a polyglot individual switches from speaking one language to speaking another language just what is going on in his/her brain? It is a conscious decision but not related to any physical action.

                  I have my theory – I have a feeling for what goes on in my head – but would like to hear what you might say.

                  1. When a polyglot individual switches from speaking one language to speaking another language just what is going on in his/her brain?

                    To be honest, that question would be best answered by Geoff Nathan, as he’s the Cog Ling guy on here, but as far as I know, there is a difference psycholinguistically between true bilinguals and people who learned a 2nd language later in life. In short, I understand that we store concepts in various places in our brain, say “cat”. But that concept is just a collection of images and feelings…the language of thought. Then when we want to speak it, Wernicke’s area pulls all those strands together into whatever word our language calls that concept. In true bilinguals they just have one big list; whereas people who learn a 2nd language later have two lists. So when we “switch” we are mentally moving from one neurological lexicon to another. *shrugs* Again, Geoff might say that is absolutely wrong.

                    1. My experience seems to support what you are saying there. Languages I learned/had experience in before about my mid-20’s seem to be “seamless” but languages or fields in a language which I picked up later seem to always be connected to a feeling/experience I had when learning that word/concept.

                      I describe what is going on mentally when I shift from one language to another is I change how I express myself as the person I am in that culture/language. As each culture is different the way each of us would interact with people in that culture is different. Shifting how I express myself to people in that culture effects expression in the related language.

                      I admit it is a thin explanation but it’s as close as I can get to describing it.

                    2. I understand exactly what you mean. When I speak Thai, my personality is different. In Thai, there is no one single word for “I”, the pronoun I use is based on to whom I’m speaking. (social-relational deixis) I’m much more class-conscious and deferential when speaking Thai.

                    3. I often wonder how people like Sir Richard F. Burton kept it all separate in his head. He supposedy was fluent in over 40 languages – many from entirely different linguistic roots.

                      One of the reasons I have located myself where I am is because working in the US I often got “vibes”, and even the occasional charge of having gone native, from co-workers. Many mono-linguals see my mannerisms and even my laugh change when dealing with people in another language and seem to doubt if I’m still playing for the same team.

                    4. Huh. Where I come from we call that “intercultural competence” and it’s something we actively look for in employees.

                    5. I don’t know if it is an engineering thing or just counter to Fortune 100 corporate cultures.

                      Even over here I learned to keep it in English around higher management (invariably mono-lingual ‘Mericans)- I got tired of being seen as a threat to their careers/childish-egos rather than a resource to drive multi-national business projects.

                    6. ” When I speak Thai, my personality is different.”

                      That’s cause you’re talking a lady-boy into some sick shit, isn’t it?

                    7. That’s cause you’re talking a lady-boy into some sick shit, isn’t it?

                      That’s due to the alcohol, not linguistics.

                    8. Someday I’m going to drag that Soi Cowboy story out of you.

                    9. The one where a co-worker of mine paid me to investigate whether his bar-girl “girlfriend” that be paid like 22,000 baht a month for was keeping her “promise” to him that she was just dancing the in bar and not turning tricks with other men?

                      That’s an awesome story (imo, of course)…I’ll give you the full details another time. It’s getting close to bedtime for me here.

                    10. Ha ha! OK, I’ll look forward to it.

                      I may have a worse story along a similar vein to relate as well.

                    11. I don’t think you even understand yourself, HM. But I will continue to read your posts because you are interesting.

                      It is no secret that you will call anyone who disagrees with your open borders political position a pedophile, including me. Nuke it from orbit!

                      If I’m not mistaken, there are gaps in H&R where you have let loose on this.

                    12. It is no secret that you will call anyone who disagrees with your open borders political position a pedophile, including me

                      Huh? Unless you’re Plopper posting under a new handle, I’ve never called you a pedophile.

                    13. You were confusing with me ‘Mercan(sp?) at the time.

                      Who is not going to look this up?

                    14. Again, I don’t recall this. If I did, you might want to think about why people were confusing you with Murkin. And even if I did confuse you with Murkin, I doubt I would have been calling you a pedophile. The term of abuse I usually reserve for Murkin is explaining the cognitive dissonance between his virulent racial supremacist beliefs and his fetish for interracial cuckold porn. And that’s not due to any beliefs he has toward immigration but due to his complete inability to argue in good faith.

                      So, I still must express skepticism toward your accusations of me.

                    15. Did HM actually call you a pedophile?

                      The only people I can remember him calling a pedophile are that one guy that’s actually a pedophile (Plopper?) and Chris Mallory. Who has an account on Second Life. Which means he’s probably a pedophile (and in any case, he was hardly interested in rational debate himself)

                    16. I haven’t the foggiest about what he or she is on about.

                    17. Oh yes, I’m such the pedo always checking out the pre-pubescent children. *rolls eyes*

        2. Do you have any non-ass-related links?

            1. Without having clicked on that link, no. No, there isn’t.

              1. Nor can I conceive of a legitimate reason for a link to not be ass-related.

            2. Non-ass link:


              1. You can’t have non-ass without implicit understanding of ass.

                Gate, gate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha!

  9. Today on Derpbook, a prog responds to my favorite Bastiat quote:

    “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?”

    1. He writes:

      I was having that very discussion with my right leaning friend/employee the other day. Yes, humans tend to be selfish dicks that only look out for themselves. When it comes to groups of people, corporations, seeking only to maximize profits, that aspect of humanity is often exacerbated by the facelessness of a big corporation where the people in charge are insulated from the consequences of their decisions, whether it’s laying off 200 people the week before Christmas, or intentionally releasing a product that they KNOW will kill people but they calculate the profits outweighing the settlements and do it anyway. These are facts of life, and large groups of people acting as corporations are willing to take risks like that because they can always pass the blame off on some patsy and get away with their golden parachutes Scott free.

      1. Cont’d

        So yes, these things need to be regulated, and unfortunately the regulators are also human, and therefor susceptible to the same corruption which is inevitable. Perhaps there needs to be an even higher regulatory power that keeps the regulators in check, like internal affairs in a police department. Or perhaps regulators need to be vetted and tested just like FBI agents and Secret Service hires are. Perhaps these regulatory agencies need to be held to a higher standard and simply hire only those who can be vetted and have a low risk of corruptability. One thing is for sure though, NO oversight or regulation whatsoever never reduced incidents and problems. Even a shifty substitute teacher is better than leaving a roomful of children to their own devices.

        1. Oh. Dear. Lord.

          It’s almost as if they WANT to be the gimp in Pulp Fiction.

          I can’t handle more of this.

        2. whether it’s laying off 200 people the week before Christmas, or intentionally releasing a product that they KNOW will kill people but they calculate the profits outweighing the settlements and do it anyway.

          Because these two are exactly the same.

          1. It’s bizarre how progs focus on corporations when the sins of govt are worse by orders of magnitude.

            The combined damage of the BP and Exxon oil spills pales in comparison to the damage from hundreds of nuclear weapons tests.

            1. B-b-b-b-but….PROFITS!!!!!!

            2. “progs focus on corporations”

              Fear relocation psychopathy.

        3. Perhaps there needs to be an even higher regulatory power that keeps the regulators in check, like internal affairs in a police department.

          TOP. MEN.

          But fuck it, if that’s what it takes I modestly propose we draft children who demonstrate aptitude out of grade school and train them to be Guardians.

          Or we invent robots that can do that.

          1. I sighed with weary resignation when I got to that part.

            “But who will regulate the regulators?”

            “Ah, you’re very clever, but it’s regulators all the way up.”

        4. One thing is for sure though, NO oversight or regulation whatsoever never reduced incidents and problems.

          Really? I think there are a number of examples of self-regulating systems.

          1. Every living thing and every ecosystem self-regulates.

            I recall seeing several studies about red light cameras increasing accidents and others about how removing traffic signs and lights reduced accidents.

        5. You’re hurting my brain with this shit.

          1. Just wait til tomorrow when he weighs in on Detroit. Here’s the article I sent him:


            1. easy. his response: He thinks Mackinac is a rightwing derptank, and will refuse to read it.

              1. These kind of responses seem far more widespread to me than they were. Years ago I could link Reason articles to people and they would be reasonably likely to read them even if they disagreed, but now I get the “OMG KOCHTOPUS! Unclean! Heresy!” outright refusals so often because their daily consumption of approved-Nazi-collaborator-billionaire Soros news sources (ThinkProgress being the primary offender here) has thoroughly poisoned the well.

      2. These are facts of life, and large groups of people acting as corporations are willing to take risks like that because they can always pass the blame off on some patsy and get away with their golden parachutes Scott free.

        Awww, isn’t that precious. Now explain absolute immunity, and why officers of the court who happen to be employees of the state/county enjoy it but not the evil KKKorprashuns.

        1. Even a shifty substitute teacher is better than leaving a roomful of children to their own devices.

          Better a molestor than a lack of AUTHORITAH? Are you fucking kidding?

          1. Wanna know the sad reality?

            Most people likely think along these lines.

            1. They’re called Team Red and Team Blue.

              1. And in Canada, in addition to Team Red and Blue we have Team Orange.

                1. and in Canada, team Red and Team Blue are reversed.

                  1. I always like to call them Team Purple but whatever.

        2. head…going…to…explode

        3. Now explain absolute immunity, and why officers of the court who happen to be employees of the state/county enjoy it but not the evil KKKorprashuns.

          Precisely a detail they love to ignore. The executives at Tycho found out just how immune they are.

      3. intentionally releasing a product that they KNOW will kill people but they calculate the profits outweighing the settlements and do it anyway.

        Because that’s something that happens outside of Captain Planet cartoons.

        1. The myth of the Ford Pinto memo casts a long shadow.

          1. Always wondered about it. Is there a nice link debunking it?

            1. Yes:…..artz_paper

              “Schwartz said that the car was no more fire-prone than other cars of the time, that its fatality rates were lower than comparably sized imported automobiles, and that the supposed “smoking gun” document that plaintiffs said demonstrated Ford’s callousness in designing the Pinto was actually a document based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations about the value of a human life ? rather than a document containing an assessment of Ford’s potential tort liability.”

              1. Look at the position of the gas cap and the size of the rear bumpers on an Opel GT and tell me you wouldn’t rather be rear-ended while in a Pinto.

        2. “intentionally releasing a product that they KNOW will kill people ”

          You mean like a hellfire missle fired from a Predator drone into a wedding party?

          1. The thing that gets me is, why does everyone who thinks that CEOs are murdering psychopaths want to fucking nationalize everything? Don’t they realize that would give them even more power to kill more people? Do they think government magically cures people of badness?

      4. These are facts of life, and large groups of people acting as corporations are willing to take risks like that because they can always pass the blame off on some patsy and get away with their golden parachutes Scott free.

        Use their language against them. Call this Proggie a bigot for his blatant use of the term Scot free (which is a slur against those of us of Scottish ancestry).

        1. Also beyond the pale is a slur against Irish people that don’t live in Dublin.

  10. I visited some lefty sites to see what the Reality Based people were saying about the affirmative action ruling. Here’s a summary.

    The Supreme Court is being activist by not reversing something voters did, but that I don’t like!

    Failing to discriminate in favor of (non-Asian) minorities, is itself an act of discrimination!

    Clarence Thomas obviously got where he is because of affirmative action, but don’t you dare say that about Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, or Sonia Sotomayor!

    I bet next they’ll try to bring back slavery!

    Corporations! Koch Brothers!

    I think that about covers it.

    1. Sotomayer is the biggest lightning rod of them all. SHE GOT OVERTURNED RIGHT BEFORE HER NOMINATION. The Supreme Court (rightly) told her she was full of shit, and then she was nominated. She had all of the qualifications that the identity politics of the time required.

      1. What’s the story behind them telling her she’s full of shit? Clue me in.


          She’s certainly a handsome woman*.

          *I don’t believe in judging people on their appearance. Unless I hate them.

          1. Know what I really find interesting and disturbing?

            Frank Ricci is an Italian name. Back in the day, I-talians (like all immigrants) faced various degrees of discrimination and racism – real or perceived. Several decades later, nothing seems to have changed except the fact that it’s move on to being ‘white’ the issue.

            1. The fact that she was overturned, AKA wrong, should have disqualified her from consideration. It’s a sad state of affairs….

              1. Judge Richard Posner, who is not only one of the most prolific legal writers in American jurisprudence, but the most cited, will never reach the Supreme Court, largely because his law and economics writings has led him to some conclusions that are verboten to the political class (legalizing drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and LSD; that antitrust laws should lower consumer prices rather than raise them).

      2. As I said in an earlier thread, Sotomayor thinks that there could be racism behind a desire to treat everyone equally, regardless of race. She’s an example of what Orwell was talking about when he wrote that some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals will believe them.

        1. I remember hearing about this on the Howie Carr show when it happened. Pretty sickening if you ask me.

      3. And yet Sotomayor has actually tended to be one of the better liberal justices in recent years (not that conservative justices have been much better). Pathetic.

    2. Nice… maybe Peak Derp is approaching….Derpaggedon?

      1. Actually, I forgot to mention one of the more popular liberal arguments. I think it went something like…..

        Haha, whitey! Brown people are immigrating and / or breeding faster so whites will eventually become a minority in the US! Bet you’ll want affirmative action for yourselves when that happens, suckers!

        I tell you, such well-reasoned, fact-based pro-AA arguments have really given me a lot to think about. I should browse liberal sites more often.

        1. Thank you for doing this for us so that we could preserve our sanity and intelligence at the expense of yours. You’re the Jesus of progressive website comment sections!

        2. Ah, the progressive vision of a world filled with disputes over which group gets preferences over which other group. It’s amazing what “anti-racism” has become.

  11. Earth Day what? The only mention I saw was here about Obo burning up the skies and a cartoonist with some (unintelligible) ‘deep’ watermelon quote.
    I think Kwanzaa gets more coverage.

    1. You know what. You were burning tires today, right? Or is that just a regular day for you?

      1. No, no that is just a day in the Gary-Hammond, IN area…

        1. Only tires? That sounds like a nice day in Gary!

      2. Oh, that’s my annual celebration!

        1. When I was in college, there was a tire fire somewhere along I-5 (Tracey?) that burned for a couple of years. That’s how I knew I was getting close to school. It was the second “roll em up” point in the trip. The first one was the Harris Ranch feedlot outside of kettleman city.

          1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|4.22.14 @ 8:51PM|#
            “When I was in college, there was a tire fire somewhere along I-5 (Tracey?) that burned for a couple of years. That’s how I knew I was getting close to school.”

            That tire dump is still there AFAIK. Pretty sure there’s not much else they’re allowed to do with them.

            1. I thought they were grinding them up and adding them to asphalt.

              1. We have them in our local parks now. They replaced the sand in playgrounds.

                Of course, they are always accompanied by a large, obnoxious sign explaining how eco-friendly they are.

              2. PapayaSF|4.22.14 @ 8:59PM|#
                “I thought they were grinding them up and adding them to asphalt.”

                Ya made me go look it up:
                “However, material recovered from waste tires, known as “crumb,” is generally only a cheap “filler” material and is rarely used in high volumes.”
                I don’t see anything I’d trust on how many are actually recycled.

            2. Please tell me they learned their lesson and put the tires in smaller piles. Once ignited, those things are nearly impossible to put out.

              1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|4.22.14 @ 9:05PM|#
                Please tell me they learned their lesson and put the tires in smaller piles. Once ignited, those things are nearly impossible to put out.”

                McPhee wrote about waste tires in one of his books (if you’re really interested, I’ll locate it on the shelf).
                Believe me, he’s no ‘capitalist tool’, and the gov’t restrictions on what you can do with waste tires approaches the stupidity of the methanol program.

            3. Predictable but what the hell:


    2. How dare you mention “watermelon” when speaking about a black man!




  12. So I’m not the only who finds it interesting that the concern about hate speech mirrors the arguments used by 19th Century European conservatives to condemn freedom of speech?

    1. Nope. It’s the same mindset.

      1. They also complained about rapacious vulgar capitalists filling the cities with wage slavery and polluting the countryside. Amazing how reactionary “progressives” are.

    2. Winston|4.22.14 @ 8:29PM|#
      “So I’m not the only who finds it interesting that the concern about hate speech mirrors the arguments used by 19th Century European conservatives to condemn freedom of speech?”

      Our newest brain-dead troll has it that saying nasty things is nasty and he’s willing to write the law that only outlaws the nasty things!

      1. Is that the masshole? He’s got a rich fantasy life that one.

        1. “Is that the masshole?”


  13. …and then your Facebook vote will determine whether their final topic will be a new conservative gay marriage poll or Gov. Chris Christie’s dull-witted remarks about not legalizing marijuana.

    Between more same-sex marriage talk and further trashing of Christie, I cannot more wholeheartedly endorse for candidate of discussion the governor who, when he sits around the capital, he sits around the capital.

  14. I still think Ginger Rogers was that rarity, a libertarian women. She was raised by a single mom, worked as a teen, divorced several times, starred in musicals, wore a monocle, made movies that ticked off socons and voted for Barry Goldwater. Obviously libertarian.

    1. You strange whores make me love this site. My veiny member of decent proportion would love a pretty wife/Ginger Rogers sandwich… If time travel was an app.

      1. Well I suppose necrophilia is another step in TEH KULTURKAMPF.

        1. Joy is transcendental, dear.

  15. Gays or dope, gays or dope? Libertarians must be in nerd-vana!


    Because I haven’t seen this in a bit.

  17. Speaking of Bastiat – I’ve been reading his selected essays on econlib – the man’s words still ring true today. It’s like he’s reading the future – or else people were just as Derpy then as today.

    1. He had a nice comic flair too.

      The Negative Railroad and the Candlemakers’ Petition are fine satire.

    2. The 1848 Revolution introduced the “right to work” and is what caused Marx to write his manifesto. And communism was originally coined to refer to radical elements of the Jacobins.

    3. The people who believe that they have a right to live at the expense of others (socialists) have a certain timelessness to their lamentations.

    4. Check out Galiani. In the same vain as Bastiat.

    I was gonna put it in my waffle batter

    1. *reluctantly hands brunch innovation tiara over to Canada*


        1. He’s a Mac user. Is there really that much of a difference?

          1. words hurt.

            1. NTTAWWT

              1. Mac use is a lifestyle choice I hope my children never make, but I’ll still try to love them if they do.

                1. But My phone is an Android!

                  1. I feel like that makes it worse. You know better and yet you persist in your computing perversity.

                  2. tsk tsk tsk, you need to embrace who you are and drop that facade. Come out of the closet and take a big bite of the apple!

                    1. So…uh you want me to pull a Turing?

                      (yes I know the story about the Apple logo is apocryphal)

    1. Je Refuse.

      The Habs are 20 minutes from advancing to the 2nd round.

      1. I’m suffering through the Wings / Bruins game.

    2. Is that the title used in Britain?

    3. Weather report? Is Montana warmer than here yet?

      1. Manitoba got to a spectacular 57 today!

      2. 75 today. 50s the rest of the week. Weather won’t get and stay nice till June.

        1. I’ve said a lot of things that I might regret. Please be nice this summer.

    4. Be back after ‘Oprah After Dark’…

  19. So anyone read about the June Days of 1848? This was the environment Bastiat was living in.

    1. Got a reference to a book? I’m nearly out of fresh reading material.

      1. Sorry I don’t.

      2. Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon?

  20. So I’m sitting here smoking my new nicotine filled e-cig. Not bad.

    Oh and that Facebook derp convo up thread made me sick. That’s about it right now.

    1. My apologies. I sometimes forgot that others are not as hardened to derp as I am.

      1. Sometimes, after here Gillespie say for the millionth time that this is a Libertarian Moment ™, I need to be brought back down to reality. So I thank you for that.

  21. In preparation of Earth Day 1972, when I was 12 (this would give some clue as to how old I am), I was given a group project to acknowledge the event. I drew a big circle with continent shapes in the middle and spigots for refuse out the side. I made my minions do the coloring.

    My moment of glory has passed. Since then I have worked on sewers and on the digesters at wastewater treatment plants, mostly among other things.

    Do not dump diesel fuel into sewrer line. Do not dump it into a storm drain.

  22. I can’t drink yet because my nephew just called and I have to pick him up from work in an hour.

    1. As an ethereal… I’d wager your choice in my Nozick utopia to be dazzling.


    1. If you’ve removed very hard shingles with vertical ripplings off your mommy/daddy rented house as a 12 year-old in the late 80’s in any industrial town for over a week…

      Vitamin C and Jesus. ALTAR Jesus… not bookstore Jesus.

    1. “Coming up on The Independents: Watch trained animals jump through Kennedy’s earrings!”

      1. Sounds derivative of crush porn.

      2. Freudian slippage? Doth Papaya from the SF wish to slip his minuscule body through the ear decorations of an attractive black-rimmed female geek on a cable channel?

        1. I want to slip something through them, but not my whole body… nudge nudge, know what I mean?

          1. your left ring finger?

  24. Sparkly golden earrings. Like Sonic The Hedgehog rings.

  25. Shouldn’t the term “sandwich” be repealed as a term of white male privilege? And isn’t “hamburger “cultural appropriation done without licence from the Kaiser? And wasn’t pajama and ketchup appropriated without licence either?

  26. I’m all about Earth Day. I own part of it, after all.

    1. You mean you rent a part of it from the government, right?

  27. To celebrate Earth Day, I shall cut down a tree and decorate it.

    1. decorate it with endangered animals!

  28. Privatize the Earth!

  29. I got to do a lot of traveling today for work. So, I celebrated by flying through every ramp to and form the highway. Downshift and LET THAT ENGINE SCREAM.

  30. Does that guy know how much water is wasted washing wine glasses?

  31. Doesn’t recycling actually hurt the environment?

    1. Recycling paper does. It is better to produce new paper and use old paper as kindling or padding for the beds of congresscritters.

    2. I go by the economics. Aluminum=good, everything else sucks.

      I have never seen a homeless person looking for paper products to recycle.

      1. Also, copper.

        1. Occasionally a homeless dude tries to strip live copper wire out of buildings.

          Evolution in action.

  32. Just got a tax bill, but hey I’m still fly

  33. Kennedy wears very interesting dresses.

  34. Welch better pull out the fucking Arbor Day song after teasing for a whole month.

    1. It’s on the God damned Youtube, you know.

  35. Here is next article my Derpbook nemesis will respond to:

    He’ll be explaining why Detroit isn’t a progressive paradise.

    1. He’ll figure out a way to blame Detroit on capitalism, or Reagan, or maybe the Koch brothers.

      1. Lack of Soviet-style emigration controls to prevent those evil kulak wreckers and hoarders from fleeing before being bled dry.

  36. Wow. Salon comes close to literally Tweeting “World about to end, women hit the hardest”

    1. TRANSGENDER women hit hardest. That seems more their style.



            1. We’ve already had this discussion — I can check off a few “unprivileged” boxes & complain about society oppressing me!

              1. Bisexual Irish woman is still not very high on the totem pole of victims, dear.

                1. I’m more than just IRISH, geez. I’m a European mutt, through & through.

                  1. Irish? You mean the dark swarthy people that got raped so much by Vikings that many became fair haired and pale?

                    I’m starting a Kickstarter for a history documentary called

                    Ireland: The Power of Rape. To be narrated by Steve Smith.

                    1. Irish? You mean the dark swarthy people that got raped so much by Vikings that many became fair haired and pale?


                    2. To be narrated by Sugarfree and acted out by STEVE SMITH.

                  2. Hey, I’m Mexican and French-Canadian. Both my ancestors had their land stolen by Anglos in wars of naked aggression.

              2. Check(list) your privilege.

                Where do you fall on the Social Justice Great Chain of Privilege Being?

                You can tell the difference between SJ types who just took the test and those who commented and reposted it on Facebook.

                1. I love how absolutely absurd most of those are.

                  1. Yes, but what did you score? “check off a few “unprivileged” boxes” and get back to us.

                    1. I refuse to take a test that doesn’t let me specify at the beginning what sex I identify as — because of course people aren’t going to be calling me a fag.

                      & I would never engage in PDAs with any significant other, regardless of their sex.

                      It’s RIGGED.

                    2. I love how they have getting called a fag as some kind of cruel devastating blow. I got called a fag all the time growing up. It’s not only used on actual gay people.

    2. Salon is where females go when the world ends and all the males fucking think they are liabilities.

    3. Salon is where females go when the world ends and all the males fucking think they are liabilities.

    4. Salon is where females go when the world ends and all the males fucking think they are liabilities.

      1. Who do you think even visits that site?

      2. Back in the ’90s I had one date with a female Salon writer. She was smart and pretty hot, but lost interest in me when I told her I preferred The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to The Searchers, because civilization and history are a more interesting topics to me than issues of personal identity. She was too much of a doctrinaire lefty to imagine dating someone who thought that way.

        1. Holy crap. She would have hated me.

  37. All these girls bought their dresses at the same store during the same shopping trip. FBN BFFs.

  38. Fugitive Finds Warty’s Van; Gets Killed by Police; No Word on if the Police Will Return the Van to its Rightful Owner

    Authorities say a man fatally shot by a Portland officer last month had been stalking young women in a van that he converted into a “moveable dungeon” with chains and handcuffs after one of his victims managed to escape from it in January.

  39. And why don’t environmentalists like fracking, Welch?

  40. Dinner time. But how much will Mother Gaia’s hotflash increase because of man between now and when I’m done?

  41. Who was the environmentalist that said civilization would end within five years back in the early 70s? Not Elhrich. Another doofus.

    1. David Suzuki?

    2. “If they don’t close these [nuclear] reactors down, we’ll have civil war in five years.” –Ralph Nader

      Not sure if this is who you were thinking of, but it’s the quote that immediately came to my mind.

      1. No. It was from the early 70s.

  42. So, climate change is the slavery abolition fight of the 21st century, and Team Blue are the abolitionists. That makes all who oppose them racists.

    This is progress. Now, they are merely hinting that their opposition is racist.

    1. “The Democratic Party – on the right side of urgent moral issues since the 1830s!”

  43. The Interruption-Meter is on, Kennedy.

  44. The vaccine skeptics and the “climate change deniers”…how much overlap is them between those groups?

  45. Yes, radical wealth redistribution on a global scale…to Al Gore’s personal coffers.

  46. Why do I even

    Climate change demands that we consume less, but being consumers is all we know.

    Late capitalism teaches us to create ourselves through our consumer choices: shopping is how we form our identities, find community and express ourselves. Thus, telling people that they can’t shop as much as they want to because the planet’s support systems are overburdened can be understood as a kind of attack, akin to telling them that they cannot truly be themselves. This is likely why, of the original “Three Rs” — reduce, reuse, recycle — only the third has ever gotten any traction, since it allows us to keep on shopping as long as we put the refuse in the right box. The other two, which require that we consume less, were pretty much dead on arrival.

    1. I shan’t be consuming this article.

    2. shopping is how we form our identities, find community and express ourselves.

      These people are going to be the first to die when the SHTF

    3. He probably posted that from his iPhone 5

      1. but he’s stuck in the machine!!

    4. Sure, they use phrases like “late capitalism”, but DON’T YOU DARE CALL THEM MARXISTS/COMMUNISTS!

    5. Oh Irish Canada has crazy Progs as well.

    6. Late in the game here, but any time someone talks about something “teaching” use, society, etc., what follows will be nonsense.

  47. IMMEDIATELY FOSTER NUKES THE CONVERSATION. No energy subsidies ends the discussion.

  48. Fuck facebook. I vote Christie on weed.

    1. Yes

    2. Christie IS a Jersey weed. A nasty wild pile of shit growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants who are far superior and who will never get elected because NJ is a state full of brainless fucks.

  49. Any other internet watchers getting those fucking obnoxious staffing franchise commercials?

    1. I’m watching cable. There’s some sweet commercials for anti gas meds.

      1. Phazyme fucking kicked my gas’s ass and slept with its wife.

      2. Everybody knows libertarians have major gas

    2. I’m not getting commercials.

      1. Consider yourself lucky. They suck. All of them.

  50. Phazyme doesn’t work.

    /Dissatisfied customer

      1. Or read Salon, Buzzfeed, and Truthdig within 20 seconds?

      2. I’m just going to have more beer and pizza.

  51. He’s so full of shit, shit is insulted.

  52. Wow, you *are* transparent…I can see right through you!

  53. To my fellow Canadians, are we more or less transparent than the U.S. government? I say less.

      1. Cool. Will look over.

  54. Crowley nailed it. The watermelons have no concern for the environment, they have demonstrated that numerous times.

    Kennedy: The oil companies are fine with ethanol. It takes more than one barrel of oil to produce one barrel of ethanol, from which you get fewer miles/gallon than from a barrel of oil. The petrol companies sell more oil with ethanol than without.

    A buddy of mine is an industrial engineer from Brazil who designs ethanol plants for a living. Every time I get the chance I ask him in faux curiosity why do his designs all include fuel oil tanks. Why can’t they just run the plant on ethanol? I am not the only one who does that to the poor bastard.

    1. Wait…. fuck Brazil… We have Ethanol politics right here in Lima, Ohio. The state where politicians fear the muscle of the pure and objective male/female.

      1. He is from Brazil. He lives and works in Houston now.

  55. …these are fundamental questions in a democracy

    REPUBLIC. That is all.

    1. Yes. That is beginning to get under my skin too.

      This is not a goddamn democracy.

  56. WHY IS THIS GUY STILL TALKING? It’s been, like, three minutes on one topic.

    1. And when is this Dorothy chick going to get naked?

      1. When Monica does.

  57. I really would have loved to see how the Lightning/Habs series would have gone had Ben Bishop not been injured.

  58. Does the New New York also offer subsidies to businesses that support the right things?

    1. New York appreciates the karate chopping of citizen rights and the filleting of natural rights and the total disregard for the bill of rights and the rank rejection of the right to carve out a living in the midst of brutal oppression.

      No wonder the Leftists love that parcel. It’s a government fat dick in the fact of everything they hate including themselves.

  59. But will underage drinkers be chugging up the butt?

  60. Ooh, Kennedy is doing her stupid voice again! Yay!

  61. Powdered alcohol is going to Mars with the astronauts.

    1. Only allowed if religion is powdered… Take that Mohammed shit and powder that fucking virgin thing and make it a goddamn drink….

      Bitches be wanting to outlaw that also… Might be the truest suicide drink.


      1. What on earth is happening in this post?

        1. kibby… kibby…

          wrap it with salami….

          1. I’m very worried you may actually be having a stroke.

            1. It took me a while to figure it out. I think he means that powdered Islam would allow one to have a just-add-water harem.

  62. World’s most awkward joke.

  63. Kmele, you gonna let them diss your momma like that?

    1. He pretended not to get it. Now he’s thinking about a retaliatory joke.

      “Did you put on your husband’s mistress’s dress by mistake?”

  64. Did Kennedy just dis Foster’s mom?

  65. I hereby propose that Chris Christie’s favorite food be reclassified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.

    1. How about classifying Chris Christie as a controlled substance?

      Prob is, I know people who’d shoot’im up JUST for the brain damage.

  66. The Independents Attire Review, 22 April 2014

    31-Kiloton Television-Edition

    – Kennedy: I guess we now know that Easter gets treated with respect and apropos Pink, while Mother Earth can *Suck It* and deal with whatever feels good. Kennedy sets the tone for the panel, who all seem to be devolving to their Core Look; her best being “bright color” against alabaster skin. As expected, we like it. There’s an almost *Teletubbies* consistency with females on the panel tonight, each staking out their territory on the color spectrum. Ovulation-synchonization may also have occurred.

    – Matt: Brings his “Ma?tre d’ of Chez Satan”-outfit tonight; a step above the “red-polka dotted tie and koala-pelt jacket” combo, but still somewhere in the gutter of the Fashion Ghetto’s worst tenement block. We are starting to understand that while Matt reads these reviews, he nevertheless takes pride in his determined color-idiosyncrasy; we may be forced to change our approach to Matt’s oeuvre and simply start to measure him on *his own terms*. What that will mean for the future, we remain unsure.

    – Kmele: Again holding together the panel’s extremes by being the ‘neutral’ player, Kmele tosses a grey sportcoat on a white shirt and calls it good. Just as Gene Healy does the same with a Prince-of-Wales Blue; simple and soothing, if we didn’t have these guys, the Kennedy/Matt clash would make the show look just a tad too “cartoonish”.

    Thank You

    1. I lurk these threads for your fashion reviews.

      In fact, I am pretty sure I watch this show for the fashion.

      1. I call shenanigans. The real Lucy goes by “lucy”.

        So mote it be.

        1. I did once. Long ago.

          1. That’s…kind of poignant.

            I’m feeling some major mono no aware here.

            1. That’s a great term to know. And knowing it gives me it.

            2. “mono no aware”

              Its much better in Stereo.

      2. Rule #3 = No one mentions Lucy reading the fashion review.

        1. Let me just say that my personal style comes Matt Welch-approved. Think about that late at night while you cry.

          1. GILMORE does not cry.

            GILMORE drinks.

          2. I’d like to see Kennedy emulate you more. Or at least wear that outfit you have in your Twitter avatar.

          3. Let me just say that my personal style comes Matt Welch-approved. Think about that late at night while you cry.

            I don’t know why we’d be crying. You’re the one who dresses in a Welch approved fashion.

      3. Yup. On the days when I am busy and can’t read through the comments I always scroll down for the fashion review. And I cannot link to the live show from where I am – and couldn’t watch it at work even if I could.

    2. For the record = i am aware there is no such thing as “prince of wales” blue

      PoW is either a check pattern, or a collar cut.

      Or both!…..3F7BE6.jpg

      I just couldn’t remember what that color was called. Fuck it.

  67. Red Bull and vodka baby!

    Good stuff.

    1. Off the diet? I have Double Dog 11.5 % along with an XL Pismo pizza.

  68. I’ll put it in a Pixy Stix and hand it out to unsuspecting kids on the playground! Bwahahahaha!

  69. I’ll put it in a Pixy Stix and hand it out to unsuspecting kids on the playground! Bwahahahaha!

    1. MY FIRST DOUBLE POST! Circle the calendar.

      1. Lies.

    2. If you repeat your crime in duplicate fashion like that you are gonna get busted.

  70. So we can add uppers and downers to the list of things Kennedy buys. Along with hipster glasses, ironic clothing, and fancy earrings.

    1. And rainbow sharpies.

    2. I love fancy earrings, you fucking serious whore man.

  71. In bed by 10:30? How fast does Kennedy get home?

    1. It’s a five and a half hour flight for us peons but Kennedy gets to ride on the Koch Brother’s supersonic luxury jet.

      You know, the one that purposefully emits more carbon than necessary out of spite for Mother Gaia.

    2. Pshaw! Libertarians do not sleep since that means time they are not snorting crack and forcing blacks and children to die in the streets. besides they know posthumanism will lead to a utopia of cyborgs who don’t need sleep.

      1. Not true………….

        I don’t sleep and I drink late, walk the fucking Shiba, draw shit, watch shit, read Winston comments… and so on.

    3. The FBN dungeon is only a couple stories down.

  72. I wonder if the makers of this ad know the other connotations of “beta”.

    Who wants to be a SUPER BETA?

  73. Kennedy needs to trade some of her crystal meth for Matt’s smack to make the show really work.

  74. The other angle made it look even worse. Fatty.

    1. Wait. Fatty?

      What is thy body weight you commenting dear?

  75. Suspended? Oh, right. He went on paid vaca.

  76. He tried to trip a GIRL.

  77. If Kennedy insists on doing the DJ voice, I demand more wacky radio sound effects.

  78. If he feels justified in kicking young girls in public, what do you suppose you think he does when no one is looking?

  79. This is Kennedy’s favorite part of the show. She waits for it every day.

  80. Lucky it wasn’t an iron boot.

    1. That’s aboot the size of it.

    2. Since when? You understand the history of Red Wings?

      1. Their logo was from the Montreal AAA?

        1. Canadian planet pluckers? Full bore fucking let’s just steal a goddamn pile of Big Bang? I’m not Canadian but… respect?

        2. Canadian planet pluckers? Full bore fucking let’s just steal a goddamn pile of Big Bang? I’m not Canadian but… respect?

        3. Winston…sharp!

  81. Ha, ha, ha. Maple syrup joke. Tres drole.


    1. I love maple syrup. Why the fucking retarded small dick?

      1. I bathe in maple syrup.

  82. reason owns the rights, Welch.

    1. Welch is the reason, Fist.

  83. “5000 of those 10K reviews were Matt clicking ‘refresh'”

  84. No Reason Cruise for Foster.

    1. This discourages me from ever wanting to go, now.

      1. Sing your siren song and lure him aboard.

        1. That song seems to not work on very many people, I’m finding. *sad face*

  85. “Never go on a cruise”

    Welch, the Reason Foundation would like to have a word.

    1. What do you weigh?

      1. ?
        190, rock solid.

        *kisses biceps*

  86. Ethanol melts at -173.2 F. What the hell is being passed off as powdered alcohol?

    1. What do you weigh?

    2. I haven’t looked it up yet, but my first guess, a clathrate?

  87. More of a YTMND treatment.

    1. What do you weigh?

  88. Says Kennedy is of Romanian descent on wiki. So why isn’t her name Kennescu or something?

    1. Ceau?escu?

    2. The Wikipedia links simply indicate her being Eastern Orthodox, but as to Romania, I found this on an entertainment site:

      “I still have my elephant tattoo, I still have my Romanian flag, and I still have my Rocket from the Crypt tattoo.”…..rian-show/

      1. “Montgomery is of Romanian descent and an Eastern Orthodox Christian.[2][8]”

        Straight from Wiki.…..Montgomery

        1. I meant that the *notes* in the Wiki article were about religion non Romania. One link was her saying Christos Anesti on her Twitter feed, the other link was her “Atheism is a Religion” article, which references her Orthodox priest but IIRC doesn’t mention her national heritage.

          1. about religion *not* Romania.

            IOW, the Wiki article’s sources don’t back up its claim.

            1. Wow, her daughters’ names are Pele and Lotus!

            2. Example why you should expand research like you just did. I like clicking on the footnotes from time to time.

          2. Ah.

            1. “”I come from a very long line of very superstitious Romanian women who hold on to their chastity probably way too long.”

              Unless they lost their virginity to a vampire.


              1. I thought of a good comeback for Kmele from the insult to his mother:

                “Kennedy came from a long line of very superstitious Romanian women who didn’t hold on to their chastity long enough”

                1. heh.

    3. A lot of people got the “Ellis Island Special” when immigrating. My last name didn’t exist before America.

      1. Manhattan, huh.

        1. The actual German one, which originally meant “butcher”.

          Which is weird, because I am only 1/32 German. I’m mostly Scandinavian.

          1. You’re more German than Warren is Cherokee!

    4. Maybe her mom is Romanian and her dad isn’t?

  89. Women justices rule with their feelings.

  90. The chemistry of Palcohol:…..-get-drunk

    The gist is the ethanol gets trapped in another molecule and is released when the powdered is dissolved in water. It sounds similar to the way inorganic hydrates hold water.

    1. Magic, got it.

  91. So with just five progs (or John Robertses) and the Supremes will kiss all sorts of rights away.

    1. The Supremes are micro-minded retards who have ZERO fucking idea how a culture should develop because these DUMB FUCKS have been trained by Ive-League retards…

    1. Christie Creme doesn’t care about stoned people.

  92. What we need here is equality under the law.

    That is literally it. I’ll add a “DUH”, just for good measure. Simple and direct, as always, Kmele.

  93. I don’t need you to tell them anything, a-hole.

  94. Hooray, snarky Matt! It’s my favorite version.

  95. This just in: < I The Independents endorses glue-sniffing.

  96. I don’t know why Christie the Hutt does not want to go down as the governor who legalized weed when he has already let NJ sink to the 10th level of Hell.

  97. I missed what just happened. Did Foster just call a party panelist racist?

    1. I missed it too. I was composing snarky comments.

    2. She misspoke and he called her on it. She clarified. Didn’t seem like she meant anything bad by it. She was pointing out that African American men are disproportionately impacted by the drug laws.

  98. Then he should shut his fat face about it.

  99. “Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room.”


    1. The best reason for not nominating him is to avoid having to hear that joke several hundred times.

      1. I can think of better reasons, but I get your point.

        1. Better reasons – like rather than nominate fatso it would be more efficient for everybody if the GOP just gave up and let Team Blue pick who they wanted next. It’s like every Prez-election cycle Team Stupid just tries to find the worst, least electable dip shit imaginable.

  100. Crowley…he has to say that? Implying what? That he can change his position after he gets elected? How is that working out for the Obamabots?

    No thanks.

    Have the balls to stand up and say what you mean, and mean what you say, or go home.

  101. Stooges FTW

  102. I still can’t believe you can’t pump your own gas in NJ. I was so pissed standing next to my car while some guy did it for me.

    1. We took a roadtrip with my college roommate who is from Oregon. We made him pump gas the whole way. When he moved back to Oregon he had someone run at him screaming “are you trying to take my job!?”

      1. I hope he pulled out a Zippo and struck it on his hip.

      2. Retarded.

        1. Apparently there’s been a push to legalize pumping your own gas in Oregon. I guess some older woman called in to a radio show ranting about how dangerous it was. The radio host quipped “Californians do it all the time without incident. I’m sure if they can do it. We can.”

          1. “California did it” is a great argument against, IMO.

          2. Like I said.


    2. Why would anyone step foot in Jersey?

      1. To get to Florida or Delaware or North Carolina? Places I like visiting.

    3. I am far too anal about people touching my car to let some unionized jackoff pump my gas.

    4. I still can’t believe you can’t pump your own gas in NJ. I was so pissed standing next to my car while some guy did it for me.

      I was at Wawa getting gas and an iced tea. Now, this Wawa is right of 95, and Wawa draws the good natives of New Jersey like a lighbulb draws moths. They love it. As they should.

      But this guy pulled in right behind me, and stared at me while I pumped. I finished swiping card, and let the tank fill while I went inside for my drink. He stopped me and asked

      “wait, how did you do that?”

      “Do what?”

      “set it just to fill automatically.”

      So I showed him the little latch on the pump handle. Silly yankees.

  103. I don’t like how everyone keeps saying that states are “laboratories”. That implies that if something works in one state, then it is somehow ok to nationalize. It also implies subservience. Granted, no government should tell you what to consume or not.

    1. Funny situation:

      Missouri has the lowest cigarette taxes in America. Surrounding states bitch that people are going into MO to buy their cigs, thus taking money out of their public coffers. Nothing is stopping these assholes from lowering their own cigarette taxes aside from, you know, they’re assholes.

      1. Taxes are like socket wrenches, they only ratchet one way.

      2. I think people from Massachusetts do the same thing by going into NH.

        Here, Quebecers head to Mohawk territory.

  104. Chris Christie: Just like Tony Soprano, but fatter and more indifferent to human life.

  105. Clearly the entire world would collapse if the government weren’t in charge of everything.

    1. Clearly the entire world would collapse if the government weren’t in charge of everything.

      FOREALZ! It’s not like business must please their customers in order to stay in business, or anything!

  106. Pay those grazing fees, AirBnB!

  107. God forfucklingbid people make money on their own property.

  108. This guy has it down. Just wait for Kennedy to stop interrupting and go back to point.

  109. I stayed in the most incredible shithole in NYC. It was $375 a night. For a shithole. The same price as this place in paradise.

    1. Thats ridiculous.

      My buddy regularly stayed at the Lower East Side “W” Hotel for $150 getting his rooms through priceline.

      And I know a few hotels in Gramercy that are like $100-200 as well. More than that you should be getting a happy ending with the room at least.

    2. Really? I paid $160 (parking included) right on Lexington. Still expensive but far from $375.

      1. The $160 sounds about right for parking.

        1. Yeah, you would think but it’s the Marriott on Lexington.

    3. Why is a Space Invaders sprite on that lush beach?

      1. DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT THE GRAND WAILEA. My soon to be 3rd son was conceived there.

        1. Why is he your soon to be third? Is the current 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on their way out GOT style?

          1. I have 2 boys now. I will have 3 at the end of August.

    4. Some places have ridiculous housing prices.

      I was watching one of those small claims court tv shows (the one with the MILF – no, *not* Judge Judy arseholes) and this case was a rent dispute – If I heard the plaintiff correctly, he was charging $1100 for a 250ft2 apartment.

      I think my bedroom is bigger than that and my mortgage is certainly less.

      1. Judge Marilyn Milian.

        Yeah, I’d do her.

  110. This WSJ guy seems to think vocal intonation adds some kind of new ‘logic’ to his statements

  111. Ha. I knew he looked familiar. Jason Bellini did the Choose or Lose thing for MTV back in 2000 and was the news host on LOGO.

  112. Betamax? So porn will decide AEREO’s fate?

  113. Did Kennedy call Kmele’s mom ugly (he wouldn’t be here, i.e., his dad wouldn’t have fucked his mom, if it weren’t for beer goggles)? Grr.

    1. I hope they slug it out on the live stream.

  114. By the way, i downloaded season one of GoT to see what all the fuss is about. I watched the first 3 episodes…

    My conclusion so far:

    “Lord of the Rings – meets – Young and the Restless” (with the added bonus: “Lots of Gratuitous Doggystyle”)

    And OMG ITS DOBBS!!!

  115. Don’t apologize to Christie. Ever.

  116. Kennedy looks like Nana Mouskouri.

    1. Not enough ‘stache.

  117. OK, I missed the return of Lou Dobbs; anything else?

    1. Red Wings trailing and Kennedy may or may not be Romanian.

      1. Rufus J. Firefly|4.22.14 @ 10:11PM|#
        “Red Wings trailing and Kennedy may or may not be Romanian.”

        Hmmm. I guess I’ll live through it.

  118. Tales from the Derp

    A prog told me Chicago makes oodles of money on parking enforcement. I wonder if it’s enough to cover the $169 million the city has paid out in police brutality settlements since 2011:…..82809.html

    1. It’s funnier to me that he thinks that’s good.

      “The guys with a monopoly on the use of force are able to use that monopoly to extract money from people against their will. Suck it libertarians!”

      1. Parking tickets and ass beatings by the local constabulary are the price we pay for civilization.

  119. There a gas leak in the studio? This is nonsense.

    1. I got those same curtain clips at Home Depot!

      P.S. Your youtube link contained zero asses. Is everything OK?

      1. Welch might be slim of physique…but I wouldn’t say he is “assless”.

    2. I’m so terrified to click this.

      1. You’ll fall in love all over again with Matt.

          1. He’s married and has an adorable daughter.

            So you pining for him wouldn’t bother me.

            1. Any 3 year old kid who looks at a bunch of filthy bums protesting having to work for a living and calls them “French” is ok in my book.

              1. Seriously, him & his wife are doing an awesome job of raising the best kid ever.

              2. And follows it up with “pizza.”

                Best non-sequitur ever.

      2. It’s only a preview of the terror that shall be inflicted when he performs it live.

        Again, another ritual we must perform to weaken the fabric of space-time that prevents the Old Ones from returning to this plane.

        Assist me and I shall ensure that they will introduce you to oblivion first.

        1. I’m going to plug my ears with wax a la Odysseus if he ever performs this live — just to spite you!

          1. But what if he performs a calypso version?

            And that’s as close to a pun as you’ll ever get out of me.

            1. My nerdiness is of such an extent that I am still laughing at that.

    3. I can’t get past the Brown on Brown.

      And the GnR-style breakdown at the end was really unnecessary.

      1. It was the kazoo that sold the song for me. Actually sounded like a Jack White guitar solo. My respect for Welch has gone up a million percent in the past 2 weeks.

  120. Whats sad is that Kennedy and Matt (can’t tell about Kmele) are so sorta-fuzzy about financial services that they were sort of lost when the girl started to explain she was a fundamental bond analyst and not into the structured products.

    I’m kinda digging her more now. Analyst-attraction. I’m equity, baby. Maybe we could make a *firm*.

    1. My brother used to work for Putnam. He was intolerable back then.

  121. OT; The other day my wife was flipping channels and I saw a short blip from The Time Machine. It was the part where the traveller is interacting with the Eloi.

    It hit me how completely unbelievable that scenario was. In reality some asshole would deliberately destroy much of their food supply, making them dependent on said asshole, who would then organize a thuggish police force and concoct volumes and volumes of myriad rules impossible to comply with. The vast majority would live in squalor and desperate circumstances while asshole and his favored acolytes would enjoy luxury and plenty.

    The Eloi lifestyle as imagined by Wells is the painfully naive utopian dream that the pinko idiots now try to sell, and the one I describe is the one that always materializes.

    Now that I read over what I wrote, it jogs my memory. That may have been discussed here before arriving at nearly the same conclusion. But I am not sure.

    1. You realize that the Morlocks raise the Eloi for food, don’t you?

    2. “It hit me how completely unbelievable that scenario was. In reality some asshole would deliberately destroy much of their food supply, making them dependent on said asshole, who would then organize a thuggish police force and concoct volumes and volumes of myriad rules impossible to comply with. The vast majority would live in squalor and desperate circumstances while asshole and his favored acolytes would enjoy luxury and plenty.”

      See Pipes, “Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime”
      Perfect description.

  122. Binders full of surplus babies.

  123. Whoa, Welch just made a racist statement about Jamaicans.

    1. And Kennedy should comment more about the Romanians.

    2. And Kennedy should comment more about the Romanians.

      1. Man, the squirrels really have it out for you, huh?

        1. Uh, they have it *in* for me. I don’t want squirrels to have anything *out* for me, thank you.

          1. You’ll take what you get.. and like it, buster…

  124. Re the girl guest:

    Numero Uno, she’s spot-on about feminism and abortion.

    Numero Two-O, she used to work for Moody’s, so I’m uncomfortable with a Moody’s analyst who, like, keeps saying “like” a lot.

    1. From experience, I can tell you that Analysts are, by and large, not an easily pigeonhole-able bunch.

      They’re ‘smart’ – but can be all kinds of weird too.

      1. I’m just busting her balls.

  125. Welch’s attire color scheme screams he went to Romania.

    1. Matt’s Attire tonight provided by:

      Vlad the Impaler-Couture

    1. Racist.

      1. I agree he’s racist, but he’s right about marriage licensing.

  126. Kmele thinks government should not prevent him from having 52 wives or marrying his dog.

    1. & I think I shouldn’t need them to tell me the person I choose to marry is acceptable.

      1. Well with the exception that that person is consenting. Or is a capable of consenting, as it were.


          1. Cats don’t want to make that kind of commitment.

            1. Notorious G.K.C.|4.22.14 @ 10:25PM|#

              Cats don’t want to make that kind of commitment.


          2. You cat would never consent. I speak cat. They are deeply opposed to that kind of formalized commitment. They predate the Danish in this way; or, they gave them the idea at least.

            1. You’re ruining my life plans here, man.

          3. Your gay isn’t gay married to your other cat? I mean they are both boys that live with a girl and are very clean.

            How can that get any gayer?

            1. They are pretty outrageously gay. *sigh* Guess I’ll keep waiting for the perfect man…

          4. Which one?

            1. The one that’s already sickeningly in love with me.

    2. Lame, if he really cared he’d want 52 wives AND marrying his dog.

      1. Wasn’t that the afterlife in the first draft of the Qu’ran?

        1. You’re thinking of the Director’s Cut of Last Temptation of Christ

        2. It was phased out during the earlier *spoken, not written* era, as 72 nubile sheep/goats had proven far more popular among those who had to recite…

          1. I get you and Cytotoxic confused for some reason.

            1. I’m the cooler one… much cooler..

  127. This is the first time they didn’t cut Kennedy off in the aftershow.

    I guess they’re improving.


    Slate: Still Dumb

    1. Well, I give up on humanity.

    2. I can imagine an article like that getting written by a *Reason* contributor.

    3. I can imagine an article like that getting written by a *Reason* contributor.

      1. In stereo

        ?(where available)

      2. Does Fluffy write for Slate?

  129. More awesomeness from nature: leopard terrorizes village in India


    Human ingenuity and capitalism wins again.

  131. Glenn Reynolds writes:

    “What kind of person claims that a picture of a 9-year-old girl wearing an HBO T-shirt is a threat? The kind of person who runs America’s colleges, apparently….

    “The profusion of self-important deanlets and the abuse of campus police forces ought to be looked at as part of this process. It’s just another symptom of the now-imploding higher education bubble.”…..n/7944185/


    SCOTUS Blog denied press credentials to cover the SCOTUS

    1. What? I can’t hear you over the sheer stupidity of the decision…


    SCOTUS Blog denied press credentials to cover the SCOTUS

    1. Thank you for repeating it, I hear it now.

    2. A committee of mainly old-style correspondents, with an appeal to the Senate, a body where they still think the Internet is a series of tubes…sounds like an uphill battle.

  134. La San Jose Sharks looks really good so far this year. Better than when they used to be favorites to win the Cup only to disappoint.

    1. it’s still early.

    2. Rufus J. Firefly|4.22.14 @ 10:40PM|#
      “La San Jose Sharks looks really good”

      Yeah, but they don’t have a privately-financed stadium!
      (SF resident breathes on fingernails, polishes them on shirt)

    1. “.. and now, if you look at this deliberately misleading chart of statistics that I just pulled from my ass, from a perpendicular angle, whilst hanging upside-down and blindfolded, you’ll see a disturbing trend…”

    2. I like that they only look at Florida and not the other 23 states with Stand Your Ground.

      Utah also has an SYG law, but for some reason progressives never point to Utah as an example of how terrible those laws are.

      Maybe it has something to do with Utah’s bottom basement homicide rate that I linked above.

    3. While we’re looking at correlation and ignoring causation, one of the most expansive gun control acts in U.S. history was passed in 1968.


      Gun control kills.

    4. Chicago’s murder rate was trending downwards starting in 1978. In 1981, a handgun ban was implemented. The decline in murder rates immediately stagnated before skyrocketing a few years later.

    5. Yeah not getting what she’s saying. Even if we read the left figure as she suggests it went from 873 down to 721. That’s nearly 20% drop.

      Then she flips the chart to prove that from point 721 to 873 is the real progression?

      1. She’s saying there was a sudden spike in homicides after SYG was instituted in Florida.

        It’s a data point of one and she complains about other people abusing statistics. I also find it highly unlikely that a would be murderer in Florida would suddenly find out SYG was implemented and say ‘Hooo boy! Time to commit all those murders I was too scared to commit before!’

        1. Yes but she’s doing it by flipping a fucking chart when I’m saying all you have to do is look at the hard figures right there: 873 and 721. The only lie I see is hers. It’s absurd.

        2. mike ? katiehippie ? a day ago

          You’re right. They conflated gun deaths with murder which are different things. Stand Your Ground does not cover murder. It covers self-defense, which is not murder but is a justifiable homicide. Flipping the chart is deceptive, but so is the way this article “exposes” the deception. Both sides are wrong here.

    6. Huh, look at that. I guess I didn’t notice at the time because I was distracted by Hurricane Katrina, which hit at just about the same time as that precipitous rise and all of the murderous trash from New Orleans was spreading out all over the south…….wait a minute…….


    May have been posted already.

  136. This may have already been covered, but NYPD kicked off a twitter campaign earlier today asking users to tweet images of their affectionate encounters with the beloved police force.

    The results arent’ exactly endearing.

    1. SF’d the link

      1. You can’t link to twitter searches.

    1. I thought this might be a photoblog profiling fat women and their gross footwear.

      Instead I find out that, in addition to teeming with crocadiles, African riverbeds also feature anthrax deposits.

  137. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

    “Earlier today NYPD invited people to tweet photos of themselves with members of NYPD using the hashtag #myNYPD. As they probably should have expected? the campaign was an epic fail.”…..epic-fail/

    1. Hmmm… I guess they should’ve run that campaign past the focus groups first… Oh well, I’m sure myNYPD v2.0 beta will fare better…

  138. So transparent , you can’t see what they’re doing. Invisible, even.

  139. So after 2 episodes of ‘Fargo’, what’s the verdict?

    1. Have you seen the show? If so do you like it?

    2. If you love the Coen Brothers, then pretty darn great.

      1. I’m the type of movie guy that loved the shit out of Inside Llewyn Davis, so tell me this isn’t watered down Coen.

        1. I’d call it a pastiche of Coen Brother movies and themes, very skillfully directed and acted.

          The shots of desolate Minnesota are beautifully done and there is a impressive amount of attention to details in the set design. You get a from noticing a picture of George W. Bush on the wall of an office, for example.

          1. *you get a laugh from noticing a picture of George W Bush

            h/t to proofreading commissar kibby

            1. Face it: you’d be lost without my keen proofreading skills, puddin’!

              1. puddin’???

          2. So what’s the deal with it, is it them or a bunch of collaborators?

            1. They are credited as executive producers but I’m not sure how much input they have. Probably none since they are presumably busy with other things.

              Still, I think the writing and directing is top notch for television.

              1. It does sound pretty great. I’m not sure why anyone who is a fan of the Coen’s wouldn’t want to see tv shows trying to emulate their attention to detail.

      2. I haven’t watched it yet. Waiting for a verdict.

        1. I like it also, it’s got the Coen Bros style weird characters and humor. And it looks very impressive. I’m not really one to get into sets and camera shots and shit, but it looks good.

          1. They did a great job casting extras and bit actors for the little parts.

            1. I liked Glen Howerton (sp?) as the orange personal trainer.

              1. Also the actor (not sure who he is) that plays the slow-minded son of the Supermarket King.

                I thought it was oddly sweet when Billy Bob Thornton told him a joke he’d like.

        2. I’m not really a Coen brothers fan but I’m enjoying the story & the acting. Martin Freeman is fantastic.

          1. Martin Freeman + Coen Bros. makes it a must see.

            I still think he rocked in Hitchhikers.

            1. He was the best part of that movie, hands down.

              1. Rockwell was pretty good too, but Freeman was probably the best.

  140. Religion of Peace: A British woman has been ordered to leave Sri Lanka because she has a Buddha tattoo on her upper arm.

  141. Who is still up? These west coast Phillies games make me stay up too late and drink too much.

    1. also OT in LA

    2. When I stay up too late and drink too much I do it in moderation, so I don’t need an excuse.

      1. It’s not really an excuse, it’s just something that I’m doing. And all the other employees at work are worse than me when I’m hungover, so it’s not like there are consequences.

    3. I’m studying for a test (amongst other things), but Hit & Run is infinitely more interesting.

    4. I’d be up watching the Phillies-Dodgers with you but Time Warner cable sucks and won’t reach an agreement with DirecTV for the Dodger channel.

      I’m totally blacked out from watching games in the LA market.

      1. Oh, no! Whatever will you look at!

        1. AWESOME! Thanks a lot man, I’ve been definitely missing Vin Scully call games.

          1. Sorry dude, but I love watching Phillies/Dodgers. For whatever reason, Phillies seem to have their number (and I think the Phillies will be pretty bad this year). Maybe the Phils have got good karma because Matt Stairs is one of their color guys now.

            1. Ugh, don’t remind me of that. 2008 and 2009 were brutal.

              And you’re right, just one of those things. Although their defense has been absolutely pathetic so far. They are averaging one error per game and it’s killing them.

              1. Ha! Those were the glory days for a Phillies fan. Everything has been progressively worse since 2008.
                I’m sorry, we have very little here in Philadelphia.

                Tomorrow night should be good. Greinke v. Hammels.

      2. That sucks though. I hate all that baseball/cable bullshit. The only reason we still pay for Comcast is Phillies games.

  142. kibby reminded me of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster which my bartender friend and I are working on recreating this summer, but a good one, where you get that gold brick feeling. There are several recipes already tried, any suggestions?

    1. what did you already try? maybe some kind of sour with an egg white in it to give it some extra body? (like a gold brick)

      1. We’ve been working on the right combination of fizz and intensity, not so much sour as face slapping.

    2. goldschlager?

    1. God I hate the fucking Sharks. They are unwelcome in Smashville.

  143. Gilmore’s fashion reviews are some of the best H&R fodder ever.

    1. Are you the host of Wake up Praha?

      1. It’s a sunny 10C here, let’s check in with Pavel on traffic…

        1. Things look slow on NA STR?I

          1. There’s a knedliky truck overturned on the Plzen highway.

  144. I got called a fag all the time growing up. It’s not only used on actual gay people.

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