ABC News: Lead Homicide Investigator Did Not Buy George Zimmerman's Story


ABC News has more details about George Zimmerman's description of the fight that ended with Trayvon Martin's death. Zimmerman reportedly told police "he was heading back to his truck when Martin knocked him down with a punch to his nose, jumped on him, repeatedly banged his head on the ground, [and] then tried to grab Zimmerman's gun." This is the first confirmation I've seen that Zimmerman claimed Martin tried to grab his gun, which makes Zimmerman's claim that he feared for his life more plausible. But even if we believe everything Zimmerman said, it is still possible that Martin was responding to what he perceived as a potentially deadly threat from Zimmerman. ABC News says Chris Serino, "the lead homicide investigator," did not buy Zimmerman's story and wanted to charge him with manslaughter but was overruled by the state attorney's office.

[via Julian Sanchez's Twitter feed]