Washington Post Fears Ron Paul; Hollywood Arson Suspect Arrested, and More: P.M. Links


Syrians fly Libyan flag, just to confuse us.

"I fear that Ron Paul may win Iowa," writes Washington Post's Marc A. Thiessen, who lets fear to get the best of his vocabulary with this sentence: "Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid."

Occupy 101: Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class taught by an OWS organizer and including protest participation as course work. 

LAPD arrests [possible Chechen named "Harry Burkhart"] in string of Los Angeles arson attacks. Cops say person of interest detained at Fairfax and Sunset matches security camera image (white hair in ponytail) and was driving a Canadian-licensed minivan containing "materials…that could have been used to set fires." The subject may be in a dispute with Federal migra over a relative's immigration status.

[I initially reported that the suspect was a native of Germany. He was traveling on Chechen travel papers and had spent time in Germany. As you can see at the 42-second mark here, Harry Bukrhart's eyes literally glow with the fires of hell, and the 26-year-old does seem to match with the description taken from the Hollywood and Highland parking deck of a man at the end of youth with a receding hairline and ponytail. Burkhart's arrest by a $1-a-year reserve sheriff's deputy came in response to a tip by an "official" who had observed Burkhart criticizing the United States in immigration court.]  

Arab League observers are doing a mediocre job of holding back Syria's government, dissidents say. 

Rose Bowl live blog

Raiders of the Lost Ark cross-referenced with 30 other adventure movies made between 1919 and 1973. 

Voting district high jinx: In honor of Steven Greenhut's dismal new report on California redistricting, a Reason.tv video from more hopeful days: