DOJ Vs. Joe Arpaio, Military Trained for "Total War" Against Islam, Vikings Get Their Cheese: P.M. Links


  • The U.S. Department of Justice pulls the trigger on a suit against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The suit, naming Arpaio, Maricopa County and the sheriff's office, argues Arpaio engaged in racial profiling, sloppy police work and civil rights violations in his never-ending crusade against illegal immigrants.

  • Wired's Danger Room publishes documentation from a U.S. military training course that called for "total war" against all Muslims and suggesting the targeting of civilian populations, using Hiroshima and Dresden as examples.
  • The House of Representatives cares not for President Obama's evolution: With a 245-171 vote, the House is blocking the Department of Justice from using any taxpayer money to fight the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.
  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoes bill for health exchanges, citing possibility of "unnecessary obligations" and mandates on the state's citizens.
  • The Minnesota Vikings will get their new $975 million stadium. The public's portion of the bill? $498 million. "It's time to keep the Minnesota Vikings here so that our children and our grandchildren, yes, can wear purple," said Republican supporter Sen. Geoff Michael.
  • Two suicide bombers kill 55 in Damascus. Syria's foreign ministry is claiming foreign-backed terrorism is the culprit and is asking for U.N. Security Council assistance.
  • $34.5 million in stimulus funds nets you all of 183 new jobs in Michigan. (via Reason.com commenter John)

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