Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio's Horse Policy is Pure Manure

Answers the question: How quickly can New Yorkers miss Nanny Bloomberg?


This story originally appeared at The Daily Beast on January 3, 2013. Read it there.

If historians debate whether Caligula's apocryphal attempt to make his horse a consul of Rome signified serious mental illness or was just the emperor's idea of a joke, contemporary New Yorkers should have no doubt that their new mayor, Bill de Blasio, is nuttier than a squirrel's turd.

Upon taking office, de Blasio has made it his absolute highest priority "to quickly and aggressively move to make horse carriages no longer a part of the landscape in New York City." Seemingly paraphrasing Richard Crenna's Col. Trautman inthe first Rambo movie, he flatly told a pre-inauguration press conference, "It's over." A hundred-plus years of tradition and a hundred-plus jobs (for humans) gone, just like that, because de Blasio believes that horse-drawn carriages "are not humane." In their place will be "electric, vintage-replica tourist-friendly vehicles that provide jobs for current drivers."

And New Yorkers thought that the days of bizarre, Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria-style edicts had finally ended when three-term Mayor Mike Bloomberg finally left City Hall. Among many other things, Bloomberg even banned food donations to homeless shelters because bureaucrats couldn't verify the gifts' salt content. What is it that perpetually outdated columnist Cindy Adams likes to say? "Only in New York, kids, only in New York."

As Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times (which endorsed de Blasio) writes, the former public advocate clearly "has a problem prioritizing. … What makes him think this subject is important enough to occupy his first days in office?" That's being way too kind. Even if de Blasio had solved stop-and-frisk outrages, the Mets' front-office problems, and Staten Island's image issues, this subject wouldn't be worth thinking about. For god's sake, Catherine the Great was never this fixated on horses.

New York is thriving like it hasn't in decades, but the Big Apple is still riddled with wormy issues and is always only a few bad years from the fate of Detroit, Buffalo, and Cleveland. As the Times noted in its endorsement of de Blasio, 46 percent of New Yorkers "live in or near poverty" and another 50,000 live in homeless shelters. Pew Research points out that the city has funded just 70 percent of its pension obligations and a miniscule 4 percent of its retiree health benefits for public-sector workers. De Blasio's plans for public schools are still stuck at the rough-draft stage (although all signs suggest a  commitment to screwing over charter schools that are wildly popular with low-income parents but the bane of teachers unions and the educational establishment).

And yet here's de Blasio, hell-bent on becoming the Simon Bolivar of the Mr. Ed crowd. In fact, he's not just going to free our four-legged friends. He's even pledged to "provide a humane retirement of all New York City carriage horses," thus loading even more pension and health-care liabilities on his preferred beasts of burden, the city's taxpayers.

Remember that stupid story Ronald Reagan always used to tell? The one about the boy happily searching through a pile of manure because with so much horseshit around, he figured "there must be a pony in here somewhere"?

If there's one upside to de Blasio's Caligulan first action as mayor, it's that it will forestall the rest ofhis agenda for a few days or even weeks (here's hoping). That agenda has been hailed as "boldly progressive" by the millionaire mensheviks at The Nation and is indeed heavy on jacking up minimum and living wages; increasing business and income taxes; embroidering the social safety net with more and more programs for the truly disabled and the conveniently disaffected; subsidies and straight-up protectionism for "New York City's emerging industries"; and even a "tougher regulation" of "cruel and inhumane puppy mills."

Which is to say that de Blasio's "boldly progressive" agenda for the 21st century is stunningly similar to the sort of policymaking last seen in New York during the spectacularly failed reigns of John Lindsay and Abe Beame in the 1960s and '70s. If and when de Blasio's revival of Fun City hits the fan, New Yorkers may just look back on January 2014 and hizzoner's weird, laser-beam focus on liberating Swayback Sam and Prickley Pete from servitude as the last good time the city saw for a long, long time.

This story originally appeared at The Daily Beast on January 3, 2013. Read it there.

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  1. I read this post, and I did not get rewarded with any useful information.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

    1. It’s really too bad that this is the only site on the internet.

      1. FOX Business is running this new show as I type, “The Independents.” Odd there is not a post mentioning it right now on Reason.

        1. Just when we thought we didn’t have Mayor Bloomberg to kick around any more, we have Mayor de Blasio to kick around any more. Who says libertarians are running out of Enemies of Freedom??

    2. I have good news: your refund is on its way.

      1. Even better, Reason has a *500%* money back guarantee* – that’s how confident they are in their product.

        does not include shipping and handling fees.

        1. Plus a bottle of penile extension pills that are guaranteed to make you smarter.

    3. Whadayamean?
      There’s only one mayor in the world, and that’s the New York City mayor, the most importanest mayor in the world!

  2. New York, the All in the Family episode that never ends. Meathead lives on.

  3. Just as long as rich people’s neighborhoods don’t get plowed first.

    That would be elitist and hateful, and other the poor folk.

  4. Oh no!

    Not the Kochphone!

    When you buy an iPhone, you may be helping to fund some of the most virulent right wing campaigns around.

    In December of 2013, Koch Industries announced that it had completed its acquisition of Molex Industries, a maker of electronic components. Koch acquired Molex for $7.2 billion dollars and folded it in to its portfolio of industrial companies.

    Often under the banner of their group Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs have attempted to stop President Obama’s re-election, undermine the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and install right-wing politicians at all levels of government who they believe will help their pollution-heavy businesses generate even greater profits.

    Even. Greater. Profits.

    1. Pretty sure Foxcomm or whoever produces iCrap in China is more pollution heavy than any Koch owned company could ever hope to be.

      1. That pollution must be a myth. Mao great leaped and culturally revolutionized the whole country last century.

        1. Plus their, like, increasing their economy by leaps and bounds every year man and will overtake us in the 2020’s man!

          1. Yea, if their economy keeps expanding at the rate they report, it will be the biggest economy in the universe real soon now.

    2. Molex has always made good connectors. I have my orphans comb through toxic dumpsters to salvage connectors which I then sell to oppressive warmongering companies around the globe.

      1. Can’t have a good monacle without connectors.

        1. See Tulpa, you keep giving away your leftist bias.

          Good libertarians would know its spelled *monocle*.

          1. ppsss. Don’t educate the peasants.

      2. Molex connectors are pretty much in every computing device made in the last 20 years, or at least your chances of avoiding them is practically nil. They were standard in most desktop power supplies.

    3. the Kochs have attempted to stop President Obama’s re-election, undermine the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and install right-wing politicians at all levels of government who they believe will help their pollution-heavy businesses generate even greater profits.

      I’m not seeing the downside.

      1. Yeah, FUCK that Romney guy – he war trying to stop Obama’s re-election too.

        Add Hillary to the list while we’re at it – she tried to stop him getting elected in the *first* place.

        1. Jeez, I can see her trying to spin that in her campaign : “Hillary 2016 – I tried to warn you eight years ago”

          1. What, at this point, does it matter?

    4. This makes me want to go buy an apple product.

      1. Posted from my iPad.

      2. Chances are, you already have Molex connectors if you own any computing device at all. These proggies are not only ideologically retarded, they’re technically ignorant.

        1. That’s why I made sure to source my computer’s power supply to a certified organic, fair-trade, profit-sharing, progressive computer parts manufacturing anarcho-socialist cooperative.

          As you can tell, that’s why my computer doesn’t have a power supply at this point in time.

          1. Tell me more about this unicorn fart powered computer!

            1. Tell me more about this unicorn fart powered computer!

              Totally read that as “union fart”.

              1. Unfortunately, those really DO exist.

          2. What, not LGBTSXABCD and ethnically-diverse?? Savage!!

          3. Never forget “conflict-free,” you war-monger.

        2. My car probably has dozens of Molex connecters.

          1. Good point.

          2. Good point.

            1. hey, good point!

        3. I’m shocked they gained no knowledge of computer engineering from their critical theory and postmodernism classes.

          1. +11 Derrida’s jockstraps

        1. Wait ’till they announce their new flagship product: iJugWIne.

    5. Gee, I’m shocked. The Willis Reports site is down.

      1. He tried to do without his Molex connectors.

  5. In their place will be “electric, vintage-replica tourist-friendly vehicles that provide jobs for current drivers.”

    and the tourists will be held in place by MAGNETS

    1. Again with the magnets…

      1. He does seem strangely attracted to them. Must be his iron will.

    2. electric vehicles…current drivers
      See what they did there?

    3. wait… i’ve been thinking about this all wrong. What about the chevaline from The Diamond Age?

      If he has those… might not be so bad.

  6. OT: 80’s pop star equates eating meet and raping children.

    I always want to listen to someone who comes upon a child being raped and thinks about eating steak.

    1. Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life,’ well, I doubt if you’d want to exchange phone numbers,”

      Are you kidding? That’s the foundation of the relationship between my wife and me.

      1. Some people really have very little imagination.

      2. Tell that to Fred and Rosemary West.

        On a related note – UK serial killers tend to be of higher class than ours, though they seem to have an incredibly high percentage of female serial killers

        1. Check out the British film “Sightseers” on Netflix.

    2. Alternate title:

      “80’s pop star is 80’s pop star and not eminent scientist for a reason.”

      1. 2nd Alternate Title :

        “80’s pop star has not been heard from for 20+ years signs up for another 20 years of anonymity”

        1. Not a music fan, eh? He’s done rather well since the Smiths. I can like his music (well, some of it) and ignore the politics. Everyday is Like Sunday is a classic (though the video is not).

    3. “If Jamie ‘Orrible [Oliver] is so certain that flesh-food is tasty then why doesn’t he stick one of his children in a microwave? It would taste the same as cooked lamb.”

      Going to have to disagree with Morrissey on this. Microwaved child is chewy because the microwave pulls all the moisture out of the meat.

      1. Quick grilled, or Swift recipe?

    4. Warty is a vegetarian and he rapes everything.

    5. Morrissey obviously forgot there’s a way to preserve his pop star freshness without having to resort to spouting retarded opinions.

    6. Will he be staying with Gary King during his New Mexico Holiday Inn tour?

  7. Not the Kochphone!

    Samsung’s PR department approves.

      1. There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in through the door, and those that come in through the window.

    1. Sounds like the pilot is due for a psych eval, or at least a good night’s sleep…

  8. OT: Rand Paul says Snowden deserves leniency, but should still do a few years in prison

    On Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a libertarian-minded Republican who has defended Snowden in the past, admitted that Snowden broke the law but argued that his infraction pales in comparison to the greater transgressions he revealed on the part of the intelligence community.

    “Do I think that it’s OK to leak secrets and give up national secrets and things that could endanger lives? I don’t think that’s OK,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.” “But I think the courts are now saying that what he revealed was something the government was doing was illegal.”

    Paul’s implication that Snowden’s ends justified his means yielded a call for leniency.

    “I don’t think Edward Snowden deserves the death penalty or life in prison. I think that’s inappropriate. And I think that’s why he fled, because that’s what he faced,” he said. “I think the only way he’s coming home is if someone would offer him a fair trial with a reasonable sentence.”

    Appearing after Paul on ABC, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., offered an opposing take.

    “I disagree with Rand Paul that we should plea bargain with him prior to him coming back,” Schumer said. “If he’s truly in the tradition of civil disobedience, he comes back and faces the trial and the consequences that the government says he should.

    1. Has anyone claimed Snowden is practicing “civil disobedience”? Way to miss the point, Senator Moobs.

    2. A ticker tape parade and high level position in the Paul Admin!

    3. If he’s truly in the tradition of civil disobedience, he comes back and faces the trial and the consequences that the government says he should.

      “If he were a real hero, he’d come back to let me and my friends fuck him up.”

    4. Oh god, the comment section of that article is fucking awful. Yes, these people can vote. I feel like I just read Youtube comments.

  9. Cameron Diaz launches impassioned defence of female pubic hair

    1. She’s obviously in the pocket of Big Pubic Lice.

    2. I hope Diaz feels good about othering my wife (and I assume a fair number of Asian lasses) who, naturally, has less pubic hair than a dolphin.

      1. My wife’s Jewish, so….

        1. My wife’s Jewish, so….

          you’re raising the kids to be miserable?

          1. I don’t question any salon charges on the credit card statement.

        2. Heh. My wife and I were watching Game of Thrones, and there was this scene where one dude was shaving another dude’s chest (before eventually giving him a BJ). My wife turned to me and inquired why I didn’t do that. After clarifying that she didn’t mean going down on some guy, I told her that “I’m part Scottish, part Jewish, and part Indian (in addition in part African), you’re lucky I don’t transform into a wolf at the sight of a full moon!”

          1. I’ll do the #4 guard on clippers before vacation, but that’s about it. I have some friends who Nair for the summer, but I just find it too vain….

            My father in law is Persian, and it looks like he is sporting a wool sweater at the beach.

            1. Yeah, I’m not as bad as to have the hair-shirt….yet.

          2. “there was this scene where one dude was shaving another dude’s chest (before eventually giving him a BJ)”

            That would be enough to ruin date night for both me and my wife.

          3. as long as your wife doesn’t have to shave her chest

            1. I’ve seen that! A long time ago a retail clerk who had breasts but also facial hair bent forward, so naturally I looked down her shirt and there was hair all up in the cleavage.

              It was horrible.

            2. Back in grad school I hooked up with a lady at a party and ended up back at her place. I’d never seen hair around a nipple before. Not a lot, maybe a dozen strands on each. I was young and crazy – and she was obviously female anyway – so that didn’t stop me. But it still sticks in the mind’s eye over all these years.

              1. There’s plenty of time to be disgusted after you finish.

                1. Yup, I already knew this wasn’t going to be a “Crying Time” event so little details like hair weren’t going to get in the way.

                  1. A long time ago a girl I’d only been on one very casual date with asked me to be her escort for her friend’s wedding. We had to drive about an hour, and finally got up to the hotel room we were staying in, and I went into the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I came out of the bathroom she was lying stark naked on the bed, “waiting for me.” But just like Tejicano’s lady, she had a corona of black curly hairs around each nipple.

                    It kind of grossed me out for a few seconds, but then I came to my senses and we had sex.

                    1. You had to know what you were signing up for. Date to a wedding = sex.

                    2. Ladies, nipple hair is what tweezers are for. And they’re also for guys with hair growing out their ears.

                    3. Yeah, by the time I knew about the hair I was hard enough to pound nails with it so I barely noticed.

          4. You are obviously insane if your wife asks you to shave so she can give you more blow jobs and your answer is no.

            1. That wasn’t the question, sadly.

          5. Your wife wants you to blow hairy men after shaving them?

            This is why I come to H&R. *The Diversity*

            1. yeah, NTTAWWT?

          6. “you’re lucky I don’t transform into a wolf at the sight of a full moon!”


            Wolves are lucky they don’t turn into ME.

            Because that shit would be scary.

    3. I would need to see it before I make up my mind.

    4. I’m with her on this one. Saves on dental floss!

      1. Yeah, I keep a bottle of cat hairball remedy in the bathroom med cabinet. Every few months I start hacking uncontrollably…..

    5. Bush is back, baby!

    6. Screw her.
      I have no desire to put on my African Bush hat when I go downtown …
      Bare floors rule!

    7. She is so full of shit…..37×0-2.jpg

      She either shaves or is of a nearly hairless Nordic stock.

      1. I’d say waxing.

    8. I got $5 says hers does not match what is on her head.

      1. Well, she’s 1/2 Cuban, so there’s that…

    9. So what is the H&R stance on male pubic hair the shaving of it? I MUST KNOW

      1. If my partner ASKS, I will happily comply.

  10. What would David Brooks be like if he wrote like Hunter S. Thompson?

    But ours was not a happier society. This was fascist (or more correctly, corporatist) George W. Bush’s America. Two years after the dawn of the new millennium Jesus was nowhere in sight, because the Feds were cracking down like sledgehammers on the ecstasy dealers. As senior political editor for the Weekly Standard, I had been sent to cover Bill Bennett’s address on education policy at the annual convention of the Young Americans for Freedom. I was here to cover the story! And cover it I would, fueled by the finest mind altering products that 21st century biochemistry had to offer.

    As we hit the Virginia line, I mused on the fine line that exists between a state of ordered liberty, in which government serves the needs of the majority, gently nudging the masses toward the higher pleasures, and the state of shocking, bestial depravity that was the passenger compartment of my accountant’s BMW: open liquor bottles, a rear windshield plastered with pictures cut from the pages of Hustler and Love Bondage Fantasy! magazines, and in the vomit-drenched back seat, Kareem, a crack dealer we’d picked up in Anacostia, vainly trying to sleep off last night’s festivities as the BMW careened from lane to lane like some cocaine-propelled mule train that never existed except in John Ford’s wildest dreams.

    1. No one responded… but I started reading it, and it’s goddamn brilliant.

  11. Gotcha!

    In at least four states that have nurtured the nation’s energy boom, hundreds of complaints have been made about well-water contamination from oil or gas drilling, and pollution was confirmed in a number of them, according to a review that casts doubt on industry suggestions that such problems rarely happen.

    The Associated Press requested data on drilling-related complaints in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Texas and found major differences in how the states report such problems. Texas provided the most detail, while the other states provided only general outlines. And while the confirmed problems represent only a tiny portion of the thousands of oil and gas wells drilled each year in the U.S., the lack of detail in some state reports could help fuel public confusion and mistrust.

    “We’re from the Associated Press, and we’re here to help.”

    1. Funny, I would have thought that Dow Corning would have taught people that just because there’s a fuckton of complaints, it doesn’t actually mean that’s what the problem is (or if there is even a problem).

  12. Whenever I think about the shittiness of Rahm Emmanuel, I just remind myself that he isn’t Bloomberg or De Blasio.

  13. Holy shit, did they change the rules for pass interference this morning when I wasn’t looking? Or maybe the flags are frozen to the officials’ pockets?

    1. Michael Irvin @michaelirvin88

  14. The most vile and evil aspect of de Blasios’ opposition to charter schools is that he opposes them not because they don’t provide better academic outcomes (pages upon pages of data show that they do) but because they offend his aesthetic sensibilities, that is, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. De Blasios’ main beef with charters is that they share space with “public schools” and don’t “pay rent”. Either de Blasio is an idiot who doesn’t realize that a charter school is, by every definition, a public school, funded by the same taxes (of which they receive less funding)or de Blasio is lying in the hopes of capitalizing on the general public’s ignorance of the charter school system.

    Therefore, hundreds, if not thousands, of economically disadvantaged youth will lose the opportunity for a superior education because their city’s mayor thinks it unfair that a charter school would have had the power to have thrown his junkie daughter out of school when she spent her time in the school bathroom sucking cock for weed money as opposed to attending class.

    1. He’s not going to make his progressive omelette without some support from the union egg crackers.

      1. I’m pretty sure he got the NYC teachers’ union support by some closed-door promises to eviscerate the charter school system.

        And when one looks at the positive academic outcomes charters have for students, especially high-poverty, Black and Latino students, the only word for such opposition is “evil”.

        1. He didn’t need to make promises. They’re in the same lefty cult. They all just smiled and nodded.

    2. Wait did that last part actually happen?

    3. Charter schools get better results by selecting students. They foist the expensive disabled students on the other schools, keep out all the dumb kids they can, and crow about their higher achievement.

      All while robbing the taxpayer blind.

      Fuck charters.

      1. Bullshit.

        Most people would be thrilled to learn about a new way to lift the graduation rates of students from low income families by 21 percentage points?especially if it costs the taxpayer nothing at all. Indeed, the school voucher program actually saved money, because vouchers cost only about half the cost per pupil per pupil of going to District of Columbia public schools.

        The results are especially exciting because they come from a Randomized Field Trial, the gold standard in social scientific and medical research.

        Fuck public schools. THEY rob the taxpayer blind.

        1. Acosmist is murken’s slightly less retarded, but still racist as Hell, brother.

    1. Not much more stable relationship than with a pr0n star.

      Sheen/Lohan – 2016
      It’s Not Too Late!

      1. Like you’re supposed to get upset if she cheats on you? At that point how would you even define “cheating”?

    2. Had no idea who she was so had to look her up on FreeOnes.

      Babe Name:
      Brett Rossi
      Aliases:Unknown (add)
      Date of Birth:May 21, 1989 (24 years old)
      Place of Birth:California
      Country of Origin:United States
      Career Status:Retired
      Eye Color:Hazel
      Hair Color:Blonde
      Fake Boobs:Yes
      Tattoos:Small round circle on stomach

      barf. Apparently some lez porn reject.

  15. hundreds, if not thousands, of economically disadvantaged youth will lose the opportunity for a superior education because their city’s mayor thinks it unfair that a charter school would have had the power to have thrown his junkie daughter out of school when she spent her time in the school bathroom sucking cock for weed money as opposed to attending class.

    Do those kids pay union dues? You can’t expect di Blasio to give a shit about them.

    1. I remember reading this FB post of an acquaintance who said that it’s a shame that parents are suckered into putting their children into charter schools. I got really angry and called him out on his arrogance to actually believe that parent’s don’t know what’s best for their children and not knowing what they are getting themselves and their children into.

      I know a lot of people in Chicago who send their children to charter schools and they love it but assholes like him would shut it down because they don’t see charter schools fitting into a mold of what they education ought to be like.

      He then responded that it’s up to educated people like him to guide parent’s through their choices because he knows what parent’s and children needs with regards to education. I was incredulous.

      And while I think people like di Blasio are doing this for their union buddies, he actually thinks that he is better abled to determine what people need. That’s the crux of Progressives. They actually believe that they are smarter then everyone and people ought to live accordingly to what they believe is right because of their brilliance.

        1. DAMN.

          That was hot.

      1. The key to understanding this is simple. For Progressives, it was never about the kids. It was always about more money and power flowing to them. The more they failed, the worse the kids got screwed, the more money and power they could demand to “fix” the problem. School choice, including charter schools, was always in the cross hairs because it provided an alternative to more money and power to them.

    1. Aspen is a tricky airport.

      1. Ban Aspen.

        As I recall, Aspen is a one-way in one way out airport. No landings to the north and no takeoffs to the south and there’s a small mountain just off to the right on final approach. No precision approach.

        1. I would love to see Aspen banned. It’s where the ban everything! crowd hangs out.

        2. Crap. I was confusing Aspen airport with Vail/Eagle county, which is frequently in the top 10 most dangerous.

          1. I’ll leave it up to Franky d Anconia to interpret, but it looks like 2 failed approaches before the crash…

            Bad weather?

              1. It’s a $25 million jet. I wonder who owns it? (I mean really “owns” it, not the Bank of Utah trustee)

              2. Wow, that airport really is slope-side.

              3. ^^ Holy-fucking-shit to the up-side-down plane picture.

                Aspen must be mainly private planes, right?

            1. FlightAware’s statement on the wxr at arrival:

              Weather at ASE the time of arrival was reported to be wind between 10-18mph, clouds lowering from 4600ft to 3700ft, visibility lowering from 9mi to 7mi in haze, temperature 12F/-11C.

              Unless that was all tailwind, that doesn’t seem particularly dangerous.

            2. The article said they tried to land three times. Now I can’t find it. They changed the article. Might have had trouble getting in. If the weather was what Timon reports below they might have tried a visual approach or two first. The first 360 looks like the ROARING FORK VISUAL RWY 15. Then he may have tried an instrument approach. That happens.

              From the flight path Bam provided, it looks like he was left of the runway on final. Said he went off the right side and flipped over. May have been trying to correct at the last second and touched down with some lateral movement. Who knows, it’s all speculation.

              Had a 16 knot tailwind. That would make him fast. We generally wouldn’t land with more than a 10 knot tailwind, but it’s not crazy. Runway looks partially snowcovered, which if he had lateral motion at touchdown would be to his detriment.

              1. Weather minimums for Roaring Fork Visual RWY 15 are 6000 ft ceiling and 10 mile vis.

                Probably should have been all IFR all the time.

                (Confused as to why FlightAware reported winds in mph instead of kts. for this.)

                1. Yep, you’re right, but depending on MVA they may have tried to vector him to a visual. The flight path of the first approach doesn’t line up with any of the final approach courses for the airport. Perhaps approach tried to vector them below the weather on the first loop but they didn’t break out. The last two appear to be on the localizer.

                  I’m not seeing where FlightAware is showing winds/weather.

                  1. I don’t know how I got there now, but I reached a page that had a brief statement on the crash and the weather at the time.

                    Yeah, first approach is way off of any valid approach course in any of the charts.

        3. I’m currently about 25 miles from Aspen visiting the girlfriend for Christmas. I’m pretty sure they’ve never had a commercial airline crash up here because they shut down the airport over the winter pretty regularly (she had friends flying in for Christmas & their connection from Denver was cancelled so they had to rent a car and drive over).

          Private jets have crashed before, partly because owners insist in pilots completing the landing (don’t know if that was the case here).

          Honestly, it’s not really worth it anyway: where I fly from a r/t ticket is about $200. Into Aspen it can be up to $600. Plus, you normally have to wait in Denver for 3+ hours & you can drive from there in about the same amount of time. And it’s usually cheaper to rent cars at DIA than Aspen.

          The airport is more open than Vail but it is one in/one out down a valley. Planes come in over the main highway leading into Aspen.

  16. OT: Income distribution obeys the second law of thermodynamics.

    His work motivated me to finish mine and with a boring and non descriptive title to boot! Various Properties of the LogNormal Distribution. Can you say math fun? The policy stuff is in the last section if you are so inclined and the mathy stuff is in the front two sections. I found income distributions obey the second law of thermodynamics. This is great news! The bad news and what inspired my evocative title is that while we can propose policy and develop theories that say it will work, that no quantity of ink or PhD’s is going to change the second law. If you are not aware that it applies, so well. There is a chance you got the theory right, but its just not very likely. I had a Commanding Officer tell me, “Cal, Hope is not a plan. A plan is a plan.” Wise words. He left out that my plan actually better be possible. Hope as a policy is wishing for unicorns. That is my best description of any progressive policy, wishing for unicorns. It explains why what we get isn’t what we were sold. Somewhere along the line reality hit.

    Here to any progressives that follow me or stumble across this blog, there is my gauntlet laid at your feet. I invite your responses.

  17. Extreme Cold Weather a sign of GLOBAL WARMING

    1. Why can’t we have just regular global warming like normal planets? It’s freaking embarrassing.

    2. There is no weather pattern that will be ascribed to global warming.

  18. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it.

  19. Aspen is a tricky airport.

    ~9000 ft, if I remember correctly, in a fairly narrow valley.

  20. Plantation Weddings

    Lindsay Kennedy, the director of LK, an event planning company in Richmond, Va., says that she plans about three to five weddings at plantations a year. Most of her clients are Caucasian and between the ages of 23 and 35. The couples she works with don’t express any sort of discomfort with the history of plantations, putting down anywhere between $3,500 and $4,500 for just the venue itself, no lighting or tent construction included.

    Kennedy hasn’t noticed an uptick in plantation weddings ? rather, she says, there’s a sustained interest in “beautiful” outdoor spaces. What leads her clients to plantations specifically is the desire for an “old house” on a pretty property, preferably near water.

    Makes sense.

    Just as problematic as the use of plantations in the burgeoning “dreamy” and “romantic” Pinterest wedding sphere is the growing archive of these images: white and affluent affairs on historic landmarks that are entirely divorced from the atrocities of slavery. The developing virtual trough for young and eager brides looking to pin their way to the perfect day reduces plantations to mere backdrops, stages for white and privileged love and commitment.

    Is the entire South contaminated because of slavery? Would a 17th century church venue be permissible if that church endorsed slavery in the past?

    1. Can you believe some people even take smiling pictures at the Roman Colosseum, where thousands of slaves were forced to fight each other to the death?

      Or they take pictures at the tombs in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings?

      Or the Great Wall of China, where the slaves who died while building it are actually buried within the masonry?

      What kind of monsters are these people?!?!?!

      1. The White House was built by slaves. And the Hawaiian Islands was the sight of crimes committed against the native Hawaiian people. And multiple buildings throughout Berlin were built by the Nazis. The list goes on and on.

        1. I didn’t realize how evil I was when I took my son to a pineapple plantation last month.

          1. Were the pineapple trees fully in bloom?

            1. Vine ripened.

          2. Watch him grow up and overthrow the monarch of a native kingdom so he can exploit the land and the people.

            1. It’s a possibility. He really likes Hawaii.

    2. NYC and Boston had a fairly brisk slave trade at one time, too. No weddings there either.

      I imagine the writer would feel conflicted if it were a gay marriage on the plantation?

    3. A winery is a kind of plantation. I wonder how Salon feels about that?

    4. klysha
      I’m getting married in May and one of my first criteria for my wedding vision was that nothing about my wedding should evoke images of poverty or slavery. Then I go to the wedding magazines and websites for inspiration and every other picture is of a wedding on a plantation with mason jars and burlap sacks for decoration. And of course every face pictured is white. The reason I pointed out that last fact is that’s just an example of what white privilege is. If you’re white you can open any magazine and see images of people who look like you doing things that white people do. Like have weddings in historical shrines to the hundreds of years of brutal oppression of my great great grandmother and my other ancestors. I don’t think it’s possible to eliminate every reminder of this country’s ugly history. You’d have to erase the whole country to do that but I do get sick of seeing white people putting their white privilege on display by trivializing how ugly this country’s history is and saying things like slavery ended 150 yeas ago get over it you whining babies.

      But black people are just being sensitive if they think it’s in poor taste to have a wedding in a place where our ancestors were beaten, raped, killed and made to work for free in horrible conditions until they died. I said all of that to say I don’t care where people choose to get married or what they do with the old houses but the comments I see here just show how far we haven’t come


      1. You have to have gone to college to say something that stupid.

      2. So, go open up a magazine featuring stuff that (insert minority status signifier here) people do.

      3. “one of my first criteria for my wedding vision was that nothing about my wedding should evoke images of poverty or slavery.”

        Why poverty and slavery? Why didn’t she want to avoid making any associations with the dark wrath of Cthulhu or the psychopathic tyranny of Vlad the Impaler? I think it’s fair to assume she’s evil.

        1. My only real goal in planning my wedding is to make sure it doesn’t use any imagery generally associated with an Ottoman slave galley.

          1. Then plank tables and paper chain decorations are out of the question.

            1. Unfortunately, since my fiance finds leg shackles adorable, this may be an uphill battle.

      4. Slavery ended 150 years ago, so get over it, you whining babies.

        (Spelling and grammar corrected in a white supremacist way.)

      5. I’m getting married in May and one of my first criteria for my wedding vision was that nothing about my wedding should evoke images of poverty or slavery.

        Wow, you fucking bitch. It’s all about you, isn’t it?

        1. But how weird to even have that as criteria. How many weddings “evoke images of poverty or slavery”? It’s like saying “I just don’t want my wedding to make anyone think of Mussolini or rabid dogs.”

          1. You should have seen my wedding.

    5. I am black and I would fucking have a wedding at a plantation because of the beauty of the outdoors and my love for architecture. There are bigger issues going on in the black community then people having events at a plantation.

      1. Now you’ve gone and left the reservation.

        1. Ahem. Plantation.

        2. I am tired of people like the young lady above being such a fucking victim. Most places in Western Civilization were built with the hands of slave. it’s unfortunate but it is what it is. All we can do is not repeat the shitty mistakes from the past.

          1. Most places in Western Civilization the world were built with the hands of slave.

            The Egyptian pyramids, Roman Coliseums, Aztec, Incan, and Mayan pyramids, the Vatican, virtually every beautiful building dating from the Ottoman Empire…

            Any old building will have a dark past. Manhattan was illegally purchased from people who didn’t even own the land, after which natives that refused to leave were driven out. I guess any wedding on that island must be deemed racist and horrible.

            1. I heard the pyramids weren’t actually built by slaves.

              1. Are you going with UFO Space Aliens built the pyramids?

          2. Orphans are okay though, right?

          3. “I am tired of people like the young lady above being such a fucking victim. Most places in Western Civilization were built with the hands of slave. it’s unfortunate but it is what it is. All we can do is not repeat the shitty mistakes from the past.”

            ^This x 10

      2. Yes, but those issues aren’t politically helpful to progressives.

        If you point out the problems with inner city schools, you might have to criticize left-wing groups like the teacher’s union, or maybe even behave critically towards some black parents.

        This is unacceptable because only people who don’t vote Democrat are worthy of criticism. Since the people who have wedding at southern plantations are primarily white southerners, it’s okay to attack them since most of them will vote Republican.

        If white southerners started voting Democrat they would become beyond criticism immediately and there’d be a new group we’re supposed to uncritically hate.

        1. Being a victim despite having nothing done to you is the new black.

        2. If white southerners started voting Democrat

          Again you mean? FDR didn’t get 98% of the vote in South Carolina in 1936 for nothing.

          Also one of the main reasons the Democrats didn’t face extinction in the late 19th Century was that groups like the KKK helped put Democrats in power in the old Confederate states ensuring the Democrats some safe seats no matter how badly they performed at elections.

          1. We’re not supposed to talk about that.

            “We have always been at war with white southerners…”

        3. In college you could tell who was the poor black student and a middle to upper class black student. Most black students who are from improvished backgrounds usually don’t get involved with college politics. They are just happy to be in college and want to work and be successful. The middle-upper class black students who have led easier lives hate themselves for having that comfort so they have to fight against something. They have to have gripes against something so they can feel significant. Being a victim these days can bring much power and importance to an individual.

          1. The African blacks I encountered seemed more interested in education as well.

            1. When you have lived a tough life and know that failure isn’t an option, you focus on the bigger picture. You don’t make yourself out to be a victim nor fight against what you perceive as injustices.

              1. I actually find that both middle class and poor blacks gripe. In my experience, the difference is just in the presentation and justification. Working at an HBCU, a majority of students claimed victimization, they wanted a pass for everything citing “hard family life” and generally, tended to get people to give it to them. Everyone wanted me to go easy on them and prove to them that as another black person, we were “in the struggle” together. I’d say the poor blacks would bitch and the middle class blacks would defend their bitching, citing some socio-political oppression-based reason like “it’s cause educational inequality and lack of pre-k!”

                1. “A” not an…goddamn phone

        4. This is unacceptable because only people who don’t vote Democrat are worthy of criticism.

          Intentions are all that matter to progressives, so their point of view is that public schools might have problems, but they’re trying. Actual outcomes mean nothing.

    6. One of the comments is pure genius:

      I’m really disappointed in Beck. This article is just one long advertisement for’s soon to be launched wedding planning service. To wit: Wedding Planning Service:

      Because shouldn’t your beautiful day be about the horrors of history?

      If you hire a wedding planner, your guests will be treated to a grand tour of crimes against humanity, from Native American removal and slavery to Asian labor in the West and racist immigration quotas. During the tour, several guests will be randomly discriminated against and asked to leave the wedding. For those who make it to the end of the tour, in lieu of a ceremony the guests will enjoy a lecture on critical race studies and structural racism delivered by a professor from a small liberal arts college. Then, after watching a Native American weep, the happy couple will board a solar-powered helicopter so that they can say their vows without touching any land stolen from its original inhabitants.

      For the reception, there will be a screening of Claude Lanzmann’s “Shoah” followed by the ceremonial signing of the petition to free Palestine. Wedding Planning Service:

      Because everything always has to be about race. Everything.

      1. **golf clap**

      2. “Then, after watching a Native American weep”

        …or an Italian-American stand-in if the real thing can’t be arranged…

      3. That is great. I only hope the helicopter wasn’t manufactured by minority orphans.

    7. My brother got married at an old, old house in Charleston. I don’t think it was a plantation, but I doubt it had a very nice history. They chose it, of course, because it’s a beautiful venue at a price they found affordable.

      It’s a freaking house. No one alive today has memories of working on such a plantation as a slave. Animism/spiritual mumbo-jumbo is the only explanation for this kind of hysteria. The houses carry evil spirits!

      And I hope these people have never marveled at the Coliseum or the Pyramids, or pretty much any impressive thing built before the 19th century.

  21. Canada’s ex-defense minister: Aliens would give us more tech if we’d stop wars

    1. Why is Canada even involved in any wars?

      1. Too polite to demur?

      2. They kicked our ass in the War of 1812

        1. Canada didn’t kick our ass in the War of 1812. The British Empire, of which Canada was a part, defeated a US invasion of one of their colonies, and sacked DC. Ultimately, the war ended in status quo ante bellum, and after the treaty, they got their asses kicked at New Orleans. Your comment is like saying the US kicked France’s ass in the French and Indian War, which is absurd.

          1. This, x1000.

            1. Also, prior to their sacking of DC, we sacked York (aka Toronto) and burned down their Parliament. So we’re kind of even on that one.

                1. That wasn’t Canadians, that was the Royal Navy.

                  Our Navy actually did OK in the war. The militias were the weak link.

          2. “‘Your comment is like saying the US kicked France’s ass in the French and Indian War, which is absurd””


          3. Canadian militias controlled large swaths of western NY for most of the war and, after the initial invasion of Canada, kicked US militias’ asses in pretty much every encounter.

            The UK could have ground us to pieces if they wanted to keep fighting, as Mr. Napoleon was out of the picture in 1814 (they had been fighting a war back in Europe while kicking our butts previously, btw). But they gave us a sweetheart deal because they wanted to resume trading with us.

            The only good thing about the War of 1812 was that it put to rest the delusion that the US didn’t need a professional army.

            1. Not convinced going with CD’s account.

              1. LOL. Go ahead and choose your historical facts. (CD is correct about the treaty being essentially status quo ante bellum, but the background to the treaty is more complicated)

            2. Canadian militia was never at any point the bulk of British force in the war. It’s simply not accurate to say Canada beat the US in the War of 1812. They weren’t even a country back then. Britain was the biggest power in the world at the time, I’m not sure why it’s supposed to be a shock that they could have beaten the USA in a war at that time.

              1. Canadian militia was never at any point the bulk of British force in the war.

                In certain places they were. And where that happened, they kicked our militias’ asses.

                I mean, by your logic, it’s incorrect to say the US defeated the Nazis in WW2 because the Soviets had far more troops in theater and took Berlin.

                1. I mean, by your logic, it’s incorrect to say the US defeated the Nazis in WW2 because the Soviets had far more troops in theater and took Berlin.

                  Yeah, ok Tulpa.

                  Jesus you are fucking stupid.

                2. Was the US a province of the USSR in WWII? I didn’t think so you fucking idiot

          1. Bah!

            Everyone knows it’s pronounced DEEE-troit.

            As bad as Detroit is, there’s a very obvious difference between Detroit/Port Huron and Windsor/London. It’s pretty brutal through London especially.

            1. I’m not quite sure what you’re driving at with your comment but Sarnia is the Canadian city opposite Port Huron. London is halfway to Toronto.

          2. Speaking of which…you wouldn’t mind taking it back, would you?

        2. My farm is four miles down the road from this site.

          Looks like the Brits got their asses handed to the in this little dust up. The battle is memorialized in a Barn Quilt tour, really lame I know, old people are forever stopping their cars on the highway in front of my house to take photos of the quilt on the barn. The quilt that I have supposedly represents famine that ensued after the Americans torched the crops… good times.

          OT, hows that Global Warming working out for everyone this winter? I’m just about to suit up and hop on an old POS tractor with a six foot blade and push around snow in the wind… ye-haw!

      3. Canada, America’s war wingman!

      4. Canada joined WWI, WWII and Korea before the US

        1. Canada, bellicose neighbor dragging America into international slaughter!

        2. Referring to current engagements more than 20th century engagements.

        3. Canada! Country to provide us with another comedian the next time we start boring ourselves to tears! (plus, hockey)

        4. Just shows what statists you fucking mounties are.

    2. “Ergo, each visit seems to have symbolized: “What the hell are they doing in that insane asylum today?””

      Interesting choice of words.

      1. Yeah, I had the read it over from the top to see who was being refered to. This guy is a looney tune.

    3. Rob Ford, now this guy? Is there something in the water up there?

  22. I had to look it up Pitkin County Airport is 7800 ft.

    Photo in Colo Spgs Gazette shows plane upside down, burnt to a fucking cinder.

    1. Yeah, I got it confused with Eagle/Vail, which is in this top 10 list:…..13-10?op=1

      1. Oakland is pretty nice for the “gonna crash gonna crash gonna crash…. oh, we’re on the ground, it’s fine”.

        From that list, with Gibralter, it’s a bit nutty. At Cincinnati, I’ve taken a shuttle bus from one terminal to another, and had it stop to let a plane land. Not a full-on highway, but still quite the experience.

        1. I’ve flown into Oakland maybe 100 times, and have gotten used to the over-water arrivals. It’s the departures over the bay that are a little sketchy at times… During peak traffic, they have trouble sequencing all of the traffic from SJO, SFO, and OAK, and so the maneuvering can be a little fancy.

        2. I once jumpseated on a cargo aircraft right behind the pilot/co-pilot where the co-pilot was obviously, from the way the pilot talked to him, somewhat in-experienced. On the landing into Kimpo he bounced the aircraft back into the air and then down hard again. The pilot was calm as he guided the young guy to the terminal – then started chewing him out after shutting things down.

        3. They do the buses crossing taxiways all the time at MUC.

    2. If you’re interested, see my post above on the original thread.

      1. Doesn’t really seem worth it for 3x the ticket price. I have the same reaction when people around here fly to Palm Springs. It’s 120 minutes door to door by car and there is no TSA to deal with….

        1. IMO: it’s really not. Even if I70 is slow (or closed) for weather, it’s likely that Aspen will be closed too.

          I’ve been coming up here for 2 years & never come into Aspen. In the 2+ years we’ve been dating, she’s flown into Aspen twice (she used to travel a lot more). Once she was coming back from Georgia (Europe) on July 4 & was able to switch to Aspen for about $100. The second time, a friend of hers who is a hedge fund guy in NY bought the ticket so she can meet the new goddaughter. Otherwise, you suck it up and do the drive.

          Plus, the lines at Aspen on busy days suck. Dec 27 it took 2 1/2 hours to get through TSA.

  23. Hey, my cosmotarian brothers (and sisters)! It’s time to play Name That Former-Reason Editor:

    Actual confession: I smoke pot. I’ve never bought it, but I’ve had it when friends bring it out to enliven a party. Frankly, I’m a terrible pothead. Having never really smoked cigarettes, I’m all thumbs at lighting a pipe or joint. The last time I smoked, earlier this week, the product overcame the wan barriers of my tolerance and I passed out on a kitchen floor

    1. Sounds pretty glamourous.

      1. Dang it. I jumped the gun.

        1. You thought it was Postrel? Come on. Postrel is a much better writer than David Weigel.

          1. I assume he was confused by “editor”, a title Reason seems to extend to any contributor who receives a regular paycheck from the magazine.

            1. Yes, that did throw me off.

              -Playa Manhattan, Senior Opinion Editor, Hit N Run.

            2. oooh I’m senior pants editor.

              1. You evidently came out against pants in your comment below.

    2. Holy crap, Weigel is a pussy.

      1. You spoiled the game!

    3. Great story, except why couldn’t he have cracked his head on the corner of the stove or an iron table leg or something?

      1. Because god hates libertarians and wishes for us to suffer.

        1. You know libertarians actually running the govt would probably be a lot like Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.

  24. Wedding Planning Service:

    Because shouldn’t your beautiful day be about the horrors of history?


    1. “Because shouldn’t your beautiful day be about the horrors of history?”

      Just a preview of things to come for the groom!

  25. No

    Pants Tips ?@PantsTips
    If it’s cold outside, wear pants.

    1. It’s still shorts wearin’ weather in these parts. Maybe if I go skiing…

  26. Is serving ‘the loaf‘ to prisoners cruel and unusual punishment?

    1. Clearly, Big Organic is behind this article.

    1. Holy shit. What the fuck was that? I think I have to go shower and scrub my brain with soap.

    2. If you want to gain insights into that commercial go have a threesome with Oedipus and Sigmund Freud.

    3. It makes me want to actively avoid their product.

      Horrible idea and I can’t imagine how it got the greenlight.

    4. Yeah, I saw that during the game. I guess it’s OK in that I remembered the name of the product, but…

    5. I used old spice pit stick in Highschool and the football coach said the locker room smelled like “some fruit is in here.

      Maybe they changed its smell since then.

      1. “the football coach said the locker room smelled like “some fruit is in here.”

        So you reckon he was trolling for a catch?

      2. They’ve made it more obnoxious. My room mate uses it and it is one of the many reason I loathe him and actively root for his death.

        1. Today I learned I have socks older than Cyto.

    6. Made it like 35 seconds. Horrible.

      I used old spice pit stick in Highschool and the football coach said the locker room smelled like “some fruit is in here.

      It turns out that the scent of perspired gin (SweatedGin, if you will) can be easily making Old Spice can be easily mistaken for the scent of Old Spice. #protip

    7. Those ads sure went downhill.

  27. Irish, if you are still around:

    That plopper person that tries to engage you is a pedophile that I got into it with a couple of years ago. He freely admitted that he was sexually abused as a child and is now a pedo himself. He took offense and jumped into a thread when I said the only cure for pedophelia is a 22 behind the ear….go figure. He started emailing/semi-harrassing me for a while. He is a very disturbed person.


    1. Shit just got really interesting.

    2. That plopper person that tries to engage you is a pedophile that I got into it with a couple of years ago.

      I remember when he went off at me. However, his thing was denying that he was a pedo and screeching at me for even insinuating he was one.

        1. Wow. I didn’t realize this started that long ago. His obsession with me and HM has been going on almost four months.

          1. I hate it when psychos step in on my territory.

            my little kittens.

    3. It was pretty obvious he’s into little kids. There’s no way that someone would freak out to that degree if I hadn’t struck a nerve.

      Wasn’t the guy who went after you actually named “A Pedo” though? Are we sure it’s the same person?

      1. The things he says and his emotional reactions to what you say seems identical. I am pretty sure it is the same creep.

        1. Maybe the Reason webmaster could do everybody a solid and trace the IP, and then make a call to the appropriate authorities.

          Or maybe we can just have pedos hanging around here and commenting. Whatever.

          1. That wouldn’t be very libertarian.

            1. My stance on pedos is very similar to Suthenboy’s.

              1. That stance being…that pedos don’t have rights?

              2. Not sure what you hope to accomplish. It’s not a crime to have a disliked opinion on statutory rape laws. It’s not a crime to merely be a pedophile either (and I’ve never seen Plopper state that in any of my arguments with him on this subject — Suth is going to need to provide a link for that).

                If he were admitting to child molestation or posting links to kiddie porn that would be another matter, but no one’s alleged that.

          2. That wouldn’t be very libertarian.

    4. So if you respond harshly to someone saying that marijuana users should be shot in the head, that means you’re a marijuana user yourself?

      1. He freaked out when I told him that sex with children should be illegal.

        I also don’t know how you can compare smoking weed to having sex with a child.

        1. Forget it Irish, it’s Tulpatown.

        2. Yes, I believe I’ve had similar back and forths with him so I know about his unusual take on the subject. My point is that strongly believing that X should be legal doesn’t imply you want to do X, regardless of what X is.

          1. I don’t disagree, but I have a hard time believing there is a significant number of people who think having sex with pre-pubescent children should be legal, but don’t have any desire to engage in such activity

  28. Even a really well designed perpetual motion machine will begin to slow down immediately upon starting. The slowing might not be noticed for a while because it is so small. Observers may be fooled into thinking it works for a time. Eventually the slowing will be noticed. Excuses will be made. ” The air is creating friction. If we just run it in a vaccum…”. ” We just need to build the parts better. Clearly the materials they are made of are degrading….”. etc. etc.

    Inevitably it will fail. Every. fucking. time.

    Socialism is to political philosophy what perpetual motion machines are to physics. I cant say that enough.

    1. “Socialism is to political philosophy what perpetual motion machines are to physics. I cant say that enough.”

      We do have, however, a political/economic philosophy that does make something of nothing; a market.
      We have two people with goods they value equally, but when they exchange those goods, the overall wealth of the world has improved in that both value what they got more than what they gave.
      So I’m not sure about analogies to physical sciences here.

      1. The analogy works just fine, I think. No system can have more output than input.

        The market is not just about trading things that already exist, it is about turning raw materials into things of value, with the power source being capital, labor and ingenuity.

        Dem claims of unemployment dollars derived from taxation generating 1.6 times their value when put into the economy is a ludicrous claim analogous to a guy claiming his generator powers the motor that drives said generator.

        1. I don’t think the Democrats are actually stupid enough to try to run the economy as a perpetual motion machine – that’s pure communism. They will however, attempt to strap as much shit as they can to the car. And as long as it’s still crawling forward at a snail’s pace, they will loudly proclaiming that adding extra weight miraculously makes it go faster, so we should load it up some more.

          1. “I don’t think the Democrats are actually stupid enough to try to run the economy as a perpetual motion machine ”

            I see not evidence of that.

            Single. Payer.

        2. “The market is not just about trading things that already exist, it is about turning raw materials into things of value, with the power source being capital, labor and ingenuity.”

          True enough, but the trade itself produces value, and here’s why:
          “Dem claims of unemployment dollars derived from taxation generating 1.6 times their value when put into the economy is a ludicrous claim”
          The quantification is laughable, and it ignores the loss that must be overcome to begin with to add any value at all.
          Tax is theft; the transaction itself reduces the overall wealth of humanity. It requires (by coercion) a party to ‘trade’ something of a higher value for something of a lower value. If this were not true, there would be no need of coercion to enforce the transaction.
          So, I’m not sure the production/manufacture/extraction is what represents the difference.

          1. “The quantification is laughable, and it ignores the loss that must be overcome to begin with to add any value at all.”

            Are you describing the loss created by the theft and the loss in the bureaucracy or are you describing the friction and inertia in the perpetual motion machine?

            1. “Are you describing the loss created by the theft and the loss in the bureaucracy or are you describing the friction and inertia in the perpetual motion machine?”

              To be clear, the initial loss is simply the loss to humanity in a transaction which is not voluntary; one party is perhaps ‘accepting’ of the transaction for a zero-sum, while the other finds a net loss.
              Then there is obviously the friction inherent in any bureaucratic endeavor; the ‘work’ involved is avoidance of risk rather than added value.
              As is obvious, I’m still not convinced of an analogue to classical physics.

    2. Suthenboy,

      Above I linked to a blog of a guy stating that income distribution obeys the second law of thermodynamics. He basically states exactly what you are saying except he uses progressive economic beliefs in place of socialism (same thing most of the time).

      1. Tony has used the exact same line wrt wealth creation.

  29. Posted yet again – Rand Paul has problems with Ocare, and they sign his sonnup for medicaid without being asked. Paul complains.

    1. God Damn Loud Ass Eve Online Commercial!!!

      1. Sorry, I thought Breitbart was a respectable site. I’ll put it on my blacklist.

        1. I thought H&R was a respectable site, but reading it on the iphone or ipad winds up opening the app store to sell me some shitty game.

        2. I thought Breitbart was a respectable site.


  30. There’s a moon in the sky.
    It’s called the Moon.

  31. So basically this stugatz is Little Italy’s answer to Block Insane Yomomma. The whole fucking country has gone off its rocker.

    1. ^^ all kinds of excellence:

      That’s the handy thing about being a clown – folks find it hard to remember just what you looked like.

  32. Toure: I am proof that marijuana does not harm your intelligence.

    Well, if it means sending Toure to prison, I guess I’m now in favor of the drug war.

    1. Toure tosses an underhander, nice and slow, 70 mph, right over the plate.

  33. HEY

    Is Dr. Oz a real doctor?

    1. In that he has a medical degree, proper training and has treated patients, he is indeed a doctor.

      However, anyone that would dare listen to a word he says on that show of his deserves what they get.

    2. Dr. Oz is kind of a genius, which is why I forgive him a wacky, eccentric idea or two.

      1. Michael Bay: Film Auteur? Sounds about right. Bay does have a gift for the technical side of things.

    3. Sadly, yes. A highly respected (if not very well liked) heart surgeon at Columbia.

      Has gone completely around the bend since becoming a Teevee EmDee.

  34. OT: Second Bitcoin Miner Talks

    Interesting read, especially as it exposes the “tech geek’s lament”. Every tech geek except for about 12 or so, wishes he had gotten in to Bitcoin when he heard about it.

    1. I am not even a tech geek……

      1. I hadn’t actually finished reading it when I posted it, the ALS part is a bit rough.

    2. I remember in 2009 reading about Bitcoin Mining and saying “well, that sounds kind of stupid, but hey, maybe I’ll do it just for lulz”.

      And then of course, I never got around to it. Ugh.

      Though I’m sure there are thousands more like me.

      1. That’s the key. Except for about a dozen people, every tech geek wishes he got involved in Bitcoin earlier. I had some time in mid-2011 when I should have. Didn’t until mid-2013.

        1. That doesn’t sound a bit bubble-ish to you?

          1. That doesn’t sound a bit bubble-ish to you?

            Not anymore. Previous bubble is done. I’m looking for some bouncing around from, say, $800 – $1100 for a few months.

            Either way, though, every tech geek heard about it sometime before they started messing with it. That’s the lament.

    3. Here’s a graph of the quantity Bitcoins in circulation.

      The y-axis is logarithmic. If I grok this correctly (I’m sure I do) it takes an exponential amount of CPU power to mine a new Bitcoin. The lament of not getting in early is rational.

      1. *Not sure I do*

      2. Not just the CPU power to mine the next bitcoin, though. Essentially, each block has 25 new coins attached (until 2016), regardless of how much CPU power is applied. The difficulty of the block adjusts so that blocks happen every 10 minutes (ish).

        but yea — tech geek’s lament — not just about wishing they were mining sooner, also wishing they were buying sooner, or starting BTC businesses sooner.

      3. So the more CPU power you have the more likely you’ll win the next block. Brute force only goes so far. What if a big player like Oracle (via Java) or Facebook distributed the workload as part of their free software so that every user participated in some number crunching without having any noticeable effect to the user. There’d be billions of computers with gazillions of idle clock cycles working on the problem.

        1. I’m sure the Federal Reserve is totally uninterested in this.

        2. billions? really? The network is at 1.4 Petahashes per second. CPUs are a few meghashes, GPUs are around .3 gigahashes.

          Oracle can’t touch that shit. They’re tiny compared to petahashes. FB too.

          This goes back to Charlie Stross’s hit piece (that Krugman cited) — outdated numbers that don’t matter.

        3. Easy Count, I’m just(now, alas) trying to understand this.

          From your link:

          Bitcoin mining software is now being distributed as malware because using someone else’s computer to mine BitCoins is easier than buying a farm of your own mining hardware.

          What exactly is wrong with my proposition? Java is everywhere. Read the into screen when you install it.

          1. Nothing; I think if someone could get malware distributed to enough computers, said someone could probably make some decent money with bitcoins. Of course, users might find it odd that something is always eating 99% of their CPUs or causing some weird CUDA_OUT_OF_MEMORY error on their GPUs*

            *Curse you CUDA!!!

          2. What’s wrong with the proposition is the *massive* difference between CPU needed to do a decent attack (say, 10% of the total network) and what you could realisticaly do with hacked computers

            A computer without a GPU (non-gamer) is a few megahashes. A computer with GPU is 2 or 3 hundred megahashes. The BTC network is at 1.4 petahashes per second.

            Biggest botnet in the world doesn’t come close to hitting petahashes. There aren’t a quadrillion computers.

          3. Count,

            Are telling me that there will be an asymptote (or nearly so) in that curve I first presented?

            You may be right and the curve’s domain is too narrow to see it coming. We’ll see.

            I’m just very curious about the topic, I don’t have horse in the race.

            1. Bitcoins are generated a predictable rate.

              25 bitcoins per block now (until 2016). Then it halves to 12.5. Every four years it halves, finally hitting zero (ish) around 2130.

              One block every 10 minutes, and difficulty adjusts every 1440 blocks (10 days or so).

              Even if something generates blocks way faster than previously, overall, rate of new coins will stay the same. New coins aren’t dependent on CPU power, they happen based on difficulty, set to happen every 10 minutes on average.

              So: difficulty has no relation to new coin rate, and no relation to price.

              1. So: difficulty has no relation to new coin rate, and no relation to price.

                Before the comma makes sense, after the comma, not so much.

  35. Can De Blasio’s War on Charters be stopped in the courts?

    1. I don’t know, but I expect we’re going to find out.

  36. Some more Reddit gold for those of you who were amused to find out that 1970s Britain was a utopia free of greed and suffering; this time, we get some brilliant insight into why the minimum wage is a scam (but not, of course, in the way libertarians think it is)

    “Minimum wage. Period.

    It should be higher. Everyone knows it should be higher. It’s not. It’s a stressful way to live. It can’t comfortably support a family. It puts strain on our economy because we end up paying for it via taxes.

    Not only is it a scam, it’s a damn shame.

    However, I much prefer having minimum wage to not having minimum wage. But it’s not enough yet.”

    1. It was so great, the Rolling Stones fled the relative freedom of Britain to go to the south of France and record their best album, Steel Wheels

      Good night.

    2. Another gem:

      “So, you don’t like Democrats? The people who are fighting to heal the sick and feed the poor”

      1. I love telling Democrats and liberals who hate Rand Paul that the supposedly racist Senator provides pro bono eye surgeries to low-income constituents during his summer recess, including many people of color.

        This also includes the removal of eye cataracts, meaning that Rand Paul has literally healed the blind.

        1. But he doesn’t support forcing other people to pay for government-provided care for everybody, so he’s still an evil racist selfish classist pig


  37. De Blasio has merely acted to preseve public safety .

    The hordes of gay newlyweds afoot in Central are bound to scare the horses.

  38. Fucking New York fucking City can fucking go to fucking hell, and everyone in it too. Am I a collectivist?

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