"I want gay people to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns."


Tim Moen is a Canadian who is apparently the first federal Libertarian Party candidate to run for Parliament from the Fort McMurray-Athabasca area in Alberta.

Here he is talking to the site of Fort McMurray Today:

"To me, that meme [above] is the message of classical liberalism and the philosophy of liberty"…

"People should be allowed to marry whoever they want, put what they want into their bodies as long as no one is hurt, and protect themselves and their property."…

"I was initially skeptical that political action could make any positive change in the world, but I was convinced by a number of people that I would be best at spreading the message of liberty across the region and Canada."…

"I do believe if property rights for people and especially First Nations were enforced, there would be a slower, more sustainable and responsible pace of development."…

"The only say I should have, as a government representative, is with helping resolve disputes."…

"Gun control is not about protection, so much as it is about control. We've seen what happens in countries that allow these liberties to be eroded and it's not pretty."

The platform of Canada's LP is summarized thusly:

The party believes in a commitment to free trade. It also supports the elimination of income tax and the GST [goods and services tax, a form of sales tax or VAT], opting instead for a system of fees.

It also supports the elimination of all subsidies, social and corporate welfare programs and gun control laws.

More here.

Read more at Moen's site and Facebook page.

Hat tip: The Twitter feed of Isidro by way of Victoriano Urbano by way of Frances Martel.