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Tonight on The Independents: Mike Riggs on Drug-sentence Clemency, Garrett Quinn on Boston Security, Ben Powell on Sweatshops…Plus Drone Killings, More 9/11 Conspiracy Talk, and Sexy After-show!


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Monday's live episode of The Independents (9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, on Fox Business Network) will feature maiden appearances on the program by two semi-beloved members of the Reason extended family: Former staffer Mike Riggs, and contributor/Masshole Garrett Quinn. Riggs, now at Families Against Mandatory Minimums, will talk about the news that the Obama administration is considering a significant (and significantly overdue) mass clemency to "hundreds, perhaps thousands" of people locked up for non-violent drug crimes. Quinn will talk about beefed-up security at today's Boston Marathon, a year after terrorism maimed dozens at the finish line.

The Party Panel tonight, composed of National Review Online contributor Deroy Murdock and Fox News contributor Santita Jackson, will talk about the foul comment from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that supporters of the Bundy ranchers are "domestic terrorists," and then they will discuss whatever YOU, the people with the Facebook pages, decide between the following two topics:

Well, that was fun. |||

Chicago Public Schools introducing Afro-centric curriculum or the 16-year-old who flew to Hawaii in a plane's wheel well. LIKE if you vote Afro-centric curriculum or COMMENT if you want to hear about the teen stowaway. 

Click here to do the thing.

The Free Market Institute's Ben Powell (watch his Reason TV interview here) comes on to discuss his new Cambridge University Press book Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy. And Kmele Foster will have some thoughts about what happens when you challenge (his political hero) Ron Paul about publishing 9/11 conspiracy stuff.

The after-show can be found at at 10 p.m. sharp; the aforementioned Facebook page at Follow us on Twitter @ independentsFBN, and click on this page for video of past segments.


NEXT: Boston Marathon Winner Is American Immigrant, Eric Holder Expects More Clemency for Drug Offenders, Ukraine Says Photos Prove Russian Meddling: P.M. Links

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  1. Riggs! And Quinn? Wicked awesome.

    1. Shouldn’t you be watching Columbus upset Pittsburgh?

      1. BOON JENNER

      2. Yeah I’m enjoying the collapse and partial recovery as we speak. Perhaps the contest will be over in time for me to see the latter half of the show.

        1. I picked Columbus in my pool. No offense.

          Hey, do people in Cincinnati or Cleveland support the BJ’s?

          Keep the jokes to yourself.

          1. In Cleveland we love us some BJ’s. But more of us are nut supporters.

          2. What’s hockey?

  2. “LIKE if you vote Afro-centric curriculum or COMMENT if you want to hear about the teen stowaway.”

    If I was active on Facebook I’d vote for the Afro-centric curriculum as a protest vote against the stowaway article, but I would feel dirty, as if I were simply being given a limited choice between two options preselected for me by the powers that be, neither option reflecting my true wishes.

    I’m just glad that such a thing won’t happen again this year!

    1. Wait, stowing away in a plane? Come to think of it, maybe that would be interesting.

      But I’ll wait for the movie.

    2. I vote for Giant Douche.

    3. Can we shove the administrators of Chicago schools in a plane wheel well? Flight to Beijing?

      1. Have you seen the head of the Chicago teachers’ union? She’d need her own cargo plane.

  3. I don’t know what’s up with the Blackhawks with the sudden dirty play. I expect that sorta thing from the Bruins. Keith was nuts the other night, Bickle’s knee on knee was horrible and of course, Seabrook’s insane hit on Backes. Mind you, the first round of the NHL playoffs is always chaos with upsets and chippy play settling in the second round. If Backes is out for longer than three games, so should Seabrook as far as I’m concerned.

  4. “IRS Revokes Tax-Exempt Status of Conservative Group”…..ive-group/

    1. One link to a 2004 by the President of the charity, and one 2005 fundraising letter headlined “Stop Hillary now”? I bet I can find more “partisan political activity” from Organizing For America in any month they’ve been in existence.


    Oldie but a goodie.

    1. “But what did I learn in school about this great country to which I had emigrated?…I was told by a history professor that all I needed to know about Abraham Lincoln was that he was a racist. Nothing else needed to be known about him, he said.”

      So, he got a wise professor?


  6. Egg-sterminate!

    (from flickr)

  7. OT: Mark Wahlberg is a horrible person:

    Wahlberg had been in trouble 20?25 times with the Boston Police Department in his youth. By age 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances.[9][10] At fifteen, civil action was filed against Wahlberg for his involvement in two separate incidents of harassing African-American children (the first some siblings and the second a group of black school children on a field trip), by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets.[11] At 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious while yelling a racial epithet. That same day, he also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving the victim permanently blind in one eye.[12][13]

    1. Didn’t the panel here conclude Boston is full of racists?

      1. I can see why.

        It sure is interesting how Paula Deen & Michael Richards became pariahs for saying “nigger”, but Wahlberg’s actual, violent racism did not harm his career. See also Mel Gibson.

        1. There seems to be some kind of “entertainer exception” which allows (but does not require) musicians, movie stars and the like to say and do stuff that would get someone in another milieu ostracized, but for them is just a bump in their career.

        2. Oh, Mel Gibson’s career took a huge hit.

          1. He blamed Jews for killing Christ.

            Doing so eliminates all immunities.

            Note: I blame the Romans.

      2. I can vouch that it’s full of homophobes, FWIW.

        1. And the most needlessly dickish drivers ever.

    2. Wahlberg had been in trouble 20?25 times with the Boston Police Department in his youth.

      Sounds good so far…

      Oh. The rest is quite unseemly.

      1. According to the show, they were dirt poor. Last time I heard Wahlberg on Stern talking all Christian.

        The question is, has he evolved or grown from those days?

        1. they were dirt poor

          Oh, well that’s OK then.

        2. The question is, has he evolved or grown from those days?

          No idea. But one thing is sure, the big bang had nothing to do with it because the big bang is bullshit.

  8. So my brother brings over a hippie-organic-lefty from Chile at our annual family Easter gathering. My mother and brother-in-law’s mother made, as is usual, a lot of beautiful food. Lamb, rabbit, goat, wild mushroom salad, artichokes, lasagne, fresh buffalo mozzarella and bocconcini, bruschetta etc. – all prepared in unique ways and all fresh. So doesn’t she pull a ‘finally, something healthy’ comment after offered my sister offered her some aloe-coconut water.

    Lemme tell ya. The elder woman were not impressed.


    1. women.

    2. Mind you, this is my sister who is a little lefty shrill herself. But it’s a good story nonetheless.

      1. Shoulda smacked upside the head with the ham.

        1. It was her FIRST visit. My sister then goes all flaky and thinks maybe she misread her comment. I say she probably didn’t.

          We generally don’t give a shit. My mother is pretty open and will adjust her cooking for any requests but she ain’t gonna do it for her now. She’s too feisty a chick.

    3. Damn that all sounds really good.

    4. “aloe-coconut water”

      So she likes diarrhea.

      1. It purges teh TOXINs

    5. One of the best meals I have ever had was at Italian Easter. One of my best friends from college invited me to stay with his family for the weekend as they were trying to open up a winery in Paso Robles. There was no gas or electricity yet, so everything was cooked over an open fire in the yard. Rabbit, with a sauce that I can’t remember, was amazing. Then, for the main course, it was monkfish over a portobello with a mustard dill sauce. Everybody was so modest that I never got a recipe. It was all “Oh this? I just threw some scraps together…”.

      1. Read about your uncle in the PM links. I think California produces really good tomatoes so it wouldn’t surprise me he doesn’t use sugar. If you’re tomatoes are good, there’s no need. I believe him when he says he doesn’t use any if he’s got skill.

        1. This was in cape cod. That’s why I didn’t believe him.

        2. Our tomatoes come from Mexico. I miss tomatoes with flavor. I bit into a tomato in Germany and freaked out a bit it was so delicious. And they were the ones Europeans thought of as “shitty Spanish tomatoes.”

          1. Long about late June we get good tomatoes, but they’re rare in the city.
            Pretty sure if you’re willing to hit real farmer’s markets out in the valley (NOT San Fernando), you get ’em pretty much all summer.
            I used to visit the Jim Town wine train (dunno if it’s still running) and I’d get some on the way home.

            1. Ralphs carries a decent selection of heirloom tomatoes, but they have a specific flavor profile that I don’t love.

              1. Agreed. Wife gets some heirlooms from the local WF; too damn sweet! Not a bit of tang.

                1. YES. This exactly. Every year I threaten to grow tomatoes and then go out of town leaving my black-thumb roommate to water them.

                  It never ends with me enjoying homegrown tomatoes.

    6. I have been to family gatherings with no vegetables to be found and maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t complain when other people made the food. Don’t eat it if you don’t like it, or shut up.

      1. Exactly. My father always taught us TWO things: Be respectful at someone’s table AND never,ever,never speak a language your guests don’t speak.

        1. never,ever,never speak a language your guests don’t speak.

          Something which every Thai I’ve met just doesn’t get.


      2. Sounds like paradise to me. I’m in the mood for prime rib now, but it is too late for me.

  9. Oh Mah Gawd. The Interdependents.

    Just grilin some filet, zucchini, and scallops, experimental mode. Plenty of beer left in the fridge, 60 degrees here in Balmer, it’s all good.

    I can’t remember, is Matt still leader or is Kennedy back?

  10. I missed Friday’s show because I was out socializing with real life people. And by “socializing”, I mean consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Has Kennedy grown and developed from her leave of absence? (in the dungeon of FBN)

    1. Same here. And so I can’t remember if Kennedy escaped from Matthew’s dungeon lair, or not.

      1. Friday’s show was taped a while ago, but Kennedy was subdued, probably some ludes.

        1. Ah, I see, Matt only let her out as a condition that she continue to meet her monocle polish quota and as a further polish on the cover up.

          Could Matthew be even more of an evil genius than what we suspected?

          And how does The Jacket figure into this twisted plot?

    2. She returned with a raspy, low-key voice. I suspect she had her tonsils out. It worked as a muzzle of sorts. It was an improvement.

      1. Maybe you consume less dungeon grade gruel with your tonsils out?

        Everyone knows that libertarians only care about money. Sort of like Koreans and Jews, only more evil.

  11. OT: Matthew Broderick killed 2 people while driving in Ireland:…..r_accident

    On August 5, 1987, Broderick was in a car accident in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, while vacationing with Jennifer Grey, whom he had begun dating in semi-secrecy during the filming of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The accident, which was the event through which their relationship became public, occurred when the rented BMW Broderick was driving crossed into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo driven by Anna Gallagher 28, accompanied by her mother, Margaret Doherty 63, who were killed instantly in the accident. Broderick suffered a fractured leg, fractured ribs, a concussion, and a collapsed lung. Grey received minor injuries, including severe whiplash. Broderick told authorities he had no recollection of the crash and did not know why he was in the wrong lane. “I don’t remember the day. I don’t remember even getting up in the morning. I don’t remember making my bed. What I first remember is waking up in the hospital, with a very strange feeling going on in my leg,” he said at the time. Broderick was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years in prison, but was later convicted of the lesser charge of careless driving and fined $175, which the victims’ family called “a travesty of justice.”

    1. Don King was a vicious enforcer for a gambling ring in Cleveland in his youth. He killed two people:

      After dropping out of Kent State University, he ran an illegal bookmaking operation, and was charged for killing two men in incidents 13 years apart. The first was determined to be justifiable homicide after it was found that King shot Hillary Brown in the back and killed him while he was attempting to rob one of King’s gambling houses.[1] King was convicted of second degree murder for the second killing in 1966 after he was found guilty of stomping to death an employee, Sam Garrett, who owed him $600.[1] In an ex parte meeting with King’s attorney, the judge reduced King’s conviction to nonnegligent manslaughter for which King served just under four years in prison.[2] King was later pardoned for the crime in 1983 by Ohio Governor Jim Rhodes, with letters from Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, George Voinovich, Art Modell, and Gabe Paul, among others, being written in support of King.[3]

    2. Got a whole list of these type of things.

      Could’ve swore that Cracked had a list with Broderick fact in it but I can’t seem to find it.

  12. I want to see Jedidiah and Kennedy in a lesbian lick-fest.

    1. Everyone here wants to see you go the fuck away.

      1. Sorry, Team Red Boy. I don’t follow orders.

        1. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you don’t follow orders unless it comes from your team masters.

          Warren Buffet: ‘Shreeky, shreek about stopping the Keystone Pipeline, because I might lose money! And afterwards, when I don’t have more use for you, get your head back up Obamas arse!.’

          Shreeky: ‘Yes, massah’

      2. And I just made that happen as far as my browser is concerned. Thank God for Reasonable.

        Should have filtered him ages ago.

        1. You know, that’s a damn fine idea. Seconded.

          1. Thirded.

        2. Sorry my lesbian fantasy offended you!


    Good news for once.

    1. Good? I didn’t see the part where the principal, the cop, and the judge all got swirlies.

    2. Good? I didn’t see the part where the principal, the cop, and the judge all got swirlies.

      1. Youtubed swirlies.

    3. All of the good news you hear is only happening because of the internet.

      If not for stories like this going viral on the internet, not only would we not hear about them, but they would continue to get worse and there would be nothing done.

      The internet is our greatest mechanism of freedom. This freedom must not be infringed.

      This is the one case I can think of that we might need a new amendment. It should be covered under the first, but in this case, I might be in favor of a new amendment that specifically states that the internet is covered by the first.

  14. http://www.the-american-intere…..-students/

    This seems like such a basic idea, I wonder why no one has thought of it before. I guess public loans and grants really do crowd out private investment.

  15. Sadly, i think i am out of TI game tonight.

    I mentioned I don’t have cable, right? Har. Well, the PC done blown a flux capacitor or something, and streaming TV makes my apple laptop melt into a puddle. Trying to test it now but my hopes are slim.

    Anyone want to take screenshots of the Panel? It would be so kind. I could actually do my attire evaluations without having to even *watch the show*?!? (swoons at the thought)

  16. Anyone have a live link? I tried doing my normal thing via xfinity/comcast but no joy…

      1. that sort of works. Temperature is in the 60s C which is better than what i was trying before.

      1. Yeah that’s what I normally used, and on my PC it automatically ‘authenticated the network’ or whatever…

        on my apple, its shitting itself and going in circles.

  17. I’m still boycotting my fb page in lieu of deleting it for now (one brief log-in in 2014 +cookies rejected)but I’ll vote for the Afro-centric curriculum. If it includes the stuff about the Olmecs being Africans and the racist Wright Brothers stealing the airplane from ancient Black Egyptians I want to vote twice. I love me some Afrocentric psuedo-archaeology.

  18. So I noticed there was a different morning show on 98.7 this morning where Kennedy in the Morning is supposed to be. Anyone know anything about this?

    1. Wait, Kennedy is on star 98.7 in the morning? How have I not heard of this.

      1. She was. There seems to be a different host on in the same slot as of today. He seems dull.

  19. Shit, I have one minute to pour a drink!

  20. Prediction: Hitler mustache.

  21. 2 minutes till midnight…

  22. Prediction: comments about earrings

    1. She’s wearing earrings. You win.

  23. Dreamcatchers and crazy scissors dress.

  24. I’ve got a 3rd Period to watch.

    1. Are you polyamorous or does your wife/SO have the reproductive cycle of a rabbit?

      1. yes, yes, and there’s a hockey game on

  25. So really, the bombing had a multiplying effect…

  26. Bostodian? WTF?

    Is that what they are called?

      1. Ok. Kennedy has a strange accent. Must be from when Matt removed her tonsils in the dungeon.

  27. Dirty Chechens!

  28. Kennedy marathon runs?

    1. I was thinking the same. She doesn’t have that hungry look like those who…. you know… like Starvin Marvin the Nigerian has.

      1. It’s apparently hard to get in. I can run a marathon and definitely under 4hours. I can likely do it in 3:30 yet I wouldn’t be able to run it. I see people doing it in 5 hours and wonder wtf?

        1. Real training and I can do it between 3-3:30.

  29. BOSTON STRONG—Now stay inside while we hunt down one wounded man

  30. Your daily nut-punch: police just shot a man right out front my apartment at the corner of wilshire and grand in L.A.

    I really hope its not the friendly bum that lives on that corner. I usually reserve disdain for the homeless in this area, but he’s a really nice dude and not shooting heroin (although he gets drunk his fair share, but hey, so do I so who am I to judge?)

    1. This was in downtown LA? Damn, I take that route home everytime I’m out there volunteering with none other than…. the LAPD.

      1. Ya, I guess it was a dispute in the One Wilshire parking lot between a guy there and a parking attendent. The guy was allegedly armed and I’m hearing he may have stabbed the parking attendant, so maybe not nut-punch worthy.

        Either way, I live right there. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and feel like waiting out traffic, I’m always game for a drink at one of the many sundry watering holes on that block.

        1. Do you want me to introduce you guys?

          P.S. You went to LAX without stopping by, fuckface.

          1. Why aren’t we drinking in DTLA more?

            1. Yeah, why aren’t we? The varnish/Coles is great, but very hipster, broadway bar is always chill. Plus, there’s that Green Hut Cafe on 7th between Figueroa and Flower, $1 happy hour oysters!

              1. I definitely enjoy Coles and The Varnish.

              2. I’ve been meaning to check out Green Hut because I fucking love oysters. But I don’t often leave work in time for happy hours.

                Coles is good, I find myself going to Spring St Bar a lot because I can take my dog with me. And I’m a beer snob and they always have a pretty good tap list (although 6th St Tavern is probably the best tap list this side of the Yardhouse).

                1. I’ve been wanting to try that 6th St Tavern for a time now, but yeah Green Hut is great. Their lobster roll isn’t bad, either. Also, everyone needs to watch the OKC game, now.

                  1. If you like sours, 6th always has 3 or 4 on tap.

                    1. Well I’m more of an IPA and stout kind of guy, but I’m always willing to try other beers. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sour before. And Spring St has also been on my list. I’ve really been wanting to try the happy hour at The Edison. I went there last September for my birthday, and loved it, especially those absinthe fairies.

                    2. The Edison used to have a wonderful Black Friday party for a few years.

                      The Tesla fries are delicious.

                    3. Then WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?

                    4. Someone to organize it?

                    5. That means playa, since as we all know people with kids are natural organizers, as a way of compensating for the chaos their devilspawn create.

                    6. That means playa


                    7. although you do have my email jesse. Next time you’re visiting your friend downtown, let me know and I’ll almost certainly be willing to come out and I’ll gladly swing by.

                      Really, you guys are like my real co workers since I spend so much work time dicking around here and costing me money.

                    8. I’m not waiting for anything. Just finished up a nice salmon dinner over at Industriel and now enjoying a glass of Ten Fidy stout at my apartment.

                    9. Sudden, I’ll be in downtown LA on Wednesday, and am free from 1pm onwards, so let’s organize something. Also, since I live in South LA, dtla is never far from me. I believe Jesse has my contact info if you need it. It’s time for us SoCal libertatians to stop talking about our views online, and instead order a pitcher of beer and talk about them in hushed voices, inside a bar chiock full of prog yuppies.

                    10. Also, have you all tried the Boiling Crab? Because that should be another future field trip option.

                    11. chock*, not sure how that typo sneaked through…

                    12. I’ll email Jesse and/or playa tomorrow to get your email and we’ll meet for a pint or two Wednesday (and maybe those oysters too cuz that sounds damn good). I do have to drive out to Agoura to do some house-sitting that night, so it might not be too long a meeting, but it’ll be a welcome change to see a fellow libertarian in this den of progthink. I should be able to get out fairly early Wednesday because today and tomorrow are 12 hour days for a major assignment (although another major assignment is piggybacked right on top of this one).

                    13. Sounds good, just let me know. Jesse has my phone number also, should that be quicker and more covenient for you than email.

                    14. In that case, I’ll text you soon

                2. I like Spring St. It’s a friend of mine’s home bar, so I end up there more frequently than one would expect. Spent the Sunday after Valentine’s Day getting hammered there as a make up for ditching the friend for VD.

              3. $1 a piece? For Pacific oysters? I think we’re all dead and in Hell.

          2. I thought about contacting you, but it was kinda late and I had to drive all the way back to the burbs to housesit that night.

            Sometime soon though.

    2. Last time I lived in L.A., it was off Western Ave. toward San Pedro. Definitely heard gunfire from time to time. I hope it’s not the homeless guy you like, but some guy that just knocked over a liquor store or something. Keep us apprised if you find out.

        1. Interesting twist on this story. The stabbing allegedly occurred on the fifth floor of the parking garage, which is reserved parking for residents of my building.

          Now, my building has reasonably high priced rents and a tenant mix of mostly professionals. It does make me wonder what the hell happened even more.

      1. You had to live in that longshoremen slum called San Pedro? Sorry to hear that.

  31. A construction paper bracelet, that’ll stop’em!

  32. Remember Patrick making that unnecessary order during the blizzard.

  33. Black guy kind of looks like a black Cavuto.

    1. No. Cavuto looks like a White Murdock.

      1. Cavuto is the ultimate buzz kill.

  34. It makes no sense to have increased security after an attack. A cop once told me thieves rarely return to the spot they hit. I think it’s the same with terrorists. They could have had the same security as past years and nothing would likely have happened.

    1. Uh, the Twin Towers?

      1. Damn. Forgot about that.

        But these two idiots were different, no? They worked outside organized Al-Queda type attacks, no?

        1. The the Chechens? As dumb as they were evil. Unless some Dramatic New Evidence shows they were simply part of a big conspiracy.

          1. Yeah, they acted alone as far as I can tell.

    2. Maybe they DID have the same security as last year, but just talked it up. Isn’t that what they do with budget cuts?

  35. Max freedom is best- end of story.

    I’ll always take the evils of too little govt or the evils of too much.

    1. *over the evils of too much

  36. Yeah, the old Independents is back.

  37. Let the mindless speculation commence…


    I’ll start: What if the police used actual police work to find people wanted for crimes, instead of blindly shooting into boats, houses, cars, and crowds?

    1. You forgot small Asian women who look suspiciously like big black men.

  38. Afro-centric curriculum?

    Yeah. That won’t end well.

  39. Bejeebus the frickin Christ, just give Matt the show. Just do it.

    1. Ok, you know, what I am asking is, who agrees with that Matt needs to be the host of this show? Head count.

      1. I concur.

      2. Sorry, I have to disagree.

          1. Because I like Kennedy enough to keep her. It would be a totally different show with Matt.

            1. Don’t get me wrong, I want to keep her. I just think that Matt should be the lead. I think he’s already proved that.

              1. I haven’t seen him take the lead, so I’ll take your word for it.

                Maybe they can switch off every once in a while.

                1. I haven’t seen him take the lead, so I’ll take your word for it.

                  Then you don’t know where I am coming from.

                  Watch the episodes where he took the lead.

                  He proved himself, and I am a hard sell.

                  1. Heh, I doubt I’ll watch old episodes but I don’t doubt you at all.

                    Hell, give the chair to Kmele once in a while too – he’s great.

            2. Agreed. On a Pass/Fail basis, Kennedy passes. When you take personalities into account, she’s ass licking hot. I want to go on record as having said that.

            3. Matt should host. Kennedy is better at the intro, the Topical Storm, and the on-street interviews. That would be a good split.

      3. Do I have to respond again or did you already count me?

        1. My yes counts for both of us. Patriarchy and all that.

          1. Not until you put a ring on it.

              1. So, ummm, what’s your father’s opinion on this topic?

                  1. I’m a marriage traditionalist, kibby. Women are psuedo-children, they’re taken care of by their fathers until they get married and then they’re under the care of their husbands. THAT’S HOW IT’S BEEN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

                    1. Her father feels my dowry request of several thousand acres and a portion of his serfs is excessive.

                      I personally think she’s worth far more and am being generous.

                    2. Dowry? What is this Latin innovation? She demands an Anglo-Saxon weotuma (bride-price)!

                    3. Do you really want thousands of acres of Cleveland?

                    4. He doesn’t own land in Cleveland anymore!

                    5. I’m in it for her, not the quality of the dowry.

            1. I feel we have a common-law marriage within the confines of this blog.

      4. I’ll let Kennedy have a chance to rehabilitate herself…see if she can be nicer to guests. If not…have her and Welch switch seats.

        1. Let Matt and Kennedy switch seats, that is all that I am saying. Keep Kennedy, but let Matt lead.

        2. I mean, she should have a chance to get her voting rights back.

      5. He’s a much better moderator. Kennedy serves her purpose but is just not as good with the panel discussions and interviews.

        1. Kennedy doesn’t seem to want to be a moderator. She wants to participate more than moderate.

          1. Which is extremely problematic and why I feel she is unsuited to be lead.

            She might be happier on that Fox version of ‘The View’ they are launching

            1. I can see it now. Kennedy, Gavin, Myerson the commie, Bitcoin girl & Andrew Heaton. I’d watch that show.

          2. She wants to participate more than moderate.

            That is a good point.

      6. I have proposed before that Kennedy be kept on the street/outside studio interviews. They can bring her in and let her loose on the commie, providing she actually chews him a new one. (She may need to be kept in 48 hours of solitary to put her in the right state to devour the commie.)

        1. Ugh, I would cut the “man on the street” stuff – I hate that.

          1. Kennedy is good at it … if she has a good question to ask.

        2. Only Kmele should talk to the commie

      7. I like Matt…and Kennedy. If she doesn’t cut people off I’ll cut her slack. If she ships, give me Matt!

  40. So I applied for the GOES program mostly for the TSA Pre-Check. I went through a Pre-Check line on my way to Dublin and the woman behind me actually did a happy dance she was so excited by it.

  41. RE: The stowaway in the wheel well of the plane,

    That kid is so ridiculously lucky. Most people go comatose at cruising altitude, and then fall to their death when the plane drops the gear for landing.

    1. That’s like an instant Darwin Award.

      1. If he died, yeah. But he’s a kid, and he lived. I hope he takes a physics class soon.

    2. Answered you up thread.

      1. I don’t accept your tomatosplanation.

        1. I have failed.

          /turns and walks away.

          1. There was a reasonable explanation. His tomatoes were too sweet for Massachusetts.

  42. Why did you guys fire Riggs?!?
    I like him!

  43. Umm, Kennedy … you’re all cute and everything, but you do know that this is serious shit you are talking about here, right?

  44. Kennedy is more interested in that mans personal life than the topic at hand.

  45. Wait, what was that reference to Southerners?

    1. This New Englander was equally mystified by it.

  46. Non-violet drug “offendors” – whom did they offend? No one. they shouldn’t be in jail to begin with.

    1. “Non-violet drug “offendors” “offenders” – whom did they offend?”

      The state’s delicate sensibilities, and that’s all you need to know. Move along now citizen…

  47. I like this discussion about disenfranchisement. It’s a very important discussion that we need to have more often.

    1. Most states let you vote again when you finish your sentence, but some states have harsher limits. The discussion tends to focus on the harsher states.

      1. Aren’t the not harsh states sort of irrelevant to the discussion? What would that discussion even look like “Well Idaho, you aren’t dickish about this, here’s a cookie.”

        1. The un-harsh states can provide data about the actual effects of enfranchisement.

          And there should be a distinction between the nonviolent felons and the stabb-y, shoot-y kind – and the Madoff types, all of whom should cool off a bit before getting their voting rights back, IMHO.

      2. There should not be any restrictions on any civil rights after a person has served their sentence.


    An old story, but I don’t know if people saw it.

    1. What’s the problem? Cops should go home to their families at night, and families should be allowed to go home to their cops, without being hassled about so-called DUI.

  49. Damn Columbus. Don’t they know I have a hockey pool to win?

    1. I was just about to switch allegiances to CBJ.

  50. Snorting vodka: Because Russians go hardcore.

    1. A lady friend of mine with impressive tolerance was made to laugh during a shot once and ended up snorting quite a bit of it. She was completely fucked in a very short period of time.

      1. What was his name?

        1. I’m confused. Literally a chick, with a better alcohol tolerance than I had.

          1. I was inquiring about the guy that fucked her.

            1. Not sure if a high five is in order. Pics first, please.

            2. Oh, ha. We all went out somewhere. I don’t remember where that night went.

  51. This thread isn’t moving at a breakneck pace, so I’ll just put this here. My last business project for this MIS class is building a website — evidently this is something that is supposed to be intuitive, according to my douchebag of a professor.

    Can anyone explain how on earth Microsoft Expression Web works?

      1. (I am guessing you’re not the person I’m looking for to help) Management Information Systems or something.

        1. Don’t ask me. I use Notepad++.

        2. I use the guy recommended by my graphic designer. He’s pretty quick and not too expensive.
          Sounds intuitive to me.

      2. Yeah, they still have that?

        1. Evidently they do. & it’s going to rape my GPA at this point with all these outrageous projects.

          1. It’s like Front Page but with a few more opportunities to code shitily.

            1. Thank Steve Jobs for my spelling of shitily.

            2. Like that Convert Word Document to HTML option?

        2. Party like it’s 1999.

    1. Expression Web was very cutting edge in 2008.

    2. Can anyone explain how on earth Microsoft Expression Web works?

      Not really, but I can tell you that nobody actually uses it to build web sites in the real world.

      1. Considering I will never, EVER actually do this at any point again in my life, it doesn’t really matter. I would just like to not fail another one of these projects.

        1. I would just like to not fail another one of these projects.

          Libertarian slogan, 2014.

        2. All I can say is it’s a very complicated piece of software that has no place in what sounds like an introductory course.

          1. Would you care to email my professor & tell him this? He assures me it’s very simple & I was beginning to think I was a complete moron for not being able to figure out a damn thing.

          2. Also, yes: it’s a 100 level course.

            1. Do you have to use THAT software, or can you use whatever you want to make the website?

              1. I can use that or Dreamweaver. Both of which look equally confusing to me.

  52. Matt, is once again, in the passenger seat, proving that he is the host of this show.

    I guess once he got his confidence, it was all over.

  53. Look at how excited Kennedy is about this story.

  54. Does snorting alcohol lead to alcoholic nasal maggots?

  55. Kennedy doesn’t realize the application of this to camping and other outdoor activities?

  56. The Independents Attire Review, 21 April 2014

    Kennedy = Return of the Pink Doily; we prefer Kennedy in bolder, more dynamic colors, and aren’t crazy about the softer-shades. There is disharmony between The Dominatrix and the Laura Ashley-look. Perhaps she’s trying to tone things down as she reclaims First Chair. We say = Cheap Strawberry Cream Cheese

    Matt = New Tie decides to do a back-to-back appearance. However, why, why WHY must it be superimposed on Ubiquitous Pink Shirt? Will NO ONE (Kmele? KK?) please explain to him that Blue and White deserve at least 50% air time? Pink Shirt deserves its own psychotherapist it has been abused so often. So do we! This might even be acceptable with a Navy suit, but the black/pink has just got to die already. Conclusion: He Fails On Purpose

    Kmele: Bog standard professional. First time we’ve ever seen him break out a gold/yellow tie with the tan blazer, which is a nice alternative to the navy blue & brown ties we’ve seen so far. We note that Kmele does a good job alternating patterned or textured jackets w/ plain shirt, then flat jacket with patterned shirts. He gets it. Why no one else does is what keeps me up at night. Judgement: Keep Hope Alive

    Thank You

    1. So basically, what I’m hearing here is, their attire is why there aren’t any feminine (gay or straight) libertarians?

      1. I dont have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

      2. Or – to expand: there’s no “feminine” or “masculine” here: there’s just “works” and “fails”.

        I mean, were I very pro-‘Feminine’, id still be completely screaming at matt for *fucking up pink*. Its not what one chooses to wear, its wearing it right.

        1. What I meant was “This is why there are no female libertarians, including teh gays.”

          1. Last i checked we were about 30% gay around here, and maybe 10-20% chick-tastic.

            Frankly i think that’s probably moar females and moar gaze than your average *politicalish* blog outside of Jezetard.

            1. I’m so confused by this subthread and possibly feeling othered. I should feel othered here, right? It’s not one of my skillsets.

              1. Dont worry, its not you = its the other person.

                We’re all still *fabulous*

    2. “Kennedy = Return of the Pink Doily; we prefer Kennedy in bolder, more dynamic colors,”

      How about losing the raccoon glasses?

      1. That’s an interesting thought.

        I get the feeling that glasses are thing people have a deeper attachment to as part of their overall “visage” and making changes is more…personal… than changing clothes. I’m not sopisticated enough a critic to know precisely how to deal with that sort of thing. I work around it.

        No Glasses would be a big move indeed.

        1. My better half wears glasses.

          I probably wouldn’t be attracted to her if she didn’t.

          1. i actually really dig chicks in glasses. Its a nice accessory. I’d probably do well in them but for my perfect vision screwing everything up.

            1. GILMORE|4.21.14 @ 9:49PM|#
              “i actually really dig chicks in glasses”

              I not only don’t mind glasses, wife wears them.
              But Kennedy’s are of the raccoon sort; selected so the shadow of the top of the frame falls right across the eye and obscures what is a pretty strong area of communication.
              If you want to be ‘mysterious’, just get some shades and we can all giggle.

  57. She is lying through her perfect teeth.

  58. Kennedy is so quick that I am sure it has to be drugs. What is it? MDA, cocaine?

    Let’s have a poll.

    1. It’s meth. Or some kind of amphetamine.

      1. Mixed amphetamine salts. If only you could see me run the board at Jeopardy.

  59. “Mr President, we cannot afford a dolphin gap!”

  60. Nothing left to cut.

    1. Can I please have the knife now?

  61. I guess you can say those dolphins serve a definite military porpoise.

    1. Being adorable?

      1. And rape, of course.

    2. I thought you were fin-ished with puns.

      1. Oh for Cod’s sake. Whale I obviously am now!

        1. You two trout along, now. I’ve haddock enough of this.

          1. I like to makes these puns just for the halibut.

  62. Blumenthal forgot to yell “oh long, johnson!”

  63. Psht, I talked about the Dolphin Gap a few weeks ago.

    /news hipster moment

  64. Holy shit, i’ve never seen the commercials before.

    This is ridiculous.

    1. Speak for yourself. I happen to be in the market for sampling services.

      1. Whoever produces Manufacturing Marvels should get a fucking Emmy award. As opposed to this show.

  65. Shitty hotel internet. I can get the stream or refresh the comments but not both at the same time.

    1. That’s what you get when your room is rented by the hour!

    2. Traveling for business? Clean out the minibar. Its what *I* do at least. Once the HR dept caught the bill and was like, “WTF” I said, “fuck you, why don’t you go?” They learned to accept it.

      1. I never stay where they have minibars, thank God. That is like charging you for using the shampoo.

        1. Correction – Charging *your boss*.

          Which makes everything more fun.

  66. Was that a commercial for industrial ball-bearing lubricant testing repair technicians?

    I didn’t even know that was a thing.

    1. Ball-bearing lube is important. Of course you test it. But, only on days that end in “y”…

    2. “I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

      It’s a thing, I promise. Those turbines that drive the generators? The shafts are supported by ball or roller bearings.

  67. Matt let the revolution plans slip…

  68. She loves Senator Reid?


  69. Murdoch? Isn’t he the NRO writer who called Islam a cult or not a real religion a few years back?

  70. All these viewer choice polls have come down on the side of serious topics. Think Kennedy has gotten the point yet? Given her “I’d have chosen the teen” comment, I’m betting not.

  71. Okay, the last few seconds of the Pens/CBJ game was outrageous. So now I switch to < I The Independents to calm down. Fall asleep, really.

  72. Black Athena!!!!!!

    HA! Awesome. 1st class trolling.

  73. YES! Psuedo-archaeology and Santita is a fan.

  74. Did I miss Quinn? Did he have that ridiculous gawdawful accent?

  75. ‘Must be expansive’ reminds me of when vegetarian homeopaths tell me to keep an ‘open mind.’

  76. Maybe they should teach them to read first…

  77. Egyptians never should have issued the Greeks and Romans library cards.

  78. Most people are lacking in the American history dept.

  79. Kennedy, let the man finish. Good grief.

  80. Give them more relevant reading – sports would be great for both increasing reading and introducing simple math like batting averages, shooting percentages, etc.

  81. Of course Foster is going to shamelessly use this tragedy to push school choice. Shameless.

  82. Product of Chicago Public schools? “Survivor” would be more accurate.

    1. Proud product she stated.

  83. Whoa! Kennedy is getting sassy!

  84. Can everyone please stop talking over each other??

  85. Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima (26 January 1935 ? 25 May 2009) was a Guyanese-born associate professor of Africana Studies at Rutgers University in the United States.[1]

    He was best known for his Olmec alternative origin speculations, a brand of pre-Columbian contact theory, which he proposed in his book They Came Before Columbus (1976). While his Olmec theory has “spread widely in African American community, both lay and scholarly”, it was mostly ignored in Mesoamericanist scholarship, or else dismissed as Afrocentric pseudohistory to the effect of “robbing native American cultures”


    1. This was the referenced text adopted by Chicago schools.

    2. That’s who Sanita was pumping up?


      It’s like how in Portugal a couple of scholars posit Columbus was Portuguese and every Portuguese I know accepts it as fact despite the fact it has little acceptance in the history community.

      Just teach the kids anything and everything that comes up, Sanita!

      Her argument doesn’t hold.

  86. Consensus in 3…2…1….

  87. “Afrocentric curriculum? Yes, we got one! Do you want the Swahili class, would you like to go on the archeological expedition, maybe do an internship at a hospital there…”

  88. NO! Kmele should use his Keeping It Whatever segment to sneak in the wheel well kid.

    1. A big FU to Facebook voters.

  89. Kennedy just can’t help herself.

  90. You know, Kennedy’s going back to her interrupt-y ways. Not helping me with my give-Kennedy-a-Chance position.

    1. With a fellow panelist no less.

    2. The interrupt-yness has reached epic levels tonight, like she’s making up for lost time. Can’t they give her Thorazine before the show, just to bring her out of orbit for an hour?

  91. I just don’t care anymore. I’m going to El Pollo Loco.

    1. Mmmm poblano burrito

      1. Muy grande borracho chihuahua

      2. And I made a wrong turn. BBQ. Johnny Memphis.

        1. I’ve never actually eaten there. Any good?

  92. Is anyone freaked out when this Enterex diabetic chocolate milk commercial starts in with Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring? It’s weird.

    1. “allow” third world countries?


      1. “cash rules everything around me”

        *adjusts monocle*

        That song is pretty darn libertarian, now that you mention it.

    2. It’s the only way a song like that will play during a libertarian program 🙂

      1. As Rand proved, Bach, like Mozart, was a Red.

        1. Vivaldi’s nickname was the *Red* Priest.

          1. I don’t see why Afrocentrists have to invent “mulatto” contributions to Western culture when you have actual “mulattoes” like Alexandre Dumas who did.

  93. Oh, of course, the pro-sweatshop guy is going to be the second whitest man in the world. A ginger.

    1. Heh, I noticed that too.

      1. I’m glad you asked. The first whitest man in the world is Wayne Brady.

    2. Who is the first? Michael Moynihan?

      1. Ask me what the most important thing in comedy is.

        1. Brooks Orpik?

        2. *puts on schoolboy uniform*

          What’s the most important thing in comedy, Professor Fist?

          *takes off schoolboy outfit and lounges naked in an effort to make kibby uncomfortable*

  94. Isn’t it interesting how leftists rail against sweat shops but never gulags?

  95. I was just thinking, you know what could only improve the show? Latency.

    1. I was just thinking, you know what could only improve the show?

      Blindfolds and a loaded revolver.

      1. The genius is in it’s simplicity..

    2. Yeah, how can they set that up in the studio…?

    3. lol

      I think most of us watch the show on the computer just to do …”this” thing.

      I can’t imagine watching TV any other way now.

      1. Earplugs. On a related note, has anyone tried watching the show with closed-captioning active? I pity that poor transcriber.

  96. Wow, look at this whitey sweat shop owner! His skin is pink!

    And, he’s way too nerdy looking to even be a libertarian, cause more dorkier than Matt!

    Burn that witch, BURN!

  97. Wu Tang baby

  98. Of course progs want to deny people their least bad option. They want everyone to equal. Equally miserable.

    1. Except for dear leaders. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal.

  99. Dobbs in 3!

    1. Phew, my head is spinning as usual after this hour.

  100. oooh, they cut out the KMELE SMACKDOWN

  101. Kmele speaks the truth = he gave the guy the opportunity to say the right thing, but smacked him down when he didnt.

    Thats what people SHOULD do.

  102. distancer? That’s not a word.

  103. Kmele likes a small tent

    1. If he chases away all the 9/11-spawned civil libertarians, it’ll be damn near an empty one. Present company excluded.

  104. I feel bad they seem to be apologizing for him in some way… but then again, the RP crew is partly the AAGGGGGGAGAGAGAG DOBBBS!!

  105. Will the word “tards” be banned next?

  106. DERRRBBBZZZZ!!!!! Wretch!

    1. Dobbs may be a jerk, but I wouldn’t call him a wretch.

  107. No, Kennedy, the theme song hasn’t grown on me.

    1. What theme song? When did we decide on a theme song?

        1. There was no vote!! this is a coup!

          I actually think there could be some other suggestions dude.

          Im more on the “Search and Destroy” by The Stooges tip. Or at least something other than ‘Regulate’ done on toys.

          1. The rule is that it has to be something that Gillespie wouldn’t like.

            1. Best (and only) song ever to use the phrase, “Come on and play with your monkey”

            2. Or “get low” would work too.

              Nick would *hate* that.

              Also, Lil jon needs the money


            3. I wasn’t feeling the music tonight. Like the DJ from The Five was filling-in or something.

  108. Can these NeoCons please die now?

  109. The Independents After Dark: Layin’ Pipe

  110. Dobbs is against Holder’s move to reduce drug offenders’ time. F him. While Holder may be acting out of racist motives, in this case it is a move in the right direction for people convicted of victimless crimes.

    1. Derbz is a MSM conformist.

      1. I couldn’t take it anymore, removed my headset and shut off the news feed.

    2. That’s the sort of backlash, or pre-emptive backlash, that I’m worried about. Either it will scare Obama off from these commutations, or it will put me in the position of defending Obama. I’d rather be in the latter position, of course.

      Oh, and thank you for listening to Dobbs for me.


  112. Unemployment benefits are for life.

  113. Foster is telling her that oil is fungible.

  114. I love listening to unintelligible noise on the aftershow. Maybe they should attempt to organize a speaking hierarchy.

    1. Waiting for someone else to finish before you speak is unlibertarian.

      I reject your fascist ‘wait to talk’ rule.

      1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t read the end of your post because I was too busy making this one.

        1. I’d say I’m proud of you, but I’m too libertarian to give a shit.

        2. I’m proud of you!

          1. aww

          2. aww

          3. I’m proud of you!

            Turn in your libertarian card, you conformist bitch.

            1. Negging kibby and mounting Serious. Are you reading the works of Mr. E?

              1. “Mounting?!?”

              2. Negging kibby and mounting Serious. Are you reading the works of Mr. E?

                Mr. E or Mr. Ed? Feel like I am missing something.

                1. Mr. E was an early prominent face of the PUA movement.

                  Mounting is mostly HM’s joke about Alphas mounting betas to show dominance…Where have you two been?

                    1. I want to read that book more than anything else in the history of the world.

                    2. I’ll have to ask my smut author friend if she knows this Hawley person.

            2. Conformist? Who else here is proud of kibby except me?

              1. Evidently nobody. =(

                1. Well who needs them anyway?

  115. Canadians buy sugar from Cuba!

  116. An iPhone. Of course Welch would have an iPhone.

    1. Does his wife know?

  117. There are thousands of mile of pipelines in the US now. Why is the Keystone singled out as being dangerous/anti-ecologically sound? How often do we have pipes break? Almost never.

    1. More like a 100+ thousand miles

  118. Why the fuck does this chick care so much about Nigeria?

    1. Its a black thing

  119. That woman has a bad case of the *matronizing*
    Oh shit! Easter Pink. now I understand. Fuck. Sorry.

    1. I noticed that in that list, they completely ignore the Tai=Kadai language family (In Thai, it would be something like: ??????????????? phra yaehsuu feuun kheun), but they include translations for Klingon, Quenya, and Dothraki.

      1. That’s interesting…both the omission and the inclusions. Thank you.

      2. It’s Wikipedia, dude. Editors put in what they know, and apparently no one who knows Thai has worked on that article. If you want the Thai translations on that page, you could add them yourself, you know…

        1. That’s true…assuming I cared about the topic more than just a 1 second comment on HnR.

  120. She’s right, Nigeria ranks 4th among countries from which the US imports oil, not far behind Saudi.

    1. That’s 2011 data.

    1. Like Fred Flintstone’s car

      1. Mr Garrison’s people mover? The It bike?

    2. 1. Looks like it is a slow hill climber

      2. How do you ditch it in an emergency when you’re strapped to it? Looks dangerous at high speeds.

    3. I don’t see the reason to be leaning forward. Why not arrange to be upright and get better viability? Just move the controls further back.

      1. – visability


  121. Pens win. Pirates win. Everything is coming up Pittsburgh.

    1. Steelers didn’t win.


  122. By the way, Sanita may want to rethink her strategy of accepting pseudo-history as being open minded.

    Here in Quebec nationalists have had their way with the history curriculum and have essentially fucked up a couple of generations of Quebecers with their hopelessly myopic and selective interpretations of history.

    For example, they have something called Jour des Patriotes which they slyly decided would be on Victoria Day to commemorate the Patriote Rebellion. But the rebellion wasn’t just about Quebec. It was about representative government and included many nationalities including Irish and Swiss mercenaries.

    To me, it’s Victoria Day. She had a much greater impact on history anyway.

    1. But at least the Quebecois invented the cotton gin, didn’t they, before Eli Whitney stole it?

      1. Not to mention the Theory of Relativity.

        1. Damn Anglos!

      2. The Ourighiet Ferers?

    2. I thought St Jean Baptiste Day was the big one?

      1. It is.

        1. In the nationalist mind it’s a legit ‘national holiday.’

          To the rest of us – including sane French-Canadians – it’s just another day off.

  123. A MAN has shot dead a woman he had a two-year Facebook romance with after he discovered she had lied about her age and marital status.

    1. The fuck? Vineet had a chance to do the whole MILF thing and his reaction is to commit a murder-suicide like a little whiny bitch?

      1. He was scared that reverse Chris Hansen would show up.

    2. Reminds me of the indian guy who married the American yoga instructor who wanted to ‘help the poor’ in india and shit, then realized that marrying an indian guy meant she was going to get treated like a 17th century housewife, so she decides to bail and he does the Honor/Murder/Suicide shtick as well.

      People really need to read Sam Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’. Good fucking book, and unfairly maligned.

      1. Yeah, it should be a must read. More than Black fucking Athena that’s for sure.

        1. Black Fucking Athena sounds like it would be a good erotica read.

  124. Let me try out some troll-fu:

    “Survey Shows Why the Economic Recovery Is Weak: You’re Saving Too Much…

    “It’s not too late. Congress could pass more stimulus?more money for infrastructure, for instance. The Federal Reserve could raise its inflation target, although there are serious concerns about financial stability and the distributional consequences of doing so. By creating new businesses and jobs, these policies would make people less anxious about the future?encouraging them to spend so that the graph goes back to looking like normal again.”…..ce=twitter

    1. Time for a triple post!

      I love that progressives simultaneously bemoan consumerism and yet their entire economic philosophy is based on punishing savers and heavily promoting consumption at the expense of wealth accumulation.

      1. not gonna get consistency. Nope. Not gonna get it.

        1. Well, it is the one thing they are consistent about…

  125. Java has updated and needs me to restart Chrome.
    I may not return.

    1. All is well.

      Or is it?
      Dun dun dun

      1. Well, I’m on the edge of my seat, but I’ll have to tear myself away…goodnight…

  126. Thanks to the recent Mt. Everest avalanche catastrophe, there’s some concern in the mountaineering community that mountains like the iconic Everest may be unclimbable in the near future because of

    1. If you’re a present or former Mountaineering fan, this should be ‘good news’.

      Besides, what it really means is that other stuff that was ‘unclimbable’ is now more so. Everest had become a tourist trap over a decade ago (Krakauer’s ‘into thin air’ being the epilogue)

      Places like the upper bugaboos may become more popular now. Or patagonia. Who knows.

      1. “Places like the upper bugaboos may become more popular now”

        Is that the Insane Clown Posse fan group?

        1. Northern BC; some of the greatest technical climbing in the world; lesser-frequented than other areas due to a short season where weather is in a less “Kill you immediately” mood.

          in the climbing world, if you say you did a trip to the himalayas, people nod and go, ‘oh, that’s nice’ (while thinking = “pussy probably had a caterer at Basecamp 2”); when people say they were in the Bugaboos or Patagonia, you bow in silence out of respect for their Gigantic Balls.

  127. It’s my opinion that Archer Vice didn’t live up to its fake flash forward. The concept seemed to have more potential than what we got.

    1. Agreed. Glad next season will be back to normal.

  128. Everyone needs to tune into the OKC game, now. It’s ridiculous.

  129. Great takedown of the latest Krugnuts clone, Thomas Piketty. This guy is gonna sell craploads of this garbage.

    Thomas Piketty likes capitalism because it efficiently allocates resources.But he does not like how it allocates income. There is, he thinks, a moral illegitimacy to virtually any accumulation of wealth, and it is a matter of justice that such inequality be eradicated in our economy. The way to do this is to eliminate high incomes and to reduce existing wealth through taxation.

    1. Tyler Cowen kicked the everloving shit out of that book.

      I love the review because Cowen is so professorial, but by the end no aspect of Picketty’s argument is left standing.

      1. That was also awesome.

        “Every now and then, the field of economics produces an important book; this is one of them.”

        Apparently several people have joined in the dogpile, I found another one.

        The Most Important Book Ever Is All Wrong

        This is a good thing.

      2. And:
        “The three decades between 1950 and 1980 were truly unusual; the constellation of economic and demographic variables that produced prosperity during that period will probably not be re-created anytime soon.”

        This is Krug’s ‘Treaty of Detroit’. Well, it rests on several distortions that (we hope) will never exist again. The prosperity was strictly limited.
        In the US, the labor distortion was the exclusion of blacks and whatever other minorities the unions could find.
        Internationally, it resulted from the exhaustion (and subsequent ‘socialization’ of the governments of Europe in general, abetted by the US providing defense. Add to that major sources of labor (the USSR and China) denied access to the party and the largess.
        We and those denied access hope it never happens again; the rent-seekers who grabbed a bundle think they deserved it.

    2. “Thomas Piketty likes capitalism because it efficiently allocates resources.But he does not like how it allocates income.”

      Yes, and the right TOP MEN can pick and chose between the allocation of resources and income, since they are TOP MEN and they’ll get it right this time! Just trust them with all of your wealth!

      1. “Thomas Piketty likes capitalism because it efficiently allocates resources.But he does not like how it allocates income.”

        What the fuck? Can this guy be this retarded? How can one not understand that income is merely a mechanism to save the most scarce resource available?

        1. He seems to think that TOP MEN can make fine distinctions and give the rest of us everlasting prosperity!
          IOWs, the idiot has read nothing of history.

  130. Evening kids, how was the show?

    1. I’ll tell you in about 10 minutes?

  131. I thought this book demolished all that bullshit “afrocentric history” decades ago, but apparently not.

    Not Out Of Africa: How “Afrocentrism” Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History by Mary Lefkowitz

    1. I missed that one. SICOP did a pretty good job of demolishing it in the journal they published.

  132. Last.

      1. Yes.

          1. I feel we should eschew gender norms in our relationship, including the woman getting the last word.

            1. Okay, mister common law marriage.

              1. I think I’m being awfully nice in allowing you the chance to take half of what’s mine, miss I don’t believe in marriage.

                1. What kind of libertarian requires government sanctioning of a personal vow???

                  1. One that does not want to ask you to “civil union” me.

                    1. Fine…I’ll let you have the last comment if you’re going to help with cooking & cleaning — since we’re eschewing gender norms & all that jazz.

                    2. And last!

                    3. Wrong…

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