The Case Against Farm Welfare


Writing at Forbes, the Cato Institute's Doug Bandow makes the case for kicking farmers "off the federal dole":

Government subsidies obviously aren't necessary for food production:  people have fed themselves and traded their surpluses for thousands of years.  The system doesn't help consumers.  Reducing supplies and imposing price floors obviously are bad deals for the hungry.  Paying off farmers might lower some prices, but steals back through taxes any benefits received by consumers.  Agricultural subsidies are designed by farmers for farmers.

But which farmers?  Not the idyllic family farmer.  The majority of payments go to farms with average annual revenue exceeding $200,000 and net worth around $2 million.

And from "Agricultural Subsidies: Corporate Welfare for Farmers."

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  1. Damon, why do you hate Teh Family Farm? Whyyyyyy!!??

  2. As a Davis alumn (Go Aggies), I’m proud to see Summer in this video.

  3. My Easter Children, This is quite an achievement. Your familiarity with mailboxes will come in handy in your career.

    I am going out on limb to guess that you needed the help of a nearby genius to get through the technical parts of this challenge.

    Your treasure is buried 1.5 rake lengths from the southwestern-most gutter towards the northern most side of the AC.

    I hope you have enjoyed this time-consuming and spiritually void paschal experience. Till next year,
    -E. Bunny

  4. Average annual revenue of $200k is not very much money, nor is having land and farming gear worth $2M all that much either. That might, in fact, be your idyllic family farmer.

    1. Annual revenue(gross?) of $200,000 is very low for any other type of small business.

  5. A Reason video on Agro Subsidies and no interview with Sallie James?!?!?! Uncool Reason, way uncool.

  6. And then you get assholes like Johnny Cougar stirring up mediocre IQ sentiment with songs that have lyrics like:

    Rain on the scarecrow. Blood on the plow.
    This land fed a nation. This land made me proud.
    And Son I’m just sorry there’s no legacy for you now.

    Unionized public educators, cops, firemen, federal bureaucrats who die before they get fired; AARP leeches; SNAP, TANF, and Section 8ers; and farmers — all are American leeches.

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