The Costs of Police Brutality: Fresh Out Of Bankruptcy, Vallejo Pays $4.5 Million for Warrantless Entry That Led to Spinal Cord Injury, Permanent Disability


Two cops in Vallejo, California entered Vietnam veteran Macario Dagdagan's home in 2007 investigating an assault that allegedly occurred earlier in the day. They found Dagdgan in his bed, sleeping, so they woke him up, Tased him and put him in a chokehold. City attorneys insist the man "failed to follow even basic lawful demands" when cops entered into his home without a warrant and woke him up from what cops say was an intoxicated state.

Now the man has been awarded a settlement from the city of Vallejo to the tune of $4.5 million, which will be paid through the city's insurance. Meanwhile! From the Times Herald:

On Tuesday, Vallejo city leaders grappled with a question rarely faced by municipalities—is a spending deficit acceptable in the city's first year out of bankruptcy, or is it an avoidable trap?

City Manager Dan Keen presented his proposed 2012-2013 budget with its $3.4 million deficit to the City Council, which has until the end of June to decide whether to lean on city reserves to cover the shortfall.

While several council members said generally they're opposed to spending beyond the city's means, they offered little in specific alternatives to avoiding it.

The two officers, Jason Wentz and John Boyd, are no longer employed in Vallejo. They're cops in Richmond.