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Apparently You Are An 'Idiot' if Your Presidential Vote Depends On Marijuana Legalization


A CNN Panelist has declared that you are an idiot if your presidential vote depends on a candidate's position on marijuana legalization. Speaking on the election campaign Lz Granderson stated that,  "if you are voting on one single issue, especially one issue that is so peripheral, you are an idiot, I don't want to mince words here." Why exactly the host of the segment, Carol Costello, thought the question worth asking considering the fact that you couldn't fit a playing card between Obama and Romney on marijuana policy is a little bemusing. However, given that the question was asked, and such a moronic response given, the issue is worth examining. 

Why Mr. Granderson thinks you would be an idiot to vote for the betterment of your community's economic wellbeing, the alleviation of pain, or out of concern for business owners who have their legal businesses raided is not made clear. According to Mr. Granderson there are more important issues at stake. While it is the case that the economy is in dire straits and there are men and women dying in foreign countries wearing our country's uniform, the unfortunate reality is that there is no reason to vote for either Obama or Romney on these issues. You will get almost identical policies regardless of who wins the election. 

At the end of last year Reason.TV interviewed Andrew and Steve DeAngelo of Oakland, California's Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world. Both men say explicitly in the video that they are single issues voters, and it makes sense that they are. Their financial livelihoods and the wellbeing of their customers are at stake.

What Mr. Granderson should remember, and what is echoed in the video, is that many of those who manage or use medical marijuana dispensaries are natural Democratic voters who feel betrayed by the President's reversal on the issue. On this policy the Republican rhetoric of states' rights looks better than the expansive overreach of the current administration.

A vote for the legalization of marijuana is a vote for the alleviation suffering, financial sanity, commonsense law and order, and localism. Too bad it won't be on the ballot come November 6th.  The issue is only 'peripheral' if you lack any consideration for human freedom and suffering. This country's laws on marijuana are causing largely unseen misery at our southern border and needlessly filling already overcrowded prisons. It would be interesting to hear where Mr. Granderson's priorities lie. 

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  1. If you’re choosing between the two big candidates and your single issue is decriminalization, you’re going to feel like an idiot on Election Day.

  2. what happened to SIV? Did he die along with the new comment system? (which, btw, is atrociously difficult to use)

    1. I’m all over the place yonemoto. You just have to read the comments. Speaking of the “single issue” how is Gary Johnson on cockfighting/”animal cruelty” issues?

  3. This is the same LZ Granderson who doesn’t really believe in Free Speech, so his screeching doesn’t surprise me any.

    1. Why is Whoopi Goldberg on CNN discussing marijuana and voting?

  4. Apparently You Are An ‘Idiot’ if Your Presidential Vote Depends On Marijuana Legalization

    I skimmed the article, and she kind of has a point, even if not the one she intended.

    If you’re voting for either Obama or Romney and your single issue is marijuana legalization, you would be… an idiot.

    And further, I’m guessing that a lot of people in California who voted for Obama because they thought his record on marijuana would be better probably feel like… idiots.

    1. Ah, LZ is a “he”.

      But hey, billions of dollars, millions in prison, and millions more in asset forfeiture? Who gives a shit? Mitt Romney gave a gay kid a haircut 40 years ago!

      1. I noticed that after I posted. Disclaimer: skimmed it.

        But exactly. I haven’t clicked on the link, and I don’t know what Granderson’s larger narrative is, but I’d be curious to know with whome the 2008 Obama-voting single issue-ers are going to placing their vote come november?

        Because you know a shitload of pre-2008 Obama supporters wanted to see real movement on the MJ legalization front.

        My guess is the ones who will still vote for Obama will suddenly be ‘big picture’ voters.

  5. LZ Granderson only exists to make Charles Pierce seem intelligent.

  6. Take it with a grain of salt; LZ Granderson isn’t exactly the brightest bulb on CNN’s tree. CNN opinion writers are long on style, short on insight.

    However, I do have to ask, didn’t Reason advocate against recalling Walker in part because it’s a “one-issue recall”?

    1. However, I do have to ask, didn’t Reason advocate against recalling Walker in part because it’s a “one-issue recall”?

      Care to cite to the record on that one?

      Of course, drawing an equivalence between the relatively benign notion that state employees need to take a haircut to pay deficits and the inflammatory notion that the Drug War doesn’t matter is egregious enough on its own. I just want to see if you have any sort of proof for your very, very silly “point”/

      1. I think there was an article last week about how a recall is such a serious thing it should only be used in cases of severely shitty governing. Of course, that doesn’t mean that is Reason’s position, since this is not a collective.

        1. Actually, I do recall reading something like that. And disagreeing, as I think recalls, if part of the system, shouldn’t have to be signed off on as “valid.” If I want to recall a governor because I think he’s an alien in disguise, that’s my right.

          1. If I want to recall a governor because I think he’s an alien in disguise…

            Are you implying that one of them is NOT?

            I’m fairly sure that I’ve identified two Klingons, three Cardasians, half a dozen Borg and a couple of the Founders. And I think Nancy Pelosi appeared in a few movies with Sigourney Weaver.

            No Ferengi, unfortunately.

            1. Huh. Well, Klingons at least have a code of honor, which would be a nice change of pace.

              1. OTOH, it would be nice to see the debates replaced by bat’leth duels.

            2. Pelosi has Ferengi on her mother’s side of the family.

          2. If I want to recall a governor because I think he’s an alien in disguise, that’s my right.

            No it’s not. There are impeachment procedures to take care of extreme situations such as that.

            Recall elections are too close to direct democracy for my tastes. Our political system is incredibly short-sighted enough as it is.

          3. Hey ProL, I don’t think our governor has much of a disguise.

  7. Apparently I’m a super-idiot, I guess. I don’t know if even the chance to vote for Gary Johnson would have been enough to get me out to vote this November; certainly, the Warren/Brown senate race won’t be enticing me to vote. However, I will be voting as long as the binding proposition to legalize medical marijuana in MA makes the ballot, as seems likely.

    Short version: fuck off, Granderson

    1. Heck, if I was a Masshole I’d crawl to the polls to vote for Zombie Mary Jo Kopecne or Che Guevara over Elizabeth Warren.

  8. Good to see LZ has brought the same idiocy to CNN that he contributed to ESPN.

    1. The same institution that has Colin Cowherd has a very low bar for stupidity.

      1. True. LZ had a particular brand of stupid though. He was the resident race baiter, who has since been replaced by Jemele Hill.

        1. He still writes for ESPN on occasion. I assume when Hill’s on vacation.

  9. Oh, yes! Considering the VAST DIFFERENCES between Obomney and Rabma, if one of them were to endorse decriminalization, supporting that one on the single issue would be idiotic.


  10. I’d say people getting locked up or having their property seized for no good reason is a pretty important and reasonable issue to vote on.

  11. there are more important issues at stake

    Don’t you ignorati realize how many non-americans there are around the world in need of a good bombing on our dime.

    Get back to your tractor pulls and don’t worry about voting, we’ve got everything under control.

    Your Betters

  12. If that were the only issue at hand, I might agree. But it isn’t. When I vote for Johnson, it’s going to be for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and civil liberties. I think the War on Drugs is wrong, but it’s just one of a great many injustices our government is involved in.

    1. Agreed. I suppose I am a single issue voter but my issue is the second amendment. It is a pretty good litmus test ( the best one I am aware of ) for predicting how a candidate will stand on lots of other issues. It isnt 100% accurate, but even when it is wrong, I still have my guns. That means that if they really do push it too far, I can push back.

      I so miss Tony calling me a stupid, fucking, redneck, gun fanatic.

    2. Agreed.

      However, given the the vomitous pair thrown up by the major parties, there isn’t much to choose between them. If one of them were to suddenly take a stand against the WoD (about as likely as a manifestation of the Virgin Mary at the Lincoln Memorial), it would probably be the only basis for choosing between them.

      1. There’s light years difference between them on economic issues. FP, drugs, and immigration not so much.

        But I contend that on every issue on which they differ BO is worse than M-Rom.

        1. Well, rhetorically, yes. I’m not very confident that Romney is going to usher in an era of deregulation, government roll-back, and economic freedom. I doubt he’ll do that any more than Bush did.

          His one big advantage is not being Obama and not having Obama’s proven track record of utter shittiness. And I do think he’ll be better. Just not better enough to get us out of trouble.

          1. In that case we’re not getting out of trouble.

            1. Pretty much my conclusion, yes. But that doesn’t mean anyone should vote for Obama. Even Obama should vote against Obama.

              1. The best thing about Romney is both the legacy media and the “conservative base” will be all over his ass.

              2. The least we can ask is that he splits his 70 votes or whatever in half.

      2. Not going to happen, and, if it did, it would be a lie. Especially coming from President Bullshit, but I don’t trust either.

        1. Well, whichever of the two is inaugurated on Jan 20, 2013, I think we can say that the real winner will be General Electric.

          1. Jeff Immelt has taken the bold step of throwing away his Viagra prescription.

  13. If you take voting advice from a CNN panelist you’re an idiot too. So I guess the idiocy cancels out.

  14. Speaking of trolls, aside from the occasional appearance of shriek and mary, we dont seem to have trolls around much anymore. Yay Reason!
    Oh, and that shit-for-brains nando idiot.

  15. As a proud idiot, I’m insulted that this jerk assumes I would vote for President based on pot legalization. I’m an idiot, not a freaking Libertarian. Give me some credit.

  16. I thought LZ was just some gay sportswriter. I wonder if he thinks people who vote on gay,gender, or race issues are idiots.

  17. The big lie is that neoProhibition is a “peripheral issue.” In fact, the issue is freedom, and the fact that neoProhibition has been the enabling condition for massive assaults on the freedoms of even those who never got close to a pot plant, pipe, or joint in their lives. The War on Drugs has adversely touched us all in ways that the drugs themselves, and the traffic in them, never could. It seems to me that anyone who denies this is more likely to be the idiot (perhaps a “useful” one), if not a disingenuous neoProhibitionist operative.

    When those in power say, “don’t look over here, nothing to see here,” you’ll more often be right if you defy them.

  18. So who all wants to agree with that? Makes a lot of sense dude.


  19. I’m a single issue voter in every election. Is this candidate for liberty or against it? Of course, every other issue is a subcategory, but it still comes down to a single issue. And, as everyone here knows, on the issue of prohibition, Romney and Obama are against liberty, and Paul and Johnson are for it.

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