Meet the Man Arrested for the Utøya Shootings


From The Daily Mail:

Anti-Masonic conspiracy theories coming in five… four… three…

The 32-year-old Norwegian man arrested for gunning down children on the holiday island of Utoya has been named locally as Anders Behring Breivik.

Described as 6ft tall and blond, he is reported to have arrived on the island of Utoya and opened fire after beckoning several young people over in his native Norwegian tongue.

Reports suggest he was also seen loitering around the site of the bomb blast in Oslo two hours before the island incident - and also before the capital's explosion.

More than 30 are believed to have been killed - seven in Oslo and between 25 to 30 on Utoya Island, 50 miles north of the capital.

Breivik's alleged Facebook page is here, and he now has a presence on Wikipedia as well. According to the Daily Mail, the police are saying the killings "do not appear to be linked to Islamist terrorism." I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more in the next few days about Breivik, his motives, and his possible accomplices.

Update: The authorities are now reporting a death toll of at least seven in the bombing and 80 -- yes, 80 -- on Utøya.

Update #2: Breivik reportedly left a host of comments on the Norwegian website document.no, and they have been collected here. The Norwegian-American libertarian Lene Johansen has been posting useful summaries of those statements on her Twitter feed; there is also Google's translation of the page, which is fairly clear though not necessarily reliable in every detail. Breivik appears to be deeply opposed to Islam, immigration, and multiculturalism, and he believes libertarians are soft on the multicultural menace.

NEXT: Targeting Child Porn With Sarbanes-Oxley; or, How to Cut Your Sentence in Half With a Hammer

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  1. A Norwegian that is 6 feet tall and blonde? That really narrows it down.

    1. Cops arrest man after 'Late Show with David Letterman' theater gets 'trashed'

      A boozed-up Broadway wanna-be trashed David Letterman's "Late Show" theater early Sunday, sources said.

      James (Jimmy) Whittemore, 22, tore through the box-office and lobby of the historic Ed Sullivan Theater, shattering the front doors and upending trash cans, a source close to the investigation said.

      He was arrested at the Broadway theater after cops responded to a 911 call shortly after 7 a.m.

      Nothing else happened.


      1. Nothing else happened.

        Damn, it started out so strong with the door smashing and trashcan upending. I was hoping for more.

    2. Yasser Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize for the same thing.

      Looks like this hits a little closer to home for Oslo...

  2. His wikipedia says he once claimed to be a freemason... conspiracy theorists, GO!

  3. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more in the next few days about Breivik, his motives, and his possible accomplices.

    First I'd check Sarah Palin campaign maps for a sniper target on Oslo and Utoya.

    Second the Ron Paul For President donors list.

    1. I think Rush Limbaugh made fun of Norway once; that probably had something to do with it.

    2. Next, we'll intensify TSA groping of tall, blond white males.

      1. 6 foot is not tall.

        I know this cuz tall people call me short and I am 6 foot.

        1. I need more of a description -take off your clothes and start there

          1. Hairy middle aged white male.

            Seen one you have seen em all.


            And we all know you have seen more then your fair share.

          2. I only wax below the neck. I look like King Leonidis.

          3. Don't be her porn.

            1. Why not!
              Girls just wanna have fun

        2. 6 foot is not tall.

          I know this cuz tall people call me short and I am 6 foot.

          Could be a case of ironic-nicknaming maybe? Like calling a big fat guy "Slim" or "Tiny".

        3. Ooooh, I'm looking forward to this.

  4. We need more information before we know how to overreact to this story. Was he a secret Muslim? Was he a racist xenophobe targeting Muslims? Did the ready availability of guns for any regular j?e in Norway make this kind of thing inevitable? Did Norway's restrictive gun laws make it impossible for an armed citizenry to stop him? Did the notoriously violent political rhetoric of Norwegian cable news drive him to it?

    Dammit, we need conjecture, half-truths, and rumors if we're going to properly confirm our biases here!

    1. ROFL!

      1. I just spewed beer all over my keyboard. This is why I lurk here.

        1. He isn't joking.

    2. I was thinking that this morning in the first post about this tragedy, when John, Mike, and a few others were already calling for Muslim heads to roll.

      1. calling for Muslim heads to roll.

        There was a link on Drudge claiming that some Muslim group had taken credit. I know John reads Drudge so he does have an excuse.

        1. It's not much of a leap; I mean, they are responsible for most of these kinds of things.

          But this should be a healthy reminder to everyone to always wait for the facts.

          Of course, it may still turn out that this guy was some kind of crypto-muslim sympathizer.

          1. I still think the French guy should hang.

            1. Dreyfus? That bastard's guilty.

              1. That's Chief Inspector Dreyfus!

              2. It's me! Richard Dreyfus!

            2. Make sure he's well hung, too.

          2. This should be a healthy reminder to everyone to always wait for the facts.


          3. they are responsible for most of these kinds of things.

            Sounds more like the work of an American high school student than a muslim.

            1. I see your point, but American high school students also don't have a track record of blowing up buildings (that I'm aware of at least).

              1. At columbine they tried.

      2. Considering the nature of the crimes and the fact that they took place in Scandinavia, I think a lot of people were probably guilty of assuming the towelfuckers were responsible for this. Even people who are generally sympathetic to them were probably jumping to the towelfuckers' defense. Myself included.

        1. You sound sympathetic.

      3. Everybody, look at Norway! As the press cannot tire of telling us, the culprit is "blond AND blue-eyed"...

        Wait, where are you going? No, no, don't look at Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Malaysia, the U.S., Ethiopia, the UK, Spain, Russia, Bali, and so on.

        The probability that a coordinated attack, using car bombs, was carried out by radical Muslims is ONLY -- what? -- 90%-95%.

        No, the logical thing to do is to bet on the 5%-10% probability that it WASN'T a Muslim terrorist attack. Yep, that's the ticket -- 'cause if terrorists strike in Philadelphia, the likeliest culprit is a wing of the Amish Liberation Front.


        1. Hey Mike,

          Just admit you fucked up and move on.

        2. The logical thing is not to bet anything about the suspect until the facts come out.

    3. He targeted Labor Party kids and the government, so either a right-winger, libertarian (do they have those in Norway), or a far-left-wing anarchist, most likely. Though I guess I can't rule out Muslim convert.

      A psychopath, regardless of all else, given the camp shooting spree.

      1. I can't speak for all libertarians obviously, but I know myself that I value individual liberty too much to take someone elses life trying to preach my ideology. It'd be pretty counter-intuitive.

    4. Facts! I want fa--

      I mean innuendo! I want innuendo!

      1. I always appreciate a Bloom County reference. Always.

        1. "Lord knows we need more statesmen" has almost universal applicability.

    5. I heard he was a libertarian, and he subscribed to Reason

    6. or was he just an average psychopath, pushed over the edge by medical marijuana?

      1. bath salts.

    7. "Did Norway's restrictive gun laws make it impossible for an armed citizenry to stop him?"

      Well, I'm not sure about the advisability of giving guns to a bunch of teenagers cooped up on an island, but some armed security forces might have been appropriate. If this lone crazy can do this, any foreign power with an axe to grind can do this.

      Still, the way he set it up, pretending to be an official there to speak about the explosion, getting everyone together to maximize the body count... sounds some like shit you would see some utterly irredeemable antagonist do in a movie. Where was John McClane when Norway needed him?

      1. Where was John McClane when Norway needed him?

        Busy trying to disarm the bomb in Oslo?

        Too soon?

      2. That's how he did it? I gotta say, I appreciate some really good super-villainry. Too bad people had to die, but if people aren't immortal anyway, at least they can contribute to some grand evil for art's sake.

      3. Well, I'm not sure about the advisability of giving guns to a bunch of teenagers cooped up on an island

        Someone on the Fox News comments for this story said the same thing. What, do you think it's some kind of Norwegian Lord Of The Flies scenario or something? I'm sure there were actual adults there, too.

    8. You laugh...the maintstream media have declared him a "Christian extremist" without the slightest proof that adhered to any version of Christianity.

    9. He was a farmer and bought fertilizer. Therefore we are suspending fertilizer sales.

      1. Actually, fertilizer can no longer be purchased in more than 10 lb bags.

        1. No problem, I will take ten thousand bags, please. Oh, and don't forget to fill my 400 gallon fuel tank with diesel. Do you take Visa?

    10. Dammit, we need conjecture, half-truths, and rumors if we're going to properly confirm our biases here!

      Did he once have a threesome with Michele Bachmann and Casey Anthony?

    11. The only thing anyone needs to know was confirmed on liberal radio this morning: "extreme rightwingist".

    12. Brilliant!

  5. Look at that smirk. That's an evil smirk, right there. Also, he's wearing the most evilest of colors.


      1. needs some crimson.


    1. spoiler

      1. What?

        Bullshit that happened in the 9th (or was it the 8th) episode that aired over a month ago.

        1. all Game of Thrones references are automatically spoilers.

          1. In that case:

            Dany dies in the second season.

            1. Thanks a lot!

  7. His FB lists On Liberty as a favorite book, and you all know what that means!

    1. J. S. Mills, choice terrorist literati

  8. "Described as 6ft tall and blond, he is reported to have arrived on the island of Utoya and opened fire after beckoning several young people over in his native Norwegian tongue."

    You mean teh Muslims are converting home grown Norwegians?!

    Goes to show that kooks are kooks--and sick bastards are sick bastards. ...and they're everywhere in all cultures.

    Oh, and it also goes to show that to assume is to make an ass of u and me.

    It's hard to believe that rushing to judgement could make people look stupid, but somehow it does! ...over and over again.

    1. "Same as it ever was .... Same as it evaaah was..."

  9. Oh shit he plays World of Warcraft.

    1. On Liberty (1859) is a philosophical work by British philosopher John Stuart Mill. It was a radical work to the Victorian readers of the time because it supported individuals' moral and economic freedom from the state.

      Oh shit it gets worse.

      I think this guy is your average reason hit and run Commenter...

      1. Looks like Res Republica Americana or whatever that dude's handle is finally went and "did something about it".

      2. Fortunately it means he's a utilitarian, so the conservatarians can rest easy.

        1. What have I been telling you all these years?

      3. facebook says he is a christian and a conservative.

        1. Book list:

          William James
          Consequences of Pragmatism
          On Liberty
          Nineteen Eighty-Four
          The Trial

          War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
          The Iliad and the Odyssey
          Critique of Pure Reason
          The Prince
          The Wealth of Nations

          An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
          First Folio
          The Prince Niccol? Machiavelli
          The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

          The Republic by Plato

          1. Thank God. No Federalist Papers or Hayek. We're in the clear boys.

          2. opps the Facebook page is probably a spoof.

            Modern warfare 2 was just added to his facebook page.

            Somehow i don't think this guy has access to his account right at this moment.

            1. He probably has a live twitter feed being updated right now.

            2. Never mind...Modern warfare 2 is just invisible to people not logged into facebook.

              1. Are you sure? Maybe the News of the World staff hacked his account...

          3. Clearly those books need to be banned, they are just too dangerous to be allowed in todays modern and free society.

          4. Crazy people read good books too. Who knows if he actually even read them. People choose window dressing for their minds all the time

            1. Like the friends who know nine languages, facebook style?

            2. Agreed, I have a copy of Critique of Pure Reason, and I've referred to it at various times, but I've never actually read the whole damn thing. It's Kant for frack's sake!

              Rorty is the tell, if you ask me.

          5. The main thing I get out of that is that he was really political. Although probably not far left, I don't see any Chomsky.

          6. Man, did he have anything that didn't brown nose a professor or three on that list?

            1. When I made a fake page once, my favorite books were a mix of Adler The Great Ideas collection titles, technical works like the The Moynihan Report - The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, and, to throw anyone reading the list off, right smack in the middle of it was Hal Lindsey's The Late, Great Planet Earth. That's just how I roll, junebug.

          7. The Wealth Of Nations?

            There you have it. Another terrorist attack by extreme Anti-mercantilists.

        2. I guess they were due.

        3. There they go again - Christian bombers and gun nuts murdering innocent men, women and children.

      4. Joshua, lol. Did you google his name on Reason yet?

      5. Well then let's just hang back and see which HNR blogger handle goes missing in the coming months.

        Oh wait, it's Norway. He probably has wi-fi in his jail cell.

  10. I've already been reliably informed by prominent academics whose phone numbers the BBC has that because that Norwegian guy looks like some Norwegian guy, he was perpetrating some "far-right terror" motivated by ambient libertarianism-related thoughts he may or may not have consciously had, and he's racist.

    1. Racist against Norwegians?

  11. There will be hearts breaking all over Free Republic tonight!

    "Dammit, it HAS to be Mooslim terrah-ists! I just know it!"

    1. Seriously. The cognitive dissonance will be deafening. I can already see the know it alls proclaiming that he's a stooge and its a false flag operation and that he is a CIA plant and all the other nonsense. sigh.

      1. Conspiracy theorists are crazy.

        By the way, now there are allegations that the State department was also selling military-grade weaponry to the Zetas. If true, that would suggest that the gunwalker strategy goes beyond (and, possibly, above) Eric Holder.

    2. Anti-government, anti-immigrant Christian terrorists are liberal socialists in Europe!

      1. True comments from Freepers (for those who don't routinely venture over there)

        " But he might be a convert to Islam. "

        "I'm surprised.
        It's not like every terrorist is a Muslim, of course, but this guy looks so... normal. Wow."

        "This whole thing in weird. I never know what to believe anymore. Reminds me of the movie The manchurian candidate (denzell washington)

        and at the end of the movie after the Vice President had been assisinated they changed the face of the killer on the video and it was someone other than the real killer."

        1. this guy looks so... normal.

          He looks like the assistant to the Secretary of Defense in "No Way Out"

          Same hair cut even.

          That character was gay wasn't he?



  12. What poor timing. We need that Swedish fellow who worked here a while back telling us all about being bored at a crunch Tippeligaen match between Tromso and Str?msgodset and predicting out loud 'damn what Naomi Klein thinks; terrorism will strike here, probably Muslims but perhaps a man who just can't help looking good in aquamarine. Dammit ref, that was off sides!'

  13. Looks like he was an anti-Nazi.

    My guess is he a is a crazy who confused the Labor Party summer camp with the Nazi youth.

  14. I'd like to hear Michelle Malkin's balanced and reasonable viewpoint on this.

    1. You shoulda heard Alex Jones going off today - he is always worth a listen when one of these things occurs for sure entertainment - the guy is a h00t!

      1. His website says the attack is an plot to make white people look like terrorists. As a white person I find this insulting, we're just as capable of blowing up shit as any other race.

        1. That's my whole shtick!

  15. Just because he's a Norwegian Christian conservative doesn't necessarily mean he's not a Muslim terrorist.

    Let's not jump to conclusions, this guy might be a lizard person for all we know. A Muslim lizard person; the worst kind of lizard person.

    1. It's well-known that the Gorn who fought Capt. Kirk was a mooslim.

      1. See what I mean.

      2. Talk about a universal message!

    2. The fact is the vast majority of terrorism over the last 20 years is by Muslims.

  16. Sounds like the answer to:
    How do you spell "Loughner" in Norwegian?

    1. I don't know, but I'm sure it has one of those stoopid o's with a line through it.

  17. I'm pretty sure that the last motive that will be picked is "dude was just fucking crazy."

    What a turd.

    1. To be fair, Loughner just found some people and shot them. This guy had a somewhat complex plot -- plant explosives in one place, use panic in another place to lower people's guard enough to go on a killing spree. Not saying you can't be crazy and devious, only that there is a little less chance involved in this attack.

      1. It's hard to lower people's guard even lower on an island with no guns.

  18. Threadjack: US narcos arrest almost 2,000 in an operation that will no doubt bring us a drug-free US in our time.

    1. If America really did manage to kill/arrest every Mexican involved in the drug industry (which would probably be a very high number), the drug operations would move to Canada. If they then managed to halt the Canadian drug flow, it would move to Haiti, and then to Nigeria, and then to Brazil and so on.

      Once about 200 countries of the world have been vanquished by US anti drug forces, then it will be truly drug free.

      1. Once about 200 countries of the world have been vanquished by US anti drug forces, then it will be truly drug free.

        The US is what, #7 or #8 out of the 200? Or do we vanquish ourselves last?

    2. Jesus(pronounced Hey-Zeus), that's a fucking haul.

      I wonder which group has more creamed jeans today: the jack-booted baby burners, or the rival cartels?

      1. I wonder which group has more creamed jeans today:

        That would be us.

        1. Advocating against Prop19 really paid of for you, didn't it. DIAcropF.

    3. A rival of the Zetas, the same cartel that was allegedly the beneficiary of FnF and the new alleged State Dept. scheme. Are they an unofficial ally of the U.S. government at this point?

      1. U.S. government agencies befriending drug dealers for meaningless short term political gains...you're crazy!

        Don't go shootin' up any school kids crazy conspiracy guy, har har.

        1. Of course, since the ATF is also alleged to be selling guns to MS-13, known for fighting the Zetas, that's a probably not a good theory.

  19. In today's episode of "You Stay Classy", comes this, a comment at the top of the thread in the CNN main story.

    Well at least it was a bunch of socialist Labour party scum bags that were killed. "Oh, you want to confiscate all my wealth? Well my bullets are an asset and considered wealth. I guess I better give them to you..."

    1. Ooh, I bet his mamma's proud!


    3. I think I am sticking with the anti-Nazi youth angle.

      but i am still hoping beyond hope for satanic Finn.

      1. That would be pretty bitchin'.

        1. I want them to link it to Dethklok specifically. That should generate enough publicity for Small&Friends; to make another season.

  20. What I want to know is how are the Murdochs involved?

    1. Murder + Koch = Murdoch.

      You're welcome.

  21. Now let's just hold on a minute. We still don't have all the facts. We need to find out which mosque he was attending and what sect he belonged to. Let's not go jumping to conclusions that he was a Sunni member of Al Qaeda.

    1. Thats right. He could be part of a Shi'ite militia sponsored by Iran for all we know

  22. I admit when I first read the headline of the Utoya story I thought someone had killed one of the Jackson 5

    1. Now that is racist. Really.

    2. It's the Jackson 4 now.

  23. "Mike|7.22.11 @ 10:21AM|#
    If you didn't expect these news, then you haven't been paying attention: The most popular name for newborn boys in Oslo is "Mohammad", and the police just reported that ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.

    Make of that what you will, but please don't trot out that tired line about Islam being the "Religion of Peace" -- if you buy that line, then you probably also believe that the TSA "keeps us safe" when we fly.

    Hell, Mark Steyn called this one about six years ago in his book "America Alone" -- only a matter of time, really."

    I wonder if Mike will be making an appearance on this thread.

    1. I love it when Conservatives stumble on H&R.

      1. My favorite thread are the ones related to immigration. That, muslims, and a few others really bring out the crazy conservatives. It's as if reason is linking to redstate.com sometimes.


    2. ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.

      I still think i have not gotten my due credit for my DSK joke.

      1. Joshua Corning, you are the bestest robot in the world 😉

        1. Baby , do you think this has something to do with the new ED-209?

      2. I didn't say anything Josh, but I laughed when I read it.

  24. Barbie's US toymaker father dies, aged 95


    1. Old age is hard!

  25. I propose that anyone over the age of 7 found wearing pastel stripes on white be shot on sight. Though I am flexible about lowering the age limit.

    1. That's already law in Kentucky.

      1. except in weddings to family members*.

        *the white can't be brighter than the bride's tooth.

        1. As a native Kentuckian who happens to live in California I find that remarkably funny.

  26. numerology for Anders Behring Breivik:



    numerology for the Friday July 22nd, 2011 bomb blast and shooting in Oslo, Norway:


  27. Time for the Jacket to appear on HBO.
    Is tonight the night Bill Maher's voice changes?

  28. The Handjob From Hell

    "The young lady did grab him by his penis and was pulling rather strongly, which forced him to follow her onto the porch and eventually the street area," said Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton.

    1. He's lucky it didn't happen on the Stanford Campus. That "red irritation" would be prima facie evidence he raped her.

    2. Wait did she grab her boyfriend's dad's junk or did she grab her boyfriend's junk?

      1. Boyfriend's. But, wow: "Kieston Roofner, 23, of Zelienople." Which planet is that?

        1. Hey I vacation near there...mountains of Pennsylvania just over the border from Ohio.

          1. And I've had lunch at the Mexican restaurant there (It's not very good). Pretty area, with all the hills and creeks. Land where white people forgot. If you want to see a dude in a too tight polo with a mustache that would put gay porn to shame and a Studio 54's worth of gold chains, that part of NW PA's your place. Weird.

            Zeli's about 30-40 minutes NW of Pittsburgh. Small world.

            1. mountains of Pennsylvania just over the border from Ohio.
              Gray Ghost|7.23.11 @ 1:33AM|#

              And I've had lunch at the Mexican restaurant there (It's not very good).

              Well, duh.

              1. Wasn't my choice to go there. Still, roughly quoting Bourdain, since Mexicans/Central Americans make up the majority of most restaurant kitchens, wherever you go, you'd think it'd be easier to find good Mexican food anywhere?

                If though you've ever been curious about what stuffing a sandwich with french fries would taste like, Primanti Bros. wasn't too bad.

                1. Still, roughly quoting Bourdain, since Mexicans/Central Americans make up the majority of most restaurant kitchens

                  I'm not sure if that applies to bumfuck PA though. Probably only places where "white" is less than 90% of the demographic.

                2. Well, I know for a fact that Chinese people don't eat what Americans call Chinese food. So I'm not sure if Mexicans actually eat Mexican food in Mexico.

                  1. I'm not sure if Mexicans actually eat Mexican food in Mexico.

                    Mexico has a pretty diverse cuisine. Not China diverse, but way more diverse than most folks from the US think about. But most of the dishes that the US thinks of as Mexican food are common in Mexico. I would say the Mexican food in the Southwest is closer to real Mexican food than, say, US Italian food is to the food in Italy. But it you get very far afield from the SW, the good Mexican is rarer and rarer.

                  2. Well, I know for a fact that Chinese people don't eat what Americans call Chinese food.

                    One of my favorite personal moments occurred when I was dining in a Chinese restaurant (a pretty good one), and my uncle made that very remark. As if on cue, an elderly Asian couple walked passed us.

                3. A restaurant that served good Mexican food in Pennsylvania would fail...the locals wouldn't like it (I've got cousins from them parts). You have to have a large enough Mexican customer base to expect the real deal, in my experience. Seattle, for instance, has many kitchens staffed with folks from Mexico making crap Mexican food (the range here goes from worst ever on the low end to "doesn't completely suck" on the high end).

                  1. Aren't most "Mexican" restaurants in the (non-SW) US actually Tex-Mex?

                    1. Even if they were, they'd still be sh*tty Tex-Mex.

                      I never knew how easy it was to screw up a fajita (Tex-Mex invention) until I went to PA.

                  2. I'm in California, which having once been a part of Mexico, knows how to make halfway decent Mexican food. So I take it for granted that any random Mexican restaurant is going to produce something within the appropriate taste spectrum.

                    Then I was visiting New Jersey when I was invited out to a Mexican restaurant. OMG! WTF! The "salsa" was literally ketchup with diced onions and cilantro. And the people at the restaurant were bragging afterwards about how good it was.

                    1. Yeah, and what is up in NYC with the "Mexican Pizza"? Ick.

  29. Hmm... second thread on this tragedy, and *still* no shrike telling us the perp is a Republican-sucking Christ-fag.

    Boy's fallin' down on the job.

    1. Someone talked him into taking his meds. Good for them.

      1. He has been much better over the past week or so.

        1. I've gotten a good laugh over at least three of his post in the last two weeks. He may be shaping up because of the upcoming election with the inevitable 750+ posts in the threads that that will inspire. The off years make one a little lazy and the same old schtick just want do.

          1. I mean for the Red Team/blue team partisans. I'm just going to get lazier.

        2. Better than what? He's still on his "everything's the right-wing's fault" and "Clinton was such a good president" kick.

          1. He writes it in a more passive voice now.

            "I don't like christian fundamentalists" vs "Southern Baptists are CHIRSTFAGS!!!!"

            Also he tend not to accuse everyone that disagrees with him as being an abortion clinic bomber.

            the "You don't like Keynes??? CHRISTFAG Fundie!!!" is more rare now.

            I think with a little work and time we can convert him into a new Fluffy.

            1. Wow... I can't be so kind to him, no matter how he winds up arranging the letters in his posts.

      2. Someone talked him into taking his meds. Good for them.

        There was a white sale at Straight Jackets-r-Us! He's picking up his fall wardrobe!

  30. blond, blue-eyed Norwegian

    A racial description? In my Associated Press?

    What happened to the Stylebook?

    1. "The man in custody is not a beak-nosed swarthy Mohammedan" would have been just as descriptive.

    2. I believe in this case "blond" means "100%" and "blue-eyed" means "seriously 100%."

      Of course, he's still probably a secret Muslim.

  31. Update: The authorities are now reporting a death toll of at least seven in the bombing and 80 -- yes, 80 -- on Ut?ya.


    1. I can't imagine how one guy could manage to shoot 80 people. Were they trapped in a small area, and did the police let him keep shooting for a long time?

      1. Yeah. They were adolescents on an island.

      2. That's pretty fucking crazy, but I suppose if you bring enough ammo and choose children trapped on an island as targets, you can really pump up the death toll. Fucking coward.

        1. Fucking coward.

          Some of the kids were related to politicians.
          Coward...or hero?

          1. D- trolling.

            1. Episiarch|1.8.11 @ 2:39PM
              Fuck the politician


              Episiarch|1.8.11 @ 3:38PM
              Too bad. I don't give a shit about a politician.


              1. None of the kids were politicians.

                1. Nits grow into lice.

            2. joshua corning|1.8.11 @ 2:54PM
              American Politicians are killing American citizens today. Why should I know and care about a congresswoman's death?


              Warty|1.8.11 @ 7:47PM
              Fuck off. Did you expect us to give a shit about some shitbag politician?


              1. None of the kids were politicians.

                1. None of the kids were politicians.

                  Odds on them growing up to be politicians though? Buds, nipping....no, no, still not right. But possibly understandable.

              2. Do you show empathy when a bank robber gets shot? Why would you believe it to be necessary to do so for someone who has committed far greater crimes than any bank robber by supporting unconstitutional legislation that robs a far greater number of people? Unless you have been conditioned to be worshipful to classes of people who rules over you there exist no rationale for your mentality. Even that seems selective since all of the focus in your cult is on the woman who survived and not the judge or the other victims. That is due to selectivity based upon political expediency, of course. Next time you post, try to cover yourself more; you couldn't possibly be any more naked in your bias.

              3. Come children, sit in a semi-circle around me, while we discusss the GINORMOUS ethical chasm between failing to have empathy for a death, and fucking blowing children's heads off.

      3. Alvin York only got 28, but to be fair they were shooting back

        1. Whoa, it's almost like people defending themselves prevents them from getting killed by crazy people.

          Nah, just a coincidence, I'm sure.

          1. No. Only banning guns will prevent rampages like this.

      4. I had a 729-kill combo in the Fraud level of Dante's Inferno, and that was just with a scythe.

        1. Scythes are AreaOfEffect weapons, so it's not a valid comparison.

      5. Google Map of the island

        It's a tiny island (a few acres, maybe), with many open areas, only a few buildings, and a decent distance from the mainland. And of course the Norwegian police were probably unprepared to mobilize for this.

        1. Thanks. Looks like there were a lot of trees to hide in. Must've taken him all day to clean out, especially if the kids were thoughtful enough to play dead.

      6. I heard a large number of kids drown trying to swim to the mainland, but no link to back it up.

      7. I heard a large number of kids drown trying to swim to the mainland, but no link to back it up.

    2. Yeah, I felt sick when I read that. And probably almost all kids and teens.

  32. A Twitter account for Breivik has surfaced, though it only has one post, this quote from philosopher John Stuart Mill: "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests." The tweet was posted on July 17.

    So is this the first mass murderer who was inspired by John Stuart Mill, then? It seems like an unlikely philosopher to pick.

    1. Did Mill subscribe to the non-aggression axiom, or just consider not messing with others utilitarian?

      1. A utilitarian could argue that society as a whole would gain greater utility from these deaths than the utility lost by those who died.

        Kind of like Spock dying but times 90 or so.

        1. Isn't that usually the argument for the worst historical crimes? "Our society will be better off without the [fill in hated group here]!" Some absolutes are necessary.

          1. I think our society would be better off without utilitarians, but ironically I can't do anything about it because of my principles.

            1. I literally loled

    2. from the article linked with the updated number of deaths "Norway's TV2 claimed the suspect has links to right-wing extremism, without disclosing its sources." I have no idea what is considered right wing extremism in Norway.

      1. In Europe (and here for that matter), pretty much a"right wing".

        Unless of course it's Islamic, then it's just an isolated incident and it's a religion of peace...

      2. I have no idea what is considered right wing extremism in Norway.

        Killing young Labour Party activists?

        1. Point taken. I am more interested in what he believed in that allowed him to justify mass murder. Batshit crazy folks don't pick victims with particular attributes to make a political or social statement. They kill randomly.

          1. I don't think mass killers are batshit crazy.

            1. That's why I was all for hanging Andrea Yates.

              1. I've never understood why crazy people can't be executed for crimes they deliberately committed. Who cares if the condemned understands the punishment? The victims' families and the rest of the community understand it, and that's what matters.

            2. That is what I am saying about this guy. He picked the labour party youth to make a statement. I am curious what he believed and what he was thinking that he targeted the group that he killed. Crazy people dont put that kind of forethought into killing. imo

              1. It appears car-bombing the central government district was meant only as a feint to keep the authorities occupied while striking the primary target.That is the furthest thing from delusional thinking.

                1. Just because you're delusional doesn't mean you can't formulate a strategy...

                  1. I chose the word poorly.

                    See this example.

                    I still see no evidence of delusional thinking(he would have to explain the belief that is patently false) although such would not preclude carefully planned and executed action.

              2. Crazy people dont put that kind of forethought into killing.

                Yes they do. You're assuming that a lot of thought must produce or be the result of a rational idea. I think this situation pretty much eliminates that connection.

                For all we know, he may have had the idea that the children were robots. He can still formulate a complicated plan, but that doesn't mean it will actually make logical sense.

                1. this is exactly correct. crazy (whether the legal or the lay definition) is completely unrelated to one's ability to plan and use forethought.

                  1. Loosely paraphrasing Szasz (sp?), isnt it that the crazy act rationally, just from fucked up premises?

                    So the crazy can plan and use forethought, they are just doing it from a nutbag base.

                    1. It's SZaAZSZZSZE.

                      The E is silent.

              3. Crazy people dont put that kind of forethought into killing. imo

                Yeah, because there's no murderous forms of Crazy that involve obsessiveness...oh wait.

          2. Batshit crazy folks don't pick victims with particular attributes to make a political or social statement. They kill randomly.

            That's not true. Just because the choice of targets is incomprehensible to sane people doesn't mean it's random.

            1. That's what I am saying. If you read his manifesto it is easy to see why Ted Kazinski picked the people he targeted. Same with klebold and harris. Same with the VT shooter. It is easy for me (I suppose that brings my sanity into question) to see how these people talked themselves into what they did. The shootings today were done by a man that targeted a particular group for a reason. I was just wondering what he believed that led him to target that group of kids.

              1. I was just wondering what he believed that led him to target that group of kids.

                I have no idea his motive.Killing the children is meant as a strike against the parents. Their deaths are largely collateral.

                1. I agree that the children were killed to make a statement to the parents and others in the Labour party. The latest update above has a link to some comments the alledged shooter made in the past. They give a glimpse into his political beliefs.

                  1. If he's an extreme pro-Zionist that is so going to play into that conspiracy theory.

              2. It is easy for me (I suppose that brings my sanity into question) to see how these people talked themselves into what they did.

                I think it actually shows how sane you are that you see how the talking-self-into-murder worked.

                The crazies don't see it happening.

            2. The choice of targets is perfectly comprehensible and quite obvious.

              1. Yeah, it seems pretty comprehensible to me, too.

                If Adolf Hitler had carried out this attack, would we find it confusing?

                "Hey, those kids will grow up and be Labor Party activists. Let's kill 'em!"

                It makes perfect Nazi sense.

                1. They are the offspring of his "enemies".

      3. "Norway's TV2 claimed the suspect has links to right-wing extremism, without disclosing its sources."

        Or disclosing whether it had any sources, presumably.

  33. This is a grave tragedy.

  34. Did anyone watch Real Time tonight? Didn't Donna Brazille make Nick lose all faith in humanity?

    1. Anyone who watches Real Time makes me lose all faith in humanity.

  35. 2nd arrest: a 23 year-old neo-nazi with bombing material, semi-automatic weapons & police uniforms

    1. A beak-nosed swarthy Mohammedan?

  36. Why the hell is the facebook page not captured in your story? The first thing they do is take it down.

    1. Cuz it could be a spoof or some poor dude who has the name.

    2. I probably still have it in my cache how the hell do i bring it back up?

      1. Go offline, click history, click on page.

        1. I want to see it 🙂

        2. looks like Facebook does not cache.

          Other pages come up offline but face book only gives me an error page telling me i am offline.

          Fuck facebook

    3. Heaven forbid I should ever be accused of a horrible crime. I have Jack Chick and John Dillinger listed as "People Who Inspire Me" on my Facebook page.

      And the only reason I picked Dillinger is because choosing Carl Panzram wouldn't have put a cool pic of him in my profile.

      1. Baby Face Nelson is way cooler. He was something of a Balkobot.

      2. Forget the books he read - he had a Facebook page!

        That means that anyone with a Facebook page is a potential mass-murderer.

      3. Heaven forbid I should ever be accused of a horrible crime. I don't even HAVE a facebook page, a sure sign of a deranged murderous mind.

        1. OTOH, you post here, and that would come out eventually.

  37. Now only the second worst summer camp!!!

    1. You are too hard on yourself.

  38. Wow. The comments on this make me sick. Not an ounce of compassion for the victims or any real attempt to understand this terrible tragedy.

    1. They are libertarians and ergo incapable of compassion

    2. First time here? Welcome.

    3. This entire thing is crazy, when I saw the death-count at the shooting was up to 80 I was shocked. That said I don't feel compassion for people I've never met, just disgust at what humans are capable of. As far as understanding goes, what is there to understand? Some new fuckstick coward murdered a bunch of people, not for the first or last time.

      1. What Bar said. I just can't get worked up any more after the shit I've seen people do to each other. Sorry

    4. At least no one is saying "fuck the campers" this time. We've grown!

        1. That's very uncompassionate of you to ask.

    5. Thank god someone who cares showed up.

      1. Thanks, Ben for reminding us that we are not like you, with a phony set of emotive sounding expressions to draw a highly limited and socially tamed depth of meaning from. We are still better than your kind, and, yes, it still feels good.

        1. alan, than you for reminding me that autism-spectrum disorder males lack any emotional capability

          1. the correct terminology is males with autism-spectrum disorder.

          2. You should have worked harder on your comeback, Plus Size; maybe you would have come up with something.

          3. BTW, Plus Size, do you know of any other emotion than 'bitterness', or any other action than 'lashing out' because I've never seen a range of expression there where you are concerned. You are the epitome of what I what described above.

            1. I can't get over how many men fantasize about big women. Is it a ASD thingy?

              1. I wouldn't know, but given your curiosity, why don't you go to the location they conduct your local autism work services program and see if they likey. Don't let that ass get any bigger on my account though. I know you can't quit me, but you should at least give it a try.

                1. alan sweetie,you have me confuse with that Brokeback mountain love story 🙁

                  1. You know, Plus Size, I must be a latent homosexual or something. Other day I was looking at porn on line, and there was a penis, and I thought, 'hey, nothing wrong with that.' So, yeah, you're wasting your time by stalking me. Best that you moved on. Sorry. It's not you, it's me.

                    1. lol. As long as I'm on top. I have a feeling I'd like to slap the shit out of you

                    2. Nothing wrong with a big ass now..

        2. If you want to experience a "phony set of emotive sounding expressions", read the comments on the Amy Winehouse obit a la NYT.

    6. On a more serious note, I don't think it's possible or wise to try to understand this event with the scant details we have available. As BS says above it's also pretty tough to have compassion for a bunch of people half a world away who you don't know, and of course just because people don't express compassion in a blog comment section doesn't mean they don't have it.

    7. Wow. The comments on this make me sick.

      Quickly! The lady needs a fainting couch!

      1. "Fetch the ammonia salts posthaste!"

        1. Teh DEA banned those this morning. I guess she will just have to wake up on her own, only to faint again straight away. It's a virtuous cycle.

    8. Outrage Troll is Outraged.

    9. The comments on this make me sick.

      Show me one that is even remotely bad.

      Oh wait you are not complaining about bad posts you are complaining about the lack of "good" posts.

      Screw you Ben.

      If you want compassion then post it yourself. I scrolled up and I don't see any great verse from you.

      In fact isn't your post decrying our lack of compassion and the complete absence of your compassion even worse?

      Instead of a heart felt mourning all we get from you is spite simply because we never felt like expressing it.


      The same goes for rather and Tulpa.

      If you three want sympathy and compassion and a memorial to this tragedy then quit fucking bitching about other people not doing what you want done. DO IT YOURSELF!

      Get a move on with your funeral service or shut the fuck up.

      1. Why call out Tulpa, I don't see anything there?

        1. I still have wounds from the Giffords episode...

          and they beg for vengeance!!!

          1. If you still have wounds from that episode you need to get checked for rhetorical diabetes.

      2. No blowjob tonight!

        1. from you? like a cheese grater wrapped in sandpaper.

          1. if I had my way with you, you wouldn't be a pants fan anymore

          2. That arrangement actually works well for Stinking Bishop.

    10. Cool, that guy who shows up after a tragedy and claims he's more moved than you.

    11. Empathy is a human attribute.
      This is a libertarian site.

    12. Aaaah, right.. let's get to the bottom of this. Once we understand his motives we'll pass a law. Did this really happen in Norway?

  39. Almanian in the AM: "I'm not jumpoing to any conclusions"

    "Almanian, you're out of your mind."

    "I ain't jumpin' to no conclusions, God Damnit!"

    HAH! A NORWEGIAN tourrrrrrist! That's DIFFERENT than TEH MOSLLEEEMS tourrrrists! Haha! Told ya!

    Suck it.

  40. Sounds to me like the dude has some serious issues!


    1. Fuck Off slaverbot

  41. Jesse Walker, thank you for the updates. The translation of his comments are particularly interesting. It is what I have been looking for as it gives some idea of his ideology. Keep up the good work.

  42. Try saying "Good Eye Might" without sounding Australian.

    1. Add an 'A' in front 'a good eye might' without sounding snarky on the 'might' when avoiding sounding Australian. Just as difficult.

    2. Damn, it's impossible! Good one. Now why are these bombing happening in Norway? And why did this blue-eyed, IslamoNazi convert decide to join the jihadi parade right now?

    3. I have a Philly accent, so it's pretty easy. "White" and "wide" have different vowels, only "wide" sounds like the standard Long 'I' sound. The vowel in "white" is pretty close to the 'oi' sound, though not identical.

  43. blogdiva Liza Sabater
    by lenejohansen
    MT @CptRobespierre: After these Oslo attacks, will US help Norway launch a global war on white Christians? Drone strikes in middle America?


    1. Drone strikes in middle America?

      What a moron. Everyone knows those drone strikes will be for the WoSD.

  44. Search hits from the link in the article:

    Mills: 0 (his favorite philosopher?)
    libert: 1 (the only match is "libertarian")
    innvandring: 5 (immigration)
    ?konomi: 14 (economy/economics)
    dhimmi: 15
    multikultur: 74
    Islam: 76
    kulturkonservativ: 77
    Muslim: 104
    Marx: 137

    And of course you can read the English translation. Everything he wrote was anti-Muslim and nothing else.

    I'm guessing he hated Muslims (specifically, not immigrants in general) and blamed the Labor Party for the "Islamization" of Norway, and wanted to cause the greatest possible damage by diverting police resources to the site of the first bombing and being able to kill Labor Party kids without interference.

    In any case, it's awful, but it's probably a more useful working thesis than the "secret Muslim" and the super-ambiguous "right-wing extremist" angles.

    1. Doesn't show link. Effort appreciated though.

      1. This is the link as a correctly threaded response. I am typing more words so that reason's spam filter stops going crazy.

        1. Some things don't need translating before the irony is apparent:

          Islam(isme) har historisk f?rt til 300 millioner d?dsfall
          Kommunisme har historisk f?rt til 100 millioner d?dsfall
          Nazisme har historisk f?rt til 6-20 millioner d?dsfall

          1. When did Islam kill 300 million people?

            1. If I recall from the writings that were translated, he was talking about muslims killing hindus and buddhists in the mid 1600s. But it is late and my mind is jello. I may be wrong.

            2. Not sure. He is probably adding in there the conquest of the Khans and Tamerlane given they were Muslims (little to do with the impetus of their actions though). Still, if you consider that Nazis accomplished their mass killings inside a decade give or take a few years, Communism over a seventy year time period, then the 1400 years of Islam with only a low multiple of their results seem less impressive in comparison.

              1. If he's counting Genghis and Kubla Khan, he's wrong. They weren't Muslim.

            3. Well, if you read his writings, part of it was referencing the Islamic invasion of India...

              "The number is 270-300 million (not billion). Approximately 80 to 150 were Hindus who were killed in the east-Jihad campaigns (Hindu Kush) before and after the conquest of Sindh, which lasted in an organized manner until the British arrived."

          2. It does need some translation for context. He's saying that there are moderate Muslims just as there are moderate communists and Nazis, but that they enable the most extremist elements:

            We have the relationship between conservative Muslims and so-called "moderate Muslims". There [are] moderate Nazis, too, that [do] not support fumigation of rooms [of] Jews. But they're still Nazis and will only sit and watch as the [conservative] Nazis strike (if it ever happens). [Should] we accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves from the fumigation of rooms [of] Jews?

            I don't think he's displaying the figures to show how nice the Nazis are in comparison, but rather to show how many millions particular ideologies have killed.

        2. But firstly, we can not and should not compare the cultural struggle in the U.S. with that in Europe. Rhetoric must and should be different. The average "right click" - Republican in the U.S. is a "libertarian" (anti-socialist but pro multikulti) while the average conservative in Europe is much more anti-multikulti but arguments based on cultural resistance against Islamization.


          1. I think the Oslo murderer of children just called Republicans cosmos.

            1. I was going to say the same thing.

              It is a little interesting, I guess, that he defines someone's economic views in relation to socialism.

            2. I have a strong feeling even paleolibertarians would be considered "pro-multikulti" by European rightists. Paleos have no problem with the acceptance of foreigners and people of other races and relgions into American society.

              1. The political distribution in Europe is substantially to the left of the US. It really isn't based too much on economics like it is in the US. It starts with communists on the left and ends with fascists on the right. The main difference between left and right is who gets put in concentration camps. There's a reason why it was called National Socialism.

    2. your link is broke so we can't read it.

  45. Heres another version.

    I typed the link in correctly, but for some reason (!!!) the URL filter blocks it. It's just the one from the article, though.

  46. Breivik appears to be deeply opposed to Islam, immigration, and multiculturalism, and he believes libertarians are soft on the multicultural menace.

    In other words, if his name were Mark Krekorian, he could write for National Review.

    1. actually this is not correct...or at least the part i read.

      It seems he thinks Republicans are libertarian compared to European right wingers and those republicans are soft on the multicultural menace

      But firstly, we can not and should not compare the cultural struggle in the U.S. with that in Europe. Rhetoric must and should be different. The average "right click" - Republican in the U.S. is a "libertarian" (anti-socialist but pro multikulti) while the average conservative in Europe is much more anti-multikulti but arguments based on cultural resistance against Islamization.

      1. This is generally true. European "conservatives" are much less libertarian than American "conservatives".

      2. If you compare our conservatives to people like LePen or Strache.

        1. Partly. But pretty much, it's how "conservatism" or the "right" is oriented in Europe as opposed to the USA.

          Maddox & Lilie deduced that all popular American ideologies descend from the liberalism of 2 centuries ago. Meanwhile in Europe you have radical socialism as a popular ideology (while confined to academia in the USA as a large segment) and their conservatism is really a traditionalism harkening back to the monarchy and the Catholic church. The "right" in Europe tends to be dirigiste, while in the USA it tends much more toward laissez faire.

          1. Aside from being a heavily loaded term, what is the difference between dirigiste and fascism?

            1. Dirigism is a part of fascism. It means the government participates heavily in the economy, but it doesn't prescribe the other features of fascism.

              1. I'm not claiming that the "right" doesn't wind up with fairly dirigiste results in the USA either, but it does so mostly as a byproduct of political compromises, rather than from ideology.

                For instance, the "right" might want their own country, for nationalist reasons, to be independent (self-sufficient) in supply of some "strategic" article, and this will necessarily favor certain industry players over others by gov't policy. They may have a soft spot for people in certain lines of business too, such as farming. And their elected representatives may roll logs with certain interests that wind up favoring them. But none of this is true belief in industrial policy.

                By contrast, the European "right" may have economic policies indistinguishable from the European "left", except for their having no interest in displacing private ownership of, and profiting from, capital. In other cases the "right" will have great differences with the "left" on the directions of state intervention in the economy, but will be just as much true believers in the importance and magnitude of such intervention per se.

                Also, some positions which are a respectable part of the European conservative scene would be quite alien to the American right, such as monarchy and an official church. Even the most hard right theocratic activists in the USA would not openly suggest installing a particular official church!

                In other words, the European conservative is very much the pejorative caricature of the "conservative" drawn by radical libertarians in the USA.

  47. I read all of his translated comments from the link. If they are accurate then the alledged shooter is a well educated multi millionaire. He has traveled extensively including time spent in the U.S. He believed that Muslims were taking over Europe including his home country of Norway. He felt that the Norwegian govt was enabling that takeover with policies of multiculturalism. He was trying to get a political movement going to counter the multiculturalism including a conservative newspaper. In one comment he mentions getting more youth involved in the conservative politics to guarantee a new generation to carry on the fight.
    I suggest that he saw the labour party youth activists as the future of the multiculturalism that he hated and that is why he killed them on that island.

    1. Yeah, good luck with starting a nationalist movement by mass-murdering your own nation's youths. I bet every right-wing politician in Europe is shitting themselves right now, as the political center starts to fuzzily remember some of the evil shit that right-wing nationalists got up to there last century.

    2. So he's a blonde Dinesh D'Souza?

    3. If that's so, his method of furthering his goals is seriously flawed. Killing 80 kids isn't likely to cripple the future of the dominant nationwide political movement, but as you say it will generate massive trouble for their opponents.

      This is exactly why it's so disingenuous when Reason writers say that if pro-lifers really think abortion is murder they should approve of bombing clinics. Fact is, Eric Rudolph's bombings prevented no abortions but caused serious PR troubles for the pro-life movement.

  48. I also noticed that he is a fan of Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch as well as SOIA. Spencer has been on Beck and Hannity so I assume the left and the msm in the U.S. will work very hard to make some unflattering connections between Brievik and republicans, libertarians, and the tea party folks. Can't let a tragedy go unexploited.

    1. At least we have an easy defense considering he wrote about his distaste for American libertarianism.

  49. You'd think the Kos kids would be going crazy with glee over this, but they are strangely silent.

    I guess they take Saturday mornings off.

    1. Or they are too busy trying to figure out how an attack like this could have happened in one of their socialist European paradises.

    2. This is sort of a wash from their sick perspective. If this had been an American, they would wanting to put people in camps. But it being a European gives them pause.

      You can always be a smart ass and ask "why do fundementalist crazy Vikings hate us so much?"

      1. Nice case of projection you have goind on there. Still reeling from disappointment that the killer was no muslim? He hated 'cultural-marxists' (for him that inclunded the British Torries), multiculturalism and immigration. Clearly a cultural conservative.

        1. Good case of projection there ananopussy. See when you judge people as individuals and don't look at every event as some a way to slime your political opponents, it is a tragedy either way. So it doesn't really matter to me. You in contrast seem to be doing the happy dance and scoring political points wherever possible. No body is too dead to stand on I guess.

          1. John|7.23.11 @ 11:05AM|#
            This is sort of a wash from their sick perspective. If this had been an American, they would wanting to put people in camps. But it being a European gives them pause.

            Thank goodness you're not just looking for a way to slime your political opponents.

      2. The tribalism is strong with John today.

        1. European cultural conservatives? How do they stack up against the real thing?

        2. God you are a humorless fuck NM. But you are a liberal so that kind of goes without saying I guess.

          1. See when you judge people as individuals

            John, John, John, if you looked at people as individuals, you wouldn't use gross generalizations about liberals in your posts.

            and don't look at every event as some a way to slime your political opponents,

            John, John, John, of the 50,000 post you've put up on h&r since I've been here perhaps a dozen manage to avoid attempts by you to slime your political opponents.

            God you are a humorless fuck NM. But you are a liberal so that kind of goes without saying I guess.

            Nah. I was laughing when I wrote that. I find you and your lack of self-awareness endlessly amusing.

  50. Dude has clearly got some serious issues


  51. So, according to this article, it says:

    The same man, a Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist and anti-Muslim views, is suspected in both attacks.

    "He had this belief that it was impossible to have a multicultural Norway, and people from Muslim countries were destroying Norway," Hallzard Sandberg, foreign news correspondent for Norwegian national broadcaster NRK, told NPR's Scott Simon.

    If that's the case, why did he kill a bunch of native Norwegians and not Muslims? Seems like his shooting spree didn't exactly do anything positive for the country. Not that I'm advocating for violence against Muslims, obviously.

    1. I had a similar thought. I guess that's part of the crazy: he hated Muslims so much that he decided to murder a bunch of non-Muslims who support Muslim immigration...?

      1. His statements seem to be directed against any king of immigration not just muslim immigration. Killing political leaders (and their kids) makes sense in this case.

      2. There is no accouting for insanity. If the guy thought rationally, he wouldn't be killing children.

        1. So the US military isn't rational?

          1. Don't be a jerk. The US military doesn't aim at children.

            1. Tulpa has a point.

              Ulness you mean to tell me the children killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were.....accidents?

              1. More accidental than the Phillipino babies the Jap soldiers used to toss in the air and catch on bayonets.

                1. ...nothing is more pathetic than the, "B-b-but, they're WORSE than us!" excuse to explain away doing bad things.

              2. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were perfectly legitimate military targets: military headquarters, heavy manufacturing, ports, etc. The fact that civilians lived there did not erase their military nature.

                1. BS. They were nominally military targets but that was clearly not the intent of bombing the city centers of heavily populated urban areas. If the US cared purely about damaging military installations, it would have gone after Kyoto (then the center of the military), but didn't do so with conventional or nuclear weaponry.

                  In any case, the vast majority of people killed were civilians, and the US bombed to maximize the infrastructure and human damage, rather than take out military targets which were generally located on the outskirts. It held off on bombing Hiroshima with conventional weapons to maximize the psychological impact of the bomb.

                  And, of course, the Japanese military was crippled beyond repair. There's a reason why they never even tried to intercept the US bombers; they had neither the fuel to defend against smaller squadrons nor anti-air equipment. The naval blockade (enabled by the total destruction of the Japanese navy) prevented supplies from reaching the mainland.

                  I, for one, will still lay most of the blame at the feet of the Japanese government for not surrendering once defeat was inevitable. That would have prevented all of the above. And there's something to say about the utilitarian effect of the bomb, as I suppose it's possible the Japanese could have capitulated to the Soviets if it preserved the Emperor and immunity from war crimes prosecution. But it's absolutely false to say the US didn't target civilians and just happened to kill 150,000 of them.

                  1. Amakudari, Kyoto was spared because of the humanitarian pleas of Henry Stimson, and Nagasaki targeted instead.

                    1. IIRC they weren't humanitarian pleas but cultural ones (which are true, as Kyoto is a beautiful, historical city). Kyoto's relatively spread out anyway, so while the population was a bit larger than Hiroshima's, the civilian casualties probably wouldn't have been too different.

                      My point is merely that the US had significant aims outside of crippling Japan's military. We wanted to send a message, and we did so in a way that killed at least 150,000 civilians. You can agree or disagree with that, but it doesn't make any sense to downplay the civilian element. There was a purely military element, of course, but it accounted for a small fraction of the actual damage.

                      And again, the real responsibility lies with Japan's leadership and its supporters (Japan was a democracy) who enabled such a brutal regime.

                    2. Also worth pointing out that Nagasaki was always a Plan B. The second bombing's original target was Kokura, but that changed due to weather.

                    3. The Japan A-bombs are really not what I was aiming for as I think they were better than the alternatives. Japan had every intention of restarting its aggression if we had allowed them to, so leaving them alone was not an option. An invasion would have been even more bloody and likely resulted in the USSR taking over part of Japan as it did Germany (an often overlooked threat). Plus there was a clear victory condition here -- convince the Emperor to surrender.

                      None of those conditions are at play in our activities in IRQ, AFG, LBY.

                2. "The fact that civilians lived there did not erase their military nature."

                  OK, but the fact that they willfully killed children doesn't erase Tulpa's point.

            2. True, it's more reckless disregard for the lives of innocents rather than intentionally killing them.

              Though of course my main beef is more with the civilian command that gets them into situations where it's expedient to blow shit up and ask questions later.

          2. Totally. The US military specifically targets and kills children by the 1000s.

            You are an interesting case Tulpa. I expect people like Tony to be completely brain dead. But you say just enough intelligent stuff to make your routine bouts of complete retardation inexplicable. I think as a liberal, you have to show your stupidity once in a while just to prove to yourself you are still a good liberal.

            1. True, it's more reckless disregard for the lives of innocents rather than intentionally killing them.

              Though of course my main beef is more with the civilian command that gets them into situations where it's expedient to blow shit up and ask questions later.

            2. And of course if I really were a liberal, rather than simply being designated as such by conservatives when I disagree with them, I wouldn't be criticizing the military when it's headed by Democrats.

            3. He's been programmed as a paleo. Sliming US military action is just part of the code. It makes him feel good.

      3. Well, we always hear that Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims than non-Muslims, so there's a sort of symmetry of looniness here.

    2. They left out, "blonde and blue eyed". What a gyp!

  52. https://reason.com/blog/2011/07.....nt_2409250

    Only with Congressmen, Jim, so if you can find me some, we'll talk!

    1. HA, glad you found it. I was j/k you know, I do like you. You're just the most ardent in calling for outright revolution. ^_^

      1. The thing is, just as much as you guys, I truly hope that we can restore the Republic without resorting to any sort of extreme measures, like armed deposition of the governments.

        Unlike most people around me (fairly conservative area of North Carolina), I also believe, however, that should all else fail, it is our right, it is our duty, to resort to extreme measures. If that means bearing arms in war against established government, then that is absolutely and unequivocally the right thing to do.

        I've actually met self-proclaimed originalists and the like that are pretty much the popular image of Thomas Jefferson in character and ideology, but can't fathom the idea of unconventional actions of that sort, or even things like MLK non-violent protest tactics. These last few generations really HAVE been pussified, and it's so bad that saying so really isn't hyperbolic.

        1. I pretty much agree with you. It's sad that small-gov't types can't put together the type of effort that, say, the anti-war crowd was able to do in the early Iraq years. I think people just prefer being ruled over, when all is said and done. And when the people willing to rule and be ruled outnumber the rest of us...well, there isn't really a way out that I can see right now.

          1. But how successful was the anti-war crowd? Popular opinion (which has since done a 180) had nothing to do with them but rather the fact we didn't find WMD's or a link to 9/11.

            Seeing the futility of people fighting for what's right really takes the wind out of your sails.

            1. Touche. I'd just like to see that same level of passion from small-gov't types. The scary part is, there simply may not BE enough small gov't types to make up that kind of movement. It feels like we're swimming against the current of history.

              1. Yes - we are swimming against the current.

  53. "I was thinking that this morning in the first post about this tragedy, when John, Mike, and a few others were already calling for Muslim heads to roll."

    Yeah, John jumped to conclusions without knowing everything. In other news the sky is blue!

    It was doubly yummy because the "MNG-JOOS!" spoofer did the same thing. Ah, the "mind" of the American Right, will you ever cease being so hilariously self-defeating?

    1. Just because a Muslim group claimed credit for it yesterday was no reason to think that Muslims did it.


      You are such a jackass. And of course it is some white guy so you are going to try to blame Republicans for the actions of a derranged guy in Norway.

      You only think everyone else wants to score political points on everything because that is what you do.

      1. Ah, John, you are great comedy. Drudge reported Muslims were behind it and you were once again duped by your uncritical swallowing of right wing media sources. Terrorist groups taking credit for things they did not do happens all the time, many here were not duped, but you were. Hell, I'm suprised you didn't say Shirley Sherrod or DSK did it!

        And then you go ahead and jump to another conclusion/assumption, that I will blame this on the GOP because it was a white guy. You project this, because it's something you might do, but I don't see any connection between a nut in Sweden and the American GOP, sorry.

        1. Just for the record, is there anything that right-wing media blogs can link to that you won't buy hook, line and sinker? We've had numerous examples of you with egg on your face now. When will you learn?

          1. For the record: Drudge reported that a Muslim extremist group took credit for it. It's wasn't unreasonable to take that unassailable fact and conclude that Islamic extremists did it.

        2. C'mon, give me some credit. I was duped too. I just didn't post about.

      2. Just because a Muslim group claimed credit for it yesterday was no reason to think that Muslims did it.

        Dozens of terror groups claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks during the days after they occurred. Notably, al Qaeda didn't until a few years later.

        Claims of responsibility are seldom reliable, particularly when those claiming responsibility are beyond the reach of law enforcement.

    2. I'm not surprised MNG's being an asshole about this. It was actually pretty reasonable to suspect Islamist terrorists. It would've fit the pattern.

      1. I realize your pattern, like most slobbering right-wingers, is to jump to conclusions, but it is not mine Cryo. I'm one of those nutty guys who wants to wait a while before engaging in half-cocked assumptions, conjectures and conclusions.

        1. I didn't jump to conclusions, I just expected it to be Islamic. Nice projection by the way.

          1. I didn't jump to conclusions, I just expected it to be Islamic.

            The doublethink is strong in this one!

            1. By double-think, I think you're saying "idiocy" politely?


        2. I realize your pattern, like most slobbering right-wingers, is to jump to conclusions, but it is not mine Cryo.
          Actually it is your pattern, but you tend to excuse it anyways.

        3. MNG, how strongly did you support the, "the venomous, hate filled rhetoric of the tea baggers caused Gabby Giffords shooting, and don't forget the Palin bulls eye", reporting that was all over the air waves immediately following that shooting last January?

    3. When this thing was going on live and nobody knew anything right wing lunatics like Diane Rehm (and her Friday panel) were speculating that it might be Zawahiri asserting himself as the new leader of al-Qaida.

      Nothing else happened.

  54. Naturally there are pundits this morning asking if Norway will transform their "open society" in response to this attack.

    But doesn't this attack expose exactly how irrational the hopes of the security state are?

    Who would have "hardened" this island?

    A gunman or gunmen could have undertaken a similar attack at any rural school, any summer camp, any megachurch, etc. Are we going to harden them ALL?

    1. Are we going to harden them ALL?

      Sure, if we allowed an armed populace.

      1. I think you mean "sensible gun control."

        1. GOD, but you are such a pussy, Hobie.

        2. "Faavrogg!" Smith cried out, "See if you can stabilize that asternatium by vogalizing the tyricnal klinbirators!"

        3. Hobie Hanson|7.23.11 @ 12:41PM|#
          "I think..."

          Nope. Not a chance.

    2. It is virtually impossible to stop someone from committing a crime if they don't care if they are caught. That is reality. The only way to stop this kind of stuff is for large numbers of ordinary citizens to be armed. A couple of people armed could have stopped this guy. But good luck convincing the government of that idea.

      1. I completely agree, and went over that this morning with my wife. I told her the American response would have been initial shock, as people fled from the gunfire, then the adults would have begun organizing themselves to rush him or shoot him if they were armed.

        Death toll would have been probably less than half what it was. If the camp even just kept a few pieces in the office, this whole tragedy could have been not avoided maybe, but certainly lessened.

        I will not hold my breath for them to make that logical conclusion though.

        1. Even in the US it's doubtful that summer camp staffers would have been armed. Particularly at a Democratic Party summer camp.

          1. Yeah, and that's the sad part. One of the old farts living on my street (very pleasant, talkative guy) recalled the days guns were as normal as bikes or cars with people (he's 88, I think).

            Although most of my work-related travels take me to what the mainstream sees as conservative/Republican country, I've only ever been to one or two places where MOST people, or even an overwhelming majority (once), are armed.

            Everywhere else, many can be armed, but in my experience, it's never a majority, and most people don't even own guns -- only about a quarter of Americans do.

            1. I have a carry permit and am always armed with a pistol. Funny thing is, I don't worry much about interaction with cops while I am carrying. I worry about MaryJane Average catching a glimpse of my gun at the Walmart which is followed by the cops responding to her hysterical 911 call about the gun waving loon in the produce section. It has become so rare for non-cops to carry that people are terrified of of a gun.

              1. Yeah, it's like an inequality in the places people carry. In one place, guns are as normal and common as road signs, but travel to the next town, even in red states, and you get cops called on you by some hysterical moron, like you said. I just wish you didn't have to be THIS damned careful with where you carry.

                1. No one carries guns at summer camp, unless it's some kind of crazy awesome one run by Gunsite or Front Sight. Now the range at my old Scout camp is run by a retired Marine officer. Would have loved to see this Euroweenie try this shit there. Someone who hunted VC in the jungle for three tours would have made short work of this prick.

                  I currently work at a summer camp, and the no guns policy makes me very uncomfortable. Especially considering we're a Jewish camp with a big sign telling the whole world that fact.

                  1. The camp my kids went to has twenty or thirty .22 rifles, and at least a half a dozen staff who are veterans. I think they could have mounted a pretty effective resistance if this had happened there.

              2. And given the experience of this poor bastard at a Vegas Costco, you're right to be worried, Ben: http://www.lvrj.com/news/man-d.....79344.html

                1. The case of Erik Scott makes me sick. What's worse is the number of locals who actually support the police.

          2. The vacation bible school I went to carried a pistol and rifle locked in the main office, in case a bobcat (not that uncommon) or a bear (very uncommon) came nosing around the campsite, rooting through the trash or whatever. Wasn't designed as maniac protection, but the bullets work the same either way.

      2. Five unarmed adults could have stopped him if they rushed him together when he started poking around in the undergrowth looking for hiders.

      3. Very large numbers of Americans are armed. It doesn't stop people committing mass murders.

    3. We're going to try!

  55. So he killed a bunch of future rulers. So what? If he killed some poor kid like Kenny the he would truly be a bastard.

  56. I was leaving the house yesterday morning and heard about the bombing; it made me wonder if Qaddaffi hadn't actually made good on his threat to retaliate against the European countries involved in the Libyan Punitive Expedition.

    Only on looking at this thread did I find out Q-daff had nothing to do with it. I guess the guy's even more pathetic than I imagined.

  57. Yasser Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly the same thing.

    Looks like Oslo found their next nominee.

  58. How was he able to blow up the building, and then waltz into the island to shoot the kids? I'm told the country has 5 mil population and the area is the size of LA county. The whole place should have been locked down.

    The conspiracy lover in me says he didn't act alone. The small government extremist in me tells me not to trust the government's position yet, because Charlie Beck assured me that they absolutely got the man who beat Brian Stow, and it turned out they didn't. Also that unpleasant business with DSK.

  59. There is something very weird about pinning this crime on this guy, if based on a belief-based act of terrorism. If one reads his comments on document.no they are *not* the rants of racist, right-wing Christian fundmentalist, as alleged, or of anyone who holds a single "extremist" point of view. In particular, read dated

    2009-12-09 17:14:41
    "I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic"

    2009-12-04 20:08:02
    ". . . In many ways intensified the polarization between Muslim and non-Muslim youth among the younger generations . . . Many young people are apathetic as a result, others are very racist."

    He does not like communism, nazism, and islam(ism), which he says may be supported by only a fraction of muslims, because they are cut from the same cloth.

  60. What's the evidence that this guy is a "Christian fundamentalist"? I keep reading him describe as such, yet, he seems to not done anything in the name of Jesus or some Old Testament prophet.


  61. ...and he believes libertarians are soft on the multicultural menace.

    Has anyone heard from LoneWhacko lately?

    1. Hugh Akston|7.23.11 @ 6:50PM|#
      ...and he believes libertarians are soft on the multicultural menace.

      Aren't they? He wrote that American libertarians are multikulti and for immigration (and that is why he does not comment on American politics). I'd like someone to point out anything in particular he wrote that is nuts, unless it is manifestly obvious against Reason to oppose open borders, multiculturalism, and islamic fascism.

      1. Believing that there is such a thing as "multicultural menace" in the first place is pretty nutty. Particularly in someplace as homogeneous as Norway.

        America got its ethnic-purity temper tantrums out of its system during the mid-late 1800s and early-mid 1900s for the most part. Unfortunately Europe still hasn't gone through it; they're just getting started.

        Don't expect Euro-lectuals to stop looking down at America as racist anytime soon, though.

        1. Believing that there is such a thing as "multicultural menace" in the first place is pretty nutty.

          How so? Living in California, where bilingual "education" is done in the name of multiculturalism, I tend to agree that it is, indeed, a menace.

  62. WTF is he wearing?

    1. Mason's apron.

  63. Elise said she had just come out from an information meeting in a nearby building when she heard gunshots. She saw a police officer and thought she was safe, but then he started shooting.

    I doubt if that disguise would work very well here in the U.S.. Most people are smart enough that if they heard gunshots and saw a cop, they'd quickly be heading in the opposite direction.

    1. Most people are smart enough that if they heard gunshots and saw a cop, they'd quickly be heading in the opposite direction.
      You've spent too much time on this site. Most Americans would peacefully moo up to them waiting for the bolt to the head.

  64. Knowing almost nothing about the situation, I'm going to blame the pro-gun culture in Norway.

  65. Has there ever been a libertarian bomber?

    It seems sort of anti-doctrine given that we're basically anti-coercionists, but you never know with the crazies.

    1. Hi there!

    2. "If there would not have been a Waco, I would have put down roots somewhere and not been so unsettled with the fact that my government was a threat to me. Everything that Waco implies was on the forefront of my thoughts. That sort of guided my path for the next couple of years."

    3. "Government workers are tyrants whose blood must be spilled to preserve liberty."

      1. That's why I bombed a building with a day care center in it.

        Um. Wait.

        Oh, that's right - 'collateral damage'.

        Which is, like, totally libertarian.


        1. Libertarians aren't likely to blow up government buildings - if such were the case, the press would've been all over it.

    4. John Brown didn't use explosives, but is a pretty close analogue of the modern bomber.

  66. The sad part is that his Document.no rants don't sound crazy. They don't indicate a burning extremism, and from the small portion that I've read, they don't advocate violence, either. In fact, he condemns the Norwegian left for being "violent," although the latter could be due to poor translation. Hi last post was on 10-29-2010. I'd like more info about what this guy has been thinking/doing since then. What triggered such a disgusting and extreme response? Queue the left to frame this as a natural consequence of right-wing sentiment.

    1. Look, as a liberal I'll say very strongly that the American right wing is very much unlike the European right wing, as much as the left in this country is unlike the left in Europe. Anybody that draws conclusions for an American context here is grasping at straws.

      American conservativess and American liberals share the same philosophical root (Whiggish 18th Century classical liberalism). European conservatives and European leftists *do not*, the former is rooted in "Blood, Soil, Church and King", the latter in Karl Marx.

      1. Can I "like" the last comment?

      2. Neither American conservatives or liberals have any coherent philosophy at all, and the crazy quilts they've fabricated in place of philosophies are certainly not based on classical liberalism of any sort other than at the level of rhetoric.

        1. Yes and no. | nailed it with the explanation, and Tulpa is right that most have a crazy quilt in place of a philosophy, but they still do have, as | wrote, that philosophic root, if not quite a philosophy.

          1. To have a philosophic root you have to have a philosophy. Yes, they both use words from classical liberalism in their rhetoric, but beyond that there's not much there.

            If anything their overall political bents have more in common with Progressivism than any other historical political philosophy...still not enough to call it the common root, but it's something.

            1. No, you don't have to have the philosophy to have the root. These people are imbued with the philosophy in ways that don't involve knowing or thinking about it directly. The tacit default, practically unconscious assumption in America is one of freedom based on Elightenment thinking.

    2. I'll put it this way: Tom Coburn > Jean Marie LePen or Jorg Haider.

    3. I think the guy acted on his personal agenda (maybe a feud with someone in the building, or he snapped after a broken relationship), and now he's using his political beliefs as a cover.

      There's just something convenient about the way his ideology is being announced post capture. It's almost as if someone's trying real hard to create a Christian counterpart to muslim extremism, which everyone attributes to a single ideology.

      1. Ummm, screw you for your constantly raising rates and poor customer service.

        1. Lol - and dude, totally get Sirius instead! It's way better, and completely...wait, what?

          Oh, never mind...

      2. XM|7.24.11 @ 1:39AM|#
        "and now he's using his political beliefs as a cover"

        It's more like Norwegian authorities and the MSM are trying to use any political angle as a smear campaign similiar to the one against Sarah Palin, et al. in the Arizona shooting.

  67. Solid article, but te headline needs work. Instapundit helped....

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  69. Heh, as much as I hate to admit it the child-killing fascist puts it better than I could regarding my point above:

    The average "conservative" in the US is NOT a nationalist (anti-internationalist) but a
    libertarian (republican ? pro capitalism and pro multiculturalism). A majority of US
    conservatives have no understanding of the concepts of political nationalism. After all,
    they have no experience with these doctrines and often mistakenly confuse them with

    The only part he has wrong is that yes, moron, you are a Fascist.

  70. So, anyway, here's his manifesto. I don't know whether it's been verified as authentic (I got the link from the NYT), but it's 1500+ single-spaced pages in English mostly about combating the Islamization of Europe and then how best to employ violence against multiculturalists.

    I skimmed it and kind of assume someone else will analyze it. In short, he regards European multiculturalists as war criminals and considers violence against them an act of self-defense.

    Bonus quote:

    There are also some libertarian right-wingers and Big Business supporters who see man only as the sum of his economic functions, as cheap labour and consumers, homo economicus. They believe not only in free markets but in free migration, and tend to downplay the impact of culture. They are Islam's useful idiots in the fight against the West.

    1. Good God, this guy is still mad about the fucking French Revolution and wants to bring back absolute monarchy. What the Christ?

      1. Yeah, well, welcome to the European, especially the continental, "right". Sometimes observers in the USA don't realize how good they have it where the spectrum of popular ideologies does not take in the "left" and "right" of the European type. This guy is not marginal the way a Unabomber, say, would be in the USA.

        1. True. This is the conservatism Hayek was attacking. In the US the only well-known representant of this ideology I can think off is Pat Buchanan.

          1. I wouldn't say Pat Buchanan represents the philosophy other than that he's the shadow on the American wall cast by it. He's still in the American spectrum derived from liberalism.

    2. BTW it has in fact been verified as authentic.

      1. Thanks, good to know.

        And yes, every page brings some new "fact" he's dreamed up about the imminent need to defend the Nordic race. Didn't we already go over this a few decades ago?

        1. But remember, to paraphrase Larry Craig, he says "I am NOT! a Fascist!"

    3. Quote for Ron Bailey:

      The only way to prevent the ongoing genocide of the Nordic tribes is if ... the Marxist regimes in Europe grant us privileges by ... completely liberalising the biotechnology-laws. They must encourage and even directly sponsor repro-genetics programs on a private and/or state level, which facilitates reproduction clinics who focus strictly on indigenous genotypes from pure sources (non-diluted (95-99% pure) Nordic genotypes) found in Northern Sweden and other areas where this is available.

      1. Did you read the part where he apparently believes that most immigrants in the US are....African.... Yeah. This together with his pro-monarchy stance makes me wonder if he's a time traveler from 1800.

        1. Errrrrrr, 1800, ummmmmmmm Africans have never been the majority immigrants to the US.

    4. homo economicus
      Huh Huh Hu he said homo, huh huh huh.

  71. Update #2: ... Breivik appears to be deeply opposed to Islam, immigration, and multiculturalism, and he believes libertarians are soft on the multicultural menace.

    From the NYT:
    The police identified him as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian, while acquaintances described him as a gun-loving Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threats of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.

    They have the link to his manifesto, and some images from his last video... here


    Oh, yeah.... shooting children is a *great* way to help prevent the "threat" from muslims...

    W. T. F.

    I dont know if the NYT piece is any more detailed than other coverage, but worth a look.

    Who needs enemies when you've got nativists like this?

    Glancing at his manifesto... I actually think this guy (or someone very much like him) might have posted at Foreign Policy mag a few times, particularly regarding the "WTC Mosque" issue... there was one dude who switched handles occasionally (one was called "Viking"-something..) but spouted some stuff that sounded *very* similar to this garbage. Always harping about how European descent into "Multiculti" was a provocation for justifiable armed response.


    clearly, the Crusading "christian" thing to do was to murder scores of unarmed children.

  72. Strangely, the link to his manifesto has dissappeared from the nyt site in the last hour...

    1. Let me paraphrase

      Blah Blah Blah - Grand conspiracy blah blah
      Blah Blah Blah - Only I can see - blah blah blah
      Blah Blah Blah - world saved by killing random strangers - blah blah blah
      Blah Blah Blah - my religion - blah blah blah
      Blah Blah Blah - some other people are great evil (satan) blah blah

  73. The real irony of this to me is how the posts around the net about this prior to the shootings instantly went anti-muslim and expressed sentiments so in concert with the views of the idiot that perpetrated the violence. And after it was clear he was Norwegian, these same voices tried to figure out how he was linked to Islamic terrorism...how he was an example of the dangers that allowing muslims, with their corrosive nature, into your country brings.

    And once even that line of reasoning dissolves, they defend their position with a "well it was perfectly reasonable to assume it was a muslim."

    Fucking tribalism.

    1. Just betting the chalk.

    2. As described below, any negative comment towards me just proves you prior bigotry. So here's a two middle finger salute to you.

      1. How is my comment towards you?
        Is there a fire tiger tribe?

  74. Described as 6ft tall and blond

    1) First thought - Fuck!!!!!!!
    2) Second thought - Awesome, now everyone will have to pussyfoot around me to prove they aren't bigoted. I'm a protected class BITCHES!!!!!!

  75. All the talking heads and their conjectures are as usual moronic. The dude is batshit crazy. Only batshit crazy people do this kind of stuff. If his behaviour was caused by some populist ideology than this would happen every day instead of very rarely which is the case. Perhaps there may be some warning signs in his behavour that MAY have helped predict this, but there is no doubt that if there was, all governments will either fail to see it or most likely they pass stupid legislation that will impinge upon the rights of everyone except for the people most likely to fit that profile. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate people.

    1. I thought Loughner, and both have crazy eyes. I love people

      1. This is actually a good point that sometimes gets overlooked. I'd think the reality that this guy is some sort of sociopath or psychotic is more salient than his web browsing history or political beliefs.

        But, hell, most sociopaths and psychotics don't even go on killing sprees.

        1. True Art. Most of the mentally ill are a danger to themselves, and no one else. Though it does take a sociopathic nature to shoot kids

  76. The 'o' in Utoya has a weird mark in it. Just a head's up, so you can fix it.

    1. very good!

  77. the Norwegian man maybe cray,rejoice he have been arrested

  78. I'm proud to live in a country that has managed to stand together in the face of tragedy. We're a little country but a proud people. We are shaken but we will not give up our values. Our response is more freedom, more democracy.

    Spech by Norwegian PM. The best reaction to an attack like this.

    1. The above part is supposed to be in blockquote.

  79. Everybody here is obviously a racist redneck, since nobody's been proposing stricter gun control, which is CLEARLY the way to go!!!!!

    If only I could PROVE to you guys that unicorns exist and shit gold, you'd believe me, wouldn't you?!?!?!?!

  80. I would have liked him to try this in southeastern North Carolina somewhere. He might have made it 10, 15 feet before falling to the ground and being inducted into the record books as the human being with the most holes in his body, ever.

    1. Well, Wilmington during spring break wouldn't have turned out quite like you're saying.

      Now Fayetteville, on the other hand...

  81. Dude is still totallt whack!


  82. I guess I'm the only one who thinks "disgruntled employee or ex-employee" when stuff like this happens. It's just easier for me to get my head wrapped around someone targeting a group of people he knows because the crazy voices in his head told him to do so than targeting a group of strangers because the crazy voices in his head told him to do so.

    When a Pizza shop blows up in Israel, I think Palestinian terrorists. But other than situations like that, they don't usually spring to my mind as a likely culprit.

    The Ft. Hood shooting was odd in that it was both a disgruntled employee and (to at least a small extent) a Muslim terrorist. But there was way too much playing up of the latter without acknowledging that the former tends to be a far more common perpetrator in things like this.

  83. As I mentioned months back during the Giffords shooting, I don't take it well when kids get murdered. It bothers me a bunch, probably more than it should given they were kids I don't know tens of thousands of miles away. But it does get to me a bit.

    Nobody deserves it, but when it's kids it seems especially tragic to me.

  84. I wonder if this guy thinks he'll eventually be freed from prison as a hero when the Eurabia Civil War finally happens.

    I'll bet he's telling himself that right now.

    This is one reason I go back and forth on the death penalty. It's actually not completely implausible for this nut to think he can get out some day. Hitler got early release when the political climate changed; why can't Breivik?

    1. Well, the longest sentence you can get in Norway is 21 years, at which point he'd be 53 years old. Bad health notwithstanding, he probably won't need a revolution to get out.

      1. And for what it's worth, first-degree murder is not an exception.

        Exhibit A
        Exhibit B

      2. That 21 years maximum is insane.

        Of course, he'll have a Salman Rushdie type existence when he gets out...except that everyone will want him dead, not just some nutjob thousands of miles away.

  85. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....ure=relmfu

    Look at the first encounter in that video, a few minutes in -- being pissed off is no excuse to cuff a guy and talk down to him like he's your fucking slave. "Don't talk unless I ask you a question"? Seriously?

  86. Which one of you bastards lives in Kentucky?


    1. Police arrested a McCracken County man early Tuesday on charges of animal cruelty to a horse. On Thursday, McCracken County sheriff's detectives began an investigation after a witness stated she had seen a man having sexual contact with a horse in the stables at Carson Park, Sheriff Jon Hayden reported Tuesday.

      It was a horse. Where's the cruelty? "Is that all I get? *sniff*"

      But, I can understand why you sympathize with the horse, Rather...

      1. Kant feel Pietzsche, giving libertarians a good name? ? ?

    2. I'm actually from Paducah (live in Texas now). Glad to see my old local newspaper getting some play here.

  87. Wait, fuck that -- the cop in the above video is just a typical Rambo dipshit, but the one here:


    That snake is just on a whole different dimension of asshole

  88. Does anyone else think that this guy (in part) did not target muslims because he knew if he killed muslims, one way or another they'd get him back?

    Blow up his neighborhood, kill his family, etc...

  89. OK, after all this, I just wanted to note, for the record, that I thought I was past being amazed/surprised/disgusted with what human beings can do. But 90+ people at a fucking camp, in a basically non-gun-carrying country? That dude's fucked up, and that is horrible, horrible, horrible. Horrible. Ugh.

    People suck.

    And fuck in advance all the Teams advancing their agendi on the blood of the dead in this incident, and every other incident remotely like it (Loughner, McVeigh, whomever/whatever). You Teams all disgust me more than these lone, murderous whack jobs. Special circle of hell for all the Team Players. Fuck you.

    Have a good Sunday, everyone!

  90. Of course we already have left-wing assholes on blogs calling for the elimination of Fox News and the Tea Party because "it's just a matter of time" before it happens here. You know, the same retarded shit regurgitated from the Jered Loughner shooting.

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  92. Other people think that this guy (part) is not against Muslims, because he knows if he killed the Muslims, one way or another, they will get him back?


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  94. There are voices in my head telling me to fuck Rather. Please, someone make them stop before I do something stupid and take off my pants.

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