Ed Krayewski on 4 Positions Obama Supporters Attribute to the President That He Doesn't Actually Hold


Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was an exercise in wish-fulfillment, writes Ed Krayewski. The junior senator from Illinois who wowed Democrats at their convention in 2004 did not make a conventional run for the White House. As Virginia Postrel noted in Reason's November 2008 issue, "Barack Obama has not run as the typical candidate, selling specific policies, a worldview, experience, or executive competence. He has instead sold himself, a glamorous icon onto whom supporters project their hopes and dreams and, in many cases, their own identities." The last three years have supported her interpretation. With the 2012 presidential campaign gaining steam, the president continues to get credit where credit is not due. Here are the top four positions Obama supporters attribute to the president that he doesn't actually support.