A Pocketknife Earns Expulsion but Not a Felony Conviction


On Monday the Minnesota Court of Appeals overturned a teenager's felony conviction for bringing a pocketknife to school, saying there was no evidence he intended to use it as a weapon. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune describes the incident at the center of the case:

The student, a 16-year-old boy identified as S.M.L., was caught with the knife in February 2010 after a school resource officer and assistant principal at Willmar High School received a tip that he had brought drugs to school. They pulled him from class and he turned over marijuana and a pipe. When asked whether he had "anything else that he shouldn't have," the student said he had a pocketknife in his jacket pocket, a violation of school rules.

Asked whether he brought the knife to school for protection, the student said "no" but that "it didn't hurt." The school expelled the student for a year. He was charged as a juvenile with felony possession of a dangerous weapon on school property and three petty drug and tobacco misdemeanors. The student, now 18, pleaded guilty and was placed on probation.

Writing for the appeals court, Justice Kevin Ross said "identifying an object as more menacing in appearance than non-weapons is not a substitute for evidence of design as a weapon." He noted that knives like the defendant's, which had a serrated, three-and-half-inch blade, are "routinely available as a sporting good by vendors not commonly associated with dangerous weapons."

The ruling has no impact on school policy, which Willmar Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Kjergaard describes as "zero tolerance, depending on the case." Huh? "You look at a kindergarten kid differently than a high school kid," he explains. "Or at least I hope we do." Me too. What about 6-year-old Cub Scouts?

[Thanks to Mark Lambert for the tip.]

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  1. He noted that knives like the defendant’s, which had a serrated, three-and-half-inch blade, are “routinely available as a sporting good by vendors not commonly associated with dangerous weapons.”

    Look out, the kid has an “assault” knife!

  2. I carried a pocketknife everywhere as a boy, including to school. So did a lot of other boys. Oddly, nothing bad happened.

    This country is becoming more ludicrous by the minute.

    1. Same here. And if someone did do something stupid with their pocket knife, it was taken away… you know…lost privileges, instead of a felony.

    2. A friend brought one to a field trip in 6th grade. When he produced it in front of a teacher, it was confiscated.

      I remember at the time thinking that was a bit harsh…

      1. In our school, even when students were being searched (which almost always involved stolen property rather than something like drugs) and we had to turn out our pockets, pocket knives were ignored. The female teachers would actually ask you to use the knife to open parcels and the like if they didn’t have scissors handy, and of course the male teachers were carrying pocket knives of their own. It was treated for what it is: just another tool.

        1. In my little town, every fifth grader took the NRA Hunter Safety course, so you knew how to handle a gun safely. The teacher brought in his shotgun for the class. Beyond imagination anymore, isn’t it.

          1. At least it wasn’t a DEA agent bringing a Glock “fowty”.

            1. If the instructor was like they guy who came to my school, he was an old Fish and Game officer with a plug of tobacco in his cheek.

        2. just another tool

          Which is my job.

        3. When I taught middle school (in Maine) thirty odd years back, I recall getting tired of one kid disturbing class to sharpen his pencil. I recall handing him my knife, and telling him to sit down and quit being a nuisance. Gave the kid something to fiddle with, since he was obviously not interested in algebra.

          A fellow teacher (financially well off, supposed returned his salary to the school since he didn’t need it, whereas, this was Maine and the school did) gave all his students real honest to gawd Swiss Army knives at Christmas. Outcry? Only that every other kid in the school was jealous.

          This country needs to lighten up!

    3. pre-columbine thinking

      1. A few years before Columbine I was taking an electronics class at the local high school. An adult-ed thing for personal interest. At one point I pulled out my keys and the teacher noticed I have a little folding pen knife on the ring.

        He told me that I should keep it hidden because if the wrong person saw it they could call the police and have me charged with a felony.

      2. Huh, I must have missed that. Were a lot of kids killed by pocket knives at Columbine?

        1. thinking not weapons. pls try to keep up

          1. “thinking”, there’s a larf…

    4. This country is becoming more ludicrous by the minute

      Next thing you’ll want kids to be able to bring BB guns to school. You know you could shoot your eye out!

      1. Kids used to bring guns (firearms even, not weak airguns like a BB gun) to school legally all the time, usually either because it was hunting season and they were going to head out into the woods after class or because they were on the school’s rifle or trap team.

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          2. Note Tables 4 and 7 in the Cato paper, robc.

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  4. “The ruling has no impact on school policy, which Willmar Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Kjergaard describes as “zero tolerance, depending on the case.”

    So zero tolerance has exceptions, but not when you embarass authorities by not having drugs when they get a tip that you do.

    1. “zero tolerance, depending on the case.”

      That comment reminded me of something I’ve heard in the old car hobby….80% of the time, it’s 100% reliable.

      oh, and anyone who thinks “zero tolerance” is a good idea should DIAF

    2. Some zero tolerance is more tolerant than other zero tolerance.

  5. You participate in thug-state schools, you live by thug-state rules.

  6. He did have drugs.

    1. AND a deadly weapon, which I believe triggers a mandatory life sentence.

      1. and a felony conviction essentially is a life sentence

        1. plus waterboarding while being sodomized

  7. Lets count the difference between public schools and prisons:

    1. Prisons have better food service.
    2. Prisoners maintain some of their basic rights.
    3. I can’t think of any more differences.

    1. As a general rule you don’t have to worry about being sodomized in a public school.

      1. SODOMANIA!!!!!!!

        1. Sodomalia!

      2. As a general rule you don’t have to worry about being sodomized in a public school.

        Depending on the case.

      3. As a general rule you don’t have to worry about being sodomized in a public school.

        Except in Britain.


          Good ol’ Elk River, MN.

      4. As a general rule you don’t have to worry about being sodomized in a public school.

        That’s reserved for parochial schools.

  8. The ruling has no impact on school policy, which Willmar Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Kjergaard describes as “zero tolerance, depending on the case.”

    “Zero tolerance” is the substitute for common sense, criteria, intelligence, rationality, the burden of proof, reason, character, wits, thought, knowledge, experience, moral rectitude, ethics…

    … all that differentiates us humans from bureaucrats, to put it more succinctly.

    1. all that differentiates us humans from bureaucrats


    2. zero tolerance eliminates lawsuits

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  9. See, this is why we will never see a relaunch of MacGyver. Thanks, TSA.

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  11. As a general rule you don’t have to worry about being sodomized in a public school.

    Just don’t turn your back on the wrestling team.

    1. When I was in high school, the wrestling team and drama club had a lot of joint practices after school. Now that I think back, it does seem kind of odd.

  12. OK thats just downright messed up dude. Seriously.

  13. Here’s an interesting comparison for you guys: when I was around 5, we were encouraged to bring small knives to school and use them in our extensive PYONERY (Pioneers) youth culture (everything from marching to survival techniques), and that was the Soviet Union. The fucking Soviet Union.

    Back over here, in the land of the free, my aunt’s high school classmates regularly brought knives to school, and guns on school property (small-town Georgia), but that was a long time ago.

    Imagine a 16-year-old high school kid bringing a loaded gun to class in… New Jersey. Roflmfao.

  14. slightly OT:…..nders.html

    these two kids have to register as sex offenders for life because one of them put his bare ass on another kid’s face. Jumping Jesus on a pogo-stick.

    1. Post-reductio America strikes again.

    2. I can’t believe that sort of shit still surprises people. It’s over. This country is dead, and it’s not coming back until somebody brings it back. And as much as I wish otherwise, I don’t see it happening.

    3. WEDNESDAY JULY 20, 2011, 7:27 AM Flag as offensive
      EB1 says:
      These young people were old enough to know the difference between horseplay and deliberate humiliation of the victims for ones’ own amusement. Unless these individuals were raised in such a sheltered environment that they did not have a clue that this was offensive behaviour – they should be held accountable – whether they’re 14 or 40. I also believe that the parents should be ordered to take appropriate parenting classes … better late than never …

      from the comments.

      1. WEDNESDAY JULY 20, 2011, 8:26 AM Flag as offensive
        Opal says:
        good!!! just the other day i rose hell because my 7 yr old came home and told me another 11 yr old was showing his “privates” on the SCHOOL BUS!!!!!

        this one is awesome too.

      2. I bet you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve sat your bare ass down on someone’s face.

        1. PWN’D!

          1. The stylistically semi-fragmented writing, choice of words, and spelling indicate it’s probably a Limey. No worries, they’re hopeless.

        2. as a serial assfacer, I must admit that I stopped counting after 366. I’m compiling my greatest hits for a Youtube compilation.

          1. Were you pitching, or catching?

            1. I only had my ass faced in the training program and that was with a simulated ass.

              1. Still confused. Did you have your ass faced, or your face assed?

  15. Damn it’s so easy to get out of school these days. Today’s kids don’t know how lucky they are.

  16. “zero tolerance, depending on the case.”

    I can just see the shifty-eyed guy in a Bagge cartoon, with “zero tolerance” in one balloon, “depending on the case” in a separate one.

  17. “zero tolerance, depending on the casetort.”


  18. I remember a photo in my high school yearbook of a guy pointing his revolver directly at the photographer’s camera lens during study hall. My how things have changed.

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