Guess Which Became the Largest Circulation California Daily to Editorialize in Favor of Prop. 19?


Hint: It's also the newspaper with the most reviled owner in the state. And thanks to one of California's single most asinine web publishing strategies, all the Santa Barbara News-Press can show you is the headline: "Yes on Prop. 19: It is time to legalize marijuana in California."

Thanks to alert commenter Larry. Work your way backward to previous Prop. 19 editorial-blogging here.

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  1. Maybe that’s the whole editorial.

    1. Maybe the editorial board suddenly got the munchies. Am I right, opinion editors over at the Modesto Bee? High five!

  2. Allen St. Pierre vs Asa Hutchison on tomorrow’s Washington Journal. Probably goes off at 7:45 Eastern. cspanwj hasn’t had a legalization segment for months. This might be the only one before prop 19 passes.

    1. I was actually hoping to go there when I was on WJ this week, but the interrogation went elsewhere.

      1. Your performance on bloggingheads was aces and represented a turning point in the history of our otherwise irredeemable country.

        1. P-p, I can’t believe you just described something–anything–as “aces.” Also, could you possibly suck up a little more?

  3. And thanks to one of California’s single most asinine

    That’s like saying something is “partially unique”, Matt. Pick either “one of” or “single most”.

    /grammar pedant

  4. /grammar pedant

    Intensifiers don’t denote.

    /pedantry pedant

    1. I have no idea what you meant by that. Link? Explanation?

      1. Ahh, don’t worry about it Prole, none of the rest of us understand ANY of the pedantry posts, so it is all good.

  5. “…and show it to any friends and loved ones interested in attacking problems that actually matter, rather than ones that make for pointless culture-war clashes in the run-up to an election.”

    Why is Welch and Reason expending so many precious electrons supporting a pointless culture war clash instead of the problems that actually matter?

    1. Why is Welch and Reason expending so many precious electrons supporting a pointless culture war clash instead of the problems that actually matter?

      In this time of grave electron shortage, thank you for doing your part to remind us the we must all do our part in conserving this precious, dwindling resource.


      Although you appear to be trolling (I refuse to believe you can be quite that stupid), I’ll play along.

      First of all, one of the major purposes of Prop 19 is to retrieve cannabis consumption out of the gutter that is “the culture wars.” Look: some people drink beer and some people don’t; it’s not a “culture war issue.”

      Second, Proposition 19, unlike anything that has come before it, would be a stinging rebuke to the international Drug War. The implications for reducing global terrorism alone make it one of the most important news stories of the year and, if it passes, it’s very likely to be one of the most important of the decade (the 2010s).

      So STFU about “wasting electrons,” wouldja?

      1. I think he’s worried about Reason’s immense carbon footprint.

    2. Was alcohol prohibition a pointless culture war clash instead of a problem that actually mattered?

  6. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the fold out this week was a rolling paper.

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