At Least One Dead After Plane Crash at Aspen Airport

Crashed while landing


At least one person is dead and another has serious injuries after a private plane crashed today at the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport in Aspen, Colo., the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office said.

Emergency crews responded immediately to the crash, the Sheriff's Office said.

The plane, which according to the Sheriff's Office had three people onboard, originated from Mexico and stopped in Tucson, Ariz., before arriving in Aspen.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allan Kenitzer said there was not much information that could be confirmed early on.

"The airplane appears to be a Bombardier Challenger 600, coming from Tucson to Aspen. It crashed while attempting to land," Kenitzer said.

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  1. Pat Robertson told me that this is ALL due to the fact that Colorado has legalized the Demon Weed, and so this is the result of God’s Wrath over such decadent and hedonistic choices. REPENT, ye un-believers!!!

    1. I thought Pat Robertson was open to legalizing marijuana. You must be mixing him up with someone else.

  2. Have to admit, the oversight of the general aviation activity is done well by the feds, which is not to say it wouldn’t be done better by a private org.
    I’ll wait to read what happened here; the planes are typically capable of ‘saving the day’, the pilots not so much.

    1. The airport is notoriously hard to land at due to a mountain being not far from the airport. You can only land in one direction and takeoff in the other. From what I have heard there was a tailwind which will extend takeoff length and make landing difficult.

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