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Colorado Issues Licenses to Medical Marijuana Suppliers


Colorado has begun issuing state licenses to medical marijuana suppliers, presenting a fresh challenge to the Obama administration, which can't seem to decide whether it will or won't be "using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue." The Denver Post reports that the Colorado Department of Revenue's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division "has issued 11 licenses to businesses in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Littleton." Hundreds of additional licenses are likely to be approved soon. The Post says "the state has sent out letters to local governments for 467 dispensaries and products-makers to double-check that those businesses have local approval—one of the final steps in the licensing process."

Colorado's law, like California's, used to be ambiguous on the question of who was allowed to supply medical marijuana and under what circumstances. But thanks to a law approved by the state legislature last year, the Post reports, "medical-marijuana advocates say Colorado's regulations for cannabis businesses are the most comprehensive in the nation." Which means there should be no dispute about who is and who is not "in clear and unambiguous compliance" with state law, the standard that dispensaries must meet to qualify for the prosecutorial forbearance promised by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Then again, the Justice Department recently has contradicted those promises, saying that compliance with state law offers no protection for suppliers, just for patients. According to the Post, medical marijuana activists in Colorado believe the state's explicit and detailed regulations will protect suppliers from federal raids. But taking the Obama administration at its fork-tongued word, that remains an open question.

[Thanks to Richard Cowan for the tip and Allen St. Pierre for the photo.] 

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  1. Great, a nice to do list for the feds.

    1. That was my first thought, too. Great, a handy list for the DEA so they can bust everyone.

  2. Is there anything to even say about Obama’s lies any more? I mean, when you lie about literally everything, does that make you a pathological liar, or something even more?

    1. It’s not his fault, blame Bush.

      1. Which one?

        1. Yes.

    2. “”I mean, when you lie about literally everything, does that make you a pathological liar, or something even more?””

      I think it meets the criteria. But he just wants people to like him. Like the girl with a padded bra.

      1. I probably have a better chance of liking the girl in the padded bra, but you should post her pic so I can be sure.

      2. Oh, and this seems an appropriate place to ask a question.

        Every Mexican girl I have dated or what-have-you **know what I mean? Wink-wink** has worn a padded bra. Every single one of them. From the petite with little boobs to the buxom ones with fake tits as big as a human head. They have all worn padded bras without fail. WTF is up with that? Is it cultural, or am I just wrong?

        1. nos gustan las agarraderas!

    3. My father use to say that when Dick Nixon talked out of both sides of his mouth, he was lying out of both sides of his mouth.

      Seems to apply to Barry O’Bama as well.

      1. What President hasn’t? It seems to come with the suit.

        1. There are three kinds of assholes in the world. The first kind is proud of being an asshole and will plow right over anyone that gets in the way. The second kind tries to hide being an asshole and lies about everything thereby fucking over anyone that gets in the way. The third kind isn’t aware of being an asshole and even though they may generally try to help other people, then still wind up fucking over anyone that gets in the way.

          Politicians generally fall into the second category, but occasionally fall into the third.

          Nixon never made much of an attemp to hide being a lying asshole, so he’s sort of the first kind. Obama is a hyper version of the 2nd kind.

        2. Jimmy Carter. He may have been a lousy POTUS but it wasn’t due to a lack of integrity or ethical standards.

    4. I agree. I find it extremely difficult to think of anything that Obama has told the truth about. Which makes me wonder, how is he still in power? How is it that he hasn’t been impeached yet? Lying all the time brings you the love and backing of the people? Is that how it works in this country?

      One example. He said he’d bring the troops home as soon as he got into office, and that you could take that to the bank. It should be clear to anyone that, that was a lie. Now, that the troops are supposedly going to be coming home from Iraq, he’ll say he’s keeping his promise about bringing the troops home. That would be yet another lie. To have been telling the truth and keeping his promise, he would have brought the troops home as soon as he got into office, and he’d be bringing the troops home from Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

      When it comes to the truth about his stance on not raiding medical marijuana outlets that are in compliance with state laws where states have made it legal to issue medical marijuana to patients, has been as clear as mud. In other words, a lie.

      Of course, as long as marijuana is held up by the Federal Government as being illegal, I’m sure the Federal Government can continue make it as muddy as they see fit for their gain, at the expense of state and individual rights. Why the Federal Government has such a disdain for unalienable state and individual rights as provided by the Constitution of the United States of America is beyond me. I guess it’s because I’m not a power thirsty totalitarian. In fact, I would say I am the opposite. Rights belong to individuals, not to a ruling class majority.

      It seems very difficult for the media, whether mainstream or alternative, to give an example of things that the Federal Government does these days that is… Constitutional.

      When it comes to marijuana or any drugs, as Judge Andrew Napolitano asks, when did we as Americans start getting this notion that we don’t own our own bodies? I know one thing for certain, we didn’t get it from the Constitution.

  3. Nice photo. Good to know that tax dollars are spent on such essential items as creating new seals for government departments, fancy lettering on the walls of a department that doesn’t even have a function yet, and 32 fucking inch computer monitors for secretaries that have so little work to do that they don’t even have papers on their brand new desk.

    That is the outrage here for me. New department=excuse to spend a fuckton of money on useless toys and feel-important signage.


    1. Also, cords hanging in the air like the ones going to the printer are an OSHA violation.

      1. Government agencies don’t have to follow the government’s work safety rules, silly. Come on; don’t be a goofball. Maybe we can do some goofballs, though.

    2. Hey, nothing but the best for our administrative assistants, you patriarchy supporter.

      1. So because she’s a woman you assume she’s an administrative assistant? You patriarchist!

        1. So because that person is sitting at a front desk you assume it’s a woman? Sickening.

          1. So your assuming that thing is a person? You speciest!

            1. You’re thinking? Animist!

              1. Assuming that office is on earth? Terrarist!

                1. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrarists.

                  1. I BELIEVE IN NOTHING!

                    1. Wow, did we just do some Marxist cultural deconstruction up in here or what?

    3. Hey, at least they used appropriately green wall paint.

    4. 32″ monitors are the modern equivalent to CRT monitors 30 years ago thanks to government-sponsored innovation! I mean government-protected innovation. Whatever, the government is responsible for that shit and deserves a fair cut.

    5. That was my first thought. When a private business creates a new business unit, the first thing to do is generally not to create a new office with its own sign and receptionist, etc. Usually you hire people to do useful work like, say, develop the business and the logo and receptionist come after it’s proved its viability.

  4. “” and 32 fucking inch computer monitors for secretaries that have so little work to do that they don’t even have papers on their brand new desk.””

    She needs it to see the schedules of all those government workers. She still flips through pages of workers since they denied her the 105″ screen she really needed for the task.

  5. A wall painted green? Seriously? Can they get their own logo now too?

  6. Where’s the clock permanently set to 4:20 ?

  7. Is that the church lady behind that screen?

  8. If you squint your eyes just right, those two circular plaques behind the receptionist look just like a stoner’s eyes.

  9. I would have chosen a seal with a giant leaf on it. Like Canada.

  10. SO, if Colorado can keep it up and actually defend its pot smokers we will dominate the world with awesome custom craft grown pot and make Oregon look like a wasteland…Just like we did with beer (for those unfamiliar, CO and CA are the only two states that don’t follow the 3 tier, since OR does they finally got the nut punch from their AG).

    Dry Dock is the single best brewery of all time (excepting any trappist monks of course).

    1. Dry Dock can suck Firestone’s dick.

      1. you ever had Dry Dock? They win EVERY YEAR at GABF and World Beer Cup for a very good reason.

        1. I’ve had Dry Dock and I stand behind my claim.

          **removes glove**
          **backhand’s Bandit with glove**

        2. They need to work their way north a few dozen klicks. I’m not driving to bum fuck Boulder to try out a new beer.

          1. …bum fuck Aurora…

    2. Oregon is a poor man’s CO.

  11. the Justice Department recently has contradicted those promises, saying that compliance with state law offers no protection for suppliers, just for patients.

    Arghh!! Can’t we stop playing these fucking games and just legalize it already?!

    1. “”Arghh!! Can’t we stop playing these fucking games and just legalize it already?!””

      What, and put a government agent out of work?

    2. You have fucking games?

    1. HUH?

      1. You cultural illiterate.

        1. southpark, haha, i finally got it now BACK OFF!

  12. Get the fuck out of here. The wall is green. And it has a receptionist.

    1. She’s not hot, but she’ll do _anything_.

    2. She’s not hot, but she’ll do _anything_.

      1. Apparently I needed to say that twice. Oh, and I thought I was gchat, hence the _ instead of .

        1. Fuck it makes my html disappear just like it’s obviously supposed to

          I’m an idiot

          1. Dude, it’s like Haiku, or something!

    3. Colonel_Angus, it looks as though you’ve started quite the discussion with me

  13. If not Colo., the real test will be N.J.

  14. oh, that’s will terrible. why don’t the present stop it.

  15. Colorado is in process of preparing a re-scheduling petition for the Federal government to ignore. Perhaps we’ll see a ruling before 2025 since it’s being submitted by a State government.I guess I think it would have a better chance of succeeding if Colorado first moved it to the State’s schedule II as did Oregon.

    Yes Virginia, all the States have their own system of scheduling which has criteria identical to the Feds. Please see the Uniform Controlled Substances Act for details.

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