Sheriffs Kill Innocent Man With Taser


Allen Kephart

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputies yesterday punished an "uncooperative" motorist by Tasing him to death. After 43-year-old Allen Kephart was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign, he got out of his car and failed to show sufficient deference to at least two deputies. He was subdued with a Taser, passed out, and died. From Melissa Pinion-Whitt of the San Bernardino Sun

Sheriff's officials did not provide details on what he allegedly did to be considered combative because, they said, interviews were still being conducted. 

"All of that information needs to be documented before we start speaking publicly about specific detail like that," sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said Wednesday. 

But relatives say the way deputies treated Kephart was unjustified. 

"They're not dealing with a criminal, a druggie, a gang banger. They were dealing with someone that was in the community for 43 years, that never ever had been arrested or had any problem with law enforcement," said his father, Alfred Kephart, 68. 

Allen Kephart, a 1985 graduate of Rim of the World High School, worked as a substitute teacher's aide in the High Desert and as an audio and visual producer for his church and for television and radio. He also ran his own DJ business in the San Bernardino Mountains, calling himself the "Original Blue Jay DJ." 

His father, a 20-year member of the San Bernardino County sheriff's Rangers volunteer unit, said deputies didn't treat Kephart like someone who just ran a stop sign—reportedly the initial reason a deputy tried to stop him. 

"You don't go do a traffic stop and come out with your gun drawn. That's a felony stop," he said.

Kephart's father claims his son was Tased eight times by two deputies. Police have previously Tased deaf people, diabetics having seizures, and countless others. Kephart, according to his father, weighed about 350 pounds and had high blood pressure.

Here is Reason TV's video on Kephart's death:

Amnesty International 2008 report on Taser-related deaths.

Study by a "forensic physician" of Taser medical implications in the British Medical Journal. ("Serious harm is rare, but incident reporting needs to be improved.") 

Kephart's Vimeo page

Update: Mediocre minds think alike. Matt Welch posted about this story moments before my post went live. He has graciously withdrawn that post, but here is more information from the L.A. Times. Welch also hat-tipped beloved commenter Dagny T. Although I didn't hear about this one from Dagny T., an arbitration panel has decided Dagny T. still gets the hat tip, like when they gave gold medals to both the Russian and Canadian skaters so everybody could feel special. 

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  1. “failed to show sufficient deference to at least two deputies”

    A capital offense in the eyes of many cops.

    1. “Mildly chiding government gives me cover.”

        1. Dagny T. still gets the hat tip, like when they gave gold medals to both the Russian and Canadian skaters so everybody could feel special

          Everyone should get a Hat Tip?.

    2. Stand back! Give him some air!

      He’s making a breakthrough!

  2. Picking up the Balko slack eh? You could’ve waited until tomorrow.

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    1. Picking up the Balko slack eh?

      Looks like Tim and Matt are going to have a turf war over it.

      1. Will it be like the Spock-Kirk fight in Amok Time?

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      2. I emailed this as a tip to Welch a few minutes before Cavanaugh posted it. Unfortunately, there will be enough material for nut-punches for all.

        1. How did you get–albeit briefly–the “beloved” label? Personally, I’d like “intimidating” or something manly, but beloved is probably good.

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            But then, girl libertarians don’t exist according to a few morons.

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              1. “Cocksure”

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                  “Disturbing” is nice. I think you’d get that one.

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                2. “inane”

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            5. “Hirsute” and “rugose” have long been two of my favorite adjectives – as long as they describe someone else.

  3. This just confirms contempt of cop is punishable by the death penalty.

    1. Execpt to get the death penalty, you must be convicted in a trial.

        1. Nah, tasering is more like the death lottery.

        2. Those weren’t cops.

    2. This just confirms contempt of cop is punishable by the death penalty manslaughter.

      That’s more like it.

      1. This just confirms contempt of cop is punishable by the death penalty manslaughter murder.

        That’s more like it.

    3. This just confirms contempt of cop is punishable by the death penaltysummary execution.

  4. He needed killin’.

  5. They’re not dealing with a criminal, a druggie, a gang banger.

    Only minorities deserve to get tased to death for running a stop sign.

    1. Only minorities are criminals, druggies, and gang bangers?

    2. I’m thinking he ran the stop sign because he was having chest pains and was trying to get to an ER. The cops got all juiced on adrenaline and when he tried to get out and tell them he was having an attack…he got attacked.

  6. The other post has been disappeared. Now dear Dagny only has the ghost of a hat tip.

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      1. Matt’s wife should be told.

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          Strike! Would you rather be loved or feared? Strike!

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            Better to bitch and whine and feel superior and play inside-joke-lockerroom-towel-snap-online games, and then start with the troll bashing and being …

            Um, I mean…nevermind…

          3. Good point, fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.

          4. Strike is not good enough. We need a class action lawsuit!

        5. On my only hat tip they used my real name so I can’t even take credit for it now.

  7. Good reporting on Taser abuse from 2005

  8. Great, so because one person dies now you’re all going to start bitching about Tasers?

    How are cops supposed to fight crime? With kisses and lapdances? Come on! Sh-t happens, let’s not go overboard over the death of one person.

    Appdultery? Meet Ashley Madison’s iPhone App.

    1. Please don’t feed the moron who might be trolling but is still a moron either way.

      1. What the hell was this one’s name before? I can’t remember now…but I recognize the blogwhore name.

        1. Gregory smith, right?

          1. Yes, yes! Thanks, Minge.

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          Although, I don’t understand why he’s being bounced as spam and rather gets to keep doing the same thing.

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            1. I liked Sugarfree, he always was good for chuckle even when it was revealed he was mildly retarded.

              1. SugarFree was just a conservative meme.

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                    1. I have no prejudice towards your kind, I was a big fan of Corky on Life Goes On for example.

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                      Any more alleged wit you’d like to share with the class?

                    3. I decline your offer, I always treat people like you with extra kindness in your life struggles.

                    4. Sounds like someone needs a nap. You need a nap, buddy? Maybe go potty? Mr. Crankypants.

                      Don’t forget to call me retarded again. It’s HILARIOUS, like all your super-interesting comments.

                  2. Was this before or after the trip to Walmart?

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                    2. Point of fact: Travis Bickle never harmed any of his fares but instead provided them with excellent transportation.

                  3. Hey! Don’t be down on rodeo clowns. They are some talented and brave dudes. Probably more so than the riders.

                    1. I knew a flight surgeon in the Army who worked as a rodeo clown in his free time. Guy was a jerk, but he definitely had a pair of brass ones.

            2. HERCULE had great insights.


            3. I miss HERCULE. HERCULE was a troll of a different color.

              Tinfoil hat trolls usually are.

              1. I thought HERCULE was a very clever bot.

          3. Indeed, I guess having politically incorrect opinions and posting your blog qualifies as spam.

            Hey reason, do me a favor, why don’t you just tell me what to think? Perhaps you could send me a list of all the right opinions I’m allowed to have to your stories.

            Appdultery? Meet Ashley Madison’s iPhone App.

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              You’re such a rebel.

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    2. Jesus fuck, but you’re dense.

    3. We really do need to get a better class of troll.

      Pass the hat?

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    4. GREGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There, now I feel better, like old times.

    5. I’m trying to think of any government abuse of power that Gregooooooo would not approve of. I am failing. Does he even know what “libertarian” means?

      1. Pot-smoking Republican, duh.

        1. But I don’t smoke pot. Does that mean I’m not one of those “true” libertarians I keep reading about here?

    6. Note to L4FR: You’re so very right. For instance, if it was *you* that the cops had Tasered to death, I wouldn’t be unhappy at all. Aren’t there some police jackboots you need to go lick now?

    7. Note to L4FR: You’re so very right. For instance, if it was *you* that the cops had Tasered to death, I wouldn’t be unhappy at all. Aren’t there some police jackboots you need to go lick now?

  9. Pigs should get a needle in their arms. Probably get a medal and paid vacation instead.

    1. They ought to get tased ten or twenty times in quick succession. If they survive it, fine. If not, well shit happens.

  10. Cavanaugh = the new Balko?

    1. Even when he had that beat, there was plenty of it to go around for other columnist-bloggers here. He was never the only one with stories like that; in fact, sometimes it seemed they were the principal content here.

    2. Tim’s name doesn’t translate nearly as well into Captain Falcon jokes.

  11. “All of that information needs to be documented before we start speaking publicly about specific detail like that,”…

    Another excellent reason why citizens should always be allowed to document all their interactions with the police.

    1. All of that information needs to be documented before we start speaking publicly about specific detail like that,”…

      In other words, we need to get our story straight so we don’t catch too much shit over this one.

      1. We have to make sure there isn’t anything incriminating on video or audio before we fully exonerate everyone involved.

        1. “We have conducted our investigation and proper procedures were followed. The medal ceremony will be held next week.”

    2. We need to ensure that none of the dash cameras were working that day, and that there is no contradictory surviellence video from the gas station before we release the official line of bullshit story.

  12. We need civilian review boards with real power in every locality. That’s the biggest structural thing we could do to change things.

    It would also help if we didn’t have so many qualified immunity-loving justices (amazingly heavy among supposedly anti-goernment conservatives) on the courts.

    1. We need civilian review boards with real power cops who don’t get a stiffie by using force to make citizens do whatever they feel like making them do in every locality


      1. I’m for any ideas you have to get to that promised land.

        1. Oh I was just playing the “wouldn’t it be nice if” game.

    2. We need civilian citizen review boards with real power in every locality. That’s the biggest structural thing we could do to change things.

      Cops ARE civilians.

  13. BALKOOOO…oh its Tim.

    Off-topic: Yesterday was a bit too emotional for me, Im going to take a break from H&R. Dont worry, I will be back, but Im going to try to stay away until June. See you losers in 2-3 weeks or so.

    Tell the slavers to fuck off for me while Im gone.

    1. Have a good “vacation” robc 🙂

      1. Im also trying to get a new business venture off the ground, so I probably need to spend 80 hours or so a week beating funding out of people and finding space to lease (both are close to done, but details need to be wrapped up). So the timing works out. Yesterday I got approximately zero done.

        Im sure details of said venture will come out once I return. Plus general small business start up bitching about regulations.

        1. Hey, good luck with that. Life can’t be all H&R.

        2. Wow, some fucking “vacation”.

          Let me rephraase – “Have a nice work, robc.”

        3. AND good luck w/your new bidness ventures!

        4. Speaking of business, I’ll abuse the opportunity here and throw in some poetry.

          money money says bill what the hell
          is money what i want is to be
          a poet not a business man
          these damned cheap shows
          i turn out to keep the
          theatre running break my heart
          slap stick comedies and
          blood and thunder tragedies
          and melodramas say i wonder
          if that boy heard you order
          another bottle frankie
          the only compensation is that i get
          a chance now and then
          to stick in a little poetry
          when nobody is looking

    2. I’m gonna steal your identity while you’re gone. Have fun with real life.

      1. OK, I lol’ed a little at this…

      2. Could be an interesting Turing-type test.

        See if people can distinguish robc from faux-robc.

        1. Uh, hey, everybody! I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

          1. Totally robc.

          2. Very close, but robc knows to use commas to separate independent clauses.

          3. I didn’t realize robc had an ugly face.

            1. Good luck robc on your venture.

              Yesterday was emotional for me as well. Part of it was reading all of the posts.

              1. Was anyone else able to fully explain to another person why this upset them so that the other person understood?

                “What? Did you know him? No? Did you ever talk to him on the phone? No? Did you go to school together?”

                1. I told my wife. She thought it was a sad story.

                  1. Mine as well. She used generic sympathy, I think.

                    1. I got slightly better sympathy.

                    2. My wife has legions of online friends. She understood perfectly.

                    3. All that hot, Columbian sympathy.

                      [kicks pebble]

          4. Nice try, asshole.

            1. This is more like robc, with the Sturm und Drang and proper comma use that characterizes his comments.

    3. It killed me too. I spent yesterday reading his posts and published my favs.

      I realize now that he also published anon too, and I want to reread those when I’m not raw

  14. Here is another case of police abusing power:


    1. Gee, my nuts THANK YOU, PIRS!

      Fuck – Radley leaves it takes ten people to replace him, and pile on a little more.

      Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow….

  15. “You don’t go do a traffic stop and come out with your gun drawn.”

    You do if you want to look really tough and cool!

    I bet they had some of those new cool cop Mustangs or Chargers too.

    1. I’m picturing leftover Firebirds from back in the day…kind of faded paint, but TUFF GAI for Teh Law Unforcement Peace Ociffers.

  16. The ‘logic’ of tasering anyone eight times is inexcusable.

    The father hints that the abuse stems from his size/weight. I wonder if statistically race and size are a factor in taser use.

    1. The fat kid always get his ass kicked. Must have felt like junior high.

  17. I have collected taser stories from tons of news sources, here they are:


    Yea.. This is NOT an isolated incident. I don’t even save most of the stories I run into — these are just some.

    1. You’re really Radley Balko, ClintJCL is your alter ego, and you collect taser stories as a hobby in your spare time.


  18. I was gonna make a snarky comment about whoever killing him is gonna get some paid vacation. But to do so would be trite. Trite because “scalia’s new professionalism” is so rampant and such.

  19. Wouldn’t the whole thing be on the dash cams? Any odds on whether we will ever see the footage?

    Wouldn’t tasering him be per se wrong unless he physically threatened the cops?

    President Dean’s FBI would be moving in heavy on the Sheriff’s department to preserve evidence and investigate potential civil rights and criminal violations.

    1. Uh. The car didn’t have a dash cam.

      Besides, it wasn’t working properly.

      And was turned off.

      But the recording confirmed the officer’s version.

      The recording got accidentally erased anyways.

      1. The recording was buried at sea to prevent it becoming a shrine.

        1. the dash cam and recording were also shot twice and photos taken but only shown to the union bosses. The call to shoot the cam/recording was a real gutsy call too….

    2. Tasering is now considered “pain compliance” and useful for all sorts of things when cops want to cause pain.

  20. In Canada’s most notorious Taser death, the killing of Robert Dzieka?ski at Vancouver Airport, the RCMP officers involved may face perjury charges:


    1. When you get hat tips, are you “beloved”, too? If so, maybe it’s a Canadian thing. So far, the next best adjective is “frequent”, which seems kind of lame compared to “beloved.” Or “godlike” or “wine dark.”

      1. I’m aiming for “burly”. Or maybe “Burtly”, if I’m really lucky.

      2. See how easy?

      3. As a Canadian, I only get ‘discount’ hat tips without adjectives:


        1. You got bold. Don’t besmirch that.

          On the other hand, this may be an act of war.

          1. On the other hand, this may be an act of war.

            What ‘this’?

            1. An American has insulted a Canadian! This is unprecedented.

              1. *shrug*

                With the US debt at $14.3T, a $1T annual deficit, the implementation of Obamacare*, US cities subsidizing most of the NHL, our cunning war against the USA is nearing its conclusion.

                Osama Bin Laden was a bleedin’ amateur.

                *(You never noticed that Kenya was part of the [formerly British] Commonwealth and that Canada is one of the dominant members of the Commonwealth, did you?)

                1. Canada > UK? It just occurred to me that the answer is likely yes. Except for the nukes, anyway.

                  1. “One of”

                    And India is moving up fast.

                    1. No, I knew you weren’t saying that, but I think you have an argument. Didn’t think about India, though. You better abuse your power while you have it.

                      I suggest kidnapping the Queen and making her Queen of Canada. For starters.

        2. You’re looking at this all wrong ProL.

          We should be annotating our names with noble titles from our hat tips. If we are ever going to get a pecking order around here, and why not? it’s as good a start as any. Wheat from chaff, as they say.

          1. I see.

            1. Glad to see you get with the program.

    2. Aresen, I want to know if you, as a Canuck, saw last night’s South Park, and, if so, where is the Princess of Canada now, and how is her arm (following tradition)?

      1. I didn’t watch South Park.

        I watched a Nova rerun of the earthquake destroying Japan.

        1. 🙁 You MUST see the new South Park. As a Frequent Flier to Canada from a Border State? for over 40 years, I can say, unequivocally, that it was funny as hell.

  21. How to become a cop:

    Pass an 8th grade equivalency test (unless you can’t, doesn’t really matter). Complete an obstacle course (unless you’re too fat, doesn’t really matter). And most importantly, pass the 3:1 test. No more than 3 inches erect, 1 inch flacid. Any larger and you fail and have to become a jail guard or some other wannabe douche. Just thought it might put things in perspective.

    1. And then go stand in front of a bullet.
      Good luck.

      1. Why would I want to stand in front of a bullet? That would be silly.

  22. A while ago, I passed by some campus cops having a discussion about pistols. One was explaining to the other that you need to line up the front sight with the rear sight in order to aim. The other acted like her mind was blown by this information. I wonder how typical this is.

    1. Fuck I wish I hadn’t just read that…fuck, fuck, fuck…

      1. Yeah, get moving yer late for class.

    2. Wrong, you just point the blasting end at the bad guy and close one eye and make sure you jerk the gun with the recoil to absorb the impact. Uh Dur.

      Always keep shooting til your clip is empty to be sure.

    3. There are many reasons why I was glad that campus security where I went to college were not police and didn’t carry weapons of any kind.

    4. I guess that’s why she keeps shooting people in the head when she meant to hit the chest. Oops!

    5. Well, I hope they try to shoot me, I’d be in more danger if they were aiming somewhere else.

    6. And you’re supposed to fire a few practice rounds at a dog. Keep shooting until the animal stops resisting. Don’t forget about that part.

  23. Dagny T. still gets the hat tip, like when they gave gold medals to both the Russian and Canadian skaters so everybody could feel special.

    Oh bullshit Tim, you love that H&R positively teeming with freaks, geeks, and whining assholes. There are benefits to active comments, whiny or not, always. Well, so be it. As some possibly wise man, once said,

    we could always threaten to post more

  24. Why is it that “well, the officer doesn’t know what he’s dealing with when he pulls someone over” only applies to cops? When somebody pulls me over, I don’t know what I’m dealing with. Maybe the cop is a violent sadist. Maybe he’s drunk or high. Maybe he’s not really a cop, but an impersonator. Somehow all this doesn’t seem to justify random citizens responding to getting pulled over by exiting the vehicle with gun drawn, but it does justify it for the cop. Why is that?

    Oh right, because cops are our masters now and not our servants.

    1. Bingo.

    2. This is blasphemy. Cops (and fire fighters and soldiers) are “Americas Heroes”.

  25. “Maybe the cop is a violent sadist. Maybe he’s drunk or high. Maybe he’s not really a cop, but an impersonator. ”

    if you’re not guilty you have nothing to woory about. All proper procedures will be followed.

    1. duuuuuuuuunnnnnnnphy, oh duuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnphy….

      You can’t expect them to be EXPERTS, FFS

      1. ARe you talking to me, Beloved Commenter Almanian?

        1. In the kingdom of H&R we are all beloved commenters.

          1. Hey, “comrade”. . .that would be a good insulting one.

  26. I look forward to the funeral, when motorcycle cops from all over this great state will converge on San Berdu to pay their respects to this fallen motorist.

    1. Right after California balances its budget without implementing new taxes.

  27. Some of these big boys, you got to give two shots

    1. +8

  28. He wasn’t innocent, he was uncooperative. Duh.


    1. YEah, it’s too soon and would be irresponsible to comment on the cops’ actions but we can say that the fat guy was totally out of line.

    2. I believe proper procedure for traffic stops is for cops to charge a motorist with his gun drawn yelling: “Stop being uncooperative, Stop being uncooperative…” Zap! “Stop resisting!” Zap! Stop resisting!” Bang!

      1. “Officer down.”

  29. How many taser deaths do we have to record to stop these practices?


    1. I agree. Live bullets are much preferable and less lethal.

      1. Your fetish for bullets is disturbing.

  30. Monsters they can’t even tell the difference between a criminal and an old man…

  31. To quote Gene Hackman when he said to Denzel Washington about Forest Whitaker’s death, “It wasn’t the drill that killed him, it was his 300 pounds.” Denzel nods in agreement.
    Deep. It is from the movie “Crimison Tide”. About a submarine. Like I said deep.

    1. They brought a submarine into Bryant-Denny Stadium?

  32. Yet another case of police brutality. This is very sad and exacerbated by the tyrannical attitude of the SB police department. I wish I could say this is a case of one bad apple, but, unfortunately, I’ve read and/or heard about myriad cases similar to this tragic incident. Police are given way TOO MUCH power. I wish there was a better screening process and that every cop was required to take an anger management course before hitting the streets. In the county I reside in, it is common to hear of analogous incidents. A lot of cops have minimal education, a traumatic and/or violent past (often including history of being abused), and enjoy power after so many years of feeling powerless. It’s too easy for a cop to exact revenge on victims caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe these victims often end up serving in absentia of the originial abuser/bully who inflicted pain and trauma on the officer before they joined the force. Police are esentially paying back their former bullies, projecting revenge on innocent people. TOO MUCH POWER and too many, literally, ignorant cops! Education is key. Peace in spirit to all who have found themselves in the midst of wooden rain falling in form of an angry police officer’s baton let alone the coursing of electronic currents through one’s body via tasers.

    PS: The SB cops depolyed the taser 8 times! This is mad cruelty. Also, and perhaps most troublesome, I can’t help but infer a sense of sadism from the police officer’s actions. Sense, according to witnesses, the victim did NOT require being tasered 8 times, let alone once; I can’t help but think the arresting officers were enjoying the moment. Sadistic swine.

  33. Where the HELL do you get off calling him innocent in your HEADLINE?? If you see an “uncooperative” 350+ #man with a giant head coming at you (or whatever instigated the tasing to begin with), what would you do? The fact that the driver was socially inept cannot be known in the time of a traffic stop. All you hand wringing idiots need to shut the F up. You, like I, don’t know the facts in the matter and are assuming it’s the big bad Sheriff who needs to be reigned in. OK, I choose to assume that you are all MORONS.

    1. Likewise…with apparent reason.

    2. And you are at the head of the line of morons.

  34. Like cops all over the USA they are running wild tin gods who can do anything they want & get away with it.

  35. I read the autopsy report. This is probably a restraint death of an obese individual held in the prone position, +/- Taser effects.

    Google: YouTube – Positional asphyxia 2003

    #DOJ statement in 1995 on avoidable death in restraint or custody: Positional Asphyxia and Sudden Death http://bit.ly/fWyJKg

    Asphyxial Death During Prone Restraint Revisited: 21 Cases http://bit.ly/p86G5F

    Prone restraint?, if used at all, should last only seconds. There should NOT be a “struggle” on the ground. People die very quickly in this position.

    Negligent homicide by the police. That’s how you would be charged for a similar event. The police have a higher degree of responsibility.

  36. State troopers kneeling on man’s back when he was handcuffed asphyxiated him to death, and Wyoming must pay half a million dollars in compensation. http://bit.ly/q0Euds

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