Austin Police Officer Shoots First At Unarmed Man in Traffic Stop, Asks Questions Later


Policing in modern America, from Austin, Texas today:

An Austin police officer fired at an unarmed man who was walking toward him during a traffic stop in East Austin on Wednesday morning, Chief Art Acevedo said….

Kogelvrij glas / Bulletproof glass
Photo credit: Nationaal Archief / Foter.com

Acevedo said the officer pulled over a pickup that had run a red light. The driver, a white man described to be 54 years old, "jumped out, walking toward the officer," Acevedo said while flanked by Police Monitor Margo Frasier and outgoing police Chief of Staff David Carter. The "officer ordered (the suspect) several times to get in the vehicle," he said.

The officer fired at least once when he said he saw the man make several "furtive" movements, as if reaching for a weapon, Acevedo said.

The man was not struck but returned to his vehicle, suffering what Acevedo believed to be an "anxiety attack." He was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge and is doing "fine," the chief said. He was not found to be carrying a weapon, Acevedo said.

Acevedo said that there is video and audio recordings of the incident and that he has reviewed the video.

Acevedo said that he saw some movements by the man but that it was difficult to assess those movements because of the nature of the small video screen…..as is customary in such cases, the officer will be placed on administrative leave.

Furtive = death! (Potentially.) Remember kids: if you always obey every order, you (might not) get shot at by your friendly local police.