Election 2012

Meet the Shirtless Libertarian Who Could Determine Majority Control of the U.S. Senate!


I love America. NTTAWWT!

Though it feels like it's been years since we first learned his name, Rep. Todd "legitimate rape" Akin is still running for United States Senate against incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill; the race could still determine which major party control the Senate, and polls show it's still close. Which could only mean one thing–time for the country's very fate to be determined by this guy!

The New Republic's Molly Redden has more:

I met the 32-year-old at a strip mall Caribou Coffee across from Impact Fitness, where he works full-time as a personal trainer. (Recently, he showed off his bench press chops in a videotaped competition with a PoliticIt.com reporter, completing 13 reps with 225 lbs in less than a minute.) Jacked, clean-shaven, and sporting crisp slacks and a black polo shirt—it is no surprise when he says he is originally from San Diego—he was surprisingly mild and soft-spoken.

His politics are unelaborate, down-the-ticket Libertarianism. "We still want to government to protect you from force and fraud," he said, "But we want people to be free to marry who they want, be free to experiment with their own consciousness." Ron Paul is too socially conservative for his taste, a dinosaur.

Dine is sick of the U.S.'s interventionist foreign policy, its bitter partisan politics, and its burgeoning debt and deficit. "I would support balancing the budget in 2013, and not 20 years from now," he continued.

But Dine is particularly motivated by his convictions about marijuana law. In both senses of the word: Several years ago, pot use sent him to jail. In 2006, Dine called the police on his girlfriend's father, who had shown up drunk and belligerent at Dine's apartment, broken the door, and ransacked the place. When they arrived, officers spotted a grow light and marijuana plants. Police returned with a search warrant the next day, and Dine spent several months in prison for possession. "My experience with the criminal justice system left me a little jaded," he told me sheepishly. "A ton of people in jail with me were in there for drugs."

In fact, Dine is a twice-convicted felon. 

I think I have found my new favorite politician. Best tidbit yet–"Dine is slated to appear at the upcoming debate hosted by the Missouri Press Association—which looks to be the only debate confirmed between Akin and McCaskill." Bring popcorn!

UPDATE: Was it really only six years ago that we went down that same road?

NEXT: LAPD To Hold Public Meetings Over Forceful Arrests

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  1. What sort of pot-growing libertarian calls the cops, and expects that to turn out well?

    1. Maybe he came to libertarianism as a result of the phone call?

      1. I demand an official Reason interview to find out.

        1. That is, I humbly request one.

          1. No one here bothered to cover Gary Johnson’s Town Hall meeting? Jebus….

      2. I think that could be re-written as “what kind of pot grower calls the cops, and expects that to turn out well”.

        Calling the cops to check out your home when you have an easily visible grow operation is not very smart. It’s ALMOST dumber than the potheads that call the cops to report their stash being stolen, but not quite.

        1. yes this

          fwiw, i’ve had a few people call to report their stolen drugs.

          we take a report . and that’s that. i think it’s pretty funny, but it’s still technically a theft. they have the right to report it, and we’ll take the report

          i do explain to them if we recover the drugs, we cannot return them though

  2. I told you guys Akin wasn’t dead. I bet he ends up winning.

    1. I bet the media would love to have him win. He would make an easy target for the two minute hate as often as necessary.

      1. I would actually rather Akin win than McCaskill simply because Akin would be weaker politically. But, as a libertarian, I would LOVE Dine to win for obvious reasons.

        1. But McCaskill is such a sharp thinker.

    2. If Akin wins I hope at least one feminist “celebrates” with self-immolation

    3. I told you guys Akin wasn’t dead. I bet he ends up winning.

      Akin is dead.

      Also Matt is wrong about deciding who controls the senate. Akin will lose and the Republicans will still get the senate.

  3. this is exactly the kind of chucklenuts nimrod that HURTS the cause of legalization not helps it.

    the face of legalization needs to be soccer moms, firefighters, cops, teachers, clergy, doctors, etc.

    not twice convicted felons

    we don’t need stereotypical yahoos like this as the face of legalization

    it would be like the gay rights movement relying on some guy in the SF pride parade, wearing assless chaps and simulating masturbation on top of a float as “right says fred” plays in the background

    1. Yeah. And we don’t need uppity niggers talkn’ about freedom neither.

      1. yea,there’s a valid analogy. with race card cred thrown in for good measure

        1. I don’t think a comparison among repressed groups is “playing the race card” just because the group in stick’s example were legally repressed because of their race. In fact, I think it’s directly relevant to the comparison.

        2. Hyperbole but who made you the gatekeeper of approved advocates? So what if he has 2 convictions. I think felons probably have something important and unique to say about drug laws in the US. You’re other complaint is what? How he looks? That he was naive and thought the cops would help him?

          1. apart from the underwear above the baggy pants (the guy is 32. grow up already.), i don’t have a problem with the way he looks LOVE the tattoo.

            considering he considers BENCH PRESS (meh) the test of strength, he;s probably a bit of a q-tip, and i’d like to know what he deadlifts or clean and jerks not what he benches

            as far as i know the cops did help him vis a vis the assault. the article doesn’t make it clear. but they also had a duty, given that they saw a grow op, to get a warrant. blame the legislators for making it a felony to grow (manufacture ) marijuana

            i am not the gatekeeper of advocates. i am speaking as a matter of strategy

            we are slowly but surely WINNING in the war against the war against mJ

            we’ve gotten MJ decrim’d in several states. in many others, we also have medical MJ

            we have mj legalization initiatives on two ballots come this fall

            ALL of this has come about not because of people like this, who turn ordinary voters OFF from supporting our cause, but from the kind of advocates we need – community leaders, businesspeople, cops, firefighters, etc etc.

            not twice convicted felons who wear baggy pants with their underwear showing

            in a perfect world, shit like this wouldn’t matter. that’s not our world

            1. I’d rather he be the face of it than you.

              1. which is ridiculous and illogical, but about what i’d except from your ilk

                fortunately, those of us making a difference, and in the position to make those decisions aren’t… you.

                and people like me, and other responsible, credible, good public faces of legalization are out there fighting for the cause

                but i appreciate your concern . i do

                1. “people like me, and other responsible, credible, good public faces”


                  I agree about the pants though.

                2. I don’t know what you see when you look in the mirror or hang out with your friends but if your real-life persona is anything like your one here, you’re a smug, self-important, know-it-all douchebag who is going to do nothing but alienate anyone in a 50 foot radius. Fuck, I’d be against legalization if you were the one making the argument.

                  1. Keep Weed Illegal! ‘Cause Fuck That Guy!!!

                  2. My sentiments exactly. Every time I read this incardnation of Dunphy I feel a little less desire to visit HR

                  3. trolls will troll, but in websites (e.g. volokh.com) where i deal with adults near exclssively i dont come off as such

                    when i am dealing with post after post from hostile, lying, trolling trolls who want to make everything a personal attack, who will twist what i say (my favorite example from today was the claim i said rodney king got what he deserved, when in fact i said the cops should have been convicted in the first trial for excessive force and he was clearly a victim), yes..

                    i will naturally come off as defensive

                    in the real world, where i deal with adults, that is not the case

                    you attack, you get attacks back.


                    again, in the threads where i am dealing with adults, which is most of the people here, no such attitude comes out

                    in trolls like this, where i post something that epi promptly says “nobody cares” but then ironically results in a vomitous gaggle of bullshit from pretty much every troll here (nobody cares, but they have to post after post in response), well.. do the math

                    love you too

                    1. Over on Volokh you come across almost as badly as Stuart Baker.

                3. people like me…are out there fighting for the cause

                  How are you doing that, out of curiosity? Do you let people off with a warning instead of giving them a possession charge or something?

              2. Well, I’ll say that I’m glad to have Dunphy as a face of the movement for legalization. And everyone else who agrees as well.

                ANd the felonies don’t help, but if this guy puts on a shirt, I’m sure he comes off as respectable (for a libertarian anyway)

                1. spanx, man

                  we are winning this fight. and we will continue to win it.

                  guys like this chucklenuts are amusing for the derp derpers but they are about as serious as a three dollar bill

                  yea, the twice convicted felon with the pants hanging below his waist to show off his underwear. yea, that’s the viable candidate, that’s the face of legalization advocacy we need?

                  he just reinforces the notion of pot smokers as childish and irresponsible. not to mention the fact that he’s a twice convicted felon

                  1. You realize that this is not an election, right? Not even the extra-special-superman-police get to choose the “face” of legalization advocacy? This guy is getting some attention for the cause, which is more than you’re doing.

                    1. ah, so now you know what i am doing?

                      omniscience must be nice

                    2. We know you put people in jail for drugs and are not a member of NORML. We know you started your career as a narc. What don’t we know that you feel we should?

      2. Dunphy said “rely on”.

        And I think what he posts here is true.

        WRT the convictions, I don’t see “felon” in the same way as I used to, but “twice-convicted” does make me wonder…

        1. yes, thank you

          it is refreshing when somebody reads for content and is accurate

        2. But is the legalization movement relying on this guy? Or is he just on small part of the movement?

          1. i’m saying he gets a glowing hagiography in reason.com

            an allegedly serious libertarian publication

            that pretty much speaks for itself

  4. I’m outside the country. Will reason be live tweeting the debate for those of us who have abandoned the motherland (or is it fatherland?)?

    1. Androgeonousparentland, you sexist bigot!

      1. Just “Land”, you identificationist oppressor!

        1. “spatial position” you geographicist.

    2. It is both. It fuck itself to give hideous birth to itself.

      1. Did he just say “make some fuck?”

    3. The only debate worth watching will be the vice-presidential debate, in hopes that Biden talks about his adventures with the Care Bears and eating ice cream at Carvel’s

    4. I think it’s “homeland”.

  5. I would love to see him in the Senate! A twice-convicted felon who shouldn’t be one surrounded by people who SHOULD be fellons but who are not. I would vote for him, but I live in Florida.

    1. “A twice-convicted felon who shouldn’t be one”

      “Still, it was not Dine’s first turn as an inmate. In 2005, stealing and identity theft charges led to a four-month prison stay in Kansas.”


  6. its burgeoning debt and deficit

    wait, what? …

    verb (used without object)
    to grow or develop quickly; flourish: The town burgeoned into a city. He burgeoned into a fine actor.
    to begin to grow, as a bud; put forth buds, shoots, etc., as a plant (often followed by out, forth ).

    Somehow I was only familiar with the second definition, with emphasis on the “begin” part, hence my confusion of the word-choice. Well, that’s my word-a-day for today.

    1. THat’s funny. The first definition is pretty common in my experience. It’s funny how you can learn a word like that and then notice that people use it pretty often. It’s certainly happened to me.

  7. “What sort of pot-growing libertarian calls the cops, and expects that to turn out well?”

    they call it “dope” for a reason, and we don’t catch the smart ones. he leaves a grow light and mj plants in plain view before he calls the police


    yes, this is the kind of searing intellect we need as the face of our movement

    1. yeah, it’s not like the adrenaline rush after being the victim of a crime causes people to behave irrationally/stupidly or anything.

      But what would a police officer know about the behavior of victims of crime?

      1. oh, i’m cut to the quick. he’s a twice convicted felon. he’s not the kind of person we need as the face of legalization.

        i know a metric assload about the behavior of crime victims. i also know some victims are also morons. the concepts are not mutually exclusive.

        i can state that in 20 yrs of going to DV’s (i arrested some chick for dv assault yesterday), i never once saw a grow operation in plain view.

        i’ve seen the occasional bong or whatnot. who gives a flying fuck about that?

        but a grow up?

        brother has issues

        1. + 10 for “metric assload.”

        2. What I want to know is why it was still there a day or two later when they came with a warrant?

          1. yea, that was implicit in my “dope” comment.

        3. So someone who is a felon but smart/lucky enough not to get caught would be acceptable?

          1. this isn’t a perfect world,my friend

            obama admits to possessing cocaine in the past

            in jurisdictions where same was a felony

            do you think if he was CAUGHT and convicted for same he would have been a viable presidential candidate

            ponder that and get back to me

  8. CAPTION!!!!

    “We’re not here to make the laws and oppress you!
    We’re here to puuuump….

    *CLAP – POINT*

    YOU up!”

  9. A) This post is not about Jeff Flake. I am disappoint.

    B) I hope this meathead wears a tie to the debate between McCaskill and Rapey McRaperson. No shirt, but a tie.

    1. No pants, but a tie.

  10. Since the format change, the alt-text has become the first line of the paragraph in Chrome. Who should be fired?

    1. Who should be fired?

      Matt Welch.

    2. The Chrome project leader at Google?

      1. It only happens at Reason. Hmmmm, I wonder if it’s not Chrome at all, but the Reasonable plugin…

        1. I think you should demand that that guy who wrote it and gave it to you for free fix it immediately for no compensation.

          1. No, that won’t do. Clearly I deserve compensation.

            1. Excellent point. You’ve been wronged!

              Amakaduri needs to make you whole again.

            2. I noticed the same issue!

              1. Class action suit!

              2. Then we’re agreed. Amakaduri shall forthwith forfeit all of his (or her, as the case may be) material possessions to me and become my obedient butt slave forever more.

                Also, fried chicken.

            3. So YOU are the Reason why everyone can now block all my posts and never read them!!


  11. Ron Paul is too socially conservative for his taste, a dinosaur….

    And so, he’s popped up all over Missouri at various summer festivals. He’ll pass out pamphlets and ham it up for goofy photos?posing with Stormtroopers

    Wait, I thought he said he wasn’t a Paleo…

    Oh, Star Wars not Nazi.

    P.S. I keed, I keed.

    P.P.S. *checks the fora at Lew Rockwell’s site* Err…scratch that, I don’t “keed”.

    1. He doesn’t have good firearms safety habits.

  12. If we really want to spread our views, more of us need to take off our shirts and run for public office.

  13. 13 reps at 225 isn’t that impressive

    some of the other cops here can do 30, 40

    these guys are former seahawks, olympic athletes, etc

    lots of cops are former jocks

    all of you are just sad, pathetic bigorati

    1. trolls will troll


    2. You wouldn’t talk about him like that if you’ve seen him in action. This is live footage of him riding in on his white horse to help mold one of those “chucklenut nimrods” into someone worthwhile like himself. Gives me the vapors it does.

      1. Didn’t Flounder end up killing your horse Neidermeyer..I mean Dunphy?

  14. Motherfuckin “Dine” for congress. Looks like a bro. So fuckin what.

  15. And you wonder why the Republicans were pleased that Libertarians made a big show of voluntarily walking out of their convention.

    Imagine having this millstone around their necks.

  16. MO resident here, he could actually do pretty well in the college towns. Firmly bible belt in Springfield, MO yet decriminalization is on the ballot this year.

  17. Rockfest 2010. Imagine 50k hardcore rock fans. You dress for the occasion. I passed out thousands of fliers and got a lot of people to the polls who don’t normally vote.

    I was naive to think the police would protect me from an intoxicated man who kicked my door down and assaulted my friend. I did not have a grow op. My roommate had a seed he germinated in a pot with a light pointed at it in his closet. 3yrs in prison for marijuana? Does the punishment fit the “crime”?

    I firmly believe criminal laws should be limited to the violation of the rights of others through force or fraud. Vices unlike crimes have no malice intent. No victim, No crime. My experience with the courts was one of my motivating factors to run for office. I wanted to pursue a more sensible drug policy and talk about issues both parties were ignoring.

    Anyone who still believes the constitution protects their rights are mostly Americans who have not yet deal with the corrupt courts, lawyers and judges of Americas “judicial” system. There is no justice for the common man it favors the rich and imprisons the poor. Half of what is spent on police, courts and prisons is non violent drug related.

    In our current economic state we simply cant afford to keep arresting and housing 1 person every 3 seconds in the failed war on drugs(people) Our police resources could be better spent fighting violent crimes and being tough on real criminals.

  18. Like many Americans I’m tired of the constant fighting of the republican and democrats. Their US vs Them mentality is hostile and counterproductive. Beating the other team has become more important than finding the solutions to Americas problems.

    America is on the brink of a fiscal disaster and both parties are to blame with their reckless tax, borrow and spend polices. Neither party is serious about balancing the budget, restoring your civil liberties, or lowering your tax burden. The Democratic and Republican politicians have created the status quo and do not intend to change it.

    Its time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils, now is the time to Vote Libertarian. I truly believe the political system would be better off if more acceptance and credibility were attributed to Libertarians and independents. Although third party candidates won’t necessarily come up with completely new stances, they are more likely to represent a combination of views.

  19. I believe we need more ordinary Americans to stand up and take an active role in government. I understand the vices of our government mainly because I am NOT a part of it. I see life from the ground level. I have an open mind and will listen to the people of this state. When I vote on Bills, or propose legislation I’ll remember my life experiences and the people I represent. Not a party or a lobbyist.

    Supporting my candidacy means supporting, a drastically lower tax level, smaller government and more personal freedom across the board. We do not need career politicians telling us Who we can love, how much money we can keep, or what we can do with our own body. I promise I will fight to keep the democrats out of your wallet and the republicans out of your bedroom. Be libertarian with me!

    Your friend in Liberty,

    Jonathan Dine

    FB http://www.facebook.com/vote4dine

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