Snowden's Reported Email Provider Shuts Down Rather Than Cooperate with Feds


Try "1234." No? What's Edward Snowden's birthday?

NSA surveillance leaker Edward Snowden reportedly used an email provider called Lavabit, which boasted of strong security features. Today, Boing Boing took note that the company has shut down and posted a message by the owner explaining the company would not "become complicit in crimes against the American people."

Spencer Ackerman over at The Guardian reported further:

Lavabit, an email service that boasted of its security features and claimed 350,000 customers, is no more, apparently after rejecting a court order for cooperation with the US government to participate in surveillance on its customers. It is the first such company known to have shuttered rather than comply with government surveillance.

"I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit," founder Ladar Levison wrote on the company's website, reported by Xeni Jardin the popular news site Boing Boing.

Levison said government-imposed restrictions prevented him from explaining what exactly led to his company's crisis point.

Levinson is planning on a court fight over the orders, whatever they may be. Declan McCullagh, tech reporter for CNET, theorizes that Lavabit may have gotten an order to intercept user passwords or install surveillance software on their equipment, two government tactics he's written about recently.

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  1. He wasn’t using Tormail? I had heard that he was ci-ommunicating with Greenwald and storing the NSA documents on a Tor server.

    Of course, we all know Freedom Hosting, the hosting service for Tormail, was taken out by the FBI NSA, through the use of a zertoday exploit, right?

    1. zertoday

      This when the sun’s magnetic polarity switches and the telecom GPS systems go nuts. Marshall law!

    2. “Freedom Hosting, the hosting service for Tormail, was taken out by the FBI NSA, through the use of a zertoday exploit, right?”

      You’re wrong about at least three things it that post.

  2. Why is it, when I hit “Preview”, all I see is my handle in plain text? Is it one of the tracker blocks I am using?

    1. Possibly, which ones do you use?

      1. AdBlock Plus, DoNotTrackMe and Ghostery.

        1. I have the first and the last, and that doesn’t happen to me.

          1. Nope. I restarted FF with all add ons disabled.

            Could be a Linux bug? I’m using Mint 15.

            1. I think someone said it’s a bug if you have an email in your handle.

              1. I think someone said it’s a bug if you have an email in your handle.

                That might be it. It is a hyoerlink to default mail handler.

              2. I said below that I have it happen to me sometimes, and I don’t have an email in my handle.

            2. I’m on Kubuntu w/ Chrome, but I just tried my FF install and it works fine.

              1. I use KDE, too.

                1. I did extensive testing on this. It’s an issue with having an email linked to your handle. I tried it on multiple browsers with multiple pugins enabled and disabled in multiple OS environments. It doesn’t seem to affect people with web addresses linked to their handle.

                  1. BINGO

                    1. Can’t they get a little Kochtopus money to fix this?

                    2. Shackford, you read the comments; on what altar do we need to sacrifice a member of the commentariat to get this small but annoying bug fixed?

                    3. “on what altar do we need to sacrifice a member of the commentariat to get this small but annoying bug fixed?”

                      I don’t write no code, but most every time I’ve gotten one ‘small bug’ fixed, I get three or four new ones as a result.

                    4. There are plenty of commenters. I’m sure we’ll run out of bugs before we go full Aztec.

                    5. Who’s up first?

                    6. 1. Redefining Marriage
                      2. WomSom or MampRamp or whatever the anonbot calls himself now.
                      3. All the “Work from home and make $6378 for a new Citroen 2CV” people.

                    7. I’m not sure I’m comfortable euthanizing the mentally ill for number one. It’s not his fault that his mother was into extreme autoerotic asphyxiation throughout her pregnancy for him.

                      I’d switch two and three.

                    8. Yeah, at least anonbot is occasionally funny. The “work from home” people are just fucking annoying

    2. That sometimes happens to me. If I hit “submit” in such a case, I’ll get an error message.

      I use Opera, so I presume the problem is on reason‘s end.

      1. You would be the outlier on this. How is Opera these days? It’s been consistently underrated in the past.

        Anyone else with a webpage linked to their handle have this problem? Dave Kreuger, Gozer, GBN?

        1. Opera 15 is going to be based on the Chrome rendering engine, which needless to say has pissed off a lot of the long-time users because apparently most of the customizable features of Opera are going missing.

          It’s probably going to make me move to FF at some point. I have no desire to use a Google browser.

          1. I use firefox and comodo dragon (it’s chrome based but the tracking components are remove).

            An Iraqi woman for Hyperion

            This will go in my how to derail a commenter file with baby animals for nicole.

            1. I linked a website instead of an email and will try out previewing all of my comments. We’ll see how this goes.

  3. Bravo for the former Lavabit then. I wish Google would grow a pair and publish the metadata of the NSA’s requests to them. If the NSA has nothing to hide, why would they object?

    1. You can’t even get to Google from a Tor exit node any longer.

      FUCK Google

      1. I didn’t realize that. Damn.

        On the plus side, probably safer if you ever accidentally use a non-Tor browser on Tor or vice-versa.

        1. It used to be that they just threw a Captcha at you. Now, I can’t seem to get anyting except something like

          “Server Denied Access”

          or something.

          On a related note, Tor has come out publicly and recommended that users dump Windows.

          Really, switching away from Windows is probably a good security move
          for many reasons.

          1. windows insecure? no shit?

            I would have guessed all TOR users were on Linux.

            1. I’m embarrassed when I admit to using an Ubuntu based OS – Mint 15.

              I’m waiting for a stable version of Manjaro KDE.

          2. Having used both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, yes, but also some Fedora flavors) I’m convinced that most of the security risk of Windows can be broken down to a.) most PCs are running Windows, b.) a lot of people turn real stupid when confronted with a computer, and c.) Windows is designed to accommodate morons.

            A properly-configured Windows box isn’t inherently less secure than a properly-configured Linux box, it’s just that the kind of people who tend to use Linux (at least in the US) are people who are comfortable with computers and are aware of IT security stuff, and so aren’t afraid of digging into security settings. On the other hand, Microsoft built itself out of designing products that drunk baboons could use, so drunk baboons gravitate towards Windows. They’re not the exclusive user base, but they’re a significant portion. They’re also the people who will actually click on the OK button to claim their prize, or help that nice Nigerian prince out with his money laundering issue. Consequently, most crackers and naughty Internet types target Windows. Which is not to say that there aren’t security holes, but dog forbid that the black hat community should turn its fearful gaze on Ubuntu, for example.

    2. Really nice to see him shut it down rather than comply, yea. Hopefully they don’t stick him in jail.

  4. Nope. I restarted FF with all add ons disabled.

    Could be a Linux bug? I’m using Mint 15.

    1. It happens to Windows users too. Delete your email from the registration page and try it. Let me know it can be another data point.

      1. That’s it.

    1. So does Snowden.

  5. This is history in the making. It’s impossible not to recognize the U.S. government’s state of panic just from the embarrassing fiascoes of the last couple months. You can bet the part we’re not seeing is a lot worse. My guess is that they know that the continuing revelations are going to make effective countermeasures utterly impossible. It’s like watching an invisible mouse bring a T-Rex to it’s knees. The truth is the one thing arrogant government officials never think can happen and are never prepared to deal with.

    In the end, the government will win, of course. It would take a lot more than this to get the public to rise up enough to effect real change. But, it’s biggest challenge to U.S. government power at least since the Vietnam war.

    1. …”It’s like watching an invisible mouse bring a T-Rex to it’s knees.”…

      I envy you your optimism. Someone of principle just lost his livelihood and many people lost relatively secure comm.
      I’m hoping something good comes out of that.

      1. can’t he just delete all the data and reopen as Magmabit?

        1. If you’re not joking, I’m sure he could open another service, but as soon as he offered encryption, they’d probably be on his ass again as a ‘repeat offender’ or whatever they choose to make up.
          Royal decree, don’cha know. Putin’s got nothing on Obama.

          1. what repeat? It would be a totally different corporate person.

            But yeah he who makes the rules and all that.

      2. There’s no evidence beyond his own say-so that Snowden is a man of principle. It seems more likely looking at the evidence that he had a deal with the PRC that went bad at the last minute when he revealed himself.

        According to his story, he patiently devised a scheme to get back into a contract with the NSA for the express purpose of revealing this information. That takes a lot of planning and nerves of steel, I’d imagine.

        And yet this is the same guy who had absolutely no plan for what he was going to do AFTER he made the revelations? Gotta call bullshit on that one.

        1. Holy shit, fuck you. Seriously, you are a piece of shit. I’ve defended you on here before, and now I feel like I’ve defended a goddamn child rapist.

          1. Welcome to the light, brother.

          2. Hey. Tulpa’s gotta Tulpa.

          3. So you don’t have an argument?

        2. It doesn’t take nerves of steel so much as not getting outed in the first place. I would think that probably derailed Plan A, and he likely didn’t have a real Plan B. That would fit in with the profile of an idealistic whistleblower; he probably figured getting the truth out would result in some Frank Capra-like ending where he was off scot-free and the NSA was taken to task.

          Although, frankly, if the entire IC wants you buried in six feet of concrete, hopping a flight to one of two countries we almost certainly won’t invade is a pretty decent backup plan.

          1. He outed himself, supposedly to protect the journalists he leaked to. That’s hardly a curveball that was thrown to him, given BO’s past treatment of unauthorized leakers/journalists.

    2. If the president were a white Republican instead of a black Democrat, the mainstream media would be beating the drums about this, and every lefty organization would have demonstrations everywhere. But the TEAM BLUE loyalty is so strong that I doubt even the discovery that the DNC was using NSA data against Republicans would make much difference.

      1. They’d cheer it. Kos would say they ned to go farther.

        1. Sadly true. Apparently using the IRS against the Tea Party was A-OK with many on the left.

      2. I don’t think race has anything to do with it. The media would be having a shit fit about this if Herman Cain was president, and they wouldn’t care any more than they currently do if Hilary Clinton was president. It would more difficult to call their opponents racist, but that doesn’t mean they’d care any more, and they’d just replace “racist” with something else (“sexist” if Clinton were POTUS)

        1. Calidissident| 8.8.13 @ 9:43PM |#
          “I don’t think race has anything to do with it. The media would be having a shit fit about this if Herman Cain was president,…”

          Yep, Condi Rice isn’t a real ‘woman of color’; she ain’t a Dem! It’s obvious!

  6. Never underestimate the government’s ability to… yeah.

    Good news, one less independent, secure service provider on the internet! A win for freedomz!

    1. The first thing I thought about this was, “Well, shit, I’m glad I don’t use Lavabit.” I mean, yay for ideals, but most of the users weren’t named Edward Snowden, and now they’re shit out of luck. Sure, the real villain here is the NSA for pressing the issue to begin with, but it would’ve been nice for the other thousands of users who weren’t involved to get a little notice that they’re about to be in the market for an email provider.

      1. it would’ve been nice for the other thousands of users who weren’t involved to get a little notice that they’re about to be in the market for an email provider.

        Yeah, I’d like a few days notice before the drone strikes, too.

  7. “Levison said government-imposed restrictions prevented him from explaining what exactly led to his company’s crisis point.”

    So, let’s just assume the worst!

    They threatened him.

    The government must have acted like a mafia protection racket. Play by our rules, and nothing bad will happen.

    1. He woke up one morning and found his dog’s bloody severed head on the bed.

      1. “He woke up one morning and found his dog’s bloody severed head on the bed.”

        That still beats waking up one morning and finding Obama’s dick in his mouth…

  8. ON topic!
    “NSA spying may cost cloud companies $35 billion”
    “The industry group found that “56 percent of non-US residents were less likely to use US-based cloud providers, in light of recent revelations about government access to customer information.”…..5-billion/
    Creating or saving jobs!

    1. Still must be Bush’s fault, somehow. Obama’s hands are tied.

      1. “Obama’s hands are tied.”

        OK, see? Bush calls the special number, see? And then says some magic words, ’cause he was in that skull club at school, see?
        And that just MAKES Obama do that stuff!

        1. “The woods are lovely. Dark, and deep.”

      2. Especially since 2009.

  9. Why bother having an e-mail password at all then?

  10. Off-topic: U.S. Will Now Let in Thousands of Syrian Refugees

    What could possibly go wrong? This worked so well with those Chechnyan refugees.

    IRS agent: Tax agency is still targeting Tea Party Groups

    1. “IRS agent: Tax agency is still targeting Tea Party Groups”

      But this is just a so-called scandal, so it doesn’t matter.

    2. Oh, boy!
      “…”So you would treat a Tea Party group as a political advocacy case even if there was no evidence of political activity on the application. Is that right?”
      The agent admitted, “Based on my current manager’s direction, uh-huh.”…”

      1. hey look it’s that FAGGOT sevo! How ya doin, queer? Bet you were all over that gay russian vodka lovefest thread earlier today, what being such a connoisseur of cocks and all.

        Your gay.

        1. Redifining Marriage is obsessed with cock.

          It’s your own affair.

          And, BTW, it’s: You’re gay.

          It’s called a contraction in English.

          Fala Ingles, Amigo?

          1. H, that’s one troll I find amazingly easy to ignore.

      2. This is not happening. Really.

        My small business was audited back in June, for excise tax compliance.

        Coincidence? You decide.

        3 partners. 2 conservatives, life time registered Republicans, one of them a member of the Tea Party, and 1 Libertarian, card carrying party member, who also happens to be a very vocal commenter on Libertarian web site.

        So, audit was conducted. It seems that we were off by 53 cents on payment of the tax. No, I am not making this shit up. Auditor said we are fine, forget about it. My partner, being the anal retentive guy he is, fixed the error and made up the 53 cents on the next installment.

        I joked with my partner about being a target of political enemies. He laughed, but looked concerned.

        1. i would pay the fucking 53 cents too. No way am I trusting the word of an IRS auditor even if I had that shit in writing.

          1. Agreed 100% and in fact, I’d add five bucks to it, just in case the mistake was actually $0.58 and they wanted to charge interest and penalties.

          2. Sure. I never worried about it in the first place. My partner that does all the financial stuff is straight up, anal retentive, no non-sense squeaky clean type of guy. I am really surprised that they found 53 cents. The mistake might be on the auditors part, but whatever.

    3. There are some hot Syrians although I’d prefer an influx of Lebanese.

      Oh Tumblr: Ridiculously Photogenic Syrian Rebels

      1. Godamnit, Jesse! I keep forgetting that you are gay! I clicked that link.

        I was hoping to see hot Mideast women. I haven’t really seen, as far as I know, any Syrian women. But have seen several Iranian women who are smoking hot.

        1. Aww, at least the Lebanese link is a woman. There are definitely some beautiful Persian women.

          1. Yeah I also live in LA (the MB stands for Manhattan Beach, right? And IIRC you went to Whittier College? I have an aunt, uncle, and cousins who live there, and my grandparents live in La Habra) and one thing I’ve definitely noticed is that a lot of the Persian girls I’ve met are really pretty. Don’t know if I’ve ever met a Syrian girl

            1. Correct on all points. You’re up in the USC area, no?

              1. Yeah I am (not right now actually, I’m home for summer, but I’m moving back in less than two weeks)

          2. Thank you for that.

            And yes, there are some ridiculously hot Persian women out there. I met a ton when I got involved with the protests here after imadinnerjacket was re-elected in ’09.

            (Some of those Syrian rebels are pretty cute, I’ll have to show my wife that tumblr.)

        2. If he’s going to keep calling for Lebanese, he’s going to get Jamie Farr lookalikes. 🙂

          1. +1 Klinger

          2. Or Kemal Amin, aka- Casey Kasem

        3. Hyperion| 8.8.13 @ 9:22PM |#
          “Godamnit, Jesse! I keep forgetting that you are gay!”

          And the idiot ‘marriage’ troll missed Jesse and hits you and me.
          Whatta loser…..

          1. jealous?

        4. Would you rather have Jesse or Warty hit on you? 😉

          1. False dilemma! Warty doesn’t hit on you he RAPES YOU.

            1. To Warty, it’s the same thing.

            2. Well in some circles that’s kind of like being hit on…..

      2. Just fucking with you dude, you know that.

        Anyway, next link from you, needz moar hot middle eastern wiminz!

        1. No! Jesse is doing juuuuust fine.

          1. Haha, KK, for you, sure, but not for me.

            For you and not for me! Social justice has not been achieved! I’m being oppressed!

          2. Now I’m tumbling down the rabbit hole of Syrian propaganda. Apparently this fellow, who is fairly easy on the eyes (although a bit young) and has become a face of the Syrian rebels did some cam-whoring with an Al Arabiya reporter (of the lady variety) and the Syrian government got video, put a song about being an attention whore, and a gay pride flag over the top and posted it to youtube. The official description is hysterical.

            Abdul Razzak Tlas, nephew of Mustafa Tlas, cousin of Manaf Tlas, rubs his nipple for a fellow camwhore (Medya Daghistaney, an Al-Arabiya presenter in Saudi Arabia) .

            Judging on the following article, the Free “Syrian” Army will get an opportunity to enter the gigolo market in the west when their “revolution” fails:
            [link removed so Reason would let me post]

            If you want to hire Tlas for a steamy, hairy night, you can contact him here:

          3. Here, kitty!

        1. $5 million dollars or the kitten gets it!

  11. I understand the cynical nature of Libertarians. I am living proof of it. However, I’m not a pessimist either. I’m sort of a glass half full guy, in that I like to be optimistic, but I don’t let that stand in the way of reality.

    Is Liberty winning right now? No, hell no. We’re under the crushing weight of 100 years of progressive law making. It’s not easy to reverse that. But it seems that things are about to make a turn for the better. Just one example. Not sure if has been covered here, but here’s yet another small victory for liberty:

    Unconstitutional gun ban on renters in CO apartment community abandoned after resistance

    We can win, and will, but not by being quiet sheeples.

    1. UGH, anyone who uses the term “sheeple” non-ironically is, guess what? Wait for it…wait for it…A COCK-SUCKING FAGGOT!!!

      1. So, you’re okay with irony, queerbait?

      2. Looks like you have a bonerfide stalker Hyperion.

        1. Looks like you’re one of those assholes who calls people who respond to posts on the internet “stalkers”.

          1. And you’re one of those assholes who considers what RM’s foaming mouth rant a “response.”

    2. “We can win, and will, but not by being quiet sheeples.”
      I hope so. Some of the newsletters have hopeful stories of wins against the state; IJ and Reason are about the best. But there are times is seems like you win over the mosquito while you’re trying to drain the swamp.
      Pretty sure the ‘win’ is gonna come when ‘way more than self-identified libertarians join in, and so far Obama’s managed to lie his ass off and satisfy the shreeks of the world.

      1. I know Sev, long battle ahead… but it’s getting more interesting.

        I think that our best strategy is to support any new hopes for liberty, running for congress, in 2014. And also to unseat the worst, like McCain and Graham, with lesser evils.

    3. Goddamnit, I hate sites that immediately start playing video even though the transcript is right there on the same page.

    4. This reads like the post of an infiltrator.

  12. I smell troll stink upstream, sniff, sniff…

  13. another encrypted mail service bites the dust

    Above, sevo linked to an article saying 35 million cost to US cloud providers. Was going to reply there, but this deserves it’s own sub thread. After this week is done, $35 million will seem small.

    1. Not sure if this is good, or not. But I understand their decision.

      Obviously, our government is not upset by this, though. Their cronyism is designed to shut down all competition to their big corporate cronies, so this is probably a victory for them. They want Americans to have no choice, no privacy, and no civil liberties.

      1. Far better for them to shut it down than for someone to have a false sense of security and use it, only to have the provider strong armed.

        Besides, this encourages someone to make a non-censorable, non-compromisable mail system.

    2. From the cite/site:

      “We see the writing the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now. We have not received subpoenas, warrants, security letters, or anything else by any government, and this is why we are acting now.”

      I believe the term for this is ‘chilling’, is it not?

      1. 1984 is here, on steroids.

        We’re in a war, and it’s not against middle eastern Islamists.

      2. Yup. Surveillance state is here. Nice thing is, their other two services probably are more secure.

      3. GOD DAMN IT. I’d recently switched to Silent as my primary email.

  14. Well since it’s only the bad guys getting whacked it’s cool, right?

    1. Which ones are the good guys in Yemen again?… I forget.

  15. Microsoft Co-Founder Releases an Album because he can.

    1. Lest we forget the real musical pioneer at Microsoft:

  16. I’d rather die
    Than give you control


    1. that’s a brutal haiku

      1. thank you

    2. CD single of that made a way better soundtrack for quake than the quake disc did.

      1. I liked those Reznor cuts. Very moody.

        1. Recently been very impressed by broken, a lot more going on there than I remembered.

          1. Speaking of Quake, did you see the big Id news yesterday?


            Sounds like JC is transitioning away from the company.

            1. Yea, heard that. A friend was going nuts about what it means for iD. I figured it means oculus is fairly serious/might be something big.

              1. I’ve actually been listening to broken a bunch recently. I need to break out fixed. That, I haven’t revisited. I’m worried it might not have held up as well as broken did.

                1. Agree about broken, I haven’t taken it out of rotation in the five years I’ve had my Samsung Ipod rippoff. Right now I have it on in the stereo slot and this is on.


                  Excellent album.

  17. OT: I think I have discovered Tony’s last name

    I was reading a Cracked article, and this one had an especially stupid section on a bunch of millionaires who tried to create (in the words of the writer) a “libertarian paradise” on some island in the Pacific, and then said it would basically be America if Mitt Romney wrote the Constitution (cause Romney is such a libertarian) and then threw in the standard Ayn Rand reference. Anyways, in the comments (and there are a lot of stupid ones), I found this:



    08-08-2013 | 10:07 am


    Freedom is a necessary evil. Government is just necessary.…..ne_p2.html

    1. Four of six are 1800’s US? They need to read my rantings from last night on the Taborites. That’s the insane stuff.

      Haven’t read much on Minerva, assumed they got chased off pretty quick.

      Also, might be interesting to hear about the polygamist commune Romney’s grandfather was in.

      1. I hate the conflation of such ideas and sentiments with 19th century communes. Yep, apparently none of that was ever considered before, tried, abandoned, etc….

        Plato? The Essenes? Thomas More? Arg.

      2. That article is garbage; however, it’s quite hilarious that 5/6 “utopias” are communist/socialist and the “libertopia” example was seized in 6 months.

    2. Has our Tony ever said where he lives? There seems to be a Tony Arra in New York state.

      1. I believe he claims to live in Oklahoma (I know, not the first state I’d guess he was from)

  18. HOLY FUCK.

    While six police lay into prone grannies on the floor with long batons, the pictures can be on the net in seconds, meaning supervisors have to answer embarrassing questions.

    But they may not need to fear scrutiny much longer – Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, whenever they like.

    All the coppers have to do is decide that a public gathering or venue is deemed “sensitive”, and needs to be “protected from externalities” and Apple will switch off all its gear.

    The police can then get on with the very difficult task of kettling protesters without having to worry about a few beating anyone to death.

    Apple insists that the affected sites are mostly cinemas, theatres, concert grounds and similar locations, but it does admit that it could be used in “covert police or government operations which may require complete ‘blackout’ conditions”.

    1. Hey, if Apple did not do it, some company like Microsoft where they don’t even know the meaning of the term ‘Good Corporate Citizen’ nor that of ‘Social Responsibility’ would do it instead. So it’s best that a progressive company like Apple develop this technology and patent it before real fascist get a hold of it and abuse it.

      1. I detect a touch of sarcasm, but there might be some truth there. Many companies patent things defensively and never implement them. If this shows up in an iPhone it’s a different story, but for now it’s just a patent.

        1. In all honesty, I’m kind of amazed that we even know about this. There’s a national security exception to the issue of patents. The USPTO can decide, after consultation with DOD, DHS, NSA, etc, that national security considerations prevent a patent from being published or possibly even issued in the first place. It seems like DHS or NSA would have said this technology has national security implications. Strange; how did this get through the PTO and made public?

        2. A wee bit. ‘Progressive’ is never a positive word in my vocabulary. Also, if the technology is out there, don’t believe for a second the intelligence community will regard a patent as a hindrance to their exploitation of that technology.

    2. What I said above. Government only wants their favorite and most compliant cronies in business.

      Apple = Shit.

    3. According to RT it could also be used to prevent whistleblowers like Edward Snowden from taking pictures and broadcasting them on the interent.

      RIPPED STRAIGHT FROM THE HEADLINES, GUYS. God, I hate this style of hack journalism. And no, I’m not going to click through to see if the RT reference is quite as labored.

      Oh, and Apple can suck it. I’m done with their ware.

      1. Apple can suck it

        I see a long-ish article with no sources or anything. All references online point to this (unsourced) article. Not saying it’s false – but I don’t see any reason I should believe this.

        1. “Apple patent could remotely disable protesters’ phone cameras” from ZDnet with a link to the patent

          The actual patent info. It’s all in plain English, you can read it and decide for yourself. It seems to have plenty of practical private uses, but it appears to be true that it’s open to abuse by the government.

          1. Huh, patent link isn’t working right. Can still be found through ZDNet, but here’s another try at the link: Patent link.

            1. Stupid Reason linking. The patent link info works fine when I put it in my browser, but not through the link.

              1. I can’t get the link the work but I will provisionally take your word for it.

          2. It seems to have plenty of practical private uses, but it appears to be true that it’s open to abuse by the government.

            Should we take bets on whether the US or China pressured Apple to create it?

        2. Oh, I’ve no idea whether the story is true. But me an’ Apple, we through.

  19. Researchers make alcohol from coffee, change everything…..1053355598

    A team of goddamn heroes scientists has gone and found a way to make booze out of used coffee grounds, finally bridging the gap between two of the most popular pastimes on the planet.

    1. So do civilized people still order Starbucks before noon?

      1. I like a good coffee buzz in the morning.
        But all I wanna do is have some fun.

        1. -1 roll of TP

          1. I aim to displease.

    2. Then they heated the powder in water at 163?C for 45 minutes, separated out the liquid, and added sugar.

      Uhh… you can ferment used gym shoes if you add in sugar. You can ferment anything with sugar, so if you add sugar, then you can ferment anything.

      1. I know. I brew. This is about the process of conversion that gets you high end results where a single distillation will get you 80 proof of ethanol without forming too many of the toxic alcohols that would turn it into a poison.

  20. NASA discovers fabulous pink planet.

    1. Peter Leaffan
      ? 24 minutes ago

      They can’t see the purple directly. Its too far away. Instead they analyze the reflected light and then look at the data. Not that exciting, sorry.

      That’s why it’s exciting, you nimwit! It’s interesting when entomologists find new species of beetles, or whatever, but imagine they could only find beetles by looking for silhouettes, and using spectrometry to make sense of its composition.

  21. There are more bicycles than residents in The Netherlands

  22. The 10 Bj?rkiest things Bj?rk has ever done

    1. Bj?rk has ever Bj?rked?

  23. Dude is a hero, plain and simple!

    1. That’s a very principled position Mr. Anonbot… even though his purpose is to eliminate your very necessity. I guess you will always have your fellow pedos though…

  24. Anyone doubted where Krauthammer would come down?

    It was an extremely important moment. Rand Paul represents the sort of isolationist wing of the Republican party; by this direct, fearless attack on him by Christie, I think he takes up the mantle of the majority of the GOP, which is interventionist. And that’s a really important moment

    Their policies are going to get American businesses isolated from the entire world if they don’t cut this shit out.

    1. That really is the circuit breaker for American foreign policy idiocy, isn’t it?

  25. Who’s Getting an MSNBC show? Alec Baldwin, That’s Who!

    Mediaite has learned from a senior source in the cable news industry with knowledge of MSNBC’s programming that actor Alec Baldwin is getting his own weekly show in MSNBC’s primetime lineup.

    According to our source, the so far untitled show will air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET and will feature a large dose of Baldwin’s outspoken liberal politics.

    Ratings are already in the toilet. Next stop, the septic tank.

    1. A liberal bastion like MSNBC giving a show to someone who says things like “If (sic) put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.” and then claims he wasn’t being homophobic?

      SHOCKED *clutches pearls*

      1. The show is bound to be toxic.

        1. An atomic blast is a thing of horror and stark terror, but the well formed mushroom cloud is a thing of beauty… once you get past what was under it.. I’m sure his show will be a thing of beauty too, in its own ..umm..special way… but avoid the fallout radius.

      2. Don’t forget the screamfest he once directed at his own daughter. I suspect his show will not be broadcast live.

    2. A liberal bastion like MSNBC giving a show to someone who says things like “If (sic) put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.” and then claims he wasn’t being homophobic?

      SHOCKED *clutches pearls*

      1. Alec Baldwin can’t be abusive or anti-homosexual!

        He’s the right kind of people!

        I’m sure he didn’t mean it negatively!

        He was just tired! And those damn conservatives just made him so mad!

        1. You are worthress, Arec Bardwin!

        2. He was just tired! And those damn conservatives just made him so mad!

          Dan White totally just had low blood sugar from all those Twinkies too.

    3. Remember the ABC: A Always, B Be, C Cocky.
      Always be cocky.

      1. That’s who he is, and you’re nothing.

    4. Are you kidding? Watching him get pissed at a guest and calling them a “toxic little queen” or such on air is going to be gold.

  26. What a Syrian broad may look like

    1. Oh yeah, we need more like that in the US….

    2. Something to be said for face moisturizers and foundation… lots of foundation.

      1. “Something to be said for face moisturizers and foundation paint and spackling… lots of foundation spackling.”

      1.| 8.8.13 @ 11:30PM |#
        “Eh the first lady is rather pretty.”

        I’m not gonna research this evening, but IIRC, she’s a US ex-pat who has tried to propagandize the ruling family into some wonderful, modern, uh, something.
        All the while using the King’s credit cards in the most expensive stores in Europe.

        1. Syrian, born in the UK. I never said she was beautiful on the inside.

        2. So basically like the wife of any rich dumbass.

      2. She was the subject of the fawning piece in Vogue in 2011, orchestrated by a PR firm, since removed from the website.

  27. You’re not being raped until you say no.

    1. “Tacit consent means ‘No!’ — always.”

      1. Not if you’re John Locke.

  28. The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain?standing proud in this image?was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working elevator.

    1. That is HILARIOUS!
      Who in hell signed off on the plans and didn’t notice the lack of an elevator core down the middle?
      I mean, for a building like that, there would typically be floor-to-floor elevators for the lower levels and express elevators to serve the higher floors.
      How do you spell “Idiot” in Spanish?

      1. “T O N Y”

        It’s universal.

        1. Hahaha. Perfect!

      2. Who the hell would even build that thing without noticing there’s no elevator? The construction crew was walking up the steps the whole damn time?

        1. There is an elevator, but it’s only appropriate for the early, smaller version of the building. They decided to add a bunch of floors but didn’t expand the elevator banks.

          1. “They decided to add a bunch of floors but didn’t expand the elevator banks.”

            So “T O N Y”, right?

    2. Was this built according to El Bloombito’s anti-obesity building code? Perhaps it was some sort of pilot program…

    3. Of course. It’s “Greed’s” fault they forgot the elevator; not, oh say, stupidity.

  29. Baking Fails

    1. “Does blowing up a dog with fireworks constitute animal cruelty a savage, and re-occurring asswhipping.. all day, everyday for the rest of his life?”… that’s the right question

    2. Wait, is this “animal cruelty” or “Animal Cruelty?”?

      I also don’t know what to make of “constitute,” in terms of the copula…
      Are we working with “is” or “ought” here?

      (Just call me William Jefferson David Hume Clinton.)

    3. Depends on who’s dog it is.


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