Natural Disasters

Watch Matt Welch Talk About Scandals, Federal Disaster Relief and Memorial Day at 4:30 PM ET on MSNBC


Beginning at 4:30 Eastern time, I'll be part of an MSNBC panel talking on these and maybe other topics. Tune in!


NEXT: John Hasnas on the Failure of the Market Failure Argument

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  1. Keeping the other guests in mind, what would recommend as a drinking aid? A delicious IPA, a malty bitter stout to stern up the soul, or hard liquor to drawn out the sorrow of human fail?

  2. Soudns like a pretty serious plan to me dude. Wow.

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      1. Can the universe tolerate two bots conversating?

  3. Watchin’ ya, Matt.

    Hmm, funny that Bob Franken tried to conflate ineptitude at the federal level all the way down to the individual level – “it goes with the territory.”

    Well, yeah, we’re all human, but you’re not fooling anyone that your neighbor won’t help you better than fuckin’ FEMA when you need it the most.

    1. Or how ’bout this: if tornado insurance is too much for you to pay, then living in “tornado ally” probably isn’t a good choice.

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