Democratic Convention 2012

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We've got Matt Welch, Garrett Quinn, and Peter Suderman down in Charlotte writing up a storm about the Democratic National Convention and Reason TV lensemen Zach Weissmueller and Paul Detrick taking pictures and causing trouble.

Go here for a single, always-being-updated bookmark.

And go here for last week's coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Matt Welch hips us all to three (count 'em!) big stories we're tracking in Charlotte:

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  1. I think I speak for all the commentariat when I say, “meh”. Without even some delegate fights and such to spice things up, the DNC is going to be a snooze-fest supreme. It’ll be like a four day state of the union address in terms of content and excitement.

    1. I hate it because the NFL was stupid enough to reschedule to accommodate it.

  2. Anyone else getting a “Stop the Koch brothers” ad on this page?


    1. Yep. I get a lot of ads for Obama, Sherrod, Warren, anti-Koch.

      Probably because I click on them once a day or so.

  3. All in one link! Now I can ignore this link and not read any DNC coverage?

  4. Guys, let me give you some reader feedback.

    I don’t care.

    I have 0 interest in the conventions.

    I have 0 interest in the lies the conventioneers spew in their attempt to get votes.

    I have 0 interest in platforms that will be stuffed unread into filing cabinets within minutes of their generation and never be consulted after inauguration.

    I just don’t care.

    I suggest you save yourselves some money by just reducing your coverage to some junior reporter who you need to punish for poor performance. Don’t send Lucy, though, no crime she could possibly commit would justify sending her into the liars’ den.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with tarran, and if you really want some reader feedback, free Lucy up to come play with us. We like her vastly more than any bullshit convention crap.

      1. With a motion and a second, I vote yes and the motion carries.

      2. I concur with this, with the exception of reporting of truly humiliating or bizarre moments, which we can mock to our heart’s content.

    2. She left out alt-text on an article a few days ago. She should be sent there, indefinitely.

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