Drug War

Now Delaware Can Enjoy Medical Marijuana Raids Too


Today Delaware officially became the 16th state to allow medical use of cannabis. The bill signed by Gov. Jack Markell allows patients with doctor's recommendations to possess up to six ounces of marijuana at a time, which they can obtain at one of three state-licensed "compassion centers." Although the nonprofit centers are explicitly authorized by state law to grow and dispense marijuana, that does not mean they won't be raided by the DEA. According to the Justice Department's latest position, complying with state law offers no protection against federal prosecution, although that threat should not be construed as "using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue," since the president promised he would not do that.

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  1. I think I’ll move to Wilmington and start selling dog life insurance.

    1. I wonder if there’s a market for bullet-proof vests customized to fit pets?

      1. Somalia, maybe.

        1. DRINK

      2. Like the ones K9 Dogficers wear? (are those bulletproof?)

        1. Yip.

    2. We know you’re projecting your dog-shooting desires onto innocent Wilmington cops. Step into the light, Aresen, that you may be cleansed!

  2. “Although the nonprofit centers are explicitly authorized by state law to grow and dispense marijuana, that does not mean they won’t be raided by the DEA.”

    Reason TV did a piece on this a while back (see the Drew Carey videos). Some kid in California with post-amputation pain was unable to get the only thing that worked, even though the facility was licensed. If I remember right, the distributor is in jail (or house arrest) for some ridiculous number of years.

    California should seceed. Gets the garguantuan blue-safe state out of the electoral cycle and give them more personal freedom.

    1. Pretty sure that ties back to the Charlie Lynch case. Lynch was screwed particularly badly.

  3. Hey Obama supporters, tell us how your buddy is different from Bush (or any other scumbag to inhabit the White House)! Come on! Watching you squirm is always good for a laugh.

    1. W didn’t promise us anything!

    2. He’s tougher on drugs than Bush was. Not as tough as Joe Liebermann would be, but we all know there are too many anti-Semites around for him to be elected.

      1. Hobie is a little ill today……keeps looking under the bed for anti-semite bogie monsters.

    3. We get it. Government is bad.

    4. obama’s way worse. he ran saying he would not do this shit and of course blatantly lied.

      bush never claimed he wasn’t going to this shit

      1. bad cop good cop all good cops following orders from the top secret nasties.

  4. Delaware will be fine. I distinctly remember hearing the U.S. Attorney General say the DEA was discontinuing medical marijuana raids. Which only makes sense, with a name like Holder.

    1. We can hope…

    2. I hate holders. Hit it, don’t babysit it.

      1. So everyone can be thirsty when the drought hits, huh?

        1. you aren’t even talking about the same thing. one is beneficial the other is not, what is drought?

  5. I wonder if I can turn in a prescription for my shit being all fucked up, and talking like a fag. Does that warrant a mary jane treatment option?

      1. honesty is the best policy

  6. I’m wondering what the stats are on federal marijuana raids, medi-pot vs. non-medi-pot states.

    1. head of snake is the thinking.

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    It’s not the article itself, the real nutpunch is this particular paragraph from the article:

    But even Bay is smart enough to avoid more controversy while he can, claiming Monday on the official Michael Bay fan board — oh, by the way America, there are Michael Bay fan boards — that the twins will not appear in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter this world.

    1. Where’s Epi? I want to discuss trolling a Michael Bay fan board.

      1. Find one and let’s do it.

          1. I went to the “What will you do the opening weekend of Transformers 3?” thread:

            “My wife and I are taking off half of the 30th and all of the 1st(for the midnight show). Then going to Denver fri/sat night. Already have my hotel booked. Just need to make reservations for dinner, and get IMAX tickets.”

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            1. Are registrations open for this site (again, can’t tell through my oddly picky work filter)?

              1. Same site as yours. So no.

            2. I just read through the general Michael Bay discussion threads. It was like a graduate level course in TEH STOOPID.

              Balko could post images of the national guard using flamethrowers on thousands of infants and I still wouldn’t have lost as much faith in the future of humanity as I did just now.

              1. “It wasn’t just a slap in the face to Bay, who utilized the FX to the best of his advantage, but to the hard working people behind the technology. You know damn well, if the same exact movie, both Transformers, was directed by James Cameron, the movies would have been oscar material. I’m sorry, but I watch James Cameron films, and except for Terminator 2 (his true masterpiece) it’s his films that tend to have cookie cut out plots and abysmal characters. I don’t know about any of you, but I cried in Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, TF1 and 2. I didn’t cry in any of JC movies.”

                I think I’m going to cry now.

                1. well, avatar DID suck. possibly the most overrated movie ever. although shakespeare in love is also in contention

            3. I was initially surprised to see the wives of these morons agreeing to be dragged along, but then I pictured the kind of woman who would marry a Michael Bay fan and it all made sense.

              1. They’re lobotomized, right?

                1. I’m betting FUPAs and these abound. Maybe some fanny packs thrown in for good measure. Picture the female equivalent of your stereotypical NASCAR fan, if you dare.

                  1. I do not dare. Is that denim with Warner Bros. decals on it? WTF?!?

                    1. My god, I can’t wait to get home and look through these forums. Just from the tidbits you guys have put up here, it looks like a fucking goldmine of entertainment.

                    2. And then after the movie, they go out to Olive Garden and talk loudly about how AWESOME all the ‘splosions were. Maybe quote some of the more quotable lines. Loudly.

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                    11. Applebees has dollar drafts of mostly crappy beer

                      Exactly. Olive Garden has wine; they think that’s-a high faluutin’. They only do the Olive Garden for anniversaries in multiples of five.

                    12. Btw, I love how the second Olive Garden and Applebee’s came up in the thread, the lapband adverts began appearing.

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                    16. Preferably quoting the more racist lines

                      TF3 talks about America’s budget problems?

                    17. Probably at an Applebees; Olive Garden is most likely too high end for them.

                      Yes, Epi, you’re better than them. We all knew this without you having to say so.

                      I’ll order extra fried apples at Cracker Barrel in your honor next week.

                    18. Yes, Epi, you’re better than them. We all knew this without you having to say so.

                      Elitism: it’s not just for limousine liberals.

              2. I just figured the women thought Michael Bay was dreamy.

                (I have no idea what he looks like, and am not about to do an image search for him.)

            4. I have glimpsed the abyss…

              Says the guy who spends half his life complaining about reality to strangers on political blogs.

              1. Says the guy who spends half his life complaining about reality to strangers on political blogs.

                Says the guy responding to him….SHIT, i just fell into the trap too. Oh well, Epi, uh…i dunno, you suck? That concludes today’s episode of the Burn Unit.

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        1. My work filter isn’t letting me register, but go to http://www.michaelbay.com/. There’s a “forum” link at the top of the website.

          I’ll post a few things on there later tonight with the handle, “Splosions”, if I can get it.

          1. Registration is closed. No taunting of the Baysplosionites today.

          2. Quotes from Michael Bay Forum:

            “FAST FIVE trailer is Bayesque!
            This looks like 10,000 watts of testosterone fuelled awesomeness!”

            1. I’m going to start using “Bayesque” in place of “fucking retarded”.

              1. You do so, and you’ve won a fan in me.

                (full disclosure-I found TF1 and 2 ridiculously stupid and over the top, but I was entertained.)

              2. Maybe you should get some help. Professional help. Your personalized treatment regimen may include behavioral modification. Side effects may include flatulence, hair loss and myopia. Contact a doctor immediately if your feelings of superiority persist for more than four hours.

          3. megan fox has sayd shes a huge ninja turtle fan, i think she will be perfet for the part of April O’Niel thats if she is speaking to bay anymore.

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    2. Kyle: That’s the most horrible story I’ve ever heard. Why would God do such a horrible thing to a good person just to prove a point to Satan?

      Gerald: Oh. Uh, I don’t know.

      Kyle: Then I was right. Job has all his children killed, and Michael Bay gets to keep making movies. There isn’t a God.

      1. There’s a South Park quote for everything!

        1. And if not, then The Simpsons will provide.

        2. (or Dune.)

          1. Office Space rounds out the pack.

  8. There’s no way the federal government has the balls to arrest and prosecute an actual state employee. Hell, they won’t even bust down the door and raid a state-run building. Good on Delaware for calling their bluff.

    California and Colorado are still the best places to go if you’re a reasonably healthy person who just wants to buy weed in a store instead of a corner or living room. But these newer laws actually present a more solid challenge to the federal government.

    1. Well, it’s not just that. The federal Constrolled Substances Act exempts officers enforcing a state or local law regarding a controlled substance from having to register to manufacture or distribute it. So if Del. instead of licensing a private agency actually had the cops grow & distribute pot, the feds would have no basis to arrest or prosecute them.

      1. this is correct, having done so myself i am well aware of this law.

        btw, our governor in WA is a total pussy and is giving in to the feds on this issue despite our legalization of medical mj

  9. I count three of the 16 states that allow it as Red states and 13 as Blue states. Interestingly not one of them is in the South, that cradle of liberty.


    1. Look! A squirrel!

    2. Best weed farmers in the country are in Alabama and Georgia, though. Some of the best GM weed you can find, none of that organic pussy California stuff.

      1. No props for Kentucky?

        Smoky Mountains? CMON.

        1. Being a native Kentuckian, its usually the only kind I smoke.

          1. hawaii rules

  10. “There’s no way the federal government has the balls to arrest and prosecute an actual state employee. ”

    I kinda hope they do — I want their hubris to get to the point it causes some major anti-Washington blowback. If the U.S. sheds a state or two, so much the better.

  11. “… allows patients with doctor’s recommendations to possess up to six ounces of marijuana at a time, which they can obtain at one of three state-licensed “compassion centers.”

    “Compassion Center”, really? Whoever came up with ridiculous hippy-dippy name needs to be punched for making this look foolish.

    1. I quit the fucking dope forever….

    2. This is what happens when legalization strategy follows the pity route (“medical” marijuana). Instead of asserting everyone’s right to imbibe whatever he wants to, pro-marijuana activists attempt to guilt the prohibitionists into selective exemptions. It’s a “halfway” strategy that relies on “compassion” instead of human rights. It fails because its focus and philosophy is flawed.

      1. Or maybe you just set the pass/fail cut too high. If it’s kept just one person out of jail, might that not be enough?

        1. No. Free Americans should not prostrate themselves before their government (federal, state or local) and beg for what is already theirs. When their government tosses them a bone in the form of “medical” marijuana (or the people themselves vote in this “restricted right”), it reinforces the power of the state (or the biggest gang of citizens) to regulate the weed. It’s a compromise on the part of the “medical” marijuana appeasers that serves only to entrench and prolong the power of the prohibitionists by treating marijuana as a medicine (and thereby surrendering a right for a reliance on the arbitrary and tenuous goodwill or pity from a bureaucracy or justice system) instead of any other plant or fruit or vegetable that is “good” or “bad” for you. Should there be “compassion centers” for pomegranates? For potato chips? For alcoholic beverages?

          1. No. Free Americans should not prostrate themselves before their government (federal, state or local) and beg for what is already theirs.

            But it’s obviously not already theirs! They’re having their goods seized and going to jail.

            Should there be “compassion centers” for pomegranates? For potato chips? For alcoholic beverages?

            No, because people are not going to jail for pomegranates, potato chips, or liquor. If people were going to jail for them, then yeah, absolutely there should be compassion centers if it allows some of them to not go to jail and to keep their goods.

            1. Everyone has their rights, no matter what the government thinks. Does the fact that the government wants to kill me for what I did on my property, without involving anyone else (directly or indirectly), means that my right of life is void? I think not.

    3. ifn we called it a profit center then holy smokes ….

  12. If you don’t like drugs, then don’t use them.

    1. do you use vegetables?

  13. Good for Delaware. I think people want to see this kind of model, like hard liquor sales in Utah, before they go balls out Oaksterdam in their states. The feds won’t dare touch specifically state sanctioned sales locations, it might push Scalia over the commerce clause ledge.

    1. cannabis issue = magical key

  14. It is time to Change the Schedule of Cannabis, Cannabis Laws, and Drug Czar Laws – Read and Sign the petition at

    1. Like that’ll work. As long as your shilling worthless petitions why not one to repeal the CSA and abrogate the Single Convention? Aim High Hippie.

      1. or exhume nixon one full moon eve

  15. Why the fuck haven’t states begun to declare intentions of secession yet? Charlie Lynch’s case made me want to line up the entire staff of the Drug Enforcement Agency and shoot them all.

    Sometimes, I just can’t compute, can’t put that image together, of HOW we ever got to this place, to this situation, in our history. Where were all the moral people?

    1. Because asserting that your state has the power to tell the federal government to fuck off has been peddled by the terminally libertarded as RAAAAACIST!!!!

      Because slavery, racism, the south blah blah blah.

      1. The slaveowners of the South were clearly acting immorally.

        That doesn’t mean that all secession is immoral.

        Constitutional amendment, anyone?

    2. they kill the moral people. remember?

  16. Wow OK man that makes a lot of sense dude.


    1. I consistently find it tough to disagree with anon bot. It’s so amiable.

  17. Well that makes a lot of sense when you think about it.


    1. No, now that I’ve thought twice about it, no dice.

  18. Thank you for nice web

  19. Why is Medical marijuana illegal under federal law when so many states have adopted policies that differ from the view of the federal government? The reason I think could be as simple as economics. Many of the states that have passed the usage of medical marijuana passed it under the pretense of revenue generation through taxing the sale and distribution of the drug. As our population ages, we can see how the mentality toward this drug changes. It wasn’t long ago that not all citizens of the United States were considered “equal.” We have changed so much as a nation over the last half a century. It is only a matter of time that we as a nation might embrace the medicinal uses of this drug. Unfortunately in this case, the research that would go into any new drug is prohibited for marijuana because it was classified as a prohibited substance.

    1. all about power and control

  20. In Syria today the leaders of a freedom movement are being taken out of
    their homes by military and tanks. The prohibition laws are designed to
    do the same thing. Richard Nixon( Vietnam protesters) and Nazis Germany
    of the Brown Shirts attacked to opposition {Jews(sick) ,gypsy(poor) and
    in the same ways.
    The Salem Witch hunts tell on somebody and confess and go free.
    Today’s drug war(war against the sick and poor)drugs cops have a
    saying,”Tell on three and get to go free.
    From the darkest shadows and the blackest alleys They come First there
    was a few then there was many. They have been watching and learning
    from the darkness. The mistakes of the sixties and seventy will not be
    repeated. Learn their system and laws we do. To use it against them.
    The lies revealed and truth to prevail.
    More victims are created by this failed drug war. oh yea some of you might have sided with the king of England during the revolution, you know who you are and history will tell your law enforcement shame 50 years from nowas history will have the final say over a plant.

  21. yup

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