Washington Post Fears Ron Paul; Hollywood Arson Suspect Arrested, and More: P.M. Links


Syrians fly Libyan flag, just to confuse us.

"I fear that Ron Paul may win Iowa," writes Washington Post's Marc A. Thiessen, who lets fear to get the best of his vocabulary with this sentence: "Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid."

Occupy 101: Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class taught by an OWS organizer and including protest participation as course work. 

LAPD arrests [possible Chechen named "Harry Burkhart"] in string of Los Angeles arson attacks. Cops say person of interest detained at Fairfax and Sunset matches security camera image (white hair in ponytail) and was driving a Canadian-licensed minivan containing "materials…that could have been used to set fires." The subject may be in a dispute with Federal migra over a relative's immigration status.

[I initially reported that the suspect was a native of Germany. He was traveling on Chechen travel papers and had spent time in Germany. As you can see at the 42-second mark here, Harry Bukrhart's eyes literally glow with the fires of hell, and the 26-year-old does seem to match with the description taken from the Hollywood and Highland parking deck of a man at the end of youth with a receding hairline and ponytail. Burkhart's arrest by a $1-a-year reserve sheriff's deputy came in response to a tip by an "official" who had observed Burkhart criticizing the United States in immigration court.]  

Arab League observers are doing a mediocre job of holding back Syria's government, dissidents say. 

Rose Bowl live blog

Raiders of the Lost Ark cross-referenced with 30 other adventure movies made between 1919 and 1973. 

Voting district high jinx: In honor of Steven Greenhut's dismal new report on California redistricting, a video from more hopeful days: 

NEXT: Ira Stoll on the Curse of Obama's Jobs Council

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  1. Fist!

    1. ing

      1. you

            1. ear?

              1. Must be a Ferengi thing…

                1. I had to google that… then I lol’d

                  1. You, sir, have to turn in your libertarian card. It is clearly in the rules that you must get all Star Trek references without having to consult outside information..

                    1. sorry to say my Star Trek knowledge stops after TOS.

                    2. If you don’t want to have sex with a Ferengi another man, you could read my latest on
                      Alan Turing Year 2012

                    3. LAPD arrests German native

                      Boomer, hippie, German, whatever.

    2. Awesome, the tradition is now established.

      1. These links are not what they appear to be.

        1. They have done worse than kill you, Fist. They have hurt you. And they wish to go on hurting you. They have left you as you left them. Marooned for all eternity, in the center of the Evening Links.

  2. The Fat Trap…..wanted=all

    For 15 years, Joseph Proietto has been helping people lose weight. When these obese patients arrive at his weight-loss clinic in Australia, they are determined to slim down. And most of the time, he says, they do just that, sticking to the clinic’s program and dropping excess pounds. But then, almost without exception, the weight begins to creep back. In a matter of months or years, the entire effort has come undone, and the patient is fat again. “It has always seemed strange to me,” says Proietto, who is a physician at the University of Melbourne. “These are people who are very motivated to lose weight, who achieve weight loss most of the time without too much trouble and yet, inevitably, gradually, they regain the weight.”

    shorter version: lots of biological variation & starving oneself makes the body compensate in other ways.

    1. I just read that. I found it a bit odd that they seemed to unquestioningly accept the low-calorie, low-fat approach was the most effective one when there seems to be mounting evidence to the contrary.

      1. The idea still hasn’t penetrated the heads of doctors, much less the general public. I get funny looks when I tell people that I fry steak in bacon grease for my health.

        1. Have you tried caramelizing the bacon first in sugar?

        2. Was it you who recommended the 4 Hour Body book? I think it was someone on here. I’ve been reading it and am surprised its not more widely known. I like that dude’s “fuck you, establishment” style.

          1. Wasn’t me. I’ve recommended Taubes’s books a time or two, though.

        3. i eat a ribeye steak most mornings for breakfast. that, or 4-5 eggs, etc.

          as a person who HAS to make weight for contests,and has to maintain strength, etc. it didn’t take long to figure out that largely cutting out sugah, processed carbs, etc. is the key. fat is fine. blood pressure and cholesterol both went down since i cut out the wheat, sugar, etc. and boosted the fat

          one day a week or so, i do a cheat day and get a double quarter lb’er, fries, etc. that rocks

      2. What really got me was just how low calorie the diet was. Usually, they tell you to go no lower than 1500 calories, because after that serious starvation mode sets in. But in this study they had the patients on a 500 calorie diet. No fucking wonder their bodies acted like they were starving; technically, they were.

  3. There are a finite number of ways to shoot “Walk through a jungle.”

  4. They should change the name of the washington post to the washington pravda.

    1. We really want to do that. We are waiting for permission from Capitol Hill and the Oval Office.

  5. Notice that, this time around, Team Blue is pretty much keeping their yaps shut about the political leanings of the Serial Arsonist… guess they learned their lesson trying to blame Team Red for making Loughner pull the trigger…

    1. Wasn’t there another fellow from Germany who started a big fire?

      1. Sounds vaguely familiar… didn’t he also start a bunch of little fires, inside metal structures?

        1. Could I interest you in a newsletter subscription?

          1. No, I’m good.

      2. Maybe, but if you are thinking of van der Lubbe he was a Dutch Commie.

        1. Isn’t “van der Lubbe” Dutch for “Santorum”?

      3. Wasn’t there another fellow from Germany who started a big fire?

        Karl Marx.

  6. Romney Fights for First-Place Showing in Iowa Caucuses…..l?_r=1&hp;

    DES MOINES ? Mitt Romney sought to convert his tentative standing atop the polls into a first-place finish in the caucuses here, telling Iowans on Sunday that he had the “capability to go the full distance” against President Obama, as his rivals beseeched voters not to settle on a candidate lacking full commitment to their conservative values.

    1. I swear to Christ, if Santorum wins the nomination, I will fucking vote for Obama out of pure spite.

      1. I don’t think you have to worry about. The caucus participants only get to vote for one candidate. They cannot vote for a mixture of Romney and Gingrich.

        1. Romney — lubricant
          Gingrich — fecal matter

    2. He’s never gone the full distance with me.

      1. Ann, just so you know:

        Nowhere in the Book of Mormon is there any negative mention of the character of Onan.

        He’s just totally absent.

        As if the book is silent on…his issue.

  7. Yes, fear Ron Paul! If he wins, the government might actually LEAVE YOU ALONE! Oh, the horror!


    1. the government might actually LEAVE YOU ALONE!

      O. M. G. That is unthinkable!

      1. PAUL WINS: Women and Minorities Inadequately Governed!

        1. If Paul wins, where shall I go, what shall I do?

          1. Frankly, my dear, We don’t give a damn.

          2. you shall likely prosper for, without govt, you will be free to use your talents, you will no longer be patted on the head and patronized by those who know better than you, and you won’t be told repeatedly that you can only win if Dems are in charge. By the way, how has the last of those worked for you?

        2. Re: Washington Pimp,

          PAUL WINS: Women and Minorities Inadequately Governed!

          Who said they need to be governed?


          1. Really?


            We were going for paternalistic.

      2. I wish it were only two thirds.

  8. The stupid is strong at WaPo’s PostPartisan.

    1. Did you read the comments? They’re hammering the author – for a refreshing change.

  9. With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens.…..-citizens/

    In his last official act of business in 2011, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act from his vacation rental in Kailua, Hawaii. In a statement, the president said he did so with reservations about key provisions in the law ? including a controversial component that would allow the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects, including American citizens arrested in the United States, without charge.

    and no, we’re not talking about those reservations – those come later.

    1. Hush. The Godesky is easily awakened.

    2. “With Reservations”

      “I’m signing this into law despite my deepest reservations on the matter – which will be of scant comfort for those American Citizens being detained and “renditioned” under the new law.”

      Screw it. We need RP.

      1. And here I was thinking that there is a mechanism in place with which a president can block a bill for which he has “reservations”.

        I think it starts with a V and the last part sounds like a body part found hanging off the end of your foot, but it’s slipping my mind.

        1. Vsock?

    3. I don’t always sign bills that legalize indefinite detention and shred the Bill of Rights, but when I do, I do so with reservations. Stay incracerated, my friends.

    4. component that would allow the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects, including American citizens arrested in the United States, without charge

      So, it’s conceivable the President of the United States could be so detained?

      1. We can only hope, Jess.

        1. Ya’ know, I’m beginning to think a military coup may be our last hope. A thin reed to grasp, I admit.

    5. In his last official act of business in 2011

      That is, the last official act the most transparent administration in history can talk about.

      We are so screwed.

    6. If you have reservations, there is this thing called a “veto.” Has Mr. Obama heard of it?

      1. He’s vetoed exactly 2 bills.

        How much do we want to bet that his problems with the bills he has vetoed are that they somehow limited his power?

        1. I was wondering, but seriously, 2? What the hell kind of President cares so little he vetoes 2 bills. If I were POTUS, I’d probably be sending over half of them back over to Congress.

          1. Me too. But it could be worse. One of our intellectual forbearers, Thomas Jefferson, vetoed a whole ZERO bills. As did Adams (both of them), Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, and Garfield. Monroe vetoed a whole 1 bill.

            One might be surprised by the winner of this competition, however. The one and only FDR vetoed 372 bills, though I’d bet that virtually all of them were because they didn’t adequately violate the Constitution for his New Deal liking.

    7. I insisted those provisions be in there, but I count on my followers to not know that.

  10. Columbia University will offer a new [OWS] course for upperclassmen and grad students next semester.

    Anybody up for an Occupy That Course field trip?

    1. You mean when they all take a shit on a police car, or the rape at the afterparty?

      1. You mean when they all take a shit on a police car…..

        Yes. A course requirement is a group project.

        1. Then they burn down the building the class is held in.

          1. Let’s hope the fire spreads and takes the whole fucking campus with it.

            They have forfeited their responsibility as educators.

    2. Occupy 101: Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class taught by an OWS organizer and including protest participation as course work.

      The organizer of a group that isn’t organized enough to manage a decent campsite but wants to teach us how to run the world will teach a class for seniors and grad students. What could go wrong?

  11. SPACEX has its own model rocket kit.…..B006GX14R8

    1. My BIL works for SPACEX and got his Dad this for Christmas.

  12. “Having PM Links on a day with no AM Links is just as bad as bestiality, incest or polygamy” – Rick Santorum

    1. But not as bad as gays.

      1. Michelle Bachmann has the cure for what ails them.

        1. “If we’re going to let people post PM links on a day with no AM links, why not just let a turtle post links?” – Rick Santorum

          1. It’s turtles all the way down.

            1. “I want my kids to be able to Google AM Links, but because of unkind people at Reason, they can’t do that. I can’t let my kids Google AM Links, and that’s sad” – Rick Santorum

              1. Stop trying to control what your kids see on the Internet, Rick. They’re going to find out anyway…so why not let them find out in a family friendly manner, or some such ****.

            2. Buggrit! Millenium hand and shrimp!

              1. Thread winner.

    2. One of those does not go in the same category as the other two, Mr. Santorum.

  13. Are Marc A. Thiessen’s preferences in the GOP primary more well known than I realized? He is apparently using as a basic premise that a Romney win is an unequivocal good. Any reason for that, Marc? Your logic fail is even sadder than your lack of proofreading skills.

    1. The GOP opinionatchiks’ vacillation between “anyone but Romney” and “anyone but Ron Paul” is high comedy.

      1. Let us pray “anyone but Romney” wins!

        1. Mittens will never be president. Even if he survives the Santorum torrent, Obama will win the general in a walk.

          1. No doubt.

            Where does the idea that Willard’s the most electable come from anyway?

    2. A Romney win will be the closest thing possible to an Obama win and a Obama win is the closest thing to a Bush or a Clinton win. This way we can have the appearances of change without any of that disruptive actual change that team blue and team red hate.

      1. ^^^yep….which is why no one said a thing about Paul, or his newsletters, until IA polls showed him near or at the top. And why they laughed at Cain till he gained support; then came the women who mysteriously disappeared right after making accusations.

        The system will not tolerate anyone mounting a challenge to the duopoly. It certainly does not fear the public and, in fact, holds most voters in contempt.

  14. “Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid.”

    Like jackrabbit rapid!


    1. Washington Post writers have trouble with the ‘p’ ‘b’ distinction, like the Japanese with ‘l’ ‘r.’ They simply don’t hear them as different sounds.

      1. I thought it was “v” and “r”.

    2. “Fleet-footed” would be a better synonym.


  15. “I fear that Ron Paul may win Iowa,” writes Washington Post’s Marc A. Thiessen, who lets fear to get the best of his vocabulary with this sentence: “Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid.”

    Single letter transpositions like that are an easy mistake to miss, Tim. Clearly it should have been an ‘e’ rather than an ‘i’, but we still get the message.

    1. “wen” Iowa?

      Oh. Ohhhhhhh.

    2. Well played, sir. Unfortunately it seems STEVE SMITH comes for all supporters of liberty in the end.

      1. What’s important is that I beat Episiarch to the punchline.

      2. I see what you did there.

  16. Occupy 101: Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class taught by an OWS organizer and including protest participation as course work.

    It is a skill that will make these students TWICE as employable as before!

    1. 2 x 0 = 0

      1. Succinct

      2. Re: Jeffersonian,

        Exactly 😉

  17. I recently watched ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, and you know what? It made me realize just how much ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ sucked in spite of having Indy and James Bond on the same screen. Granted, Daniel Craig is most definitely not Sean Connery, but Harrison Ford was so underwhelming in that movie.

    1. I haven’t been able to take Ford seriously since watching Regarding Henry.

      I keep picturing Indiana Jones mumbling about the Big Dripper.

      1. Brain damage is so enlightening.

      2. “I got get me some of that.”

    2. I thought it lacked humor. The Lucas/Spielberg 80’s epics all had a few good laughs.

  18. I believe that in one of his novels Milan Kundera called for people to do something similar to what the LA arsonist guy was doing, so I’m a little surprised the suspect is a Kraut and not one of those crazy Czechs.

    1. Apparently, the Czechs are too busy photographing nude models.

    2. “The Burnin’ German” sounds better anyway

  19. “Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid.”

    I think he meant *rabid*, but that may be me trying to make sense of an article that had little to begin with.

    (Oh yes, I read the original article on WaPo. I want those minutes back.)

    1. Obviously, he meant vapid. Ron Paul supports just ooze banal.

  20. “Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid.”

    You would be amazed by how fleet-footed they can be.

      1. Could have sworn they were saying, “Dodgers Suck”…and that for a brief moment thought they were Giants fans!

    1. OK man I really have to salute that one.

    2. “Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid.”

      You would be amazed by how fleet-footed they can be.

      *golf clap*

    3. I fucking hate threaded comments.

    1. tl;dw

    2. That is badass. Thanks you for the link.

    3. This is old news, especially on Reason.

  21. The subject may be in a dispute with Federal migra over a relative’s immigration status.

    Relative to arsonist: Helfen Sie n?chstes Mal nicht.

  22. So what’s the tuition fee these days at Columbia?

    1. What is this “tuition fee” to which you refer?

  23. LAPD arrests German native in string of Los Angeles arson attacks. Cops say person of interest detained at Fairfax and Sunset matches security camera image (white hair in ponytail) and was driving a Canadian-licensed minivan

    I knew it. Close the borders.

  24. This is called eleutherophobia.

  25. Jesse Benton interviewed by Greenspan’s wife on MSNBC

    Notice how the lying bitch insists on the canard that Paul is losing support while Santorum is “surging.”

      1. I approve the “direction” of his surge.

    1. Andrea Mitchell (@1:27): “The Des Moines Register poll has been the gold-standard…”

      Well, I guess we can dismiss that poll as nutty and insane.

      1. The power of pure assertion!

      2. Har har hardy har har.

      3. Re:Dk,

        Well, I guess we can dismiss that poll as nutty and insane.

        Yeah, the woman has NO sense of irony.

    2. Santorum comes out burning on Ron Paul gun rights accusations:

      Rick Santorum, at his event at a Boone Pizza Ranch, just accused Ron Paul supporters of being behind negative robo-calls suggesting the former senator is anti-Second Amendment.

      “Someone is out making robo-calls, suggesting I am anti-Second Amendment,” said Santorum, adding that voters should tell: “Whoever is (doing that), Ron Paul (to stop).”

      Assuming Ms Haberman is confusing parentheses with brackets, that’s some pretty heavy editing of Mr Santorum’s quote. And note that she doesn’t mention what the allegations of being soft on gun rights were.

      1. “Rick Santorum smells like black cock and astroglide.”

  26. as i predicted, the media are already turning the shooting of ranger anderson in my rainier park, into a “gunz issue”…

    this article and many others uses the nice gun pr0n picture of the suspect and i have already read TWO articles/editorials that lament the fact that national parks now allow gunz in parks (where they are legal outside the parks). clearly, THIS guy, who was on the run after allegedly shooting 4 people in skyway and looking for wilderness to hide in WOULD HAVE OBEYED A PROHIBITION AGAINST GUNS IN THE PARK!!! (lol)……..32718.html

    (apparently, mother nature exacted her own due process on the suspect)…
    the gun pr0n picture really has to be seen…

    MOUNT RAINIER, Wash. – A man who was suspected in the killing of Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson on Sunday morning was found deceased on Monday.

    Benjamin Colton Barnes was found not far from where he took off after the shooting.

    “The body was found in a river,” Det. Sgt. Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. said.

    “He appears to have not been the victim of any type of violence other than the weather,” said Troyer.

    “He put himself into a position where he wasn’t going to get out of,” said Troyer. “They had containment on both ends of the valley. If he was still moving he wasn’t going to get out.”

    Troyer said the suspect was not equipped for the conditions.

    “He was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and one tennis shoe,” he said.

    Troyer said a couple of weapons were found near Barnes’ body and recovered.

    About 200 personnel from several law enforcement agencies were involved in the search for Barnes.

    Park Ranger Kevin Bacher said that Barnes would have had to travel 6 to 10 miles on foot through higher elevations and deep snow to get back out to any populated areas. At several points in a Monday morning press conference, Bacher said police and rangers would be happy if Mother Nature was able to deal with Barnes so the suspect would not be able to do any more harm.

    “I’m very thankful that this person has been located,” Park Superintendent Randy King said Monday afternoon. “When this person was at large the park was not safe.”

    The search effort on Monday involved personnel on the ground and in the air, Bacher said. Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters with infrared will be used, as well as K-9 units on the ground.

    Ranger Anderson was shot shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday near Longmire Ranger Station. Bacher said the alleged shooter “blew through” a roadblock between Longmire and Paradise. The roadblock was set up to check cars entering the park for proper tires and tire chains.

    When the driver did not stop, the rangers at the checkpoint radioed for assistance. Anderson established a roadblock to stop the car about a mile below Paradise.

    When the driver encountered Anderson’s roadblock, he exited his car and began firing on Anderson and another ranger, Dan Camiccia.

    Anderson was struck while still insider her car. She radioed for help as the suspect fled on foot.

    It took 90 minutes for rescuers to reach Anderson because Barnes continued shooting at law enforcement as they arrived.

    Barnes was also a suspect in a New Year’s Eve shooting in Skyway.

    Barnes, an Iraq war veteran, reportedly had a troubled transition to civilian life, with accusations he suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and is suicidal.

    He was involved in a custody dispute in Tacoma in July, during which his toddler daughter’s mother sought a temporary restraining order against him, according to court documents.

    The woman told authorities he was suicidal and possibly suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after deploying to Iraq in 2007-2008, and had once sent her a text message saying “I want to die.”

    She alleged that he gets easily irritated, angry and depressed and keeps an arsenal of weapons in his home. She wrote that she feared for the child’s safety.

    Undated photos provided by police showed a shirtless, tattooed Barnes brandishing two weapons, a large rifle and a smaller firearm with a large clip.

    In November 2011, a guardian ad litem recommended parenting and communication classes for both parents and recommending Barnes be allowed to continue supervised visits with the child, two days a week.

    That visitation schedule was to continue until he completed a domestic violence evaluation and mental health evaluation and complied with all treatment recommendations.

    1. Bitch had it coming.
      Cop, Ranger…same thing.

    2. Undated photos provided by police showed a shirtless, tattooed Barnes brandishing two weapons, a large rifle and a smaller firearm with a large clip.

      Saiga-12 is a “rifle”? Well the author definitely passes the “licensed journalist” test

      1. it has a trigger and it has a long barrel, therefore it is a RIFLE according to journalist-liberal-gun-speakz-guide Chapter 102(a)

      2. Maybe it had a rifled choke.

        1. Well, technically, even handgun barrels are rifled…

      3. It’s a fairly minor error compared to some that journalists and screenwriters make.

  27. Run NoScript. Not only does load much, much quicker, but you have to run scripts to post a threaded comment, so NoScript stops the scourge.

  28. Fuck Team Red, fuck Iowa, fuck Team Blue and fuck you, too.

    Oh. Also, fuck California.

    1. Way to screw up the cadence.

      Fuck Team Red, Fuck Team Blue, Fuck Iowa and Fuck you, too.

      Flows better in a Roses are Red way.

      Feel free to ask for help on any poetry related topic.

      1. “If I only could I’d set L.A. on fire…”

        but seems like someone beat me to it.

  29. Horst: Alright, Mr. Burns?you win. But beware?we Germans aren’t all smiles und sunshine.

    Burns: Oooh, the Germans are mad at me. I’m so scared! Oooh, the Germans! Uh oh, the Germans are coming to get me?

    Germans: Stop it! Stop sir?

    Burns: Don’t let the Germans come after me. Oh no, the Germans are coming after me…

    Germans: Please stop the “pretending you are scared” game, please.

    Burns: Ooooh, Smithers, the Germans!

  30. Question to consider:

    Which Republican candidate would each of the Big 7 endorse?

  31. Liberals on Facebook are expressing their outrage over the detention provisions. Great fun can be had by asking them if they plan to vote third party or stay home over this. They of course say they will vote for Obama raving about roe v wade and “theocracy”. Then you tell them “then you must not consider this very important then”. The LULTZ factor of the spitting and yelling that ensues is immense

    1. No thanks, I’ve already lost enough friends on Facebook by posting colonoscopy pictures on their walls.

      1. There is no candidate who is both pro civil liberties and has left economic policies. You can have one or the other but not both. If you choose one you are saying that the other is less important. It punctures liberals inflated sense of self importance and smug righteousness to have to admit that when push comes to shove they really don’t care about civil rights. All they can do is rave and change the subject. But but boosh!!!!!

        1. I agree. It’s a dog and pony show.

    2. My liberal “friends” on teh fbook are all dispelling the “conservative” smear that they are mischief-making Ron Paul voters. I haven’t seen any Paul-hate from my conservative “friends” in that venue.

      1. Anyone who thinks liberals will vote for Paul is delusional

        1. They’ll vote for Mitt?
          But he’s the same as Obama.

          I’m confused.

          1. Lewis H|1.2.12 @ 8:48PM|#
            “I’m confused.”

            Yes, willfully so.

        2. Anyone who thinks liberals will vote for Paul is delusional

          According to the “right wing” blogs and forums only lefties are voting for him and only in the primary.

          1. Doubtful. But even still voting in a primary doesn’t hurt Obama. Let’s see when it counts

    3. Also, I think it’s awfully silly to choose the President based on RvW when it’s not even up to the President.

      1. That’s because you’ve actually thought about it for more than .25 seconds.

        To lefties, the end-all be-all in American politics is the president. They WANT there to be a supreme leader. That way they can also not have to think about how shit ACTUALLY works, and can fall back on “BUT HE’Z AGENST ABORSHUN!!!!!! as their one and only excuse to dismissing a candidate completely.

    4. John, what is this “Facebook” of which you speak?

  32. Apparently the ACLU is full of racist, tea bagger, ultra right-wing militia sympathizers because they grade Paul (and Johnson) better than Obama on their Civil Liberties Report Card. And this is DESPITE inflating Obama’s grades!

    Measured in 0-4 torches
    Obama: Humane Immigration, 2; Closing Guantanamo and Indefinite Detention, 1; Gays and Lesbians Serving in Military, 4; Ending Torture, 3; Ending Surveillance State, 0; Gay Marriage, 3; Reproductive Choice, 3.

    This is fucking laughable. Obama somehow gets a “torch” for Indefinite Detention IMMEDIATELY AFTER SIGNING A BILL WHICH CODIFIES IT, INCLUDING AMERICAN CITIZENS ON AMERICAN SOIL, INTO LAW. I call shenanigans. And he somehow gets 4 torches for Gays in the Military AFTER HE FILED A FUCKING LAWSUIT TO STOP gays from joining the military when Log Cabin Republicans won their own lawsuit in court. He’s deported more people, and split their families, than any other president in history, yet he somehow gets 4 torches?

    This is a fucking joke.

    Paul: Humane Immigration, 2; Closing Guantanamo and Indefinite Detention, 4; Gays and Lesbians Serving in Military, 4; Ending Torture, 3; Ending Surveillance State, 4; Gay Marriage, 1; Reproductive Choice, 0.

    How does the ACLU construe Paul’s position that the government should not have a say on whether gays can or cannot marry as somehow prohibitive? He only gets a 3 on ending torture? Seriously?

    Gary Johnson is rated even higher than Paul, ostensibly because he’s in support of abortion rights.

    1. And how does Obama get a 3 on gay marriage?

      Also, I wouldn’t give RP a 0 on reproductive rights. While he is not for forcing states to make abortion legal, he’s also against forcing states to make abortion illegal.

      1. “And how does Obama get a 3 on gay marriage?”

        ‘Cause he’s on the blue team.
        See, he really wants to support it, but he’s forced to do otherwise, since, uh, well, see, it’s kinda….

        1. I think you’re looking for “Obstructionist Republicans”. You know. The same ones that stopped Congress from ramming Obamacare down our throats without a single Republican vote.

          1. Yep.
            It was those guys who FORCED Obama to keep DADT for three years.
            They grabbed his arm and *kept* him from signing that order!

            1. And don’t forget that they also FORCED Obama to file a lawsuit AFTER DADT had been overturned by a judge in a lawsuit filed by Log Cabin REPUBLICANS.

              1. Those darn guys! Amazing how a minority party can FORCE such damage!
                Shithead will explain how that works.

      2. It seems to me that, for the ACLU, statism is the status quo. A candidate must use government force one way or another in order to be accurately scored. Advocating for the government to stay the fuck out of the way isn’t a option. See Paul’s Gay Marriage score.

        But they also see NOT using the government to force a particular idea to EVERYONE as a negative. Since Ron Paul does not openly advocate a national policy for abortion, he gets a score of zero. They simply cannot fathom a president who doesn’t seek to use the federal government to force policy on everyone.

        1. Tony taught us that not doing things is the same as doing things, so up is down and war is peace yadda yadda.

          1. Yep. NOT supporting abortion rights nationally and allowing the residents of each state to make their own policy = TAKING AWAY THE REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS OF WOMEN BECAUSE HE’S A NAZI!!!!!!

            1. Fuck yeah.

              I think it’s a toss-up between the militant anti-aborters and the militant pro-aborters, as to which group is more fucking irritating… FWIW.

            2. Change “abortion rights” above to gun rights or speech rights. It sounds the same. According to Roe v Wade first trimester abortion is a constitutionally protected (national) right.

  33. Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class taught by an OWS organizer and including protest participation as course work.

    Will they get extra credit for intensifying “blight” in the neighborhoods Columbia is trying to acquire via Eminent Domain?

    Will they conduct drum circles in the doorways of businesses still trying to operate in defiance of the wishes of their betters?

    1. I suspect they will have sections of the course devoted to shitting in public without getting caught, how to rape girls in their tents and not get caught, how to NOT tell the police about rampant sexual assaults, and how to purposefully marginalize those you feel are beneath you.

    2. “Columbia University will give students credit for an Occupy Wall Street class”

      Recruiter: “Happy to see you, glad you’re considering working for our firm! Can you tell me something of the courses you’ve taken here?
      Applicant: “Well, some of the credits are based on ‘life experience’ activities”
      Recruiter: “Uh, would those be as an intern at some business similar to ours?”
      Applicant: “Well no. I pitched tents, smoked dope, pooped on the sidewalk…”
      Recruiter, interrupting: “Thank you very much for stopping by. We have your contact information. Again, thank you…”

    3. How many WTFs does this shit deserve?

      I saw some of those “organizers” in action, both in my hometown and on da YouTubez. I can only say: (1)anyone who voluntary subjects themselves to that shit is getting what he/she deserves, and (2)my son will not be receiving help in paying for an Occupy Wall Street “class” – unless it’s a class devoted to figuring out what the fuck that movement is trying to accomplish (a daunting task, to be sure).

      1. *voluntarily*

  34. You know who else was from Iowa?

  35. Holy fuck, Matt Millen is a painful commenter.

    1. Not as bad as Kirk (whoever) at the Rose Bowl, who managed to flap his jaws entirely over the ref’s call.
      Producers should have cut off his mic.

    2. Please – do NOT mention “He Who Shall Remain Nameless” – for the children (of Detroit sports). Please.

    3. Millen looks like he could have been separated at birth from Thomas Friedman.

  36. It makes me smile that Anthony Bourdain, in his new series Layover, never wastes an opportunity to shit all over both hippies and hipsters.

    Of course watching him tap dance around smoking weed in Amsterdam is also hilariously funny.

    1. Could anyone spend 20 years working in Manhattan restaurants and not hate hipsters?

      1. To hate hipsters is one thing. To use his show as a platform to continuously pronounce his hatred of them is yet another.

        In EVERY episode of Layover he has said something negative about hipsters, his hatred of them oozing out of his nostrils.

        1. yup. he admits he may not agree with ted nugent, but he clearly has WAY more respect for ted fucking nugent than he does for liberal hipsters, nor would he spend time with hipsters, like with ted

          1. Bourdain may not agree with the Nooge, but he’ll shoot Nooge’s guns for a good fuckin’ time!

            1. and he’ll give him props for not being a simpering vegan pussy and for devoting time and money to wounded veterans.

              i think the nooge is a blowhard, but i’d rather hang with him than some portlandia hipster douchebags

        2. Working for Manhattan restraints for a few years will create that kind of hate

    1. Maybe she meant to say “are thinking” rather than “are worried”, but that’s pretty awful-sounding. The fact she didn’t correct herself immediately makes me think she was telling the truth and forgot where she was.

      1. It could be interpreted another way, however.

        Notice the full phrase. It’s subordinate which means that it relies on some other phrase to get its meaning.

        Notice she said (without any punctuation): “I’m sure you’ve talked to Republicans who are worried just like I am.”

        It depends on where one wants to place the punctuations.

        If it’s “I’m sure you’ve talked to Republicans who are worried just like I am.” there is but one interpretation, and it’s bad for her.

        But if it’s “I’m sure you’ve talked to Republicans who are worried, just like I am.” the controlling clause is “I’m sure you talked to Republicans who are worried” where the meaning would be that she too is talking to Republicans who are worried.

        I’m not sure it’s nearly as bad as many want it to be, but because it’s spoken and doesn’t have any punctuation, we’ll never know.

  37. So, no one plays defense in football anymore, is the conclusion I’m drawing from the NFL and college at the moment.

    1. Very few colleges ever played defense. Some 80s and 90s UM and FSU teams had dominant defense, and current Alabama teams generally play pretty good D, but that’s about it.

      The rules in the NFL have effectively made football glorified Madden.

      I fucking hate it.

      1. Honestly, I may be starting to lose interest in football. Like, I could watch the 2nd half of OK-Stanford, or I could watch Netflix. And the NFL playoffs are just going to be shootouts, so why bother?

        1. There are at least a couple of good defenses in the NFL playoffs, Pittsburgh and Baltimore come to mind, which might keep things interesting.

          But overall I agree. Nothing is more boring than watching 2 QBs throw for 500 yards and both teams pitching a 40-burger.

          In those games it all comes down to whoever scores last rather than which is the best team.

          1. We are 13-3 with Alex Fucking Smith! Fuck you!

            1. And Jim Fucking Harbaugh! May have something to do with it.

              1. I’d argue that playing in the worst conference in football helps. 6 games against perennial losers?

  38. MSM news anchors, objective as always:

    Citing a “complete lack of joint sense of national purpose,” NBC’s David Gregory said campaigns have become preoccupied with the “warning of impending danger if [President Obama] has a second term” rather than focusing on solutions for the county’s problems.

    “This feeling among conservatives that Obama must be stopped?Let’s get the power so we can undo what’s been done in the past four years,” said Gregory, summing up the campaign theme of the president’s opponents.

    Discussing the political dysfunction in Washington, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell recalled how there was a time when elected officials had “tried to work on solving problems ? not filibustering everything that they came across.”

    They can’t seem to imagine that the policies ObaPelRei enacted might be part of the problem. Oddly, I don’t recall them claiming that trying to end the war and roll back the Bush tax cuts were “obstructionist” back in 2006-08.

    1. Because those were actual harmful policies, and the new ones are so well intended.

      1. Intentions are allll that matters.

        Outcomes? How quaint! #Intentions

    2. “Citing a “complete lack of joint sense of national purpose,” NBC’s David Gregory said campaigns have become preoccupied with the “warning of impending danger if [President Obama] has a second term” rather than focusing on solutions for the county’s problems.”

      Yep. Obama has nothing to do with any problems. Nothing. I promise; he is not to blame for any problems!

      1. Some simply can’t imagine that ridding ourselves of Obama is one of the “solutions for the country’s problems.”

  39. WTF? The Joe 4 Chavez commercials are back, just saw one on the news here. Citgo and “the people of Venezuela” offering heating oil for free while propagandizing against private oil companies.

    1. Fuck me. Really?

      I absolutely refuse to buy gas from Citgo since I found out they were Chavezgo a few years ago. Seriously – no Citgo gas in any of the Almanian mobiles. It’s not much, but it’s a matter of principle.

  40. Am I reading that right? OK State is #3 and Stanford is #4? Really?

    Did not know that. What troubled times we live in…

  41. Seriously – can we skip right to February and have the Stupid Bowl, Daytoner Five Double Aught and the start of MotoGP and AMA roadracing and shit? Like, right now? Please?


    Well, didn’t hurt to ask…

  42. Jesus Christ on a cracker the Big 10 are sucking in the bowl gamez.

    *shocked face*

    Fucking loser fuckstick motherfuckers.

    1. Aly,
      Take it easy.
      This is a bunch of underpaid kids playing games. And we hope the injuries are not serious.

  43. Bob Murphy’s Take On The Newsletter Thingy And The Defense Of The Mises Institute.

    Robert Murphy, 12-31-2011

    #1. Anybody who refers to the Mises Institute as an anti-Semitic, racist, or homophobic institution doesn’t have a freaking clue what he is talking about, and I’d bet hasn’t been to the Institute anytime in the last ten years.

    I have been attending the Mises Institute’s summer program, either as a grad student or as a lecturer, since (I think) 2000. I have to think that since then, there have easily been more than 1,000 undergrads who cycled through its Mises University. Shouldn’t there be all sorts of eyewitness testimonials to the crude jokes, lynchings, etc. in which we engage, if bigotry oozes out of the Institute? And yet, I’m not aware of any such thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who will tell you on Facebook or their blogs that the Mises Institute is racist/homophobic/whatever. But when you ask for specifics, they’ll cite the newsletters, or a single footnote from Hoppe’s book on Democracy, or will say that Hoppe in a class in Nevada (not at the Institute mind you) used a particularly ill-chosen example to illustrate time preference, or (my personal favorite) will explain that one time, Hoppe invited a guy to his conference in Turkey, who wrote a book that was clearly bigoted (though his talk at Hoppe’s conference had nothing to do with said book). Nobody to my knowledge has ever said, “Yeah, once I was at a Mises event and Peter Klein got up and started bashing gays.” The reason is that nothing like this ever happens.


    #2. The charge that Lew Rockwell is hurting Ron Paul’s election chances by his cowardly refusal to acknowledge authorship of the newsletters, is arguably the stupidest claim I’ve heard in 2011.

    Let’s state the obvious: There were some pretty shocking things in those newsletters, and I wish they never got published, so that we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Having said that, let me point out that most (not all) of the offending passages were jokes in very poor taste. Furthermore, to call a black politician “Barbara Morondon,” or to say Martin Luther King Jr. was a plagiarist who “beat up his paramours,” isn’t actually racist. It’s mean, and it would appeal to racists (duh), but strictly speaking, a lot of the things being quoted to show how racist Ron Paul’s ghostwriter must be, actually aren’t racist.

    OK but put that stuff aside; I’m certainly not here to defend the statements themselves?Ron Paul himself has repeatedly disavowed them. What I am here to do, is to point out how stupid one of the charges floating around about Lew Rockwell is. Specifically, the charge goes that Rockwell is hurting Ron Paul’s candidacy because he (Rockwell) is unwilling to take responsibility for writing those things.

    Here’s the problem: By their own admission, these critics think this newsletter business was a conscious strategy to appeal to the bigoted fringe. Indeed (depending on the critic), the Mises Institute only exists to cater to these people. So why would Rockwell be afraid? Shouldn’t he be like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, saying, “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Black!”

    That’s what’s so ridiculous about this whole thing. On the one hand, people criticize Rockwell for his non-stop, throw-decency-to-the-winds promotion of Ron Paul. They also say Rockwell caters to racists. And yet, a lot of these people are also saying Rockwell is unwilling to admit he wrote racist things, even though by doing this he would help Ron Paul.

    Lew Rockwell himself has denied that he wrote the newsletters. I can’t seem to find the quote, but he said something along the lines that the actual author is no longer with us. So here are two general theories to explain the current situation:

    (A) Lew Rockwell didn’t write the newsletters, and doesn’t want to throw his dead associate under the bus because he knows full well this won’t do anything to satisfy the hyenas.

    (B) Lew Rockwell wrote the newsletters, knows that if he fesses up, it will help Ron Paul’s campaign, but nonetheless remains silent because Lew Rockwell is the kind of guy who really cares what others think about him, especially people who are very concerned about showing sensitivity to minorities.

    I’m not saying (A) and (B) exhaust all possibilities, but of those two choices, which do you think is more likely?

    Last point: Just do a forensic analysis. Does Lew Rockwell crack jokes in his writings? When he’s on the radio being interviewed, does he crack jokes? No, he’s as serious as cancer.

    1. ‘m certainly not here to defend the statements themselves

      That’s Old Mexican’s job.

  44. Think RP will win? Seems the fix is already in……

  45. Any foreign film fans can read updated recommendations here…..a-struggle

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