Who Do Booz Allen Hamilton Workers Support? Mostly Democrats


As the Obama adminstration tries to rid themselves of that meddling Edward Snowden, and revelations about the security-military-industrial complex's eyes on us bloom like roses in excrement, it's interesting to see who the people who work for the company that employed him, Booz Allen Hamilton, supports with political donations, from OpenSecrets.org.

And the percentage given to Democrats is usually pretty high: for 2014 cycle so far, more than ten times as much to Dems as Republicans; for 2012 more than twice as much; for 2010 7 percent more; and for 2008 well more than twice as much, nearly three times as much. Supporters of the surveillance state from Team Obama can be calmed by knowing that it's "people like them" running it. 

[Hat tip: Justin Raimondo's Twitter]