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Read "Obama's War on Journalism," by Nick Gillespie


I've got a piece in The Daily Beast called "Obama's War on Journalism," which attacks the president and his administration for their concerted efforts to shut down investigative journalism in the name of "national security." And takes issue the president's support for a "media shield law" which would consolidate even more power in the government's hand:

It's easy to understand why he would be bothered by unwanted leaks in his administration. But his problem is the press's gain. By definition, any media shield law is predicated upon the government defining just who counts as a "journalist" and is thus worthy of protection – and who doesn't count and is thus subject to prosecution. 

Thanks, President Obama, but we don't need no stinking press badges, especially in an age where all sorts of decentralized reporting and unconventional news gathering come online faster than the next second-term scandal. The First Amendment is all the shield law any American needs, especially when it's supplemented by the protections offered by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. What we really need is a president who lives by the Constitution more than he nods to it.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. When the FBI taps your cell phone, does it make that clicking noise?

    1. If so, then all of our phones must be clicking.

  2. The name “media shield law” makes it sound like a positive thing.

    1. Here’s how to tell if a law will place more restrictions or fewer restrictions on us: the more freedom-y it sounds, the more restrictive it is.

      Like the “Democratic Republic of Germany”

      1. It’s true things are often not as they sound.

  3. Being shielded from the media is the right of every American politician.

  4. Yes, read the whole thing, but please stop before the comments. Horrifying.

    1. ^^^This.

      The absolute devotion to TEAM is very sad, as is the assumption that because Nick took a swipe at THE ONE, he must be on TEAM RED. They totally don’t get that there is a TEAM JACKET.

    2. From comments at TDB site:

      6 hours ago

      Why don’t you move to Somalia, where there is little or no real government.

      Proof positive that this is where little Shreeks and Tonys come from.

  5. Actual comment from TDB:

    17 minutes ago
    Now I know why there is no reader commentary at Gillepie’s,, and why Fox News had to disable their comment section

    Apparently it’s too much effort to click the words, “view comments.”

  6. Current thread from Derp Undeground, with multiple posters asserting, straightfaced, burblings such as: “[Lois] Lerner is a deep cover GOP operative,” planted to discredit the boy-pharaoh; and “100% of the media is against the President and his agenda.”

    Point and laugh. It’s fun.

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