US Domestic Surveillance Guidelines Haven't Been Updated in 30 Years

Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board speaks


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The president's "Privacy and Civil Rights Oversight Board" has launched something of a letter-writing campaign to US intelligence officials.

From The Guardian:

Barack Obama's new privacy watchdog has delivered its first bark, with a letter to intelligence chiefs urging them draft stronger rules on domestic surveillance, something it revealed had not been updated for 30 years.

The intervention of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, its first since the appointment of new staff by the White House earlier this year, came as Obama acknowledged that technology was outpacing the checks put in place to protect privacy and said the National Security Agency was "scary to people".

So they haven't been revised since about 1984?

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  1. So all the ‘oversight’ agencies are looking for hand-written memos? FAXes?

    1. Quill-pen letters.

  2. Every member of the board should be screaming for the mothballing of the following:


    Otherwise, nothing but window dressing.

    1. NO

    2. Hey that’s my name you’re talking about!

      1. A quick note about the handle. I was trying to tie together all of the alphabet soup agencies I could, but I just couldn’t come up with a way to stitch the letters “NSA” in there. Either there would have to be another agency besides CIA starting with A (couldn’t think of one) or another would have had to end with N (couldn’t think of one of those either).

        So even in the lexicographical functionality of linked acronyms, NSA is separate and distinct.

        1. Sorry besides ATF starting with A.

  3. Why would the rules need to be updated?

    “Fuck you, that’s why” still means “Fuck you, that’s why”.

    Let’s let the government Government [Hat Tip: NYT bootlickers] focus on more-important things, like tracking down and jailing the Rethuglihadists who are propogating these Phony Scandals? and tearing apart Amurka. 90% of Merkins agree with this commonsense approach to enabling Our President (PBUH) to concentrate on making sure 300 millions Amerkans without health insurance FINALLY get what they deserve – good and hard.

    Also – protect us from TEH TERRRRZASSSTsS11!

    1. The pagan foreign govs should be referred to with the lower case. The one true Gov of the NYT deserves a capital letter.

  4. So they haven’t been revised since about 1984?

    Nicely done, Edward.

  5. US Domestic Surveillance Guidelines Haven’t Been Updated in 30 Years

    The framers couldn’t foresee the internetz!

    1. Yeah, A4 doesn’t say anything about ones and aughts!

  6. It is the clovers, cowards, crybabies, poltroons, pussies and sissies along with their craven buddies, the cops and soldiers, the biggest losers of them all, want to “feel protected” and “safe” from the mooslims.

    1. I want to feel safe from Dianne Feinstein… what does that make me?

      1. Sane.

        1. Oh thank God. I thought you were going to say, “An arm of the Kochtopus!”

          1. That too.

  7. “So they haven’t been revised since about 1984?”

    How ironic.

  8. The answer to 1984 is 1776.- My current favorite bumpersticker

  9. “watchdogs”?

    Obama wants an ‘oversight’ committee to squawk indignantly every now and then to create the impression that what’s being done is kosher??

    i suspect Rule #1 will be “make sure no one finds out about this shit! it scares them, and then we have to pretend to care! so Ixnay on the Eakslay

  10. Sometimes man, you jsut have to roll with it.

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