45 Years, 45 Days: The First Issue of Reason


For the next 45 days, we'll be celebrating Reason's 45th anniversary by releasing a story a day from the archives—one for each year of the magazine's history. See the whole list here.

Today, a mini-manifesto from the first issue in 1968, which was a mimeographed handout put together by Boston University student Lanny Friedlander, titled "Introducing Reason": 

introducing Reason

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  1. That font wouldn’t have happened when Postrel was in charge.

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  2. Another giant on whose shoulders we stand.

  3. Today, a mini-manifesto from the first issue in 1968, which was a mimeographed handout

    What the hell is a mimeographand why does my phone have it in its suggested spellings?

  4. Your ideas intrigue me, and I wish to subscribe to your mimeographed newsletter.

  5. I just had a nostalgia-gasm.

  6. Ahhh the heady days of 1968 when students protested against authority, and state-sanctioned violence. When freedom meant liberty, individualism, and peaceful interactions. Too bad the socialists got control of the movement.

  7. Funny thing: CNN was also originally editorially in agreement with Objectivism. This was abandoned after the first day, but you can still find old clips of David Walker and Lois Hart vilifying the Carter administration for “deifying the collective at the expense of the glorious individual.”

    1. clips?


      1. Ball-sac| 7.9.13 @ 12:07PM |#


        Oops, I meant “magazines.”

        1. I prefer belt fed so please send me links.

  8. Gillespie’s article about Lanny Friedlander, linked in the post, is probably one of the best things I’ve read in Reason.

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