Drug War

Amanda Bynes' Attorney Accuses Police of Entering Her Apartment Illegally, Bynes Claims Sexual Harassment by Cop

Police say Bynes let them into her apartment, and then proceeded to toss a bong out her window


drug war victim?

The actress Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night for allegedly tossing a bong out of the window of her midtown Manhattan apartment. Police now say Bynes let them in, and then threw the bong out. The actress disputes the police account. From CNN:

Her story is that she was "sexually harassed by one of the cops the night before last"—the same police officer who, she wrote, ended up arresting her.

Bynes said she had opened her window "for fresh air" and didn't throw out any drug paraphernalia, claiming the officer "lied" when he claimed she did.

Then, she alleged of the officer in her apartment, "He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal."

Asked Saturday night about Bynes' claim the unnamed police officer had sexually harassed her, New York police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said: "As it would with any such allegation, regardless of its credibility or lack thereof, the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating it."

The actress had more to add. Bynes said she was handcuffed, "which I resisted … then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive."

"The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window," Bynes tweeted. "That's why the judge let me go."

Sky News adds that her lawyer has accused police of entering Bynes' apartment illegally.

More Reason on the drug war.

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  1. You mean cops violate people’s civil rights and pull illegal shit? WOW! TOTAL SURPRISE!

    1. If this will not wake the public up to what these monsters are capable of, then I do not know what will.

      She is a national treasure, damnit!

      1. I know, right?

    2. Those civil rights violations are only supposed to happen to poor people, not Amanda Bynes.

      1. What do you mean? That poor, poor girl.

  2. “He slapped my vagina.”

    One of the most erotic sentences of all time.

    1. It gave me a twinge.

    2. “It was a dark and slappy night.”

      1. “It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they slapped Amanda Bynes’ vagina, and she didn’t know what she was doing in New York.”

    3. She did ask Drake to murder it a couple of months back.

      1. I wonder if she wanted it to be slapped to death.

        1. Here eyes are already dead, so it’s a not a big leap to want the same for her hoo-ha.

    4. She wasn’t unresponsive…

  3. I’ll take a dizzy chick’s word over a cop’s anytime.

    1. And I’ll take drunk nigger’s word over a cops word anytime.


    2. If they accuse her of tossing a bong out the window, they need to produce the bong. When cops arrest someone then let them go without charge, I’m giving the victims statements more credence than the cops ass covering excuses.

    3. I might even take shrike’s word over a cop’s word anytime.

  4. Roll that beautiful bean footage!


    1. Slap that bean, slap it hard.

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        1. Can I slap her vagina?

          1. How do you think she makes $76 hourly?

            1. She’s a cheap ho?

              1. Not if $76 turns out to be her per-client fee and she’s one of those grotesque production line-esque prostitutes — you know, when 30 guys take turns screwing her one after another without any sort of break. Like a sex machine.

                That’s a lot of money right there.

              2. Is $76 cheap for that sort of thing?

                1. Sex work generally costs more than $76 an hour.

                  1. Expenses dude, you have to pay your pimp and you have to hire premises.

        2. 19846 / 76 = 261.13

          261.13 / 30 = 8.704

          that’s a lot of hours every day…

          1. Your math powers finally come in handy.

            1. Ain’t math; 6th grade arithmetic.

  5. The actress Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night for allegedly tossing a bong out of the window of her midtown Manhattan apartment.

    Littering aaaaaaaand…….?

    Littering aaaaaaaand…….?

    Littering aaaaaaaand…….?

    1. ….AND creating a disturbance. And they all moved back over to our side of the room….

      /Alice’s Restaurant

      1. Don’t cross the streams.

  6. This was a good cop. Imagine if she’d run into a bad cop.

    1. Show us, on the doll, where teh Dunphy touched you.

      1. Show us, on the doll, where you like to touch Authoritah.

  7. Trained to assess the situation for tactical advantage the cops thoughts were naturally, ‘Nobody is going to believe the crazy bitch over a cop. Pussy slappin’ time!’

  8. The visual of a uniformed police office officer, while wearing the cop hat, slapping her assuredly smooth vagine is lovely.

  9. David Cameron is planning new powers to muzzle Islamic hate preachers accused of provoking terrorist outrages such as the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.

    The Prime Minister wants to stop extremist clerics using schools, colleges, prisons and mosques to spread their ‘poison’ and is to head a new Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force (TERFOR) made up of senior Ministers, MI5, police and moderate religious leaders.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..z2UQvZz2fc
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    1. How about not handing out resident permits to terrorist suspects in the first place?

    2. The high-powered group will study a number of measures, including banning extremist clerics from being given public platforms to incite students, prisoners and other followers ? and forcing mosque leaders to answer for ‘hate preachers’.

      So, the English’s response to a murder to start regulating speech? Brilliant plan! It’s not as though the internet allows for the rapid dissemination of speeches, sermons, and other inciting rhetoric. I guess they’ll have to regulate that, too.

      One Ministry of Truth coming right up!

      1. It’s Britland. What do you expect?

        Don’t worry, though. I’m sure Brock and Holder are cooking some similar shit up in the US as we speak.

        1. President Know-Nothing (because nothing that goes on the Executive Branch seems to be reported to him) already wipes his ass with the Constitution and uses the IRS to harrass and intimidate those who oppose him in the same way Woodrow Wilson used the APL to harrass and intimidate anyone opposed to World War I.

          I can only hope that Eric Holder’s career in government is living on borrowed time after the Friday info dump that he personally signed off on the James Rosen search warrant, then lied to Congress about it.

          1. I hope the better Republicans in Congress muster the guts to truly skullfuck him over his malfeasance.

            1. Wouldn’t that just prove that they are, in fact, racist? Everyone knows they are simply picking on Holder due to his race. Even his lying to Congress was not his fault — it was a combination of the consequences of “institutional racism” and 8 years of Booosh.

      2. The Queen is so terrified of a bolshie revolution that she still won’t rescind her order disarming her subjects.


        1. Britain’s Parliament is a civilizational stronghold of manic hoplophobia. Obama’s likelier to convert to minarchism than the House of Commons and/or Lords is/are to repeal weapons prohibition.

          1. I hate you for making me look up the meaning of a word for the first time in years.

            1. neologism is best ism

            2. I hate you for making me look up the meaning of a word for the first time in years.

              I wasn’t sure what “repeal” meant either.

              1. “Repeal” is a word confined to the Dictionary of Racist Rhetoric. It’s not acceptable in the modern, progressive world of the God-Emperor Hussein I.

        2. The Queen can’t publicly wipe her nose unless the Government ok’s it without provoking a constitutional crisis. She’s the John Gill of England.

  10. Admit it; you’d stop and frisk that too.

    1. Frisk, hell. Body cavity search.

  11. So does Reason have a favorite video game besides Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties?

    1. BioShock.

    2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    3. Skyrim


      Dungeons and Dragons Online – imagine an MMO where you can actually sneak through a good chunk of it and most fights are optional – can’t do it? Neither can any other MMO publisher.

    4. I had that one PDWT, on the 3DO. An American gaming system at its finest.

  12. While I don’t doubt the police were overly zealous, it’s hard to believe Bynes when she phrases it “He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal.” Just doesn’t sound like the victim of sexual abuse but whatev.

    1. Sorta kinda would slap it.

      But something tells me she is not going to age well.

      1. She seems to be one of those chicks that used to be really hot, but then fucked herself up and aged about 19,000,193,449 years by leading a shitty life.

        Like Lohan, I guess.

      2. Sorta kinda?

        That’s America’s Sweetheart you’re talkin’ about.

        You slap that sliz for the good ole U S of A.

  13. We can’t trust the police and we can’t trust a drugged out actress. So who can we trust to tell us exactly what happened? Amanda Bynes Vagina on the Twitter:


    1. Especially since it’s the NYPD. I’d be really skeptical of anything those cheesedicks have to say, and I’d be more apt to take the word of a homeless crackpot over that of an NYPD cop.

      1. this.

      2. She’s lucky that they didn’t shoot her forty or fifty times.

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    1. How fascinating.

    2. Is this step-sister someone your roommate has a kinky, perverse sexual relationship with? Because that would mean your roommate has a conflict of interest in recommending whatever it is she does to third parties.

      I’m pretty sure doing so violates several hundred trillion federal laws.

    3. Who’s laptop? He must be very generous.

    4. Your roomate’s step-sister is a low-rent, assembly line whore who services men 16 hours a day. One right after the other, without cleaning up in between.

      1. Hey!

  15. The most comprehensive study of domestic abuse in history finds that women commit physical and emotional abuse at rates almost identical to men.

    Among PASK’s findings are that, except for sexual coercion, men and women perpetrate physical and non-physical forms of abuse at comparable rates, most domestic violence is mutual, women are as controlling as men, domestic violence by men and women is correlated with essentially the same risk factors, and male and female perpetrators are motivated for similar reasons.

    No one tell Amanda Marcotte. I don’t know if her heart could take it.

    On second thought, someone tell Amanda Marcotte.

    1. We’d all be lucky if her heart can’t take it.

    2. Of course women are “controlling.” Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with one knows that. However, what constitutes being “controlling?” Certainly some of it is bad, but some of what some people say is controlling is doubtlessly justified. The whole “domestic abuse” racket is just a way for feminists to get into your bedroom and make sure you live the lifestyle they approve of. They want to destroy long-term monogamy, that has always been their goal.

      1. And what constitutes “physical abuse”? They don’t seem to offer a definition let alone a threshold.

        Its one thing if, in response to some stupid remark of mine, she throws a beer can at me and a whole ‘nother thing if she throws a frying pan.

  16. There was a time when an “America’s Sweetheart,” in order to qualify, had to be less than 78.9% skank.

    1. If you could crown America’s Sweetheart, who’d it be? Honest question. And it doesn’t have to anybody who’s still young, or even alive, today.

      1. Emma Stone.

        1. Ron Howard’s real daughter, Isla Fisher.

          1. That bit was awesome.

        2. You mean that girl with the deep voice?

          No thanks!

        1. Pantsed the link!

          1. no comment.

        2. Looks like someone pantsed their link.

          1. Totally pantsed it!

            1. Oh snap! I didn’t even see your comment there. I now click every link in an attempt to find “pantsed” ones. Gotta get this thing started from the ground up.

        3. Gidget in color

          Damn 403s.

      2. Lucy Steigerwald? 🙂

      3. Sasha Grey.

        She is gorgeous, will fuck anyone, and no one has scribbled tats all over her like a ghetto shithouse.

        1. Yet you’ve not substantiated yourself with a link, leaving me to assume that Sasha Grey, whomever she may or might not be, is not, as they say, “all that”.

      4. That’s easy. Lindsay Lohan.

    2. Let see, sweetheart… Are there any left who could even merely act the part of an authentic “Sweetheart”? Naw.

      Plenty of damned fine painted whores out there, though. America’s most abundant resource.

      1. I thought Andy Levy is America’s sweetheart. I have it on good authority.

  17. Tea Party activists from around the country are eager to see Sarah Palin run for the Senate, but Republican senators themselves aren’t rushing to recruit her.

    A recent poll shows Palin would lead the Republican field if she ran for Senate in Alaska. And while Tea Party activists are running a “Draft Sarah” campaign, Republican leaders in Washington appear decidedly less interested in the prospect.

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    1. Good job, shriek. Now, say something nice about Glenn Beck.

    2. Well I suppose she couldn’t be any worse that Ted Kennedy, now could she Shriek?

  18. Is this the sort of thing that dunphy is talking about when he brags about how much trim cops get?

  19. I don’t believe her, or the police.

    In other news, Obamey sheds more fake tears:

    Obama finds OK tornado toll, hard to comprehend, because uhhhh

    ‘Let me be perfectly clear, uhhh, I don’t really care about any tornados, uhh, because, you rednecks out there in flyover country, uhhh, don’t vote for me. And it’s perfectly clear that tornados only happen in, uhhh, places where people don’t vote for me, because, uhh, rednecks’

    1. I was wondering when he was going to make this about him.

      1. He’s such a piece of shit, and his sycophantic, idiotic fans (like shrike) are just as bad for believing this sort of shit.

        Again, what a self-centered piece of shit our president is.

        Even if you feel empathy for someone in a hard situation, you don’t just start ballin’, especially at the exact time a cameraman is present.

        What a fucking piece of shit.

        1. All US presidents are self-centered, you dumbass.

          I’ll remind you that your boy said the worst moment of his presidency was when Kanye West called him a racist. Not 9/11, not dozens killed daily in Iraq – but when someone disparaged his sensitive PC facade.

          Obama in contrast called the Newtown tragedy his worst moment.

          I know – IOKIYAAR.

          1. So you’re calling Bush a racist? On what evidence? Did Obama smack you about the face with his dick in morse code? -… ..- … …. / .. … / .- / .-. .- -.-. .. … –

            You’re such a slimy fuck, how do you fucking live with yourself? Is your life so fucking shitty that the only thing that can take the pain away is constantly fapping to Dear Leader? Do you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say, “I’m gonna give Dear Leader the BEST head he’s ever gotten today! Today will be a good day!”?

            Your presence here makes me ashamed to be a Reason commenter, your disbelief in god makes me ashamed to be an atheist, your living in this country makes me ashamed to be an american, and your existence makes me ashamed to be a human.

          2. Obama in contrast called the Newtown tragedy his worst moment.

            Because he was trying to use it as a bludgeon to force his political opponents to pass legislation that they wouldn’t even consider except in post-tragedy hysteria.

            Obama didn’t give a shit about dead kids in Newtown, just like he doesn’t give a shit about dead Oklahomans.

            He’s a narcissist who’s managed to convince gullible liberals that he cares about them for his own self-gratification.

          3. Obama in contrast called the Newtown tragedy his worst moment.

            I would have hoped he might feel bad killing 168 children with his murder-drones, to say nothing of the adult civilians killed and American citizens denied due process before being killed.

          4. My impression and gut tells me Obama is far more narcissistic than Bush. Bush seems pretty down to earth; no sense of self-importance.

            That he said he was hurt by what that piece of shit said doesn’t mean he’s narcissistic and quite frankly, I found it remarkable you would bring it up.

            Obama is not a humble guy. Jesus, it’s been documented and written about how detached he is from everyone. Bush was not that sort of person.

            If anything, he being hurt by West’s assertion actually shows his human side.

          5. Obama was shedding tears for the ignorant self-destructiveness of Oklahomans, that forced Gaia to unleash her terrible wrath upon them, their just reward for their role in global warming.

            And he wept at the realization that this nation will get, and deserves, even worse for our wicked ways.

          6. Obama was shedding tears for the ignorant self-destructiveness of Oklahomans, that forced Gaia to unleash her terrible wrath upon them, their just reward for their role in global warming.

            And he wept at the realization that this nation will get, and deserves, even worse for our wicked ways.

          7. “I’ll remind you that your boy…”

            Who the fuck are you talking to, buttwipe? There are no Republicans here, only people who constantly criticize (or ridicule) them.

            Can you even imagine a world where people aren’t like you: sucking on the cock of the nearest source of power?

            I guess you can’t.

        2. Politics of emotions.

          He’s human. What’s your problem?

          /bites carrot.

        3. I can’t read what’s in the blank box below the General’s comment but I’m guess it’s something like “Bush was worse.”

          1. And how he was ‘our boy’.

            Ignorant troll is ignorant. Sun sets in west once again.

          2. Ding, ding, ding.

    2. Hard to comprehend . . . hard to comprehend? 24 people dead and he has a hard time, what, *visualizing* this?

      He’s had more people killed *this year*.

      Plus, its 24 people. While it sucks for those left behind who knew the dead – its not exactly a state level tragedy let alone a national one.

  20. She’s not the best person to use as an example against the drug war. She’s a hot mess.

    1. Even a hot mess doesn’t deserve to be sexually assaulted (if thet’s what did indeed happen).

  21. I wouldn’t murder her vagina. Maybe assault or manslaughter but not murder.

    1. RAEP KULTUR!!1!!11!!eleventy!!11!!!1

    2. She was lucky that she didn’t run into the NYC Cannibal Cop. It wouldn’t have been just a slap…

  22. We’ve gotta have this kind of story every time some lowlife accuses some cop of something?

  23. We need a better argument against the drug war than what some celebrity skank accuses a cop of. What is the libertarian solution here? There will always be people accusing cops of doing the wrong thing after they commit crimes, whether it is drug crime or other crime.

    1. Ending the drug war would reduce the size, scope, and reach of government?

    2. Less involvement of cops in people’s lives if we end the drug war means less situations where cops can even be accused of wrong doing.

    3. The libertarian solution is to end the drug war – think of all the people who would suddenly not be committing crimes that they accuse cops of wrongdoing after.

  24. PS 1) Fuck off, slaver
    2) No, fuck you, cut spending
    3) Fuck off, sockpuppet

    That is all. For a while.

    1. also Fried Chicken

      and my axe!

  25. Biggest Loser finalist was happier before losing weigh

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/enterta…..z2UScnbxW7

  26. I remember reading the chick’s apartment was on the 37th floor. Somebody threw a bong out? That would fuck someone up if it landed on them, especially if it was a glass bong (me guess Amanda can afford glass). At the very least it would be a spectacle when it landed.

    So it all comes down to the cops having a witness to the bong landing. If they do, she’s toast. If the cops have only shards they can allege were Amanda’s bong, its a court battle. If cops have neither, she walks.

  27. I’m siding with the cops on this one.

    1. I’m not – yes she was most likely not sexually assaulted, merely searched and someone touched her vajay-jay as searches are wont to do.

      On the other hand not one of those cops *had* to come bust her for possession.

      1. cops aint responsible for the stupid and harmful war on drugs. Is Bynes telling the truth? Who the fuck knows? It’s a classic tactic to misdirect though – get in trouble for an offense, turn it around and claim the cops did something wrong to you. A substantial # of these claims are of course ludicrously false. Many officers have the benefit of protection of video or audio, like the recent arrest of Reese Witherspoon, with similar haughty attitude (and subsequent apology).

        It’s one of those negatives that is difficult to prove (the idea that it is impossible to prove any negative is one of the stupidest fallacies we see repeated). How does the officer prove he did NOT slap her vagina? … exactly. How does she prove he did?

      2. Amanda Bynes has been acting weird for years, causing rampant speculation about her mental health (including her parents).

  28. Stupid useless cops, I jsut dont get it man.


  29. He slapped my vagina.

    He was just looking for some roast beef for his sammich.

  30. Her vagina needs to pay attention next time.

  31. She through a bong out the window and a cop slapped her hoo-ha.


    People need to trade a little bit of their privacy to make NYC the safe utopia it is. Sometimes a little snatch-slapping is the correct protocol.

  32. Her ass is magnificent.

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