Medical Marijuana

Chris Christie Says It's Up to Parents to Decide How to Care for Their Kids, But He Has to Protect Them All; Conditionally Vetoes Medical Marijuana for Children Bill

Edible marijuana permitted, authorized physician's approval still required


a paternalist by any other name

Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed a bill the legislature passed earlier this summer that would make it easier for parents to treat their sick children with medical marijuana. Thus spoke Christie:

"As I have repeatedly noted, I believe that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children," Christie said in a statement. "Protection of our children remains my utmost concern, and my heart goes out to those children and their families who are suffering with serious illnesses. Today, I am making commonsense recommendations to this legislation to ensure sick children receive the treatment their parents prefer, while maintaining appropriate safeguards. I am calling on the Legislature to reconvene quickly and address these issues so that children in need can get the treatment they need."

The governor did permit the use of edible forms of marijuana for sick children, and lifted a restriction to three strains on authorized growers, but did not lift the requirement that a child's treatment with medical marijuana has to be approved by a pediatrician or psychiatrist in the state's medical marijuana program, the repeal of which was a main component of the most recent bill. The dad who asked Christie about the issue earlier this week was one of more than 2,200 parents who sent letters to Christie urging he sign the legislation. Up to three doctors' approvals are required if the child's physician is not in the state's medical marijuana program.

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  1. Just another statist fuck. Regardless of that, he’s delusional if he thinks he’s going to get the Republican nomination in 2016.

    1. He seems to keep trying, though. By doing the shittiest possible things.

      Maybe if he shaved his head and went “nyuk, nyuk” a lot he’d have a chance.

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          5. I’m surprised he’s lasted as long as he has.

        2. Why is this happening? Did we have a same-sex marriage recognition thread recently that I missed out on?

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  2. What a fat fucking pig. Maybe he’ll get some chronic and terminal disease and some asshole politician will decide for him that he can’t have the only medication that could end his suffering and save his life. For his own good, of course.

    Christie is soaring straight to the bottom of the pile of slime ball Republicans, and I didn’t think that anyone could ever challenge McCain for the lowest of the low. But this fat pig is giving him a run for his money.

    1. Maybe he’ll get some chronic and terminal disease

      I’d say that’s virtually guaranteed to happen, and probably sooner rather than later. If I was his health insurer I’d charge him about ten thousand dollars a month. Before Obamacare kicked in.

      1. Do they make coffins in his size?

        1. A grand piano maybe?

      2. He looks like diabetes personified. So that’s good news.

        1. Actually this is diabetes (or should I say diabeetus?) personified


          1. Uncle Duvee!

      3. I hope that when he gets a terminal disease, he can’t get any chronic.

  3. “while maintaining appropriate safeguards” against a plant whom the DEA’s own administrative law judge called “one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”

    Fuck you Christie.

  4. Arbuckle/Huckabee 2016

    1. I laugh, but I’d love to see Christie get the Fatty Arbuckle treatment in court. He’s earned it.

      1. An apology from the jury?

        1. Yeah, but not until after his career is irrevocably ruined.

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  9. He’s got the double-speak down pat.

    He’s basically Bloomberg Lite.

    I hope his candidacy falls flat on its face.

    He’d make a terrible president.

    1. He’s basically Bloomberg Lite.

      Lite or light, are not terms to be associated with this fucking cunt.

  10. Christie is making Gillespie look worse and worse by the day. I think there are certain posters here who often criticize Reason writers over really stupid things, but that article (especially the paragraph I’m specifically referring to) was just puzzlingly idiotic. No idea what The Jacket was thinking

    1. I know which one. The “hope for libertarian” voters one that mentions Christie with a couple other never will bes.

    2. Not sure what he was thinking but I do know what he was doing and that was conflating “libertarian” with “future GOP leaders” in order to attack Palin and Cruz.

      1. I’m agnostic on Cruz, and Palin isn’t even in politics anymore so I don’t get the hate.

        1. Cruz? That Canadian?

        2. I’m agnostic on Cruz

          Be careful dude. So am I, but anytime I say that I am still skeptical of Cruz being any type of Libertarian, around here, it’s like a shark attack.

          1. I am still skeptical of Cruz being any type of Libertarian

            I am too. I just think that line of attack from Gillespie was pretty disingenuous not to mention that he defended Chris Christie of all people while attacking Palin and Cruz.

            1. I’m just naturally skeptical now. Everyone should be. Until someone proves themselves for a long enough time period, do not trust them. And even after that, keep a close and skeptical eye on them.

          2. He’s no libertarian, but I’d do cartwheels if the 2016 election was Cruz v Wyden.

          3. Are there really a lot of people saying that he’s a libertarian? He’s not openly antagonistic, and even sometimes quite supportive of libertarians, but that doesn’t make him one.

            1. I think Cruz is a genuine conservative, in the same way Ron Wyden is a genuine liberal. So Cruz is probably genuinely dedicated to both socon shit and cutting spending and taxes. Just like Wyden, though genuinely awful on economic issues, is good on civil liberties.

              The bar is so low at this point that we celebrate people who merely uphold the good parts of the two dominant ideologies in American politics. When you have people like Bush and Obama who are genuinely socialist and authoritarian, it makes Cruz and Wyden look real good in comparison.

              I mean, from a libertarian standpoint does Obama have any positive qualities?

              1. I mean, from a libertarian standpoint does Obama have any positive qualities?

                Black, supports gay marriage and more articulate than BOOOOOSH.

            2. I’m not convinced either way but Cruz’s supporting role in Rand Paul’s filibuster was masterful. Of course Reagan talked that way in ’64 and we all know how that turned out.

    3. I dunno. It is nowhere near as preposterous as Terry Michael describing Obama as one of the most intelligent men ever to occupy the White House.


        1. Sen. Obama has met at least one war he doesn’t love.
        2. The election of an African-American will end liberal racism as we know it.

        3. One word: Osmosis. You couldn’t live in Hyde Park or teach at the University of Chicago with the intellectual curiosity of a Barack Obama without gaining at least some understanding of libertarian economics.

        4. Obama is the best hope for keeping government out of your bedroom and away from your body.

        5. The hidden hand did well this month punishing stupidity. But libertarians committed to free markets, not corporate oligarchs, must pause to consider the need for field-leveling regulation.

        6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Yes, we need to restore America’s reputation around the world.

        7. Finally, Barack Obama is smart enough to follow the aspirations of the Gen Y, Millenials, and Echo Boomers next up on the American political stage. They want choices in both their bank accounts and their bedrooms.

      2. Not to mention Godwin’s endorsement of Obama:…..g-for-obam

        But there’s an even stronger libertarian argument for Obamacare. Namely, it frees more Americans to take better jobs without worrying about losing the health care plan they had in their old jobs. Worker mobility is one of the things that reliably fuels free enterprise, and workers will be more mobile under Obamacare than they would be under Romney’s semi-dismantled version of it.

        1. You know who else endorsed candidates?

      3. Or Dave Weigel. Or Chapman saying that Obama is not like Nixon by comparing Obama’s public speeches to Nixon’s private statements. Or that article saying we need carbon taxes to determine the true price of energy.

        Or this…..our-vote/4

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama. All my life I’ve been waiting for a black president; Obama’s not monumentally unqualified, and his solid-if-boring book at least had some unkind words for teachers unions. Also my kids like him.

        Or Chapman:

        Steve Chapman

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama, for two main reasons: The Republican Party, which has jettisoned its best inclinations and indulged its worst for the last eight years, richly deserves exile from the White House, and 2) because he shows an intelligence and temperament that suggest he will govern more pragmatically than ideologically?the best that can be hoped for from a Democratic president.

    4. I think there are certain posters here who often criticize Reason writers over really stupid things

      Yeah but you’re now questioning your faith. You’ll learn, Grasshopper.

      1. Contrary to what you may think, I’ve never been a blind defender of Reason or their contributors. I’ve called out Gillespie for his stupid articles, I call out Chapman for his idiocy, etc. What I’ve criticized you and others for in the past is making stupid criticisms of Reason writers that often amount to nothing more than ad hominems and strawmen.

  11. If anyone is qualified to determine what people put in their bodies it’s Chris Christie. In the bearded Spock universe.

  12. lol next to Christie William Howard Taft looks anorexic!

  13. The Nanny State. It’s what’s for dinner.

  14. When Letterman does his “Does Chris Christie go through a door sideways” bit, it’s funny.

  15. “As I have repeatedly noted, I believe that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children,”

    But only in the context of a sensible and reasonable regulatory framework, with appropriate safeguards and assurances that the best interests of the child as commonly understood by public health professionals are given primary consideration.
    I mean, let’s be serious about this.

    1. Politically he could hardly go wrong doing what he did. Splitting the difference is usually a winner, since all politics is a compromise. The progs should love it because, more doctors! They care about you so much, they send you for more opinions.

  16. [insert tart rejoinder rendered incomprehensible by deletion of preceding troll comment]

  17. Didn’t Christie have some type of gastric bypass surgery? Has he sued for a refund yet?

    1. People get that shit not realizing that if they don’t actually diet their stomach will expand and they’ll be in the same spot they once were.

      They need to give people amphetamines for weight loss.

      1. Is that true? I thought the lap-band made it so that you didn’t want to eat that much. Then again, I also thought cough syrup and vicodin would be a harmless alternative to reality and that Movie 43 would be watchable.

        1. FOE, not it is not true. I have 2 friends who did this. Your stomach is then very small. You CANNOT eat very much or you will make yourself very uncomfortable and sick.

          1. But maybe if you are a sub-human pig that is a glutton for self punishment, then maybe it would be possible. But not for a typical human.

          2. There is a device that essentially makes you full by applying small amounts of electricity to the nerve that sends the “full” signal to the brain, but AFAIK it’s still only available in Europe.

        2. FoE, everyone knows that what you want is to make NyQuiladas to have with your Vicodin. And why you ever thought a movie with 16 different storylines by 16 different directors would be watchable is beyond even me.

          1. Is that a combination of Nyquil and enchiladas? Because if so I’m in.

            1. It could be…but where does the alcohol come in?

              1. Your mouth, unless you’re one of those sicko butt chuggers.

                1. This is starting to sound suspiciously like faggotry.

      2. I know two people who have had that surgery and I have talked to them about it. Not because I am so interested, but because they are close friends and we talk a lot.

        Both of them lost a lot of weight, fast. You simply cannot eat enough to not lose weight. If you try, you will just get very sick. You really would have to be some type of super glutton not to lose weight after that.

        Christie is just a natural born pig, that’s the only thing that can explain it. Either that or the surgery was a failure, or he’s lying about it.

        1. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but if you keep adding food to your diet a bit at a time that shit’ll expand and you end up pulling a Christie.

          The only thing that works, long term, is discipline.

          1. He hasn’t had nearly enough time to achieve that result, and anyway, he still would have lost weight for a long time before that happened.

            Something is not right here.

            1. He’s wearing padded clothes so that one day he’ll suddenly switch to normal clothes as a mindfuck for everyone. Like, who’s that guy?

        2. He drinks two glasses of melted butter each morning.

  18. Has he sued for a refund yet?

    Just try to imagine how fat he’d be if he hadn’t had the surgery.

    1. I don’t know if he had surgery, or not. Maybe he shoots himself up with pork fat and pond scum. He looks and acts like it.

  19. I used to think America could be saved. Now I hope for a peaceful and gradual decentralization. Gradual, so I have ample time to escape California before control transfers from DC to Sacramento.

    1. I agree with you. A split into several distinct states is probably the only solution. There is no way to live with the progressives in charge, they will destroy everything that they touch. History has already taught us this.

      1. History has already taught us this.

        History has also taught us that progressives migrate like locusts once they’ve thoroughly destroyed their own homes.

  20. I do have to make a new account each day, which I can assure is, is tiresome in the extreme.

    You know what else is tiresome in the extreme?

    1. No shit.

    2. People who can’t thread properly? :-p

  21. What a jerk Christie is.

    1. Well you’re their best customer!

      1. Jerk store!

        1. Will your lawyer hear about as soon as he graduates from law school?

  22. Cops killing dogs, police forces armed with tanks, IRS madness, Benghazi lies, EPA mental cases, War on drugs, irrational positions on medicinal marijuana, runaway debt levels, stifled free-enterprise, NSA spying on citizens and – shock! – abusing its power, Obama…America is Ameripsycho at the moment.

    The nation and land I admire with all my intellectual bearings and heart is a god damn fucking mess.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s better here (and Vermont) in myopic, apathetic, insignificant, insecure, nepotist,Canada with a semi-diversified, mercantlistish economy, where liberty is just a word and high taxes seen as a moral component.

  23. Whatever happened to responding to trolls with bad recipes?

    1. There are better & worse ways to cook trolls?

  24. Miss Teen USA spied on with malware, webcam recorded her even though light was off.

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    Put your fetish to good use, today!

  26. Tried posting from my phone today.
    I select the textbox, my keyboard pops up, but as soon as I start typing, the screen jumps to the top of the page and the keyboard goes away.
    Using Chrome on Android.

  27. Fuck that fat fascist fuck, Christie, with Epi’s diseased withered dick.

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