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Man In Panda Suit Promotes Anarchism, Hugs Cops in Montreal


Montreal is a real mess lately. The student protests over tuition hikes have grown increasingly rowdy since they began in February, leading to the implementation of controversial restrictions on protest in the region. While the U.N. has condemned the restrictions (a.k.a. Bill 78) the greatest opposition to the protest-banning bill has come from the students themselves, who have renewed their protest with greater enthusiasm.

One of the stars of the protest is Anarchopanda, a college professor with a mission to calm the tension by hugging everyone while wearing a glorious panda costume. Hugging police clad in riot gear might not be the recommended plan for most, but Anarchopanda has managed to do so without getting pepper sprayed or clubbed to a bloody pulp. With the police violence seen in many protests in the last year, the fact that Anarchopanda has thrived without receiving a sound beating reveals a lot about his protest strategy, and the value of non-violent civil disobedience. Plus, it would take a particularly tone-deaf cop to start whaling on a cuddly panda.

When Occupy Wall Street was getting out of control, the police started playing rough, as in this episode on November 17, where cops deployed nightsticks and pepper spray in New York and California—a tangible demonstration of the monopoly on force in action. But Anarchopanda isn't fighting anyone. He's simply challenging the moral authority of the state…with hugs! Cops know how to handle violent Quebecois protestors, but they seem baffled by their current panda protester.

And if Anarchopanda does end up on the receiving end of pepper spray or a nightstick? Well, that panda head probably makes one hell of a helmet.

Anarchopanda–style protest is becoming increasingly popular—his clown cousins showed up in Chicago last month.

See Reason's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest here.

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  1. Maybe the Montreal coppers are secretly all furries.

    1. Maybe?

  2. I keep reading it as “arachnopanda”, something far scarier.

    1. That. Fucking. RULES!

      Next Clive Barker book – “Arachnopanda.”


        1. The Zanti Misfits were arachnopandas?

        2. eeeeeeeeeeek!

    2. Its a monster in the new WOW expansion.

  3. Charest versus Commies? Can’t they all lose?

    UN has condmened Quebec Liberals? No wonder I never heard about it.

  4. Clowns in Chicago are nothing like the Anarchopanda. I’d gleefully pound the clowns into a bloody pulp with a thin sheen of greasepaint floating on the top.

  5. Also, fuck Quebec.

    As one of my good buddies from Ontario said – more than once – “I’d like to take a fuckin’ chainsaw, cut along the border and set those fuckers adrift in the Atlantic….”

    Aye, aye, Cap’n.

    “Quebec: The California of Canada?”

    1. If they really wanted to win the Neverendum, they would allow the rest of Canada to vote.

      1. Yes I do support secession, even for Quebec commies. Probably the only way for them to learn the idiocy of their desire for a French Welfare State is to be bankrupt…well like France!

      2. and lulz – it’s true because it’s funny!

    2. Giving credit where it’s due, the Quebecois have got a few things figured out:

      1. The legal drinking age is 18.
      2. Bars serve alcohol until 3am.
      3. You can buy alcohol in virtually any convenience store (“d?panneur”), at virtually any time.

  6. Isn’t that a Jackass bit?

    1. Wile playing the Vapors and skateboarding into random groups of Japanese people.

      1. Ah the Vapors do bring back memories! I had all their albums!

  7. How utterly shocking that he’s a professor of philosophy at a state-owned university.

  8. Sometimes he hugs you for a little too long.


  9. Plus, it would take a particularly tone-deaf cop to start whaling on a cuddly panda.

    Not to condone violence, but there is a point when cloying cuteness deserves to get whacked.

    1. See Also: Snuggles

      1. *shudders*

        *makes sign to ward off evil*

        1. Has the Anarchopanda hugged you yet?

  10. Nothing screams “I’m raging against the corrupt and pernicious influence of the State” more than dressing up as a panda as a means of protesting a reduction of the size and scope of the state.

    The worst part about the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war is that all these Commies started calling themselves anarchists since their actual ideology was proven a miserable failure.

    1. Check out that redheaded girl sitting to his left in the circle playing the children’s game.

      If he said that he was a commie, she wouldn’t talk to him.

      Now he gets to sit next to her. He can’t touch her because he’s got panada-paw gloves. He can’t see her (the suit blocks peripheral vision). He can’t hear her because of the messed up acoustics in the head. he can’t smell her because the inside of the suit reeks with his sweat. And, she probably won’t even notice him when they next cross paths and he’s wearing an ordinary outfit.

      But he gets to sit next to her. Donning that panda outfit and calling himself an anarchist is what gave him that. You have to pity people that are that desperate.

      1. Why someone would want to talk to a Francophone hipster is beyond my ken.

        I mean, imagine how obnoxious it would be to hear about organic mayonnaise with the appropriate French pronunciation.

      2. Please. He’s a philosophy professor with an outrageous French accent. Unless he’s also a burn victim, he’s getting tons of stupid chick ass.

      3. You can barely SEE the red head! Something tells me that someone likes the taste of ginger.

  11. One wanna-be anarchist panda will sucker punch a cop sometime and ruin it for all the real anarchist pandas.

  12. Crap, all we got is tricorn hats with dangling tea bags!

  13. As an individualist anarchist, I condemn this panda anarchist as a splitter and a heretic. Pandas are not part of what anarchism is about. In fact, the known extremely statist tendencies of pandas, both giant and red*, make them particularly unsuited for anarchism.

    * I know red pandas aren’t actually pandas. That doesn’t reduce their statist tendencies.

    1. We’ve been BAMBOOzled!!1!111!!1!!

      1. HAH!

      2. You’re actually a panda, aren’t you, Sudden. Just admit it.

        1. Pander and panda are often confused.

          1. It’s pandemonium.

  14. Nothing says “Smash the State!” then demanding that the State pay for your education, daycare and give you a job.

    1. Maybe. There is the starve the beast school of revolution.

  15. You know I once found an article on some ridiculous leftist Canadian nationalist site called ViveleCanada which condemned Chomsky for being too “Pro-American” and not having anything of value for Canadians, even though I think US foreign policy would be quite relevant for Canada and is hilarious the Canadian left’s views of US foreign policy would be warmed over Chomskyism anyway. Also he attacked Chomsky for being an anarchist. Seems he is one of the few leftists who realized that no State means no welfare state.

    Also that site features articles praising 19th century Conservatives for their protectionist Anti-American views. Nothing shows the decline of the left then them praising Victorian conservatives. I recall reading Metternich condemning classical liberalism in terms that wouldn’t be out of place among the left today.

  16. If dressing like a panda works, imagine if he wore an even cuter costume…..say, something like a baby seal. They wouldn’t dare whack him! God, I’m a genius.

    1. Isn’t getting “whacked” the whole point of drawing females’ attention to you?

  17. If Obama were worth a shit rather than a piece of one, he’d fly up to Montreal, seek out the Anarchopanda, and hand him Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

    Sadly, it’s more likely–and I’m in deadly earnest when I say this–that Obama will call in a drone strike on the Anarchopanda than do what I’ve outlined above.

  18. Education Is A Right! On Your Knees And Teach Me Something!

    1. Keep your “Submissive, but Naughty Teacher Meets Entitled Student” fantasies in the bedroom, where they belong.

      1. Too busy with the ‘whoops it slipped’ excuse to get around to making demands on a partner.

  19. It’s just the Sexual Harassment Panda moonlighting

  20. “I’m a dreamer! Montreal!”

    Sorry, there was nothing on TV recently so I popped in the DVD of the Marx Brothers movie ‘Aminal Crackers’.

  21. I reckon Anarchopanda is harmless enough. It’s whacks like this that are truly dangerous to themselves and others:


  22. “Hugging police clad in riot gear might not be the recommended plan for most, but Anarchopanda has managed to do so without getting pepper sprayed or clubbed to a bloody pulp.”

    Martyrdom eludes him.

  23. Seems like this might violate the rule many localities have against protesting or marching with a mask on, which was intended to thwart the Klan.

  24. Is he in any way related to Pedobear?

  25. I believe this tactic started with Wavy Gravy, dressing in a clown suit while protesting because who would beat up a clown?

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