Election 2012

Read These Before Voting (or Not Voting)! Because a Vote is a Terrible Thing to Waste.


Some recent election-themed pieces to think about before voting (or not) in the most important election of this year!

"Your Vote Doesn't Count: Why (almost) everyone should stay home on Election Day," Katherine Mangu-Ward from the November 2012 issue

"Should You Vote for President?: As long as your vote is consistent with your conscience, it is impossible to waste your vote," Andrew Napolitano | November 1, 2012

"What Happens if Washington or Colorado Legalizes Marijuana Next Week?" Jacob Sullum | Nov. 2, 2012

"Sex, Drugs, and Union Rolls: 2012 Ballot Initiatives Mark the Real Battles: There's more to the political season than analyzing every utterance by Obama and Romney," Scott Shackford | November 1, 2012

"Closing Arguments Reveal That Both Presidential Candidates Are Full of It," Peter Suderman | Nov. 1, 2012

"Four More Years of War: No matter who wins in November, America will remain overstretched overseas," Matt Welch from the November 2012 issue

"The Democratic Party's Science and Technology Policy Platform," Ronald Bailey | September 11, 2012

"The Republican Party's Science and Technology Policy Platform," Ronald Bailey | September 4, 2012

Check Reason's topic page for Election 2012 for constantly updated 24/7 News updates, blog posts, and articles.

And check out topic pages for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and especially Gary Johnson (Reason correspondent Garrett Quinn is traveling with the former governor of New Mexico til the close of the election).

Here's a Reason TV palate cleanser more refreshing than a shotgun barrel: Meredith Bragg's "Attack Ads, Circa 1800" (original air date: October 28, 2010)

For documentation of all the historical claims in the vid—and for articles on the upsides of negative campaigning— go here now.

NEXT: Sheldon Richman on Life without FEMA

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  2. No more Bronco Bama!

  3. According to Nate Silver the probability of Obama’s victory is 85.1%. If Romney wins on Tuesday this will be comparable to the Global Warming – The Science is Settled, Top Men, Experts meltdown. Only in real time, no need to wait several decades.

    1. There is the remote possibility of a true “black swan” event, like a national-security crisis or a major scandal unfolding at the last minute, but the chance for news events to affect the campaign is now greatly diminished.

      Gee…the media itself wouldn’t have had anything to do with that, would it?

  4. I wish I had a vote on the NCAA football poll instead of in the presidential election. If so, my ballot would look like this:
    1. Oregon
    2. Bama
    3. Kansas State
    4. The Ohio State University
    5. Notre Dame

  5. Romney now leading in Michigan and tied in Pennsylvania according to the latest state polls there, but also trailing in Ohio. This election has been one of the strangest mishmashes of bizarre polling data of all time.

  6. My libtard facebook friends all seem panicked.

    1. Why? Obama’s just about got it in the bag.

  7. If you’re a libertarian thinking about not voting, I encourage you to read my case for Mitt:


    1. Libertarians who don’t plan on voting are sure as shit are not going to pull the lever for Mitt. He’s half the reason they plan on not voting.

      You might be able to convince them to vote for Gary Johnson, but you’re delusional if you think you’ll be able to convince any of them to vote for Mittens.

  8. Katherine’s article should be retitled “why politicians shouldn’t pay attention to the libertarian vote”.

    1. u mad bro?

      1. It makes me facepalm to watch libertarians live up to their worst stereotypes, hyper-individualism and the inability to engage in group action.

        We insist that we favor individualism because it will let people form voluntary groups. Our critics tell us we are socially maladjustive Randroids who can’t deal with other humans. Then we show ourselves completely incapable of conceiving of collective action or being effective at executing it. Looks like the critics are right.

        1. As a member of a number of very successful voluntary associations, I’ll let you speak for yourself. And fuck “the critics”.

  9. I am no fan of Obama, But one thing I know FOR SURE, If Romeys lips are moving, he is lying. Obama is clearly the lesser of the two evils!


  10. If there’s not supposed to be a worthwhile difference between Romney y Obama for libertarians, why do those matching programs say otherwise? There are now lots of online sites that question you on issues and see how good a match you are to presidential candidates. Just now I took the one at http://procon.org . I came out 80% Johnson, 63% Goode, 58% Romney, 51% Stein, 32% Obama. The difference in my fit between Romney and Obama, 26%, is greater than the difference in my fit between Johnson and Romney, 22%.

    The people who come up with these matching polls don’t appear to be try to slanting things. Of course they’re not fanatics about certain issues the way we might be, but that goes for all the other fanatics that they’re not like as well. And I didn’t try to slant my answers, either. So those who say there’s not a large difference between the major candidates in terms of agreement with even radical libertarians like me are wrong. According to this nonpartisan rating system, Romney gets me to more than halfway from Obama to Johnson.

    Try it yourself. Or try the other rating systems that give cardinal, not just ordinal, ranking data. If they’re telling you Romney is that much better than Obama for you, and they have the advantage of objectivity over your introspection, why reject their results?

    1. Cause I don’t need a “matching program” to tell me that all those candidates suck ass vs freedom, so I’m voting for someone else?

      You enjoy the match game, Robert. I’ll pass.

  11. According to the Examiner, the EPA is going to crack down on coal if Obama wins


    So, the EPA running rampant, gun control, and neverending Qualitative Easing isn’t enough to get people to vote, I honestly don’t know what is. Those things all have direct impacts on your life. At last if you don’t live in the Beltway.

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