Kennedy and Matt Welch Talk Patrick Kennedy's New Anti-Pot Group, Strip-club Welfare, and Priestly S&M on Red Eye


On Monday, Jan. 8, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch and contributor Kennedy went on Fox News's great Red Eye show to talk about the weird, wonderful, and horrible news of the day with Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, and the gang. About 45 minutes.

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  1. Is this a punchable face, or is this a punchable face?

    Patrick Punchable Face

    1. 1) So one of Chappy’s strip-club rubbers broke in 1966? Unfortunate. Have the proggies marched for retroactive abortion yet?

      b) How is Kennedy is only 40? I clearly recall her offering relevant Stephen Hawking jokes two decades ago.

      Thirdly, Welch doesn’t cut it in the leg chair, and he dresses like a blood clot. Would it hurt so much to grow a charming winter beard and busk for us occasionally?

  2. I’m not watching a whole episode of Red Eye on Youtube.

    Anybody good at facial recognition? A commenter thinks I may have posted LoC pictures of Betty Ford (nee Bloomer Warren) IN HER UNDERWEAR on my popular fashion blog.

    Quick historical research shows the future-First Lady could very well have been modeling in Detroit at the time the pics were taken.

    1. SIV, why do you have a popular fashion blog? Besides, you know, retro chicks in underwear?

  3. Can somebody tell me what causes this kind of blurring?

    1. Shitty digital compression for broadcast probably. I see it on a lot of Fox programs, but it occurs with regularity on Red Eye.

      1. A lot of cable providers will dial down quality (i.e., increase compression) while less popular shows are on to make room for more channels and more profit-heavy on-demand content. I imagine this is what’s happening here.

        1. I notice this effect mostly on reasonTV news programs where reason writers are guests. Once in a while, I see it on YouTube videos.

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