Watch "#Anarchy in Detroit," Reason TV's latest video series


I'm pleased as hell to introduce Reason TV's "#Anarchy in Detroit," a series of four short, linked vids (totaling about 10 minutes in all) that show what actual citizens are doing to make the Motor City a better place to live. 

The vignettes cover volunteers keeping parks cleared for kids to libertarian anarchists buying up blocks of houses and creating communes to private law enforcement operations to a plan to transform the little-used city park of Belle Isle into a Hong-Kong-style free trade zone in the Detroit River. 

It's fun, exciting stuff. And it shows what normal, everyday people can accomplish, even in the presence of top-down, failed government management of virtually every aspect of their daily lives.

The series is produced by Zach Weissmueller's, whose September 17, 2013 video, "Operation Compliance: Detroit's War on Small Business," provides essential—and infuriating context.

Click on the video above to start watching "#Anarchy in Detroit." Or click below to go to the full article page, which features links, text, downloadable versions and more.