Watch: New York Man Gets Tasered, Jumped on, Beaten by Pennsylvania State Troopers


Corrected: Leone was convicted of 4 of the 24 charges, not 20.

Here's video of New York resident Robert Leone, 31 at the time, getting the tar beaten out of him by Pennsylvania State Police for not pulling over for police investigating a hit-and-run:


The incident took place in March 2010. It's getting a lot more publicity now with the release of the video and because Leone is filing a federal suit against the Pennsylvania State Police.

The video is very long. Unfortunately narrator Larry Hohol thinks we need a lot more set up and explanation than perhaps is necessary at times.  

Some important time stamps:

  • 6:30: The actual dashboard video of the stop and the beating that takes place as they get Leone out of his car. What is claimed (but not visible) is that an officer parked his patrol car in such a way that Leone couldn't exit the driver's side as commanded by police. He is allegedly Tasered through the sunroof of his car, and the subsequent arrest and beating is mostly obscured from the dash cam by Leone's passenger-side door. During the arrest, an officer breaks his hand from punching Leone. Leone is charged with assault for this.

  • Robert Leone

    15:00: Leone is dragged next to the patrol car with the web cam but off-camera. There it sounds as though he is struck again several times by an officer. The officer then accuses Leone of spitting on him. He is apparently hogtied and put in the back of the police car. An ambulance called to the scene takes the officer who broke his hand rather than Leone. Leone is brought to the hospital by police for treatment. Hohol claims Leone asked the nurse for help. Police then ordered the nurse to leave and Hohol says they beat Leone again. Police and prosecutors said the Leone attempted to punch an officer while being treated at the hospital.

  • 23:00: Back at the patrol station, officers attempt to have Leone arraigned via Internet. When Leone asks the magistrate for help, Hohol said officers disconnected the computer. Leone was allegedly beaten yet again and brought back to the hospital. The officers claimed he was resisting. Hohol shows another medical report indicating that Leone couldn't even remember what had happened or how he ended up back at the hospital and showing injuries to his back and the back of his legs.

Ultimately, Leone was convicted of only 20 4 of the 24 counts leveled against him. The rest were either dismissed, withdrawn or Leone was found not guilty (including the charge of driving under the influence). He was convicted of the initial hit-and-run that prompted the pursuit, attempting to elude police, resisting arrest (for the officer's broken hand) and assault for the incident at the hospital. He was sentenced to up to four years in jail.

Hohol's video misses some important components of the case that the Birmingham, N.Y., Press & Sun-Bulletin documents:

During the 15-mile chase through Bradford County, Pa., Leone drove erratically, crossing into the opposite side of the road at times, as officers pursued him with sirens and lights activated. According to witness testimony and a police accident report, officers began pursuing Leone after he side-swiped another car at an intersection and did not stop.

Leone allegedly had more than 19 times the therapeutic level of amphetamines in his system and a near-empty bottle of legally prescribed Adderall—used to treat hyperactivity disorder—in his system at the time he was apprehended, court documents and blood test results show.

Hohol claims in his video that Leone was never tested for drugs. Leone is bipolar and had been prescribed Adderall by a psychiatrist.

Whatever the truth of the case, the Hohol's video has gone semi-viral, prompting protests in Towanda, Pa., where the stop took place.

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  1. Wait for the investigation.

    1. Yep. The worst thing anyone can do right now is jump to conclusions about the situation. There is some circumstantial evidence that this is police brutality (dude BROKE HIS HAND punching him? Way to go Evander Holyfield.) but none of us know the details.

  2. That new professionalism is an angry professionalism.

  3. Also:

    Rambo: There wouldn’t be no trouble except for that king-shit cop! All I wanted was something to eat. But the man kept pushing Sir.
    Trautman: Well you did some pushing on your own John.
    Rambo: They drew first blood, not me.

  4. I don’t understand why the police aren’t disciplined, even taking their explanation at face value. I assume that they have procedures for controlling tweakers that don’t include beating the fuck out of them. So were procedures not followed?

    1. The normal procedures were followed. To the letter. It’s called “beating the shit out of someone who annoyed you”. You might want to go review the Rodney King case, since this sounds a lot like it.

      1. I’m sorry. I meant to question whether the officially documented procedures were followed. I’m certain the normal procedures were followed. However, in cases like this in many industries, following the normal procedures when they deviate from the written procedure that results in injury will have OHSA descend upon you like a plague of documentation demons.

        I’d love to see OHSA get ahold of police departments.

        1. I’d love to see OHSA get ahold of police departments.

          OHSA rules don’t apply to government.
          Same with EPA and everything else.

          Remember we’re still living in a feudal system were the political class is the aristocracy, law enforcement are the knights, and with us being serfs.

          Can you imagine knights being held to the same standards as the serfs?
          Of course not.
          So why would you expect the police to be held to the same standards as us?

          1. Yeah. Its just a fantasy. One that includes an 87 page chapter in a giant binder (Volume 34 of 47) on procedures for handling an uncooperative subject (handcuffed, previously injured) in the police station.

            “Oh shit, you entirely skipped sequence 4-A! You were supposed to wait at least 1.5 seconds between shouting ‘stop resisting!’ and swinging your hardened plastic nightstick (specification 8724.3)”

    2. No, they don’t have any such procedures. Therefore, the procedures were to blame, and a committee will investigate how to change the procedures so that this doesn’t happen again. Note: “Investigate how to change the procedures” should not be understood to mean that the procedures will actually be changed.

  5. In a just world, these pigs would be tortured the way they tortured this dude. But we don’t live in a just world. We live in a pigs world where they are just to busy to beat us all up.

  6. Is it just me, or does running from the cops pretty much guarantee a severe beating?

    It’s as if once the cops’ adrenaline starts pumping, someone is going to the hospital.

    1. It ain’t just you.

    2. does running from the cops pretty much guarantee a severe beating?

      Self-selection at work. Most every cop I see (and here around Wall Street there are a LOT of cops) looks like they were the school bully.

    3. I believe it was the great philosopher Chris Rock who said that–and I am paraphrasing here–if the cops have to chase your ass, they are bringing an ass whooping with them.

    4. Contempt of cop is a crime they cannot turn a blind eye toward. Civilians start getting uppity, forget their place.

    5. Forcing them to suffer the humiliation of moving their porcine asses should naturally be punished with massive pain and injury.

      1. Forcing them to suffer the humiliation of moving their porcine asses should naturally be punished with massive pain and injury.


        Pshh says the guy who’s always willing to suck some government cock. This is what you support buddy. This is what you advocate for. The benevolent guardians of the State, helping these poor citizens to find the way to good behavior.

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    1. earn up to $375 per hour working for this billion dollar company

      Yes, law enforcement is lucrative.

  9. During the arrest, an officer breaks his hand from punching Leone. Leone is charged with assault for this.

    in AM Links, I predicted that exactly this would happen – the victim charged with breaking the cop’s hand with his head.

  10. How is that guy’s shirt in the photo getting suspended in mid-air like that? Photoshop?

    1. In the video, Hohol claims they put an apron over his shirt so you wouldn’t be able to see all the blood.

  11. More Pig-Fun Fuck-ups

    Fifty-three days. From Aug. 21 until Oct. 12, Teresa Culpepper was locked in the Fulton County Jail. And all that time she insisted she was not the woman police wanted for throwing hot water on Angelo Boyd ? a man she had never met, a man who said he had never met her either.…..71121.html

    1. “But the department disciplined a supervisor and two officers by suspending them without pay for 10, 14 and 30 days, respectively, a total of 54 days and one day longer than Culpepper was in jail.”

      Wow. A real response. Not some BS paid leave.

      Not total justice. But at least a start.

  12. Ultimately, Leone was only convicted of 20 of the 24 counts leveled against him.


    1. That paragraph is totally messed up. They need to edit it. I think they mean only 4 of the 24, based on the rest of the text. Also, would like to know if it was a guilty plea or a trial, and whether the video was put into court evidence.

      1. Crap. My bad. I’ll fix it asap

        1. Also, there was a trial. The link to the piece from the Press and Sun-Bulletin has a lot more of the detail you’re looking for.

          1. Hey, thanks.

  13. a near-empty bottle of legally prescribed Adderall — used to treat hyperactivity disorder — in his system

    Maybe the bottle restricted bloodflow to his brain and caused the erratic behavior.

  14. a near-empty bottle of legally prescribed Adderall

    Of course, taking pills exactly as prescribed also results in “near-empty” bottles.

    The question should be: when was his prescription last filled? A day before? A month before?

    Right now, I have a near-empty bottle of some king-hell painkiller at home. Of course, it was filled years ago.

    1. Considering that he wasn’t convicted of a DUI, he probably wasn’t under the influence of the Adderall. Which means someone lied by implication to justify the beating.

  15. Nothing on the fact that republicans are disenfranchising 9.2 % of its electorate? That’s odd, I thought that would be something this blog would be just as crestfallen and outraged over.

    1. Start your own blog, asshole.

      1. I shouldn’t have been so coy: I am already aware that libertarians have no problem with disenfranchisement of non-libertarian voters. After all, since taxation is theft and almost all voters never vote for zero-tax, Randian candidates, according to libertarian dogmatism they don’t want to be free anyway and deserve to have their rights taken from them. Same thing in Florida: libertarians support Rick Scott’s voter purging because they consider Americans who vote in favor of the welfare state to be subhuman.

        Libertarians consider democracy to be defunct if it can authorize legislators to tax people by more than minimum amounts.

        1. Straw men are made of straw.

        2. So you weren’t asking a real question, then? Just being an asshole? Good for you, asshole. [golf clap]

        3. Go to hell, Mary Stack of Fort Worth, Texas.

          1. You first, Mike.

      2. She got rid of hers for some reason. I wonder why?

  16. Don’t worry, this case will go to the Supreme Court and Judge Roberts will rule that is was not a beating, it was a tax and the government has unlimited powers to tax.

  17. That’s Binghamton, NY, not Birmingham. I grew up near there. If you get a chance to visit it, don’t.

    1. Hey B.P., me too. About 40 miles north of Bingotown. An upstate hillbilly through and through. I live in Ohio now. Don’t know that it’s much better. Actually, the best part of NY is the western part – out past Corning where I went to school. And Cooperstown is a nice town.

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