Police Abuse

Cop Shoots Border Collie Mix He Mistook for Pitbull After Showing Up at Wrong Home


a pitbull--oh wait, no, nothing like, actually

A Fort Worth police officer shot a family's Border collie mix over the weekend. The couple, Cindy and Mark Boling, had just returned home from shopping when the officer arrived at their yard, two blocks away from the address of the copper theft for which he was dispatched. The collie, Lillie, and the couple's other dog, Grace, went to greet the unexpected visitor. Mark Boling says he called out to the police officer to let him know the dogs don't bite and caught up with Grace before she even got to the officer. Boling says it only took a few seconds for the officer to pull his gun and shoot Lillie, and also says the gun remained pointed at him after the dog had been shot and had run to the backyard to die. Here's the police's version of events, via CW33:

"The officer responded as an assist unit in the investigation of a copper theft offense that occurred in the 4900 Block on Norma st. The assist officer started looking for suspects in the surrounded area from the offense location; he stopped at 4717 Norma where he made contact with an adult male, the officer waited by the driveway when suddenly two dogs started barking at the officer and in an aggressive manner charged towards his direction. The officer ran towards a pillar and asked the male repeatedly to call back the dogs. The officer jumped on top of the pillar and continued pleading the male to call the dogs back. As the dogs were getting closer to attack/bite the officer, the officer fired his duty weapon striking the dog closest to him. No arrests were made in reference to the copper theft call."

"How can this person be allowed to carry a gun?" asked Cindy Boling.

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  1. The officer jumped on top of the pillar and continued pleading the male to call the dogs back.

    Extremely believable.

    1. God, what a pussy.

      1. I wish that I could read an artilcle about a cop who was ripped to pieces by the dog.

    2. I carry a gun every day and have never once had to shoot a dog. Because I am not an agent of the state, I would be subject to all manmer of legal problems were I to shoot someone else’s dog if ny life were not in danger. Therefore I am cautious and friendly with dogs, and they are friendly back. Cops don’t have the same restrictions so their first reaction seems to be to shoot. Fucking mailmen deal with dogs every day and you don’t see them begging for firearms. At most they carry pepper spray which is perfectly fine for dogs. In fact, don’t most cops carry pepper spray? Why is it not policy to use spray on dog rather than shooting them?

      There is just so much wrong with cops today. It’s hard to know where to start reforming this mess, and harder to see where the impetus for reform will come drom, if it ever does.

      1. I think the root cause is the psychological type of person attracted to and selected for police work these days. They all seem to have to be aggressive, which likely causes animals to react differently to them in subtle ways.

        1. You are probably on to something. When I left the Marine Corps, I considered law enforcement.

          Despite all kinds of Veteran preferences and the advantages of military training, I didn’t become a cop because:
          1. As a serial speeder, I couldn’t see myself writing people tickets for violating arbitrary speed limits.

          2. Once I did my time on patrol, I couldn’t see myself busting people for underage drinking (something I did quite a bit of) or drugs (which I didn’t do, but don’t really care when other people do).

          I also like dogs, so I’m glad I didn’t sign up.

          1. Unfortunately, we need ALL cops to be like you. We get the ones who aren’t, instead. Not that you should sacrifice yourself for the good of society, of course, but a system set up to chase you away from police work is a bad system.

          2. When I got out in ’08, I was assured that law enforcement was the only viable career choice. Boy was I glad I decided on chemistry. The career fairs on Pendleton were nothing more than PD’s and S.W.A.T department recruiting centers.

          3. Despite all kinds of Veteran preferences and the advantages of military training, I didn’t become a cop because:

            1. You’re honest.
            2. You’re honorable.
            3. You’re kind.

            There. Boiled it down for ya’.

        2. To be fair, they spend their days marinading in the waft of bacon smoke at the local Denny’s while their cars run on idle in the parking lot and they ogle the college girls who bring them their food and pay their pensions. So that bacon thing, it might attract the dogs.

        3. I wonder how many of these cops were once soldiers in the Middle East trained to view civilians as the enemy? There have always been bad/stupid cops, but I get the sense that it’s become worse in the past decade.

          1. The cops are the same but their behavior is more brutal because they know that the cowardly American scum will not fight back. I have tried to interview victims of police abuse after thay have won lawsuits. They all have the blank, cowardly “American stare”. They are scared to tell what happened. They don’t want revenge. They don’t want to get involved in any backlash against abusive cops.

      2. Holy shit. Did you see the picture? That dog was a throat-ripper, plain and simple. If the Bolings didn’t want their dog shot, they shouldn’t have bought property so close to a future possible copper theft. Come to think of it, they shouldn’t be living in a city that employs armed dipshits prone to panic fire.

      3. What’s the fucking point of carrying a gun if I can’t shoot it every once in a while?

        /statist fuck

    3. Yeah, I cower in fear and climb pillars to get away from 35lb, piebald border collies with floppy ears and huge tongues – especially when I get a warning “WATCH OUT! THAT DOG IS FRIENDLY!” 35 lbs of cuddly, fluffy, friendly dog sends me into a life-death panic.

      1. HAH! You think that’s scary, you should see 8 lbs of body-wagging, happy-to-see-you Papillon/Dacshund mix.




        1. With a vicious beast like that, I doubt the officer would even give you a chance to ATTEMPT to intervene in the inevitable violent struggle that would ensue. Not to mention, your dog-fighting trained papillon/pit-bull (according to the police) mix, would be the target of bootlicker rage across the community. All your fault for keeping an ANIMAL like that…

        2. My bowels just evacuated. Clearly, this merits such justifiable force. Clearly.

    4. Are they f***ing serious? How can anyone believe this crap?

  2. This is why we need to repeal Stand-Your-Ground laws.

  3. You aren’t a reall cop until you shoot and kill something. People are best, but since dogs are man’s best friend, they count second. Notice they never shoot cats?

    1. I don’t even want to think what my reaction would be if someone shot one of my cats.

    2. Cats are small and most cops are lousy shots.

    3. I adore dogs, I really do, but cats are usually just smarter about strangers. Run, hide, peek around corners. Cats exhibit the paranoia everyone should feel when confronted by an armed thug with zero accountability.

      1. Not all.

        One of mine, when it sees a stranger, runs up to the person and starts pawing at them, demanding attention.

        No doubt this cop would have emptied his weapon at this deadly threat we call “Puffy”.

        1. I had a Maine Coon like that, luckily no cops wandered into my house with the wrong address.

          1. When I was in college I had one of the biggest, meanest tomcats ever. He had to be “introduced” to anybody who came into the place. “Tigerman” (orange gray tabby) was 4 years old and had lost almost half of both ears to fighting dogs when he left with my roommate’s girlfriend when she graduated.

            30 years and I still miss that cat.

        2. My cats are cautious at first but will then demand attention. I can’t see them being perceived as threats normally but the one is actually a really big strong cat with terrifyingly large paws/claws. He’s quite docile but I have seen him be aggressive and I would not want to tangle with him in a real fight.

          1. Also, Maine Coon (mostly).

            1. RAAAAAACIST!

      2. true, which is why a cop shooting a cat doesn’t quite upset me in the same way. I think about my brother’s dog – all dumb innocent friendliness – and what sort of fuck would reward that with a bullet

  4. How does someone that cowardly function day to day? Oh yeah, with state-sanctioned violence at his disposal.

  5. My God, let’s arm all mailmen too. I’m sure the Senate will go along since they just voted to arm FDA agents checking out unpasteurized milk.

    Question – why are cops such great shots when it comes to killing dogs?
    Seems like they fire off hundreds of rounds to kill or wound one human suspect.

    1. Minor correction- They voted not to disarm them. They were already armed.

    2. Because the dogs don’t shoot back. When faced with someone or something that is “Actually” a threat they shit their pants and go into spray and pray mode because they are fucking cowards of have no control of themselves. When they shoot a dog they “KNOW” they are safe from return fire and it is like being at the range. When pet owners start to return fire on these fucksticks they might actually get the message.

      1. You nailed it, Fatman.

  6. You’d have to be a real, died in the wool idiot, or legally blind, to mistake a border collie for a pit bull.

    I swear, if this happened in my yard and I had my gun on me, I would probably shoot the fucker. I’d be sorry, of course, but somebody claiming to be a cop shows up for no reason, acts completely unprofessionally, and starts shooting, I might just have a good enough self-defense claim to win at my trial.

    1. What are the rules for when police can be on private property?

      1. The state can go anywhere it damn well pleases. You don’t like it? Bring it up with a judge that used to be a cop or a prosecutor, shitbird.

        1. I’m little people.

          1. Try for a citizen’s arrest on the shooter.

      2. First: How do I know he’s really a cop? I have no reason to expect the cops on my property, and this guy shows up in a blue uniform which any bozo can get a replica of, and starts shooting my dogs.

        Second: Texas statutes provide:

        The use of force to resist an arrest or search is justified:

        (1) if, before the actor offers any resistance, the peace officer (or person acting at his direction) uses or attempts to use greater force than necessary to make the arrest or search; and

        (2) when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the peace officer’s (or other person’s) use or attempted use of greater force than necessary.

        1. The problem with that is that any use of force by a police officer is deemed to be necessary because the person is a police officer.

          It’s a tautology.

          A cop only uses the necessary amount of force because the person is a cop.

          1. Well, he won’t be testifying, which improves my chances.

            1. Claim you were also trying to shoot your dog (since the cop was shooting at it, it obviously had turned vicious) and you are just sorry as hell that you missed and shot the cop instead. Make sure you cry on the witness stand about how you wish your aim had been true, how sorry you are that someone else had to shoot your dog.

          1. You forgot about the juries. Again.

            1. Juries only come into play if you survive to face one.

              If the cops kill or critically injure you because you didn’t know if they were cops or not, does the outcome of a jury trial matter?

              How about if it’s a rapist or serial killer?

              But, I’m in favor of compromise and settling things in court. If the cops try to pull someone over and that person doesn’t pull over right away, the cops are free to write down the plate, go to court, present their case before a jury, and if the judge and/or jury agree, the cop may cite and/or arrest the person for not stopping.

              1. In that case the courts don’t matter either. tarran was clearly referring to cases that do go to trial.

                Next time read the post I’m responding to for context.

    2. I worry about this situation because I have five dogs. They’re harmless, but they like people, so they run to greet strangers. They’re kind of annoying, actually.

      If a cop shoots one of them, the wife is going from zero to psychotic in less time than you would belive possible. As we both have concealed carry permits and enough guns in the house for a fire team, the whole thing goes rodeo and I don’t see anything good coming from it.

      1. If a cop comes to your home, prepare to die.

        Because he will shoot one of your dogs, and then kill you when he sees you are armed.

        1. Personally, I like my chances in a shootout with a cop.

          1. One on one is one thing, but when fifty of his buddies show up, you’re gonna die.

            1. Then I’ll have escorts on my trip to hell.

          2. It’ll have to be a head shot, since the cop will likely be wearing kevlar, or be so fat that your bullets will not reach vital organs.

            1. High capacity .45.

              He’s not returning fire as long as my rounds are hitting his torso. Its like getting hit by a baseball bat. Out of 15 rounds, I bet I can get one into his head.

              1. And when his buddies show up they’ll be shooting first and asking questions later.

                1. In a sense, you were dead as soon as you shot the first one. Whether you die in a shootout now, in an accident at the jail, in prison, or execution chamber, you’re dead.

                  They can only kill you once, and the ‘story’ they tell will be the same no matter how many kill-you’ll always be a cop killing, anti-government lunatic so you may as well make your death mean something and do the city a favor by taking as many of these gang members off the street.

              2. If I can’t, all this range time is for nothing.

                1. Just make sure to swap out the pistol for a rifle when the real rodeo starts.

      2. the wife is going from zero to psychotic

        Ditto. Cop would have about two microseconds and then his balls would be coming out of his body via his throat.

        I’d take my chances with face-eating dude before trying to stop my wife from exacting justice on a dog killing PoS.

    3. If you read the article, you’ll see that the only evidence that the cop thought the dog was a pit bull is hearsay from a random neighbor who claims to have been eavesdropping when the shooting officer was talking to other officers after the fact.

      1. So, if the cop didn’t think the dog was a pit bull, does this mean the dog knowingly shot a border collie?

        1. Not enough coffee.

          does this mean the cop knowingly shot a border collie?

        2. No; it’s possible he’s not trained in dog breed recognition.

          And if you’ve ever been attacked by an urban border collie you know how fleet-footed they can be.

          1. damn mulatto border collies. How can they be both black AND white?

    4. RCDean, I would help you win your “shot the fucking cop” trial if I was on your jury.

  7. that vicious beast could have humped the officer’s leg to death. Shooting was too good for it.

  8. I was in a good goddamn mood until I read this shit. Now I’m going to be pissed off all day. I hope that cop gets cancer.

    1. Ass cancer of the mouth.

  9. Wow, you guys are just way off base here. Don’t you know that it was the scourge of killer attack dogs that caused all of the milkmen to up and quit about forty years ago? Now we all have to trudge to the supermarket to get our dairy products

    1. True: dogs are the root cause of increased rates of osteoporosis and tooth decay. Expect Obamacare to fix this.

      1. …with a mandate to eat dogs.

  10. “How can this person be allowed to carry a gun?” asked Cindy Boling.

    “Because Fuck You, that’s how.”

    1. It’s their professionalism.

  11. Ever think cops read here for instructions?

    1. I think they’re more likely to read here to stroke their authority-boners laughing at our impotent rage and drink our salty ham tears.

  12. **Lights Dunphy Signal**

    1. You. BASTARD.

    2. Procedure. Policy. Training. Due process. Not experts.


      1. *snerk*

        I actually laughed at this. Thanks. 🙂

  13. I love how the police response not only sounds reasonable, but heroic enough for some bootlicker to defend and say “We have to listen to BOTH sides of the story! These people are just pissed their vicious dog was shot – it’s all their fault.”….Then you find out it was a border-collie maxing out around 40lbs, piebald with big floppy ears – the cop was at the wrong house and was warned the dog was friendly. But I need to listen to BOTH sides of the story….

    1. This is where both sides should be distilled down to a side-by-side set of bullet points. Seriously, sometimes PowerPoint is more effective than traditional print journalism.

      1. For your power point, be sure to show a side-by-side picture of a pit bull and a border collie.

      2. You don’t even need a powerpoint. All you need is a picture of their dog next to a picture of the ape who killed it. You don’t even need words. That is enough to get your point across.

        I am waiting for my house to get broken into by the police, let them explain to me how my Featherfin Catfish was eyeing him all wrong and was swimming about in a threatening manner. So he had to shoot up my fish tank. Of course the report would look something like “Police officer violently attacked by large, poisonous, sharklike fish that jumped from the water threateningly at the officer’s face. The officer plead with the owner after retreating to the kitchen to control his aquatic beast. The owner ignored the officer’s commands and the officer was forced to defend himself and fired his service weapon into the fish tank.”

        1. Well to be fair your Featherfin Catfish does have friking lasers on its head.

          1. I’m sure the cop got a little fed up by the demand for “ONE MILLION DOLLARS!” then after getting the Hostatge Negotiator out changing it up to “100 BILLION DOLLARS!”…

    2. But cops are under a lot of stress and put their lives on the line everyday and so shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions.

      1. They’re put in situations where they must react, where second guessing themselves could get them killed.

        The focus should be on their training.


        1. The focus should be on their training.”

          Agreed. They should be trained not to be jumpy little pussies who piss their pants at the sight of a dog wagging its tail.

        2. …killed. By a border collie.

        3. They’re put in situations where they must react, where second guessing themselves could get them killed.

          And where not second-guessing themselves could get innocent people killed.

          Given a choice . . . .

          1. Officer safety. Always.

  14. I wonder if there are any dog trainers that teach their charges to run away from blue uniforms.

    1. This is not a bad idea, but most of my clients are bootlicker millionaires who count on the po-po to protect them from the “bad elements” (colored folk) who come into their clean horsey country from the city. And none of them would ever consider arming themselves, cause that’s, like, what rednecks do.

      1. I once heard a resident of Beverly Hills say “yes, it’s a police state. but they’re our police.”

        1. That’s pretty good.

    2. Just so they don’t forget to dodge and weave!

  15. As the dogs were getting closer to attack/bite the officer, the officer fired his service weapon, striking the dog closest to him,” [Sgt. Pedro] Criado wrote. Criado did not identify the officer.”

    They hire telepaths at that police department?

    1. One contestant on the makeover show Style by Jury, an aged hippy, said she had her own small business – she was a pet psychic. I had wondered who hired pet psychics. Now I know

      1. That’s who plays the psychic. It seems like soccer moms play the dupes.

    2. Given that about a third of police departments have used a psychic detective at some point, it wouldn’t shock me if they had animal telepaths on call as well.

      1. If that’s the case, they should use said animal telepaths to discern the intent of the dogs before shooting them.

        Nah… too much trouble.

    3. You believe people are able to reliably guess when another person is about to attack them, don’t you? Cause if you think it’s that hard to figure out you probably shouldn’t favor allowing people to carry guns.

  16. One thing you have to give credit for in the official statement:

    the officer fired his duty weapon

    The gun didn’t magically fire itself this time.

    1. Rounds were discharged. Dogs were killed.

      1. The circle of life.

  17. Looks like a pitbull to me. We should be thankful everyday for our heroes in blue.

  18. What if it WAS a pit bull?

    Our pit bull runs to the mail carrier, wags her tail, flips over and begs for belly rubs.

    What kind of a cop is such a complete idiot that he thinks every dog is attacking him.

    1. What kind of a cop is such a complete idiot asshole that he thinks every dog is attacking him an opportunity to kill something.


      1. Hey, here’s yet another way Brett Kimberlin can capitalize on his bogus SWAT calls!

        1. Speaking of that scumbag Kimberlin:


          Yep… arrested for writing. We’re fucked.

          1. Actually it looks lile he was arrested for assault and taking Kimberlin’s iPad. This is what assholes like this do…use inflammatory language, legal proceedings, and actions that do not rise to the level of criminality to goad others into committing assault. They are the trolls of the real world.

            1. No, you’re wrong. Read some more.

              1. What Kimberlin calls “assault” is like when liberals use the word “racist”.

                1. Yes, that’s true. The irony of a convicted terrorist bomber accusing another of “assault” for taking his iPad is not lost on me. The fact is, this man is an accomplished troll and right now, has the state on his side.

                2. In 1981, Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for a long list of crimes, including the 1978 terrorist bombing that brutally maimed Vietnam veteran Carl DeLong. He served 17 years in prison before being released.

                  Since then, he has become a liberal activist whose work has been funded in part, by George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Barbra Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry.

                  Remember how enraged “White Indian” got when I accused “him” of taking Soros’ culture-jamming money to flood this place with nonsense?

              2. According to The Blaze, Walker was arrested “on second degree assault charges that were filed by Kimberlin when Walker, following a separate court hearing, took and held at bay Kimberlin’s iPad.”

                1. The Blaze is mistaken. Patterico linked to the arrest record.


            2. He was arrested for blogging about somebody. It’s fucked up.

              1. He was arrested on charges of assault. That this was the result of an escalating trend of events stemming from blogging about somebody is pertinent but not the entire story. I remain skeptical that his actions truly constituted assault but you have to separate fact from conjecture.

                1. No db, he was arrested on a charge of “incitement.” The story that he was arrested for assault was a misunderstanding on the part of a court clerk.


                  1. Aha. Thanks for the clarification. S

            3. Kimberlin was taking pictures of him with the iPad in the courthouse. Something that wis illegal in that jurisdiction.

              He shouldn’t have grabbed the iPad, but Walker was ordered by the court to stop writing facts about Kimberlin. That’s the horseshit part.

              1. Yes, it’s horseshit that Kimberlin is being allowed to game the system in this way. That some are being goaded into possibly criminal actions by his trolling is disturbing.

                1. Calling the SWAT people in on people is beyond trolling. It’s attempted murder.

                  1. Yes, and it’s criminal. And if someone believes or has evidence to prove that K and/or his associates did that, that person should also be cautious of this sort of thing. It’s disturbing that the system can be gamed this way, but K has apparently in the past made it quite clear that it is his strategy. Couple that with his terrorist bombing conviction and one should conclude he means business.

            4. Nope. Walker was arrested for violating the peace order Kimberlin had sworn out against him. Apparently the judge was some 80 year old fool who doesn’t have any goddamn idea how the internet works.

      2. True. And a lot of them, apparently…

    2. Pit bulls are generally not aggressive to humans, unless they’ve been trained to be, or they’ve had really bad experiences with people. They’re naturally very aggressive to other dogs, which is why they’re used for dog fights.

      1. Which is why, until recently, they were the quintessential All-American family pet. Now they are the media-fueled killers with “locking jaws” and a penchant for ripping peoples faces off – far more dangerous than the Cali face eater.

        1. True. The dog in Our Gang? A pit bull.

          The RCA Victor dog? Pit. Bull.

        2. True story:

          I was living in a rental house, which had a sticky door. It didn’t latch once, and my male pit (around 90 pounds) takes off. I catch up to him in a park about a block away. He’s running full tilt to a group of kids (maybe 8 – 9 years old), and I’m about 50 yards behind.

          As he gets to the kids, a little girl steps out, and raises her index finger to him. I can’t hear what she says.

          He sits. Then he lays down. By the time I arrive, he’s got four kids rubbing his gigantic head.

          1. Good thing there wasn’t a cop at the park or your dog would be dead.

            1. The little kids would probably be shot too.

              1. A few years back somewhere here in Texas a female cop on patrol saw a pitbull playfully jumping up on a couple of people in a city park. She assumed that the pit was attacking and got out and opened fire a few shots, missing the pit bull but hitting one of the people being “attacked.”

          2. “Large, vicious pit-bull escaped it’s enclosure and charged a group of young children playing in the community park. Office Fuckwad, luckily, was patrolling the park and happened to notice the beast running full speed at the young children. The officer frantically yelled commands at the dog and plead for the owner to stop it. The owner ignored the officer’s commands and the dog continued charging, head on, into the young children. At the very last second, the officer drew his service pistol, stepped infront of the children, and fired several rounds into the pit-bull, killing it. None of the children were hurt in this violent attack. The owners of the dog have been arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer and officer Fuckwad is being recommended for a Heroic Citizen award for going above and beyond his duties.”

            1. The owners of the dog have been arrested for aggravated assault on a police office
              The state’s concealed weapons laws are currently under review after the dog’s owners opened fire on officer Fuckwad after their dog was killed. His life was saved by his bullet proof vest. The dog’s owners were summarily executed when backup arrived.

              1. I think my “arrested” still stands. Of course a report six months after the incident would reveal that after they were shot 63 times they were put “under arrest” and handcuffed while bleeding out… of course they would expire 45 minutes later…. This IS the police you are talking about here.

            2. Only one of the children was shot and killed but Officer Fuckwad saved seven lives that day.

          3. The most good natured dog I’ve ever known was a pit-bull.

            The owners had the most nasty looking pinch collar; the husband explained apologetically it was the only way they could get it to pay attention to them – otherwise it would flop down on nice bits of dirt and refuse to move.

            1. liver works well too and isn’t so pinchy.

        3. There is a face-eater in California now, too?

          1. My bad, Florida. All the crazies got me confused. Had my mind on the man who cut himself to shreds and threw “Pieces of his skin and intestines” at police officers trying to subdue him yesterday in NJ. “Man Hack’s his Sack in Hackensack, NJ”

  19. I wish there was dash cam of this event… but if there was I am guessing it will never surface.
    Also nothing like a dog killing to rile up the comments…

    1. The same mystical force that allows doggie telepathy to inform supercop of doggie intent also causes dash cams to spontaneously malfunction during any such event.

  20. It now appears the zombie infection is spreading to Canada. Someone is mailing body parts to public institutions. So far no head has been found but a hand, foot, and torso have. Paranoid zombie take on it: someone has killed a zombie and is attempting to get as much attention and analysis done as possible in order to prepare the Canadian govt for the outbreak. Alternative hypothesis.: someone is attempting to spread the contagion by mailing infected body parts.

    Most likely: some sicko is really sick.

  21. If you read the linked article, you’ll see that the headline presents a random neighbor’s supposed overhearing of what the shooting officer said to another officer as established fact. Typical 2012 Reason pseudojournalistic behavior.

    As for the address difference, I know Reason doesn’t employ criminology experts, but typically thieves don’t hang out at the location of the theft for very long. It’s something you have to figure out by, you know, thinking about the story objectively, another skill that’s on the wane these days around here. So it’s perfectly believable that the cop went into action two blocks from the site of the theft if he thought he saw something suspicious.

    As for the shooting itself, that smells funny to me. Someone’s lying, and as others have noted the cop’s story seems pretty implausible.

    1. While thieves don’t hang around the scene of the theft very long, copper thieves are VERY conspicuous if they are on foot. Generally, the guy with 200lbs of shit on their back or rolling a 4 foot wheel of wire down the road is a good starting point for a copper theft suspect – not the guy in his yard a few blocks away with his border collie. It was a copper theft – either you are looking for a pickup truck (which isn’t going to be two blocks away) or a guy on foot with a GIANT freaking sack of metal.

      1. Maybe he stashed it somewhere with the intention of picking it up later. I don’t know what the officer stopped for; it would be interesting to find out.

        My issue with Mr Krayewski is that he doesn’t even seem to care about that question; the point of this post is to get libertarian blood boiling by treating anything that makes the cop look bad as unvarnished, unassailable truth.

        1. The only thing they needed to write to make the cop look bad is the absurd, implausible, quotation the police themselves released. Nothing else really even matters in this case. I for one done care why the police were there – for all it matters they were doing a routine foot patrol of the area. The thing that matters and makes people pissed is what the police themselves said.

          1. I’d agree that the official account is pretty implausible. I’m more pissed at the downturn of quality here at R than I am dubious of the misdeeds of the officer.

            1. So what would you prefer Tulpa? That HnR not report yet another police officer shooting yet another dog? Do they need to wait until the police department completes a full review and investigation of the shooting before reporting the story? Seriously, what do you want?

              1. He wants the story to be buried and forgotten.

                Tulpa, this story is not unusual.


                1. Yeah, that must be why I just said I don’t believe the cop’s version of events. Because I’m a police shill.

              2. Seriously, what do you want?

                LOL. I’m not being demanding here. I’m just expecting them to not state claims of random people in their headlines as if they were indisputable fact. Particularly when the source of BOTH claims isn’t even identified in the blog post.

                I mean seriously, it wouldn’t have been hard for EK to make the headline “Cop Shoots Border Collie Responding To Copper Theft”. All of which are established facts. The problem for Mr Krayewski, I suspect, is that that headline doesn’t get the blood boiling, and would totally ruin the joke alt-text with the picture of the dog. Unfortunately, those concerns seem to matter more than truth here at Reason.

            2. I’d agree that the official account is pretty implausible. I’m more pissed at the downturn of quality here at R than I am dubious of the misdeeds of the officer.

              Right, because officers randomly shooting dogs (and citizens) is much less concerning than a blogpost failing to research the type and method of copper thievery.

              If Officer Stedenko couldn’t tell the difference between a border collie and pitbull, what if it had been a three-year-old in a wolf suit shouting “I’ll eat you up!”

              1. If Officer Stedenko couldn’t tell the difference between a border collie and pitbull

                Assumes facts not in evidence.

                This is a random neighbor’s claim from supposedly overhearing a conversation between the officers.

                1. This is a random neighbor’s claim from supposedly overhearing a conversation between the officers.

                  Also known as a statement by a witness. Its admissibility would be arguable under the hearsay rules, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were not only evidence, but admissible evidence.

                  1. She wasn’t signing an affidavit or testifying under oath, RC. She was blabbering to a reporter.

                2. Everything the officer said in his reports presume facts not in evidence. You realize that, right?

                  1. Yes, I realize that. Yet somehow, Herr Krayewski avoided putting the police side of the story in his headline.

        2. Maybe he stashed it somewhere with the intention of picking it up later. I don’t know what the officer stopped for; it would be interesting to find out.

          Why do we care? If the officer had arrived because of an alien invasion taking place, the facts of this particular case are:

          1. There was a dog.
          2. The officer shot the dog.

          So the only question that needs to be asked is why did he shoot the dog, not how many thieves was he chasing, how many pounds of copper had been stolen, what was the method of transport of said copper, did the thieves stash the copper to retrieve it upon later return, had it already been sold to unscrupulous proprieters of scrap metal, were the copper thieves armed, considered dangerous…

          None of those questions matter. Why did he shoot the border collie, and what was his justification when gajillions of fucking mail persons are able to conduct their business within the same yards as all of these same dogs which the police cannot possibly engage in their duties but for the viciousness of border collies.

          1. No kidding. Whether he was two blocks down, or next door, has no bearing on the question at hand.

            Sure, the thief could have been two blocks away, unloading groceries from his car, with a couple of dogs dancing around him. It’s possible.

            Even so, what justification was there for shooting the dog?

            I see absolutely none.

            1. Whether he was two blocks down, or next door, has no bearing on the question at hand.

              Tell that to the guy who wrote the headline. You know, the thing I’m actually criticizing.

          2. See, this is classic H ampersand R tomfoolery.

            Staffer proffers dubious claim as fact; Tulpa questions/disproves this claim; commentariat chides Tulpa for bringing up an irrelevant claim.

            1. No, the staffer proffers a story where the owner of the dog (and surrounding neighbors which may or may not have overheard cops being cops) are engaged in a disputed claim: That claim being that fluffy the killer border collie menaced officer Stedenko, jeopardizing Stedenko’s very life and limb, or Stedenko ruthlessly, carelessly and with malice in his heart shot an innocent, fluffy border collie with little or no provocation.

              I would imagine that if the staffer had done a full, feature-length article, phone calls would have been made and further research done. Complaining about a staffer pointing out an existing dispute between a dog owner, his neighbors and Officer Stedenko hardly seems like sinister, disingenuous journalism.

              From the linked article:

              As his wife cried Monday, Mark Boling asked, “Why didn’t he Mace my dog? Why did he do some something so … so final? Why didn’t he move off my property?”

              Because, Mr. Boling:

              “Copper theft,” he said the officer replied.

              1. You’re totally off your rocker, dude. No research is required to avoid making outlandish, unsupported statements.

      2. Or, of course, the thief could have realized he was caught in the act and dumped the loot in an attempt to get away.

        1. Meanwhile, Officer Stedenko is running up and down the street shooting dogs.

          1. Now you’re making shit up.

            1. No I’m not. That is a fact in evidence. Officer Stedenko was
              1. searching the area looking for copper thieves.
              2. During this multi-address search, Stedenko was confronted by the presence of a dog. (backed up by Stedenko’s own report)
              3. Stedenko (after disputed events) shot said dog (backed up by Stedenko’s own report).

              Therefore, we can conclude that officer Stedenko was proceeding through the neighborhood and shooting at (a) dog(s). So the only hyperbole I can be accused of is the plural of dog. Cynicism burns me again.

              However, there’s a shit ton of evidence that Police in aggregate routinely shoot at dogs which historically posed little or no threat to:

              1. The inhabitants of the house.
              2. Friends and neighbors of the aforementioned domicile.
              3. The mailcarriers which routinely deliver their wares to said domiciles.

      3. Your common sence would get you kicked- off of any police force.

    2. that smells funny to me

      Well, given you have your head completely up your ass, I guess a lot may smell ‘funny’ by contrast.

      Your smarmy-douche comment completely elides the fact that “cop shoots dog” is a regularly-reported item, not some #()!@# 9/11 truther-conspiracy. If you’re so superior to HR, please feel free to fuck off and die. No need to take your time either.

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    1. Sorry; I don’t waste my time on anything that profits less than $4271.

    2. Yeah, that’s only about 50k a year. It’s kind of adorable that you are “dazzled” by it though.

  23. I live in Fort Worth. This morning I’m waiting in line at a convenience store/gas station and a cop walks in. I try like hell not to say anything but after about 30 seconds I asked him if he knew the cop who went to the wrong address and shot the pit bull, I mean border collie. He said, “You need to be careful what you say” and I asked “Or what?” and after a couple of seconds he just walks out. I’m surprised the SWAT team hasn’t shown up here.

    1. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball!

    2. Fear not; your license plate is probably on file now.

    3. Why didn’t you ask him about the preferred method of transport for stolen copper. That would have been much more pertinent to the facts of the case than a dead dog.

      1. Stolen copper isn’t as annoying to me as a dead dog.

      2. It’s pertinent to the question of whether the officer “showed up at the wrong house” as Herr Krayewski claims.

        1. Huh? Why are you ranting on the HnR bloggist? It reflects the content of an articles by the Star-Telegram and CW33. The CW33 headline includes “Officer responds to wrong house” for crying out loud. He doesn’t appear to have done any independent reporting, nor does he appear to make any such claims.

          1. So your claim is that the HR staff just mindlessly cuts and pastes headlines from MSM articles? I wonder how the “pit bull” part got in there.

            1. I suppose he got it directly from the CW33 article

              Sylvia Benavides is a neighbor of the Bolings and came to the scene after hearing the gunshot.

              “I guess the officer that had shot Lillie I heard him say to the other one he said I was at the wrong house. I shot their dog and he said I thought it was a pit bull”, Benavides said.

              And yes, it appears that a major feature of the HnR blog is to identify and summarize articles of interest to the HnR reader, providing a place for those so inclined to comment on said articles. One could call that “cut and paste” without stretching it too terribly.

        2. Fuck you ass hole. The people in that house had nothing to do with the copper theft. Go suck cop-cock on some other site. Go where ever it is that that fuck stick Dunphy goes to now. You can also join him in the fire with your progeny to better mankind

  24. it’s pretty disturbing, especially since it was one of the metro depts. here in DFW, which tend to be slightly more professional. seems more like a suburb cop move. maybe this guy should work in garland or something.

  25. Border Collie murdering mother-effer!

    Border Collies are super-smart, check out video below. “Chaser” can identify over 1,000 toys by their names, when a previously-unknown name is added, she can identify it using the process of elimination.

    Bordie Collie murdering mother-effer!


  26. Go to clerk of courts and file a lein against that officers bond. That will get their undies in a bunch

  27. I cannot imagine what I would do were some asshole cop to kill my 140lb great dane. He is nothing but a giant lap dog but his bark is certainly deep.

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