Apparently, Secret Surveillance of Powerful People Is What It Takes to Make Sen. Feinstein Worry

Now that it affects important people, she wants a full surveillance review


"Surveillance for thee, but not for me!"
Talk Radio News Service / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Finally Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been told information that actually made her object to the National Security Agency's massive surveillance superstructure: It's being used against powerful and important people!

Following the news over the weekend that Germany's Angela Merkel and other foreign leaders have been monitored in some unclear capacity by the NSA for years, the defender of all things surveillance has found a line she won't cross. From a statement:

"It is abundantly clear that a total review of all intelligence programs is necessary so that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are fully informed as to what is actually being carried out by the intelligence community.

"Unlike NSA's collection of phone records under a court order, it is clear to me that certain surveillance activities have been in effect for more than a decade and that the Senate Intelligence Committee was not satisfactorily informed. Therefore our oversight needs to be strengthened and increased.

"With respect to NSA collection of intelligence on leaders of U.S. allies—including France, Spain, Mexico and Germany—let me state unequivocally: I am totally opposed.

Note that the media has also reported the NSA collecting data on thousands of phone calls by foreign citizens in places like Spain and France who aren't powerful world leaders. She doesn't seem to care about those folks, though.

At least her presumption that she and her Senate Intelligence peers are being told everything the NSA is doing has been shattered. You'd think she'd have been more skeptical when she discovered that sometimes even the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court didn't always know what the NSA was up to, despite being the primary oversight for the agency's snooping.

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  1. "Surveillance for thee, but not for me (and others like me)!"

    She put the NSA on gambol lockdown

    1. I got my own comment filtered by reasonable, hah

    2. We've all been placed on gambol lockdown by the all-encompassing city state. Officer, am I free to gambol?

  2. I'll bet you the French surveillance was her tipping point.

    Now, what the hell is she doing in Congress without knowing that ALL countries do this to each other, allies or not, all the time, every moment of every day, and have since the emergence of the nation state?

    1. It's not that. Feinstein is pissed because she thought she was super important, so important that she knew everything and was told everything. Now she finds out she isn't that important, and it's bugging the shit out of her. As long as she tries to rein in the NSA, I don't care about her motivations, though.

      1. Give me a break. Her idea of "reigning in" is sticking a drones over 5737 Mesmer Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90230, 215 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10016, with a drone strike on 30 South Broadway Irvington, New York 10533.

        Be careful what you wish for.

        1. Well, I had been wishing for a big pile of pure cocaine and some hookers to snort it off of. Should I be careful about wishing for that?


          1. There you go, now the hooker union is going to send over the one with the most seniority and the coke is coming from the leftovers still sitting in the government locker since that Pachino movie was an undeveloped silver emulsion.

      2. Yeah, I agree, that's her motivation. She thought she was important.

        1. I'm thinkin -- if they're watching world leaders and 'important people'... Waitaminute! I'm 'important people'!


      3. I do, ig anyone needs to have a microscope shoves up their ass, it's people in power. Then we might be lucky enough for the next Snowden to tell us what they get up to when the alphabet soup microphones are off.

  3. More than likely Feinstein realized that backing the President on surveillance might be massively unpopular.

    Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    1. DiFi represents a padlocked Blue State. She could back Obama's plan for tea party internment camps without worrying about losing her seat.

      1. That's terrible, Hugh, Californians would never let an unpopular group be headed to internment camps.

        1. They let Armenians get sent to Fresno.

        2. They kept black people and Okies confined to the balcony in movie theaters.

        3. California's continuing refusal to put juggalos in camps mystifies me.

          1. I would disagree on principle, but I wouldn't really mean it.

            1. "Hey jesse, want to go to the rally to protest the juggalo internment camps?"

              "Uh, well, there's a Scrubs marathon on and then the season premiere of Call the Midwife is on, so...no."

              1. First they came for the Juggaloes and I didn't care, because Faygo's nasty and walking around all day with your face painted like a clown is for emo 13 year olds.

      2. It isn't padlocked.

        And she doesn't want to be on the wrong side of history anyway.

        And, contrary to what you may have heard, the liberals in California are probably none too happy about the federal government spying on everybody like they're Martin Luther King.

        P.S. It isn't padlocked. ...and if it were, it was padlocked from the outside by social conservatives from the South who don't give a damn about free market capitalism--if it means they can't spew hatred at immigrants and gay people.

        That isn't padlocked. They've had the door slammed shut in their faces.

        1. And, contrary to what you may have heard, the liberals in California are probably none too happy about the federal government spying on everybody like they're Martin Luther King.

          Ken, you're delusional.

          The proglodytes in this state are just pissed that their not the ones listening in.

          1. Actually, they're not.

            And they know the Obama train has gone about as far as it's going to go.

            It's not about Obama like it used to be. Why would it be since his days are numbered?

            1. I wish that you where correct, but see no evidence of it. The whole state dem establishment is totalitarian, not just Frankenstein. And the idiot voters keep electing them.

  4. Useless twat.

    She doesn't give a fuck about popularity, she's a Democrat in California who knows people here vote based entirely on branding.

    1. She needs to be primaried

      1. This.

        God, what a horrific cunt she is. She's as much of a cunt as Waxman or Reid, easily.

        She deserves a good primary; it would be nice for the lefties to put a little fear into the power-worshippers in their ranks.

      2. CA has open primaries so everyone runs in one primary and the top two vote getters square off in the November election.

        1. I still can't believe that passed.

          1. Meh, I voted for it, I thought it would be an opportunity for more libertarian candidates in jerrymandered districts.

            It's totally fucked up for statewide offices though.

            1. That's true, it was sold that way. I can't remember which way I voted, but it really hasn't worked out as advertised (surprise!).

              1. Not yet anyway.

                But there have been a couple of races where 2 hard left donks ran against each other at the end.

  5. Dianne Feinstein is a fucking asshole of Johhny Manziel proportions. Let that sink in for a moment.

    She deserves to be at the head of the line when the tarring and feathering of the politicians who would less out OUR rights for THEIR own political expediency. That way you can rest assured the tar will be extra-hot.

    1. In California that sort of talk could get you lynched for racism.

      1. That tells me we need to give California back, or at least the coastal cess-pits, to the republic of california. Cut off the water, lay down land mines and gun down anything that tries to escape, it's all corrupted.

        1. While I generally dislike being mowed down by gunfire, that might be the kind of strong incentive we need to pick up the pace on fusion power and desalination technology. Just make sure Hugh doesn't escape before you lay down the landmines.

        2. I thought they exported water?

          1. Actually we just piss on other states, that's a common misconception.

    2. I honestly don't know how the evil, worthless cunt keeps getting elected.

      Fucking Cruz Bustamonte would be an improvement at this point.

    3. Johnny Manziel has never raised my taxes, spied on me, sent millions of tax-dollars to his spouse, or tried to seize my firearms.

      This miserable cunt is far worse.

  6. Add YCombinator to the SPLC terror group list, they're talking about secession:

  7. It is amazing to me that this stupid cunt thinks the NSA doesnt have a recording of every fart she has ever made. People like her are on the top of the 'watch' list. Reasonoids probably on the second tier.

    1. I've been wondering what exactly the NSA has on her, that she keeps carrying their water. It must be something massive.

      1. Sticking her fingers in Milk's gunshot wound?

        Banning things she can't describe?

        Steering defender contracts to her husband's company?

      2. She's corrupt as hell - her husband is has made a huge fortune in real estate - on the back of her public service.

  8. Wait- isn't spying on other countries exactly what the NSA is supposed to do?

    1. Not as long as there's a single teabagger's phone untapped. Do you have any idea how dangerous these radicals are to the health and security of the country? We need to take care of our problems here at home before we go off involving ourselves overseas.

      Besides, the Eurotards are much smarter than we are anyway.

    2. Of all the things that have come out, "spying on the leaders of foreign governments" is by far the least worrisome. I actually don't really care about that.

      Yet for some reason, that's what annoys Sen. Feinstein. Scott is right to point out the absurdity.

      1. Don't you realize she was elected to protect and defend the rights of foreign leaders, especially from the likes of every Verizon subscriber in the continental US? Why do you hate freedom so much?

  9. This might, and I say might, be the item she's been looking for to change her position, since I and everyone I know have been flooding her office with emails about how the NSA has to be stopped.

    I know...

    ... wishful thinking.

  10. She was not aware.

    1. She IS not aware.

  11. "the Senate Intelligence Committee was not satisfactorily informed. Therefore our oversight needs to be strengthened and increased."

    "Very well, Senator. Here's *another* glimpse of a tiny portion of the remaining programs unknown to you. Better?"

  12. How the fuck does Frankenstein keep getting elected in this state?

    1. She and Barbara "blank check" Boxer own the state. Somehow, they can do no wrong. I don't get it, and it is getting worse. Dan Lungren lost his seat in the House to Ami Bera. I was no great fan of Lungren, but he at least occasionally showed some willingness to cut spending.

  13. Not just dumb, terminally stupid.

    There are days after doses of Feinstein, Pelosi and Jackson Lee that I think it's abundantly clear the 19th Amendment is in need of repeal. Then I hear Joe Biden speak.

    Tell me, please. How is it possible these fucks ever won their first election????

    1. And it's only going to get worse.

  14. "But... if they spied on Merkel... they could spy on me! ME! An ELECTED OFFICIAL!! HOW DARE THEY!!! The nerve of these peons, to think they're good enough to listen in on the likes of us! We pay them to watch over the slaves, not the oligarchy!! Round up my hordes of mindless voters, Jeeves; We will put a stop to this!"
    - Sen Feinstein

  15. Angela Merkel is an East German. She grew up under the Stassi. Diane Feinstein wants to get along with her. Ain't gonna happen.

    1. DiFi wants to set up her own Stasi. She's hoping for helpful hints.

  16. Feinstein and Boxer both need to be retired and replaced at the very next electoral opportunity. They long ago overstayed their welcome, not to mention their usefulness.

    1. Pray tell, to what "usefulness" have these cows availed themselves, ever?

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