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  1. Question: If you could be any type of tree in the world, would you prefer to vastly reduce the oppressive regulatory environment at the federal, state and local level, or to completely overhaul the massive United States Tax Code, and why?

    1. I’d be the stubborn Ponderosa Pine who demands both. Because, fuck them, that’s why.

  2. The Fir! The Larch! The Redwood! The mighty Scots Pine! The plucky little Aspen! The great limping rude tree of Nigeria!

  3. Sometimes man you jsut gotta thow them hands in the air and shout, Whos your Daddy!


  4. I will not be donating money, because I dislike the open borders crap. I was born in America, and I intened to live here all my life. America, not Mexico, not Somalia, America. The American way of life, capitalism, science, peace, amoung other things, must be preserved. Nigeria, a slumland of crime, war, and stupidity, is not the country I want to live in. I want to live in a land free from crime. I want to live in a capitalist country. I want the environment to be protected, I don’t it to be destroyed to make way for even more low-income housing. I don’t want a billion people here, overwhelming our schools and our prisons and backrupting our welfare state. I want my children to be able to go to school without fearing that they will be stabbed. I don’t want the prices for housing, food, gas, and everything else to skyrocket, as they demand their “fair share” of our nation. I don’t want ten thousand muslims marching through my country, demanding my right to free speech be taken away, as recently happened in the nation of my ancestors. Reason does some good work in adovocating for capitalism, but in supporting this, will not be recieving my money. I will be donating to VDARE.com

    1. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!

      1. I don’t know what abortion has to do with this, but yes, I’m pro-choice. I’d prefer if the aborted be the ones on the left hand side of a certain curve. 😉

        1. I will not be donating money, because I dislike the open borders crap. I was born in America, and I intened to live here all my life. America, not Mexico, not Somalia, America.

          America, America, America! Well, technically, America is a continent, and Mexico is part of it. You see, every Mexican is also American, just like every Frenchman is also European. How does it feel?

          I don’t want a billion people here, overwhelming our schools and our prisons and backrupting our welfare state.

          Apparently your education is already “backrupt”.

          1. America a continent, not a country? Classic. There is no such nation of America other than oppresive imperilaist, blaw, blaw, blaw. America. America. America. I was born in America. America. How does it feel to hear?

            1. American is TWO continents as well as a country. It feels nice to hear you’re still a moron.

              1. *America

              2. I was refering to America as a country, dumbass. All you could do is to point out an irrelavent factoid. You remind me of the kids from High school. “Calculus, it’s like calculation, man I’m so fucking insightful, am i the first person to notice that, oh, man, hahahaha.”

    2. Kinda curious, which country though which thousands of fundamentalist muslims marched did American’s ancestors come from exactly? Reading his posts, I had always just assumed that he was just another evangelical, mom jeans, whitebread, middle class protestant who’s pissed off with minorities and needs to vent on all the political sites he can find.

      1. Evangelical, no, whitebread, essentially, middle class, yes, protestant, culturally but not reigously. I don’t see why you think being a “whitebread, middle class protestant,” what would have in the past simply been called an “American,” the people who built this country, is a bad thing. The nation, of course, is Britain.

        1. Not a bad thing per se.

          You’re a conservative, right? Just realize that the cultural faction you call traditional America is well on its way to becoming another minority, so it might be smart to stop going on rants about immigrants and foreigners, and start trying to integrate the new demographics. In fact, I wish you guys would. It will be the end of the republican party unless more you wake up and start becoming libertarians.

          1. I support the Republican Party because it reflects my views, or at least some of them. I disagree with the party on abortion and imperialism, but on the whole, civilizational issues, I agree with them. So even if, as the liberals want us to believe and you seem to, the GOP would succeed by becoming more libertarian, I would not support this. I’d rather vote for a party that gets 1% of the vote and reflects my views than one that gets 50% and doesn’t. I’m sure you understand what that’s like. And I don’t believe it would. Romney lost not because he got a particullarly low share of the minority vote, but because the vote grew by a lot. Despite this growth, the election was decided mostly by White Americans. White turnout was low, much lower than expected, and this did in the Republican party. The major swing states in the election, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Pensulvania, and Virginia, all were white states. In the future the GOP will need to do much better with White Americans, I’m talking over 65%. But that is not impossible. White Americans overwhelmingly oppose affirmative action, mass third world immigration, and imperialism. If the Republican Party took up these issues, instead of their line of simply “tax breaks for millionares” they might get somewhere.

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