Your Food's Reputation vs. Government Regulation

Government (so far) doesn't micromanage who you share your food with.


Do you like to cook? Throw dinner parties? Many people enjoy that, but paying for the food, plus accessories, is expensive. Would you host more often if you could get your guests to cover the costs?

Or suppose you'd like to go to a dinner party to meet new people in your neighborhood. Or maybe when you travel, instead of eating at restaurants, you'd like to see how the locals live.

Good news! Today both cooks and diners can get what they want. A new Internet business brings them together.

Bad news: Bureaucrats and the media worry that the dinner parties are not regulated.

Here's how the business works. On the website, people who want to throw parties post pictures of their homes and the kinds of things they like to cook. "I really reminisce back to the days when friends would get together for a dinner party and then, maybe meet new friends," said a hostess who let us watch one of her events. "Magical things happen around the table when you sit people with food and alcohol … "

Eight people were eager to try her hospitality. Each chipped in $39 (other hosts charge as little as $23 for a simple pizza gathering or as much as $150 for an elegant dinner with wine). All her guests said they had a wonderful time. Some exchanged phone numbers with new friends. founder Guy Michlin got the idea for this business after an experience he had on a trip to Greece.

"After many tourist traps, I happened to be invited to a local family. It was such a profound and amazing experience. And when I'm back home, I said, OK, let's share this moment with millions around the world. And just build this platform called EatWith." Now, Michlin takes a 15 percent cut of the cost of every dinner party.

What makes such businesses work is the power of reputation. Guests use the EatWith platform to rate homes and cooks. Hosts can decline guests if they don't feel comfortable with their profiles.

Government, always slow on the uptake, barely knows services like this exist. But when it finds out, odds are it will panic and regulate them. Fools in my profession will encourage that. WCBS-TV in New York, the TV station that gave me my first consumer-reporting job, aired a breathless report on "underground" dinner parties with ominous narration about "strangers" and a meal that was "completely unregulated!"

Oh, my goodness. Completely unregulated. Strangers in a home. The TV "investigators" brought in a hidden camera! Like this was a crime?

"Restaurants are regulated," say the nannies. "Caterers, too."

True. But most of the regulation is useless. It's the need to maintain one's reputation that does most to keep us safe—especially today, with instant feedback from the Internet. No clumsy government regulation is needed. Government (so far) doesn't micromanage private dinner parties. Charging a fee shouldn't make a difference.

EatWith guests don't just count on reviews for their safety. The website vets each host in hopes of excluding any who might embarrass the company. Businesses like EatWith protect their investments by buying insurance in case someone sues.

In fact, the precautions encouraged or dictated by insurance companies are usually more rational than the ones cobbled together by the political bureaucracy because private insurance companies really have to avoid losing money. They set rational rules that encourage clean kitchens and proper food handling.

The main reason businesses must do things well is to maintain their reputations. The hope of repeat business—for EatWith and for hosts using it—means it's important to be hospitable and crucial not to poison your guests. Word gets out if you poison the guests.

EatWith continues to grow. Prospective hosts from more than a hundred companies have applied for listings. It's a new and terrific part of what's called the "sharing economy."

Government pretends it must have a place at the table, but free people ought to be able to eat without government permission.

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  1. Hosts can decline guests if they don’t feel comfortable with their profiles.

    Discrimination! How dare someone be allowed to commit the crime of saying “No”?

    Fucking racist homophobic tea-bagging racists!

    1. Hosting home dinning is an activity for aging hipster d-bags.

      The discrimination will be against conservatives and Christians not people of color and homosexuals.

      *I base my whole premise on those Dorito commercials.

      1. What’s wrong with MnM commercials?

      2. I know. It’s because MnMs are brown. Racist.

        1. Notice there aren’t any white MnM’s?

          1. the candy shell is white under the dye.

            Can we make MnM into a new racial epithet like “oreo” or “banana”, but with 3 layers.

            1. I’m imagining you just bit into an MnM. Since I don’t have any readily available to counter your point, I’ll stand down.

              For now.

              1. Update: Went and got some MnM’s. They are all in fact white under the dye. Even more racist.

            2. On second thought, this just means MnM’s are all wearing blackface. So obviously racist.

            3. the candy shell is white under the dye.

              Aren’t we all the same color on the inside?

              1. Aren’t we all the same color on the inside?

                You guys are greenish-grey inside too? I thought it was just me!

            4. Everyone’s probably already seen this I imagine, but I post it just in case, it is a thing of beauty.

              Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms;, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&M duels.

              1. If that guy was actually serious, I find him completely awesome.

          2. Notice there aren’t any white MnM’s?

            Marshall Mathers would beg to differ.

            1. +1 Detroit visit. Though that’s probably second or third prize rather than first.

              1. Everyone wins a visit to detriot, first place just gets to leave sooner.

                1. So not playing is the only way to really win?

            2. Ah haz also noticed that there ain’t none of that them thar rainbow-colored MnMs! Anti-gay if Ah haz EVAH seen anti-gay…

      3. So if you say grace before the meal expect a swat team?

        1. I am thinking more along the lines of what happens in “The Last Supper”

          1. wow. see. thats what happens without government regulation of dinner parties:)

    2. I don’t believe unions or the minimum wage law should exist and i’m pro-NAFTA yet I support ENDA and the original 1964 Civil Rights Act. I oppose affirmative action because I believe people should be able to freely hire based on skill but I still support laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, gender identity and sexual orientation. Of course you have to include some exceptions for the entertainment industry because Bill Clinton does not look like Jackie Chan but that’s different.

      1. I oppose affirmative action because I believe people should be able to freely hire based on skill but I still support laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

        So basically you love the idea of a free market, but hate it in practice. Gotcha. Hypocrite.

        1. By your logic former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson also hates free markets because he isn’t an anarchist or otherwise ideological. He supports regulations that even I oppose.

          1. Who said anything about Gary Johnson? We’re talking specifically about laws that prohibit discrimination (arbitrarily) by skin color.

            1. Which Gary Johnson also supports.

              Free markets =/= no anti-discrimination laws.

              How many free-marketers believe in zero regulations? Not many.

              And while many believe that it should be legal to discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation most of those same people will not say the same about race, and as the Duck Dynasty controversy showed, religion.

              1. You continue to miss the point with your government-education inspired reasoning skills.

                When you can make a logical argument without resorting to either ad-hominem or red herring fallacies, someone might respond. Until then, good luck getting a job paying more than minimum wage.

                1. I’ve never been to a public school, and what ad hominems (besides yours)? I just don’t get the “anti-discrimination = liberal” mentality among so many libertarians. Even when I was into Rothbard I didn’t make the connection.

        2. While I suspect troll, it’s possible that 250 may have poorly thought out the implications of what he was saying.

      2. you’re just spoofing us, aren’t you? Either that or you chewed through the tethers and got onto one of the computers on the ward.

        1. Yeah a foreign policy non-interventionist like me is spoofing someone with a username like “wareagle”, and not adhering to a political ideology (like most people in the world) makes me insane. Gotchya.

          1. Ummm… this is what his handle is based on. Fucking awesome.

          2. I am perpetually amazed at how often people don’t get the reference in wareagle’s handle.

            1. Not everyone’s into sports, and I wouldn’t have known that was sports-related if I didn’t click on that link “EDG reppin’ LBC” posted.

          3. Uh, Wareagle is a bass boat company, dude. Nothing ideological about fishin’

            1. I always assumed he had some connection to the lure company.

      3. To me, unions can be part of a functioning free market and a freedom of association issue. The government shouldn’t treat them “better” than corporations; it should treat both sides neutrally and get involved only if there are allegations of bullying, corruption, violence, etc. Workers shouldn’t be forced to join unions as that, in my opinion, is illegally coercive (on the flip side, non-union workers shouldn’t take advantage of whatever benefits the union negotiates for its workers).

        1. Unlike laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, sexual orientation and gender identity, unions go completely against the notion of supply and demand, which is what a free market is all about (some actually think it requires anarchy).

          To me West Virginia or Kentucky seem like hell because not only are people there forced into unions but unions (not your employer but your ignorant coworkers) there can fire based on gender identity or sexual orientation!

          This where social conservatism and union thuggery meet

      4. I always have two questions when this comes up:

        1) Which businesses are going to put up a sign that says “No Blacks Allowed”?

        2) How many black people are in those businesses right now?

        1. 1. Where I live quite a few. I even know who a few of them are.

          2. People tend to hide their racism. I’ve heard things that would blow the skin off the faces of most these “look at me i’m so edgy and politically incorrect” types on the internet who make legitimate criticism of inefficient politically correct speech look bad.

          1. So what – the likelihood of the racist restaruant selling franchises and competting with McD’s someday is a fantasy.

            In most society today – assuming we allowed actual economic freedom and freedom of association – any business with a “No Blacks Allowed” sign will be destroyed shortly after the masses find out it exists.

            The fact in very select places it might “work”, isn’t refutation of the idea that on the whole, in 2014 US, active racial discrimination and seen as very bad.

            Just like when the Nazis used to still march in Ohio every year – towards the end of that, late 90’s, maybe early 2000’s, for several years in a row, the number of Nazis marching decreased and the number of protestors increased to the point the protestors outnumbered the marchers at least 3 to 1.

            Having said that – if you honestly believe in freedom of association then you should believe in someone’s right to create a restaruant with any such sign on their door they wish, such as “only blondes allowed” or “no women” or “no lunks (which I think is stupid, but their right)”.

            IE – the two ideas you propose to agree with:

            1. People should have freedom of association &
            2. You/the government should be able to force certain associations based upon arbitrary human qualities that selected to be “important” such as race, religion, sexual orientation, etc…

            Are mutually exclusive.

            1. Homophobic Chick-fil-a continues to sell more than pro-gay Zaxby’s even though Zaxby’s has a better product and better service because Americans are stupid.

              I’m not an ideologue. I just don’t want to be fired or turned down because of my sexual orientation, and no I don’t have the money to move to a more tolerant area.

              I grew up around homophobes and thus have no regard for them.

              Why is it that a black person can call themself a free marketer and support the affirmative action but an LGBT person can’t be a free marketer and support simple anti-discrimination laws?

              1. Or maybe Chick-fil-a does better than Zaxby’s because people like the food more. Or because Zaxby’s has fast food service at sit-down prices. Or because Americans are getting sick of political correctness and enjoy the opportunity to turn their backs on it, collectively. Or some combination of the above. Or for some other reason!

                1. Yes anything that goes against the notion of ghosts or an invisible man in the sky is political correctness, and Chick-fil-a doesn’t even taste, feel or look like real food.

                  I was once accused of being “brainwashed by political correctness” for having been in an interracial relationship.

                  Here’s an example of religious items being vastly inferior to secular ones in the market place


  2. Given the whiny, statist response to AirBnB and Uber you can be damn sure the usual suspects will squeal like stuck pigs about this.

    1. I’m sure the NSA is running this up the flagpole right now to the right Top Men; I expect regulation proposals within the month.

      Actually, since it’s a short month, I’ll give them til the end of March.

        1. Well, whoever is in charge of monitoring Reason.

          1. Hey D00ds what’s shaking

            1. Hey, since you’re here…

              I filed a FOIA regarding how many NSA monitors have seen my taint, but I haven’t heard back.

              Could you expedite that? Maybe append data on taint related mental health costs incurred by the NSA?

              1. how many NSA monitors have seen my taint

                it’s the corporate desktop wallpaper.

                1. Ha, you’re a fake, Corey. A true bureaucrat would never refer to his agency as “corporate”; it would be “agency” or “organization”.

                  1. Or, in my case, Department.

          2. It’s government, anon, so there are doubtlessly multiple agencies doing the same thing and not sharing information with one another.

        2. The NSA will clearly want access to what’s being said at those dinners. You can’t have people assemblying together in private. That would be total anarchy.

  3. panties. bunching. up.

  4. We must put an end to unregulated cooking & eating in peoples’ homes. FOR TEH CHILDRUNZ!

    How long until this exact logic is used to extract revenue from unsuspecting entrepreneurs?

    1. And this is the same logic that is used when “public health” bureaucrats shut down childrens’ lemonade stands and bake sales.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually put up with that. In the good old days the parents would have told the regulators to fuck off, if anyone called the cops the cops would have told the regulators to fuck off.

        1. Yeah, when I was a kid I’d go around the neighborhood doing yard work for extra money so I could buy video games. One of the neighbors complained about my mom letting her child do “manual labor,” to which she replied “go fuck yourself.” Cops showed up cause the lady was a bitch, then the cops apologized for interrupting our day.

          1. So kids don’t offer to shovel driveways for 40 bucks or something?

            1. I really wish they did. I had to shovel my own goddamned driveway during this past snowstorm.

            2. I’m waiting for our fifty-something local guy to show up to shovel the 6 inches we got this morning. I was out driving in most of it–not a pleasant way to spend two hours…

  5. Bad news: Bureaucrats and the media worry that the dinner parties are not regulated.

    You work for a network where the asorted cadre of stupid bimbos (especially the Swedish-American idiot in the 2:00 PM slot at FN) constantly remind the boobs of the “dangers” of “unregulated” something or other.

    1. constantly remind the boobs

      Her face is up there OM. Sheesh.

      1. But the only reason the network employs bimbos is because people don’t notice the vapid expression on their faces.

  6. I know my mother used to have us help out in the kitchen when she hosted, in obvious violation of the child labor laws.

    1. The day it becomes a federal law to prohibit children from doing the dishes is the day I actually go ape shit.

      1. Oh, they will not prohibit it, they will regulate it, OHSA style, and you will have to bargain collectively with whatever union the kids choose to represent them.

        1. and you will have to bargain collectively with whatever union the kids choose to represent them.

          I swear to god I will slap the shit out of Spongebob Squarepants.

        2. Why should the children suffer with dishpan hands!?

          1. If we can save just one child from pruney hands…

            1. And hangnails! There oughtta be a law. Or several… maybe an unaccountable enforcement agency!

              1. Any thing less just leads us to the Roadz to Serfdom Somalia!

        3. have to bargain collectively with whatever union choosed to represent the kids choose to represent them.

      2. Kids who do chores are happier according to a study from a few years ago…..-09998-012
        Obviously hard work is the opiate of the masses. It’s only a matter of time until our socialist benefactors put a stop to it.

    2. Good one, Bo.

      1. Thanks. And while I am partly joking I am partly serious, remember recently the Obama administration was talking about increasing regulation of children helping out on their family’s farms.

  7. Have I mentioned I like Stossel?

    1. Have I mentioned that Francisco likes Stossel?

      1. I feel like I heard somewhere that Francisco likes Stossel.

        1. Did you hear about Lou Reed?

          1. Who’s Lou?

          2. He liked Stossel, too?

            1. No, he was let down by the Cleveland Browns.

  8. But most of the regulation is useless.

    You just want children to die of typhoid!

  9. I’m seeing this a a broader trend of the internet enabling micro-businesses, and government colluding with traditional (licensed, regulated) businesses to ban, tax or regulate it. Look at where this has happened: yard sales (now subject or IRS raids), ebay, Air BnB, uber, etc.

    1. The ‘traditional’ businesses often go looking for the government to go after their internet competitors.…..-gambling/

      “Sheldon Adelson is no longer alone among big shot U.S. casino company CEOs in betting against online gambling. Steve Wynn has flip-flopped his position on Internet gambling?again? although he is not exactly joining Adelson in his war against online gambling.

      Adelson has led the charge against online gambling, saying he will spend whatever it takes to stop it. He has set up his own advocacy group, the Coalition To Stop Internet Gambling, headed by former Republican governor George Pataki, together with Democrats Blanche Lincoln, the former Arkansas senator, and Wellington Webb, the former mayor of Denver. Still, despite his huge war chest, Adelson was seen as isolated in his opposition to online gambling and his moral concerns about it leading to a wave of gambling addiction was seen by some as a bit of stretch for a casino tycoon. Having Wynn, the man who helped reinvent the Las Vegas Strip, somewhat on his side makes Adelson’s effort seem broader and less of a personal crusade.”

    2. Unfortunately, you get a certain sort of Tulpa character who sees economic activity through the lens of the Chamber of Commerce.

      They hate microbusinesses because the point of allowing business in the first place, to them, is to “foster community investment”. Some guy in his apartment or in a food truck isn’t doing that; only the guy who owns a brick-and-mortar restaurant is doing that.

      So we must destroy the former to allow the latter to go on “fostering”.

    3. the Internet is just the new frontier for it. The well-connected have long used their clout (read: campaign donations) to influence legislation that stifles competition.

  10. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I made two deep dish pizza’s from scratch. I mean these are 99% accurate to Lou Malnati’s pie. Home made, from scratch, including the dough, sauce, and mozzarella (the sausage came from an Italian deli). We invited 8 friends (former Chicago area residents) to enjoy them with us. I didn’t charge them, but I definitely profited. I’m known in my social circle for my affinity to Jim Beam. My friends brought lots of Jim Beam that evening. Far more than my input costs.

    No one got sick, we all had a lovely evening, got a little drunk. What’s the big fucking deal? Can’t the government leave anything alone?

    1. How could you have all not gotten sick? I mean, you were eating garbage. Are you all trash compactors or something?

      1. Just as a thought exercise, Epi, consider that someone had a loaf of ready to bake dough. Now consider that they could smear pizza sauce on top of that, and maybe throw some cheese and pepperoni on top. That wouldn’t make it truly pizza, but it would be edible. I mean, consider how many things are labelled “pizza”: english muffins with sauce and cheese, etc.

        Do you want food police like they have in France?

        1. Actually food-label police, but you get the picture.

        2. I don’t want food police; I want food shamers. People need to be embarrassed to eat open-faced calzones that they call pizza. They need to be treated like lepers, like ProL already is.

          1. Fucking calzones.

          2. Says the guy who makes “chili” with celery and conversation hearts.

            1. Hey now, Celery adds texture. And it’s delicious. Well, I mean, for a vegetable. Celery, Onions and Green Peppers are all acceptable assuming a ratio of 3:1 meat:vegetables are used.

              1. Its the fucking legumes and tomatoes that ruin chili.

                1. Its the fucking legumes and tomatoes that ruin chili.

                  Chili is composed of meat, peeled tomatoes, garlic, onions, and various spices. My God, what is with you people?

                  1. You do understand that we’re all pulling your leg, right? The last chili I made was basically…meat, peeled tomatoes, garlic, onions, and various spices.

                    1. You do understand that we’re all pulling your leg, right? The last chili I made was basically…meat, peeled tomatoes, garlic, onions, and various spices.

                      Don’t try to weasel out of it, you already posted your “quick and dirty” chili recipe many years back, and I shall never let you live it down. NEVER!

                    2. The long troll is always the best troll.

                  2. Chili is composed of meat, peeled tomatoes, garlic, onions, and various spices. My God, what is with you people?

                    Special secret ingredients like beer or coffee are allowable. These special ingredients are never gay vegetables like celery or green peppers.

                    1. I won the last company chili cookoff with a recipe I stole from this site!

                    2. Yeah, I’ve won several using McCormick packets, so the joke’s on the uppity purists.

                    3. Yeah, I’ve won several using McCormick packets, so the joke’s on the uppity purists.

                      Winning a chili cookoff in a Canadian suburb doesn’t count.

                    4. Nobody gives a crap about red chili in Colorado.

                  3. Who doesn’t put beans in chili?

                    1. Needs.more.periods.

                    2. People who like chili.

              2. Onions are tolerable because they grow underground. Green Peppers are not tolerable, but the powder of red chilies is. Celery is perfectly fine for soups, not CHILI. These things are true.

                1. Snark is correct. End of discussion.

              3. It may be delicious but it ain’t chili.

                To make authentic chili do this.

                Buy an assortment of dried chilis from the market. Strip the seeds out of them. Soak in water overnight. Put chiis in a blender and puree. Cut up some steak into cubes and brown in a heavy pot. Add chili puree and salt, cumin, paprika, etc to taste. Eat with crackers or biscuits. A hearty beer cleanses the palate between bites.

                Better than any pre made mix. don’t ruin it with tomatoes or beans. If you like that fine. Add all you want, just don’t call it chili.

                1. That’s not chili OntOut, the whole point of chili is to make use of the ugly cuts of meat.

                  What you describe is a kebab without the stick.

                  1. Yes, it is chili. It is the authentic way chili was made.

                    I never said you had to use fillet. Use some cheap round steak if that’s what floats your boat. It’s just that the better cut of meat makes a more tender chewing experience.

                2. Chili (winner of the 1996 557th FTS chili cookoff)

                  1.5 lb ground beef
                  1 tube Jimmy Dean sausage (regular)

                  Brown the meat.

                  add two packets McCormick chili mix (original)
                  add two cans stewed tomatoes (italian style)
                  add two cans red kidney beans

                  Season to taste. Heat to preference. Enjoy. Less than 10 minutes work.

            2. I WUV U tastes far better than any ancho chiles.

            1. PL was cured with White Gold magic. And then raped someone in celebration.

              1. Please, please tell me you didn’t read all 10 Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I can’t remember if I even made it past the first book. I think so, but not much further. That was some twisted shit. Didn’t he rape a girl early on?

                1. Oops, I missed you rape comment. I guess I remembered correctly. Ugh.

                2. I made it through the first three in high school and stopped. Even back then I wanted to shower after reading those creepy books.

                  1. I read it younger than you, and I just did not understand what was going on, but I knew I didn’t like it. Even kids can sense when an author’s injection of themselves or their issues into a work is creepy.

                    1. Couldn’t even finish the first book–not my cup of tea. At all.

                      My ex-leper was Michael Palin. Alms for an ex-leper?

          3. I’ve figured it out; Epi is actually Anthony Bourdain. Go, Chef Tony!

            1. (snorts line of coke, yells at kitchen staff, mocks vegetarians)

    2. Can’t the government leave anything alone?

      Anytime anything of value changes hands, the people who face no consequences for violence must be paid. Or else.

    3. Recipe? I’ve been using America’s Test Kitchen recipe. Great, but not perfect.

      1. They do good works. Seriously.

        1. I have 10 seasons of ATK on my tivo, and another few seasons of Cook’s Country. They really do have some 5 star recipes.

    4. I worked as a pizza cook for a year, and never could figure out how to make a really good pizza at home, oven simply doesn’t get hot enough. Admittedly I never stacked the bottom with bricks.

      There is supposed to be a trick, if you have a self-cleaning oven, to break the lock and use it in self-cleaning mode.

      1. My father figured this out about 25 years ago; he bought tiles (I think simple floor tiles, but I’d have to ask him) which he then places in the oven bottom just over the elements and heats up for hours prior to sliding in the pizza. They retain enough heat to give a good crust even when heat is lost opening and closing the oven. He makes a damn good pizza, though it’s still not dry enough to do really fresh mozzarella well (I tell him to get a gas stove, but he doesn’t listen). His first attempts, though, were…ugh.

        1. If you have a house with a yard and make a fair amount of bread and pizza, seems better to build a brick oven in the back yard. Heating the stove for hours has got to cost a fair amount for electricity, I’d think.

          The place where I worked had a rolling oven, not purist but got plenty hot and very practical as long as they didn’t start rolling out faster than someone could cut and plate them.

          1. Rolling oven? One of those continuous belt thingies?

            You, Sir, are Ne Kulturny.

      2. Pizza stone, dude. Srsly. My oven reliably goes up to 450F without any tinkering, so never had any problems with that.

        Be wary of self-clean mode. I melted plasticware in a cabinet adjacent to the oven(!) last time I ran self-clean. Granted it was an actual cleaning cycle, but still…

  11. I sent out that list of common misconceptions that Playa posed yesterday. A friend of mine came back giving me shit for trusting wiki.

    I pointed out that there were 353 citations. I put it to you that self regulated wiki is more accurate than most textbooks.

    1. Distrust of wikipedia is a very common misconception.

      1. Seriously, though. I defaced Sylvia Brown’s page (by inserting the word “fraud” in several places), and it was fixed in less than 5 minutes.

        1. I would imagine that she has people on the lookout for that. She can certainly afford it.

          1. She’s dead. She predicted that she would die at age 88, but died at 77.

      2. Funny, my friend said a common misconception was that wiki could be trusted.

        1. Did he add that to the wiki?

          1. He didn’t trust it.

  12. No one got sick, we all had a lovely evening, got a little drunk.

    You have a liquor license there, pal?

    BATFE raid inc.

    1. More like state ABC. BATFE only gets involved with production AFAIK.

  13. Fortunately, we don’t need the money… and certainly don’t need any more friends, but if we did participate in this thing, there would be a year long waiting list to get in for my wife’s lasagna and desserts.

    Who is the restaurant union? They’d be picketing outside my house.

    1. I like lasagna. Your wife sounds really cool. Congrats!

  14. ” most of the regulation is useless”

    OK, devil’s advocate;

    I tend to agree with this statement. I strongly suspect true utility of any State function. BUT, how do we know? Is there data to back up our opinion?

    1. Only about 10,000 years of human civilization that largely lacked any regulation whatsoever.

      1. But look at how many people died from diseases during that span of deregulation!

  15. I know people who says things like “it’s Republicans making things harder for poor people!” when I tell them about regulatory agendas like this. Sure some Republicans do partake and certainly many politicians are sociopaths who like to make other people miserable but most of this really is driven by the idiocy of the economic left, just like religiosity is the main driving force in the anti-abortion movement and both left and right-wing media sensationalism being the driving forces of the anti-vaccine movement.

    1. don’t worry, help is being sent to your location now.

      1. Oh, I’ve always wished I could afford “help”. Oh, wait…

      2. My help just left. I think they did an adequate job, but the mantle isn’t as clean as I would like. Oh wait, that’s not the kind of help you mean, is it.

        1. I just want a bang maid.

          1. You’re not gonna find a bang maid ’cause there’s no such thing.

            1. *shows up with Epi’s mom*

              1. Well, the correct response was “I already did. Your mom. Good-bye.”, but close enough.

            2. Happy to say you are wrong there…

    2. I’m guessing that it’s mostly middle-class people doing the dinner parties. The proggies are ever suspicious of the middle class what with their false consciousness and all.

  16. The latest in a series of “db’s Accidentally Awkward Conversations:”

    Cafeteria Lady: “Would you like lettuce and tomato on your sandwich?”

    db: “Just lettuce unless your tomatoes look really awesome.”

    1. “Just let us have a look at your tomatoes, honey.”

    2. I believe that’s considered a microaggression.

    3. I know what you mean. Those damn tomatoes can sit out there for freaking days. Hate em wet and soggy.

      1. They bruise easily if.they’ve been.sitting oht.too lonng, as well.

    4. Friend of mine once asked a German shopkeeper if she had any tits instead of bags, can’t remember the specifics (titten, taschen?). Her answer, “Of course I have tits!”

  17. Not that I want to give the regulators any ideas, but by the logic that says it should be illegal for a person to cook food for strangers unless they’re licensed and regulated by the state, why should one be allowed to cook for family or friends?

    1. Ban home cooking as a restaurant stimulus package!

      No, wait, don’t take me seriously FDA!


  18. Government (so far) doesn’t micromanage private dinner parties. Charging a fee shouldn’t make a difference.

    But they’re making money. MONEY! You can’t make money in this country without first paying tribute to your overlords! What do you think this is, a free country?!

    Government pretends it must have a place at the table, but free people ought to be able to eat without government permission.

    Silly Stossel, hasn’t he figured out by now that freedom means asking permission and taking orders?

  19. We must put an end to unregulated cooking & eating in peoples’ homes. FOR TEH CHILDRUNZ! Yeah, I always say we should eat out.

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