Sarkozy Defeat Prompts Euro Death Watch, Carla Bruni Reported "Disheveled"


When hair this good can't win, France has clearly given up on being a stylish nation.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's action-packed six-year term has ended in defeat at the hands of Socialist challenger François Hollande.

Hollande, who ran on pledges to raise income taxes, took a little less than 52 percent to Sarkozy's little more than 48 percent in the runoff election. 

Hollande has promised to raise income tax rates from 41 percent to 75 percent. He has also pledged to accelerate the departure of French troops from Afghanistan. His election comes at a time when unprecedented levels of public debt coupled with work-averse political cultures are threatening to break up of the eurozone. 

France's unemployment rate is at a 13-year high of 10 percent (handy comparison with other countries, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). The country's inability to manage its debt led Standard & Poor's Ratings Services in January to lower France's triple-A debt rating. 

Although France remains among the less-stricken economies in Europe, the resiliency of its bureaucracies make it impossible for the country to control the growth rate of public spending. The European debt crisis has made dissolution of the euro an attractive option for inflation-happy governments eager to abandon the transnational movement and return to local mismanagement and socialist immiseration. 

Although Sarkozy's defeat is being depicted as a repudiation of free-market economics, he was never a particularly good friend of the free market. He was, however, a reliably entertaining political presence who may have slightly widened the scope of allowable political opinion in France. This included his introducing the cocktail of Carla Bruni into the mix of international politics. Predictably, model/actress/singer Bruni is now being blamed for his downfall. France24 denounces the outgoing first lady as the "worm in Sarkozy's mouldy apple," while the Daily Mail posts photos of Bruni looking "disheveled" (i.e., still better put together than 90 percent of the population of Planet Earth). 

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  1. So France has gone full-retard. Hollande wants to raise minimum wage, raise the tax rate to almost 80% on top earners (people making over 1 millon euros) as well as the corporate tax rate, hire more public employees, and lower the retirement age from 62 to 60.

    1. He could write a book on how utilizing class warfare can get you elected head of state.

      Obama could write the foreword.

    2. That is incredibly stupid. Is there any chance of this stuff getting through Parliament?

      1. Based on the margin of victory for his party, yes, he should have enough to build a pretty strong, left-wing coalition with which to pass most of what he wants.

    3. Hey, if 75% is good, wouldn’t 95% be better?

      And if it’s good for the rich, it should be good for everyone.

      I bet I could be President of France! 99% tax rates for everybody!

  2. Hollande has promised to raise income tax rates from 41 percent to 75 percent.

    ROFL! Even scumbags like Obama, Warren Buffett, Michael Moore, shrike, and Alfred E. Krugman don’t usually advocate income tax rates of 75%, at least not publicly.

    I can’t wait to see how this works out for France. Good luck Froggies, you’re going to need it in your new status as slaves.

    1. Bill Anderson asked Krugman if he supported raising the rates back to post war levels, and Krugman responded, “those rates were insane!”

      1. Now, now. Notice he didn’t say whether they were insanely low or insanely high. Now, he’ll be able to say he was right either way things turn out.

  3. Wonder how long Bruni sticks around now that Sarky has lost le viagra pouvoir politique?

    Like the Euro itself, she was fun while she lasted Sarko will someday say.

  4. After the socialists are done with us (citoyens), we will all feel like Carla after a romp.

  5. The right wing is getting exposed as the liars and cheats they are. In 5 years from now these right wing governments will be a bad memory, as the people worldwide wake up from the sleep and delusions that have kept them from reality. The age of Plutocracy will die a violent death and what fun it will be to kill it.

    1. Nobody is better at mixing politics and violent death than socialists.

      1. A change from the corruption one sees everywhere when governments and the corporations get too close. Most right of centre governments over the past decades have been the slaves of the corporations, allowing exploitation of workers and natural resources while allowing for a deteriorating social environment and economy. The right-wing governments and the corporations brought us the financial crisis of the past few years. Time for a change.

        1. And the progressives and commies are going to save us, right?

        2. -1 spoof way overdone

        3. The financial crisis in Europe was precipitated by the massive debts ran up by socialist governments on welfare spending, you moronic fuckbucket.

          1. Giggle…”fuckbucket”

            I LOVE IT! With your permission, I’m gonna use that.

            1. I stole it from this, so go right ahead.

              1. That had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.

                1. Those abridgement series can be hilarious. I’ve only seen the DBZ one and it is shear brilliance.

          2. NO WAY! It was evil capitalist pigs who hog tied and tortured benevolent and honest politicians until they became the cronies that they are today, forced against their will to do the evil bidding of their corporate masters. Poor politicians, they made them do it!

        4. What in Crony Capitalistan is called ‘GE’ in Leftytopia is called ‘The Ministry of Medium Machine Building.’ Look it up, clown.

          Oh, and just in case anyone’s keeping score…Leftytopia went bankrupt first.

        5. “right of centre”

          Jesus fuck, Nando, you’re a stupid liberal shit.

    2. Life is short buddy, and you only get one. Don’t spend the rest of the time you have left in this world as a loser.

    3. Son, fat dumb and socialist is no way to go through life.

    4. Right wing? Is Sarkozy right enough to even be called a Democrat?

  6. The French will just avoid the taxes with a Gallic savoir-faire.

    Since Cavanaugh skipped the link of the disheveled Bruni, here it is:…..tress.html

    1. I wish my wife looked that disheveled.

      1. Carla has a little pooch under her shirt.

        Would still hit it if the opportunity presented itself.

  7. I know that Bastille day was a really cool Rush song and all, but I am really beginning to believe that the French are collectively a bunch of lazy retards who want free stuff.

    1. beginning?

      1. Well, before I always just thought of them as a bunch of pussies.

        I mean, look how it played out on the world stage back in the 1500s and forward. You had England, France, and Spain as the big players. England got all of the good parts of North America. Spain(and Portugal) got all of central and South America. France got fucking Canada. Fucking Canada! A frozen tundra that no one else wanted.

        Fast forward, France keeps gettin their asses kicked by the Germans and we have to save their pathetic asses. Then they act all pompous and don’t appreciate it. Fuck them, the next time Germany decides to kick the shit out of the pussies, let it be so.

        1. They got Haiti, Vietnam, and Algeria too – all those worked out great.

          1. To be fair we took claim to the Vietnam shit show.

            1. Fair to whom? They tried to pull us into their idiotic attempts to keep a colonial empire during the 50’s. Ike was smart enough to stay out. JFK wasn’t as smart as he thought he was, and Johnson was fully retarded.

              1. Ike was smart enough to stay out.

                Not really.

                LBJ might have been the one to go full retard but Ike set things up for it by rejecting the Geneva Accords of 1956.

        2. Hey! You’ll want Canada after Obama gets re-elected. We’ll look like a fucking 7th heaven!

        3. Umm, France was holding onto to most of what is now the USA for forty years after it lost Canada to the British.

  8. You know, everyones says our problems are because of the “socialist” Europe.
    I think its because Europe turned right a while ago and we are suffering the rewards of corporate greed.

    Perhaps this is a breath of fresh air.
    Debt problems. Lets tell the banks to take a hike.

    1. You know, everyones says our problems are because of the “socialist” Europe.

      Who around here says that?

    2. Our problems are caused by “Socialist Americans”!

      1. Oh, I forgot…


        1. “everyones”


    3. Our problems are because of corrupt politicians and their cronyism. You think progressives and socialists are going to save us from the evils of free market capitalism? Do you know the difference between free market capitalism and cronyism, or are you oblivious like most of the OWS crowd? Well?

      1. Regulating markets doesn’t stifle creativity, it channels it. And unfettered capitalism is a road to self-destruction – just ask the laws of nature and the planet earth itself, they’re pushing back against it.

        1. just ask the laws of nature and the planet earth itself

          WTF? Are you one of the Goracles disciples?

          Your reply is complete non-sense, void of any logic or reason. Have you prayed to mother Gaia today to save you from yourself?

        2. Yeah that is why really highly regulated places like Greece and Italy are leading the world in creativity and production.

          And that also explains why the Soviet Union was the richest and most productive in history.

          Look dickhead, everything you believe in died in 1989. You are just running around propping up the body like some kind of more retarded Weekend at Bernies.

        3. How, exactly, is the planet earth pushing back?

          I mean, let’s assume, for a moment, that all the polar caps melt and the sea levels rise. We… lose some of Florida. No, seriously, the “worst case” scenarios of global warming could happen, and we’re still pretty cool.

          Plus, advances in biotech could mean that we can bioengineer microorganisms to terraform Mars within a generation. All in all, I’d say we’re cool.

          1. We will be cool, that is, when we rid ourselves of regressive luddites like the Nando commie bot.

        4. I say nando is a spoof and a bad one at that. Good grief, not even tony believes griefer shit at this level.

          1. Unfortunately, there are believers in that level of griefer shit.

        5. yes, because socialism never destroyed the environment (USSR, china)

        6. Planet Earth is an inert rock ball held together by gravity. It does not push anything.

          1. But it does have a lot of pull.

        7. Regulating markets doesn’t stifle creativity, it channels it.


          And unfettered capitalism

          Define please.

          is a road to self-destruction

          When you get done with the above definition, can I borrow your crystal ball?

          just ask the laws of nature and the planet earth itself, they’re pushing back against it.

          Gaia must be appeased! Find some maidens for the volcano!

    4. Nando|5.6.12 @ 4:59PM|#

      I think…

      Not very much judging from all of the question-begging you do.

  9. Is anyone getting this Google Ad?

    “American Military University

    Online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security

    “Online Degrees in Homeland Security
    American Public University offers online degrees and certificates in the growing field of homeland security. In the homeland security area, there is considerable discussion about concepts such as all-hazards approach, emergency and disaster management, risk prevention and management, counter-terrorism, consequence management, and consequence mitigation. “

    1. *barf*

      I can just imagine, two of the mandatory classes are:

      How to not give a fuck about the Constitution of the USA 101


      How to act like a complete jackass all of the time until everyone hates you 101

  10. Also: Far left and other anti-austerity parties gained big at Greek elections. Austerity parties still got enough seats to continue coalition.

    1. 75% income tax sounds like austerity to me.

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  12. Hollande doesn’t seem to be a committed socialist anyway so I don’t mind Sarkozy losing. And he can put a real dent into the Europroject if he coqblocks Merkel on fiscal austerity.

    1. I am not concerned cause I don’t live in France. However, those that do can expect a hell of an exodus if such massive tax hikes make their way into law. Combine that with the min wage increase and lower retirement age and I can’t wait to see what the sixth republic looks like (because this will definitely mark the collapse of the fifth).

      1. Where will they go? Canuckistan? I hope they like the frozen tundra. Riviera on an ice flow…

        1. Not living in France won’t be much of a buffer, CG. Eventually, the socialtards will take enough control to fuck the entire planet over.

          1. True, Obama will do his best to make sure the brain drain flows out of, and not into, the US.

  13. The backlash against austerity in this round of elections means that these governments will continue their suicidal deficit spending, while strangling their economies, which means the crisis will only get worse.

    Luckily, nothing like that is happening here in the US.

    1. Remember that hot potato toy-game Time Bomb? You wound it up & passed it around until it went off. That’s what everybody’s playing.

  14. Speaking of socialist retards. Dick Lugar just doesn’t understand why he is going to lose on Tuesday and plans to take his ball and go home.…..ick-lugar/

    Funny how it is always the “moderates” who are the ones who refuse to abide by election results.

    1. In the past I didn’t understand all the Noonan-hate around here. Now I think I do.…..35094.html


    Anarchist fashion guide. Priceless.

  16. Poor Sarkozy. I guess all he can do now is go home and bang his beautiful wife every day until her warranty is about to expire. Then he’ll trade her in for a newer model. That and write a book or two, give speeches for tens of thousands of Euros New Francs a pop and hang with Bernie Ecclestone.

    Yeah, poor Nicolas. Life’s a bitch.

    1. Then he’ll trade her in for a newer model.

      Why won’t he just get a mistress, like any normal middle aged well-off Frenchman?

      1. You’re assuming he doesn’t already have one.

        BTW, the next First Lady of France is nicknamed “the Rottweiler.” She’s actually rather fetching, though. The French may not do government very well, but at least they do it in an entertaining way.

  17. Forward!

  18. The Greek vote is starting look even messier. The anti-bailout factions have the raw numbers but nazis and commies and random nut parties have a hard time forming coalitions.
    Congrats from the Dictator.…..r_embedded

  19. I will laugh and laugh if this guy raises the income tax to 75%. The rich will flee, the government will collapse under it’s own weight and it will serve as a modern indictment of socialist policies.

    1. Nonono…it will be proof positive that the Socialists were stunned to find the economy in even worse shape than they had thought and that had they not raised taxes to ear-popping levels and ground the fat faces of the rich into the ground like they did, things would have been far worse.

      Or have you not caught on to the meme that was honed to a science here?

    2. and it will serve as a modern indictment of socialist policies

      And the regressive luddites will forget that it happened, tomorrow, and insist that if only the right people were in charge of the wrong policies…

    3. the government will collapse under it’s own weight and it will serve as a modern indictment of socialist policies.

      Dude, if the death of the Soviet Union, the prison-state status of North Korea, the perpetual poverty of Cuba, the and collapse of the Eastern Bloc didn’t indict socialism, not even Karl Marx, Jean-Jacques Rosseau, Robert Owen, and Saint-Simon all rising from their graves simultaneously and declaring socialism and its offshoots to be utter bullshit will deter the useful idiots and utopians.

      1. Hopefully it’ll push the average ‘sheeple’ away from socialism.

  20. Although Sarkozy’s defeat is being depicted as a repudiation of free-market economics, he was never a particularly good friend of the free market.

    You got that right. Most so-called ‘Conservative’ political parties in Europe make Obama look like a right-winger.

    1. Maybe the Soviets won the cold war after all. They could have had catapults of stupidity lined up all along the Berlin walll and were firing those babies 24/7 for decades into the west. I think they had ICBM stupidity bombs, because the US is now infested with stupid progressive retards.

      1. Yes, I know that wall does not have three fucking Ls, GDit Reason, edit feature, it really is NOT that hard.

    2. The key to understanding European politics is: The left wing are socialists. The right wing are socialists who don’t like minorities.

      1. SO MUCH OF THIS

    3. lol, so true, BUT with some exceptions.. among the bigger countries, Germany is still pretty prudent in their finances. Czech Rep. doing good right behind Germany in terms of debt-to-GDP, not to mention still using 15% flat income tax. Andorra doing good (no income tax), Monaco (no income tax earned in country, and none up to 25%? earned outside), Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, et. al. haven’t gone full socialist retard.. yet anyways..

  21. And yet another dose o’ stoopid:…..r=Politics

    1. I could make a fortune selling this fool a clue if he knew how bad he needed it.

      1. Reich wouldn’t know how to buy a clue. He’s that big a fool.

    2. How can you have this headline:

      The Answer Isn’t Socialism; It’s Capitalism That Better Spreads the Benefits of the Productivity Revolution

      on an article extolling the alleged virtues of socialism over corporatism?

  22. I’m glad. Fuck Sarkozy he was a huge dissapointment and a lover of the Total State albeit with some benefits trimmed down marginally. Hollande is worth it just to bust up the ‘Merkozy’ BS a lot faster than otherwise.

    Remember: outside of Germany and a very few small other countries, there has been NO AUSTERITY. THIS CANNOT BE REPEATED TOO MUCH.

    Between this and the Greek elections and this, I think we are at the very beginning of some very dark times. Transnational socialism managed by the pragmatic Top Men being replaced with national socialism managed by demagogues out to crucify the rich, brown, etc. Some here laughed when I said Europe would look a lot like some parts of 1990s west Africa or modern Russia by the end of all this. We’ll see who’s right before long.

    On the bright side, British sad-sack PM Cameron got it handed to him in local elections. There are open rumours of his being replaced. Hope for Britainland?

  23. Having lived in France during half of Sarkozy’s term, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hollande won’t be able to effect any dramatic changes, simply because nobody is able to do any real changes in France. Furthermore, the right wing in France differs from the left-wing essentially on which corporations and ethnic groups should get more money from the government. Hollande will probably just accelerate the country’s debacle.

    As for the 75% income tax, it was a very popular campaign pledge, so he’ll have to keep it somehow… in principle it would apply to people who make more than one million euros, and “only” to the income fraction that exceeds one million (so that one loses 41% of his first million and 75% of all the rest). The socialist brain can’t understand that this measure would induce people who make approximately one million euros not to work too hard (harming the economy), and those who make a lot more than one million to relocate to Switzerland (harming the French economy). Quels cons!

    1. Apparently, the phones of brokers of high-end Quebec real estate are ringing off the hook today. They’ll be winners, if no one else.

  24. The last time Europe went full-commie, it was a boon to the US economy.

    We won’t get the same boost this time around, but every little bit helps.

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