Florida Cop Told Teenager: "I am the law…I can fuck you up and no one will say anything about it"


I am the law! Now let me eat your donuts.

He punched a 14-year-old in the face. He faked sick to take a weeklong vacation in Cancun. An inspection of his car revealed a bag of cocaine, several crack pipes and an empty Smirnoff vodka bottle. Four years later, he was promoted to sergeant.

Meet Sgt. German Bosque, the South Florida cop who "just can't stay fired."

In his two decades working for the Opa-locka, Florida police department, he has been the subject of 40 investigations by internal affairs detectives, reports The Miami Herald. Outside the department, he's earned quite the record: three arrests, six firings, and two expulsions from the police academy. And in May 2012, the Opa-locka PD suspended him once again, this time for letting a reporter ride in his squad car without permission. So where's Bosque now? According to his attorney, Bosque's at home, "sleeping late and watching telenovelas and Cops reruns." Oh yeah, and getting paid $60,000 a year to do it.

Despite an impressive criminal record and his latest suspension, Bosque maintains that he's on the positive end of the good cop/bad cop spectrum. "I'm an excellent police officer but I break the rules," he told The Herald. Hard to argue with that coming from a man who in August 2000 told a teenager, "I am the law, if I feel like it right now I can fuck you up and no one will say anything about it." Charming.

Here's a few of Bosque's greatest hits, as reported by The Herald:

May 22, 1998: Bosque calls in sick for work, claiming food poisioning. Takes a vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

Sept. 5, 1999: Excessive force accusations filed against Bosque by a man who claims the officer kicked and punched him repeatedly while handcuff. Police authorities reportedly took no action on the case. 

Jan. 19, 2004: Suspended for 45 days after beating a handcuffed suspect into a pulp. According to The Herald, "The victim was beaten until bloody and there was blood spilled all over the station house floor."

July 22, 2004: The Herald reports that Bosque was "accused of fondling a corrections officer in his squad car." But he was not punished. Why? According to investigators, "the woman involved admitted she refused to say 'no.'"

Jan. 24, 2011: Promoted to sergeant.

More on crooked cops here.

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  1. Bosque calls in sick for work, claiming food poisioning. Takes a vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

    So? He accurately predicted a case of Montezuma’s revenge.

    Hmm, maybe being a cop union counsel was my true calling?

  2. the man is a walking, talking indictment not just of law enforcement, but of much of the public sector. Any system that lets you stay home and draw full salary while it is decided just big a fuck up you really are is a system that deserves ridicule. And nuclear assault. From deep space.

    1. The only way to be sure.

  3. Bosque calls in sick for work, claiming food poisioning. Takes a vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

    Obviously a pre-emptive strike by Montezuma.

    1. Speaking of pre-emptive strikes!

      1. Damn you!

  4. “I’m an excellent police officer but I break the rules,”

    Someone watched a few too many movies.

  5. For Opa-Locka, he is an upstanding citizen.

  6. When I saw (it was videotaped!!!) that cop (supervisor) punch that occupy wall street woman in the face (who wasn’t doing anything but talking) and get away with it, inostensibly the most liberal city in America, I realized we are in a police state, and WE WANT TO BE IN APOLICE STATE.

  7. “I’m an excellent police officer but I break the rules,” he told The Herald.

    First of all, breaking the rules precludes you being a good cop.

    Second, as long as we’re trying to live Hollywood clich?s, can we get your fellow officers to put together an assassination squad to solve the problem that internal procedures obviously can’t?

    1. “Hugh, Sarge is gonna have your ass for this one”

    2. Tell me, Hugh…do you feel lucky?

    3. Hugh, did you order the code red?

      1. I’ll have what Hugh’s having.

    4. A good cop would be the one breaking the rules. The excellent police officer is the one who “follows policy”. SOP for all police agencies is now to shoot every dog, abuse every citizen, and lie like a $3 rug.

  8. Apparently there’s not much of a gap between can’t be fired and being promoted.

  9. German “Smug Asshole” Bosque

    Notice the all-Black uniform he’s wearing (would work well with a nice pair of jackboots), the sleek Dodge Charger behind him (Wheeeeeeee!! Vroom! Vroom! For the good of Opa-Locka, of course.), the condescending look plastered across his face that says “this badge makes me better than you, peasant.”

    This is the face of American law enforcement.

    1. And remember…this guy has concealed carry rights across the entire US for the rest of his life, including places like NYC and Washington DC. Because he’s better than the rest of us, apparently.

    2. Don’t forget that the smug asshole, for the rest of his life, has concealed carry rights across the entire US, including such places as Washington DC and NYC, just because he has been a cop. Because that makes him better than us.

    3. To be honest, I can’t fault the look on his face. It looks pretty neutral to me.

    4. Oh, yeah – he’s compensating…

  10. Woo-oo-ooo-oo-ooo-oo, I wanna Bosque you up

  11. Wait… Where are his Oakley Razors? I call bullshit. This simply can’t be a picture of thug cop if there are no Razors in evidence.

    1. That’s how he’s managed to stay on the job. He hides in plain sight.

      1. So he’s your worst enemy: part of a Michael Bay movie.

          1. Also valid, but not what I was referring to.

            1. It all blends together for me. Except for Meghan Fox.

              1. I don’t quite get that. She’s hot for a regular girl, but I don’t see why people think she’s a hot actress. We’re talking about a different standard here.

                1. You’re shitting me, right?

                  1. Nope. Again: she is hot. But she’s not Hollywood hot.

                  2. Megan Fox = unattractive skank.

                    1. So basically you’re saying that you guys are blind or your testicles have been removed. Got it.

                      (I don’t disagree that the tattoos are gross, but they cover them up for most of her roles…if you still think she’s unattractive then, there’s no hope for you)

                    2. I already said she’s hot. I am just saying she’s not hot enough to justify the level of attention she gets when she’s being compared to other actresses. If she was being compared to the people at my work, then it would make sense.

                    3. I’m just curious as to whom you think in Hollywood is vastly hotter than Fox. That’s what I’m wondering.

                    4. I’m gonna clear the whole thing up: Megan Fox is a hot chick I wouldn’t put my dick anywhere near. She is the next LiLo, with scant acting ability but a nice body that is likely riddled with disease. She is jacking material but even that might be risky.

                      Is that accurate enough for everyone?

                    5. I concur with this opinion.

                    6. Banjos said she is “skanky-hot” like Kat Von D. She’d write it herself but is in the middle of making me a sammich.

  12. More insidious are the scores of other “officers” that know full well how much of a criminal this douchebag is, yet do nothing.

    THEY are possibly worse than he is.

  13. One does not simply WALK into Opa-Locka.

    1. There is evil there that does not sleep.

  14. Meet Sgt. German Bosque

    You know who else broke the rules and shared part of his name?

    1. Sergeant Shriver?

  15. For those interested, the city’s website is:


  16. He punched a 14-year-old in the face.

    Did the 14-year-old have an un-passworded wireless router in his house?

    1. 14 year olds are generally pretty punchable.

    2. No, but he did throw a snowball at Bosque’s car.

      1. The he deserved whatever he got. The law is the law, after all.

  17. Opa-locka, one of the poorest and most scandal-plagued cities in South Florida,
    has a long history of influence-peddling and corruption, stretching back
    decades. City leaders have been accused of taking bribes, making illegal
    campaign contributions and covering up criminal wrongdoing. The police
    department has been the focus of multiple state and federal public corruption
    probes, as well as a barrage of civil lawsuits.

    Something something small town corruption something big cities.


    1. Last year, there were 41 police internal affairs investigations on a force of 68

      Wow. WOW!

      1. Looks like we’re looking more and more correct, Paul.

        1. I guess it’s true. When you live in a small town, if there’s corruption… you know about it!

          It’s whether anything gets done about it that seems to be the lingering question.

        2. Nope. It’s standard statistics. Small populations have more outliers. The cities with the highest percentage of corruption should be small, but so should the cities with the least.

          It’s the same reason that the US (and Canada, and Australia, and France, and the UK) are in the middle on the OECD broadband statistics, and the countries at the top and bottom are small countries.

        3. Statistics would predict, even if the rate of corruption is the same in small towns and big cities, that the outliers (by percentage of crooked cops or amount of corruption relative to size) in both directions would be small population towns.

          The absolute craziest stories should come from small towns. But that doesn’t support your point.

          1. I hear what you’re saying, but we’re not talking about migratory animals here which run largely on instinct and have predictable behavior. It seems, to me, that it would be a lot easier to rot a small barrel of apples than a large one. Especially when the mayor, the police chief and 18 of his 68 deputies play cards together on weekends.

            But I like having this discussion, and I know that everyone here on HR loves reading it.

            1. I can think of a number of arguments in multiple directions. I don’t think that the evidence so far is persuasive one way or the other.

              There’s a lot of corruption in all police forces; the temptation is always there.

      2. See, it’s isolated incidents. There are at least 27 officers who weren’t (individually) investigated!

      3. wow!

  18. “I am the law, if I feel like it right now I can fuck you up and no one will say anything about it.”

    That seems to be the attitude radiated by most cops I’ve had the misfortune to encounter, but they don’t usually engage in such candor out loud.

    1. Well, when you’re threatening children, you have to spell it out for them. They’re kids, after all.

      1. I have no doubt that there are a shit ton of 14 year old hoppers who are probably hell to deal with. But you can still do the work of policing without this kind of rule-bending.

  19. I guess dunphy can go on a pedantic rant about the constitutionality of red light cameras on another thread but can’t get up the guts to come on here and address a much more common occurrence: out of control cops that act with impunity because they are held to a different standard than non-cops.

    Why am I not too surprised?

    1. Dude, this guy is being treated harsher than a non-cop would under these circumstances. Duh.

      1. For full effect, you’re supposed to call me part of the reason bigorati and give me a failing grade for stating a fact trolling.

        1. I can’t do that. That portion is dunphy’s job according to his union contract which supersedes the law and Constitution.

  20. I’m confused. Is Brockton, Mass a part of Opa Lacka? Or is that a second department where cops are treated as above the law.

  21. Florida Cop Told Teenager: “I am the law…I can fuck you up and no one will say anything about it”
    SO much for his concern about “The Children” If you cared about your kids and you live near this guy, do what you can to get him fired, or someones kid will wind up dead “Resisting Arrest”.

  22. This sounds like something out of a bad Nic Cage movie, not in real life…

    1. bad Nic Cage movie,

      No need to be redundant.

      1. Hey The Rock was good.

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