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Was the Press a Lapdog for Obama in 2013? Nick Gillespie on Stossel


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On Thursday, I'll be a guest (along with David Boaz of the Cato Institute and Sabrina Schaeffer of the Independent Women's Forum) on John Stossel's eponymous Fox Business show, which airs at 9PM ET.

We'll be talking about the gains and losses for freedom over the course of the year, so please tune in. Here's a web exclusive clip from the show, in which Stossel asks whether the media was in the tank for Obama during 2013, which saw not just a variety of scandals but the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website. My basic take? Sure, the press has mostly got Obama's back, but it's also true that there's never been a time as thick with alternative outlets and news sources as right now.

Click to watch; about 2.30 minutes. Catch the whole show on Thursday.

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  1. This is today’s Cop Shoots Dog story, eh? Way to reall REACH for this one, Nick. I know what a stretch this must have been – God be praised you made te effort. Not many men could.

  2. …but it’s also true that there’s never been a time as thick with alternative outlets and news sources as right now.

    But most alternative outlets have the decency to be up front with their world view. My old man watches NBC Nightly News and thinks Brian Williams was shooting him straight that the sequester was going to kill kittens and any Obamacare problems are only technical.

  3. Limited to 2013?

  4. Maybe Nick can somehow insert the “month in jail for having soap” story. I’ve used it a few times already to counter the “Well, if you have nothing to hide…”b.s.

  5. Shouldn’t we reconsider the government’s role in helping build a balance of viewpoints in the media? For all the stifling guidelines that the Fairness Doctrine created, America was a smarter, less cynical country then — and it’s doubtful that old-school CBS, NBC or ABC would misspell ‘Philippines’ on the graph of ObamaCare coverage in this video.

    Would America be better off without a Fox network? Yes.

  6. Matt Welch has his own TV show? The Jacket MUST get on TV too! Where is Stossel’s phone number?!

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