Police Abuse

Police Union Suing St. Paul For Releasing Video of Police Brutality Without Hiding Cop's Face

Cop still on the job even though the police chief says he wants to fire him


gorans pulling hightower in by his hair
St. Paul

Last August, Eric Hightower was maced repeatedly by police and kicked in the face while he was down during an arrest in St. Paul, for allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend, that was caught on at least one cellphone video. Earlier this week, it was reported the police chief had decided to fire one of the officers involved and suspend the other (even though prosecutors had previously declined to press charges against the cops, saying there was not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the use of force was unreasonable). The disciplinary action, of course, is not final because of a union grievance process.

Police also released video from inside the back of the patrol car, which showed one of the cops, Matthew Gorans (who the police chief said was fired, even though he remains listed as a city employee), appearing to mace Hightower in the ear after pulling him completely inside the squad car. In addition to challenging the disciplinary actions the police chief is trying to take against the officers, the St. Paul Police Federation is now suing the city for releasing the squad car video without first obscuring Gorans' face, after the union asked the city not to release the video. They're claiming the officer has a right to privacy that should preclude the city from releasing video of a city employee abusing his authority in a city-owned car caught on a city-owned camera. Don't forget public employees enjoy these privileges because they're heroes.

Here's the video from inside the patrol car over which the union is suing:

And here's dashcam video that was also released this week.

 h/t sloopyinca for the original story

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  1. Working Class Hero.

    1. We don’t need another hero.

      1. We’re just ‘holding out for a hero’.

    2. We don’t condone heroics at this institution.

    3. This ain’t no place for no hero.

  2. Ah, the sound of police misconduct FOPFOPFOPFOPFOP.

    1. Is that the sound of police misconduct or the sound sloopy makes when he’s sharing that misconduct with us?

      1. My sound is more like a grinding of teeth combined with the mixing of a cocktail.

        1. And the clinking of fetters and the low moans of the doomed and hopeless.

        2. I usually mix my liquar with a sippy cup

          1. I than my phone for adding that extra special color spelling.

            1. Go home, dinkster, you’re drunk.

      2. More MN sloop-pr0n.

        Short take: Last summer SWAT dude is at a bar where someone one is being drunk and obnoxious. Confronts (OK, I mean sucker punches) drunk dude who falls and needs 3 brain operations.

        SWAT guy gets fired (really) and was just sentenced to 3 years in the clink. That is half the recommended sentence. Of course he thinks he should have just gotten probation because was it really his fault that his victim was too drunk to take a sucker punch without falling on his head?

        Yes, they really tried to say that if the victim hadn’t been a drunk, this would have just been a simple sucker punch.

        The topping on this one?

        At the trial, the wife of SWAT guy walks past the victim and:

        Before that, as Clifford’s [SWAT guy] wife, Kelly, left the courtroom, she walked near Vander Lee [Victim] and said, “Don’t have too much to drink.”

        the story

        1. By the way, the story refers to a dark and grainy surveillance tape helping to convict SWAT guy. But if you look at the video (linked at the story above), it is clear as day and shot on a bright afternoon.

          It also pretty much demonstrates that if SWAT guy said that the guy pulled his fist back to threaten him, he should be facing perjury charges too.

          the video Remember this is “The incident was captured on a dark and sometimes grainy surveillance video.”

          p.s. The funny thing is that one of his arguments going to the joint is that he has a tattoo “that is popular with law enforcement” on his arm and that will be a death warrant for him.

          I guess it really is true that the cops are just another gang. They even have their own tattoos.

          1. They even have their own tattoos.

            Is it a cop murdering the bulldog that all those Marines have?

          2. I remember that case. I thought he was gonna get a slap on the wrist. I guess the whole “I’m a cop and will be brutally raped in prison” defense didn’t work out so well for him.

            Couldn’t of happened to a better guy.

          3. I see that the cop immediately leaves like a pussy after the sucker-punch. Way to serve and protect, asshole.

            1. He’s a First Responder. It’s up to the second responders to make sure his “client” doesn’t die from a brain injury.

            2. He ran away. What a POS.

  3. “….They’re claiming the officer has a right to privacy …”

    The supreme court might beg to differ on that opinion…

    /Don’t go away mad, just go away!

    1. claiming the officer has a right to privacy

      You’re earning a taxpayer-funded paycheck? Then no, you’ve no right to privacy. Your job involves immense power disparities via your badge and gun? Then HELL NO, you’re not entitled to privacy. What, are you stupid?

    1. John McCain: “Janet Napolitano has served our nation with honor over the last four years as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security ? one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in Washington. We have had our share of disagreements during her time as Secretary, but I have never doubted her integrity, work ethic or commitment to our nation’s security. The people of Arizona can be very proud of our former Governor’s service, and I wish her all the best as she assumes leadership of the nation’s largest public university system.”

      1. John McCain: “Um, Janet Napolitano is a… brilliant woman with lots of well thought-out, practical, ideas. She is insuring the security of this nation for years to come. Oh yes, and her personal hygiene is above reproach.”


        1. John McCain can go suck a turd.

          1. When I think of John McCain (which is only when I come to this website), I think of Cotton Hill.


            1. That is exactly who I think of too!

      2. John McCain: “Janet Napolitano has served our nation with honor

        John McCain demonstrates once again that he’s completely full of shit.


    2. At least it’s a step up financially, for her:

      Janet Napolitano is leaving her position as Secretary of the Department Homeland Security to become president of the University of California system ? and she’s likely to make big bucks.

      Napolitano’s predecessor, Mark Yudof, made $591,084 a year. (To put that into perspective, attending University of California, Berkeley would cost a California resident a whopping $33,522 a year.)

      Napolitano currently makes about $200,000 a year.

  4. Jeff Sessions:

    “Secretary Napolitano’s tenure at the Department of Homeland Security was defined by a consistent disrespect for the rule of law.

    Yeah!! You tell ’em, Jeff!

    “The resignation of Secretary Napolitano should refocus the attention of Congress on its first task: to ensure that the executive branch faithfully carries out the laws of the land.

    Amen, Brother! Preach it!!! Can I get a witness?!?

    The most significant obstacle to immigration reform remains President Obama’s selective enforcement of the law. Any selection ? interim or permanent ? to replace Secretary Napolitano must disavow these aggressive non-enforcement directives or there is very little hope for successful immigration reform.

    Yeah! Wait…what? Immigration Reform? That took an unexpected turn. I was expecting something about NSA spying and such…

    “Whoever replaces Secretary Napolitano must restore the rule of law, as well as the morale of ICE officers which has plummeted under her tenure.”

    You know what, Jeff? You can go jump in a lake.

    1. restore […] the morale of ICE officers which has plummeted under her tenure

      ICE would be an excellent application of the axiom “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

    2. When I saw “Sessions” I knew he would be complaining about immigration instead of all the actual infringements on people’s liberty promulgated by the DHS

    3. That’s fucking Arizona for you – one minute government is increasing or affirming individual liberty and the next they’re off on some batshit insane quest to screw someone over.

      1. Sessions is from Alabama. Although it is true for both states (Note: I am by no means saying that California is completely 100% totally awesome and has no problems whatsoever)

        1. I think if any state is vying for banana republic lookalike champion, it’s California. Hugo Chavez would likely have won election there.

          1. Not disputing that

            1. Ok actually I am. At least we’re not New York.

        2. For some reason I thought it was Jeff Flake.

  5. Fuck these pigs.

    I mean…yeah, that’s about it. Fuck ’em. They deserve our disdain, mockery and verbal abuse every time we see them in public…because there are no good ones at all.

    1. Fuck. Them. Fuck them hard and repeatedly, with vigor and enthusiasm, frequently and at length. Fuck ’em.

  6. You know what might actually make it easier to terminate a criminal in your department? CHARGING HIM WITH HIS CRIME. Honest to fuck. Anyway, it seems then that no video should be allowed since we all have privacy concerns when on police surveillance camera. What union do I have to join to keep my mugshot from being handed to Lance Hairdo of the Action 4 News Team when I haven’t even been convicted?

    1. This. I see these dollar rag mugshot compilation in convenient stores, and they’re sickening.

      1. The public shaming is terrible since that’s generally all it takes to fuck up someone’s life.

  7. The cop works for the public and the public was allowed to see his face?!
    The horror!
    (BTW, when does he get FIRED without continuing benefits?)

    1. This, he’s a public employee not a goddamn spy.

      1. He’s society’s equivalent of the guy who does the clean up on aisle 6 after someone makes a mess.
        He’s a janitor with limited permission to use force.

  8. The night’s postings really need to end with a links thread.

    1. Reason Up All Night, kind of like USA Up All Night.

      1. Yes like a marathon of mashed-up Psyche and Burn Notice episodes.

      2. Kentucky Fried Movie!

  9. I’m going to say something that some of you might find enraging or mockworthy: I prefer the 1978 Ralph Bakshi version of LoTR over the Peter Jackson version.

    Of course the ’78 movie didn’t continue past Helm’s Deep so we’re missing a bunch of good stuff. Still though I find it to be better.

    There, I’ve said it.

    1. The whole LoTR thing is retarded.

      There, I’ve said it.


      2. “Say what you will about Jesus, but leave the Rings out of this!”


      1. Wow. What an obnoxious guy. And 20 minutes of that? I could only stand 1.

    2. I think anyone with taste would prefer the cartoon over its live-action remake, just as anyone with taste would prefer any version of ‘The Hobbit’ to ‘LOTR’.

      1. You’re probably drunk, so I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.

  10. Matthew Gorans (who the police chief said was fired, even though he remains listed as a city employee),

    Let me guess… He’s a union rep now, and the taypayers have to pay him to file bullshit lawsuits against the city when a thug gets fired?


  11. If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide.

    Funny how the cops seem to think this should apply to us, but never to them

  12. Can people stop replying to Tony and Buttplug? Is it possible? I mean, I have very little discipline and I can manage it, why not youse guys?

    1. They routinely throw out blitheringly mendacious and stupid things, but I have seen nothing from them in favor of deep dish “pizza,” artisanal pus, or LoTR, so they have that goin’ for them.

    2. Unlikely. It’s like picking a scab to some people here. An oozing, squamous scab.

  13. Sorry, but the union is full of shit here. No right to privacy, no riht not to have his face shown, etc.

    I hope they lose this. Open government means just that.

    The snark about heroes (sure, cops are… on the whole… heroes, but this shit certainly aint heroic) aside…

    1. “sure, cops are… on the whole… heroes”

      You need to look that word up. It means something different than what you think it does. You cheapen it.

      1. Seriously.

        And BTW, in my experience, military vets who actually went to war zones are far more likely to reject the hero label than cops are.

        Would you agree that’s true, or is it just Dunphy, PoliceOne, and a few others who have given me a false impression?

        1. military vets who actually went to war zones are far more likely to reject the hero label than cops are


        2. “And BTW, in my experience, military vets who actually went to war zones are far more likely to reject the hero label than cops are.”


          I don’t remember meeting you but I’m sure it was a pleasure.

    2. [(sure, cops are… on the whole… heroes,..]

      You are beyond amusing.

    1. Wow, it’s creepy how their names are so similar. What kind of monster would do the detailed research of finding a girl with a similar name to his, and kidnap her? It’s chilling.

      1. You’d almost think she was a willing accomplice in her own abduction.

        Shit, is that sexist?

        1. The purpose of Amber Alerts is to rescue kidnapped children before their kidnappers kill them. I hope they get this guy before he takes the girl with the similar name to his underground murder dungeon.

      1. That is one hell of a contraption.

      2. You can see the good doctor (pilot) struggling quite a bit, perhaps near the end of the 64 second flight. While it’s neat as a demonstration of what’s possible, it has little to no practical application. At least for now…

      3. It’s almost like alternative energy. To get a contraption 8′ off the ground on pedal energy, it requires the land area equivalent to a football field. So to get 200 people off the ground, yeah, you need an area the size of Rhode Island.

        1. I happen to like solar panels. The helicopter is kinda dumb.

  14. “Don’t forget public employees enjoy these privileges because they’re heroes.”

    I read the gov’s article. I love how swarms of government bureaucrats habitually cloak themselves in the aura of cops, firefighters and teachers. Yeah, a cop who steps in front of potential victims and takes bullets is a hero. The tens of thousands of administrators and asst. administrators and asst asst administrators…..not so much.

  15. As for the police union, fuck them. If I am caught on video committing a crime no one hides my face.

    1. Not only that, they’ll also make a public spectacle when they arrest you.

      1. I bet they didn’t make the cop do the “perp walk”.

  16. Policemen should wear masks and conceal their true identities, and operate from secret hideouts. If not for these heroes, society would collapse into a miasma of lawlessness and mayhem. They are our modern day superheroes.

    1. Policemen should wear masks and conceal their true identities, and operate from secret hideouts. If not for these heroes, society would collapse into a miasma of lawlessness and mayhem.

      If it weren’t for anonymous police officers terrorizing the community at large, we’d be just like Somalia.

    2. Calling for armed masked militias is probably not going to result in more trust of the police. That fact that supporters of the police actions see no potential dangers in abuse of power is why americans are so stupid. Learn about the history of the abuse of force in the world. It is something that should be called into question for freedom’s sake, not canonized. Do you think cops should be above the law? Who can stop them then?

  17. Success!

    It puts the officers in the communities and learning who those people are in those communities, learning about some of the possible drug activities and some of the gang activities in the communities,

    1. I hate how the county spends so much time and effort on bullshit drug offenses, in addition to this Street Crimes Unit they have the DEU. They spend all of their time using informants to make little $50-$200 buys in the hopes finding some sort of backwoods drug kingpin.

      1. In my experience, they already know who the backwoods drug kingpins are. If a cop has the temerity to arrest said kingpin, the case usually disappears.

        They make those small buys because those are the people who are too poor and/or ignorant to fight them and it makes it look like cops are doing something. They never go very far up the drug supply chain.

        It is easy to stamp out the drug trade, if that is what you really want to do.


    1. If you’re a cop, you’re a civilian punk too.

    2. Gilmore,
      You’re a retard. If cops weren’t almost serial in their abuse of the power given them, perhaps people would trust them. You have to provide some examples that overwhelmingly override the constant proof of their misgivings to garner any support by the scared civilians to trust the police again. It is just like our distrust of government. Stupid power hungry morons getting away with breaking laws, whether by politicians or police, is evidence enough to be anti-cop. Too bad the good cops will be tarnished. So perhaps the good cops should get smart and see where this is heading. All cops have to do is learn the law and learn to calm down when some guy is resistant. For crying out loud, there are always 50 cops at each stop; not one of them can get the other guys to calm down. I suppose you are in support of police going door to door and barging in your house like in Boston? If you can try to defend that, then you are a sheep.

  19. Sometimes dude, you jast have to roll with it.


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  21. When these morons figure out how to turn off their cameras, we’re all in deep shit.

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