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Daddy, What Did *You* Do During the War on Terror? Justin Amash Has a Great Answer. Obama, Not So Much.


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I've got a new column up at The Daily Beast. It's about how libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is leading the bipartisan defense of civil liberties in the House of Representatives.

As reported here yesterday, Amash's attempt, co-sponsored by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), to limit the scope of domestic NSA surveillance of Americans came within a few votes of passing. At the same time, amendments spearheded by Tea Party Republicans Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Trey Radel (Fla.) limited intervention in Egypt and Syria.


Amash—singled out by name by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as a "wacko bird" after Sen. Rand Paul's epic filibuster over the Obama administration's drone policy—has emerged as the leader of a pack of unapologetically libertarian-leaning Republicans who vote their principles rather than their party. Like Rand Paul—who has worked with liberal Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and other Democrats on specific issues related to civil liberties—Amash shows that bipartisanship is not only possible but that it doesn't have to be an exercise in mushy, centrist, logrolling compromise. For Amash, it's not about splitting the difference between a turd sandwich and a giant douche, it's about bringing votes to your side by standing up for core beliefs. No wonder GOP leaders have taken to calling Amash and others like him "assholes."…

The bipartisan effort on civil liberties being led by Justin Amash is likely to win the longer struggle because it proceeds from deep-seated principle rather than lip-service politics. Years from now, when the fever over the threat of Islamo-fascism has broken and all the government's abuses in the name of protecting Oklahomans from the imposition of Sharia and Floridians safe from exploding water parks have fully come to light, both Obama and Amash will have to look their kids in the eye and answer the question, "Daddy, what did you do during the War on Terror?"

One of them will be able to say without hesitation that he consistently stood up for transparency, the rule of law, and the idea that the government doesn't have the right to watch you simply because it can. Who knows what Obama will say?

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Come on, The Incredible Mr Limpet was hilarious!

    You got to see Don Knotts at his awkward best!

    1. Oh god, I didn’t know you could get PTSD-style flashbacks from a fucking movie. I had managed to erase that abortion from my brain until now. Thanks a lot, Nick.

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      1. She should turn into a fish and spot enemy subs.

    3. The Incredible Mr. Limpet was a great movie. And you didn’t get a lot of nudity in family movies in the early sixties, but Ladyfish wasn’t just sexy, she didn’t wear a stitch of clothing in the whole movie.

  2. who has worked with liberal Sen. Ron Wyden (R-Ore.) and other Democrats on specific issues related to civil liberties

    Wrong letter after Ron Wyden’s name. 😀

    1. Yeah, Wyden’s one of the few “civil libertarians” left on the D bench. Too fucking bad he sucks on economic issues.

      1. Too fucking bad he sucks on economic issues.

        If he didn’t he wouldn’t be a Democrat.

        1. True.

  3. Who knows what Obama will say?

    Something about wreckers and Kulaks and obstructionist Republicans, most likely.

    1. Oh and “BOOOOOOOOOOSH!”

    2. He will tell his kids that after winning a Nobel prize you can shoot hellfire missiles via drones whenever you want.

  4. Years from now, when the fever over the threat of Islamo-fascism has broken and all the government’s abuses in the name of protecting….


    I’ll be right here, holding my breath.

    1. Why so blue?

  5. “Daddy, what did you do during the War on Terror?”

    This idea contains the highly optimistic assumption that the War on Terror has an end. It has vague goals that can spin and shift with ease, perpetuates itself and no objective standard on deciding winners, losers, and when it can be said to have finished.

    1. So, like the War on Drugz, and also for teh childrunz. Got it.

    2. You’d think that the report yesterday that Al Quaeda was focusing on non-US targets would mean that we’d won. Of course, it didn’t, since winning means complete eradication of all terrorist cells everywhere.

      About as achievable as NCLB.

      1. That just shows that indiscriminate bombing of poor brown people works!

        MOAR DRONEZ!!1

      2. The statist ideal of perpetual spending can not be obtained through reachable goals.

        1. “For the first need in war, is for unlimited money”

          /M. T. Cicero

    3. It’s winding down and the fiscalocalypse will finish it.

  6. I am strongly considering primarying my congresscritter over this. I thought he was at least somewhat decent on this sort of thing, but he’s probably been there too long and has become institutionalized.

    1. Did they stick him in an institution? Did they say it was the only solution?

      1. All he wanted was a $300,000 donation from Pepsi.

        1. Hahahahahaha brilliant, it’s things like this that remind me why I love this site

      2. HE decided? In YOUR best interest?

      3. I’m not crazy!!!

  7. Send in Danger 5. They know how to deal with fascist angry birds.

  8. No wonder GOP leaders have taken to calling Amash and others like him “assholes.”…

    Amash is an asshole for defending the interests of not only his constiuents but all of the American people. He should be fetching coffee for the senior members of his party’s caucus like a good boy.

    1. Fetching coffee? I thought these guys were all healthy and drinking Tea at Parties?

  9. “Who knows what Obama will say?”

    Well we may no know what he’ll say, but we certainly know what he did.

  10. I liked the article. No soft peddling so the Daily Beast crowd can catch up to speed without breaking a sweat. They need to sweat.

  11. If Republicans start nominating people that are more libertarian minded, maybe that can get us on a more prosperous path. I realize that Republicans don’t have enough supporters right now to affect lasting prosperity. Maybe if some democrats see how a more libertarian mindset can improve their own lives, then maybe we can get the numbers to build a new path.

  12. To go off topic from policy to pure politics: Just how popular is Representative Amash within his House District? Is he at risk next year? The only polling that I have seen in regards to Amash was something of a joke poll that showed him losing a hypothetical Michigan Senate race against a pseudonymous progressive twitter account.

  13. First comment on the article over at the Beast…
    “The voice of reason prevailed against the voices of irrationality that forget the horrors of 9/11 and the need to keep our homeland safe. And this bill was brought forth by “Amash” – an Arab… someone whose loyalty to America is very much up in the air. ..”


  14. Proud to be a Wacko Bird!

  15. Someone get a Kickstarter campaign running to actually make this mobile game please. Premise: the game’s hero is a Wacko Bird. You must fly through drone-filled obstacle courses dodging hell-fire missiles. At the end of each level you face a Wacko Hawk ( Biden, McCain, Graham, top boss is Obama). Your only defense through the levels is obv a double barrel shotgun. You can only fire two warning blasts though to scare them away. Also you can be stopped and frisked by Lindesy Graham at any time.

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