Drug War

Adam Carolla Uncensored: Legalize Drugs, Cut Taxes, Drive Through Red Lights! Pulls No Punches on Cops, Hollywood, Big-Spending Politicians, and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa


Adam Carolla, host of the hugely popular Adam Carolla Show and author of the new book, In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks, rages against cops, drug laws, tax hikes, traffic congestion, spendy politicians, Tim Robbins, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and more in this wide-ranging, uncensored interview with Reason.tv's Ted Balaker.

The Ace Man calls for legalizing drugs and gambling, lowering taxes, and clearing our prisons of anyone incarcerated for victimless crimes. He discusses whether he just might be a libertarian and spells out what he would do if he replaced Antonio Villaraigosa as mayor of Los Angeles (hint: left turns on red lights and drag racing with Richard Branson!).

Approximately 15 minutes.

Interview by Ted Balaker. Shot by Hawk Jensen, Paul Detrick, Alex Manning, and Zach Weissmueller. Edited by Weissmueller and Jensen.

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Carolla pulls no punches sounding off on the war on drugs:

Do whatever the fuck you want to do whenever you want to do it and unless you harm somebody else or put them in jeopardy—fuck it. You want to smoke weed.  You want to grow a pot plantation in your own house. Pay fucking taxes, do whatever you want. You want to get really high and go drive, speed through a neighborhood, then we have a problem. You want to do a little blow, you want to do a little crank, you want to do a little speed, whatever the fuck you want to do, go, feel free to do it. Start hurting somebody, then we come down on you.

On our huge prison population:

Clear out the fucking prisons with all this fucking consensual crime shit, you know prostitution or victimless shit—drugs…You're selling mushrooms at a Phish concert, what the fuck do I want you in our prisons for? I'm only looking for people who pose a threat.

On the role of police:

Have the cops start serving the fucking people. To protect and serve, not hand out chicken shit tickets and annoy… I want the cops to focus on crime instead of being little money collectors raping everyone's fucking wallet.

On high taxation:

You raise the taxes, people pack up and leave, you fucking retards. You guys don't understand that concept?

On politicians demanding more money:

What are you going to do with our money? All you do is fucking waste it. The more money you give the politicians, the less you get.

On his political leanings:

I just, like, cherry pick all the best stuff out of all the political parties … Is that a libertarian? Then, so be it.

On LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

A dude who failed the bar four times … We  give him the keys to this city, and he's essentially functionally retarded?

On why his hometown is even worse off than Drew Carey's Cleveland:

It's assholes and potholes, and we're totally fucked … LA is a group of lethargic, fucking retarded assholes that just drive around at a snail's pace completely out of it, and they have no idea what's going on.

On why he'd tax gas an extra $7 a gallon:

Buses free. Light rail's free. Monorail's free, just like Disneyland. All for free because of my extra $7 on every gallon of gas being sold. Meanwhile it's just gonna be me and Richard Branson having a drag race down the 405, 8:30 in the morning on a Tuesday, nobody on the road.

  On driving:

Drive through the left turn red arrows. I do it every single fucking day of my life. It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

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  1. For my money, anyone who co-hosts The Man Show has zero credibility.

    1. Dude, that should raise his credibility

      the only thing better would be “The Chuck Norris Show”, involving Chuck Norris murdering hippies for 30 straight minutes

      1. “Do whatever the fuck you want…”

        “Clear out the fucking prisons…”

        “Have the cops start serving the fucking people…”

        “You raise the taxes, people pack up and leave, you fucking retards.”

        I’m confused. Did Reason interview Adam Carolla or Episiarch?

        1. You’ve never seen them together have you?

          Sorry, that was weak!

          1. You may be on to something. Carolla is a neanderthalic, foul-mouthed, loutish attention whore, and Episiarch is…you get the idea.

      2. 30 straight minutes? No juggies and beer drinking parts? How about juggies punching hippies while Chuck Norris drinks beer?

    2. Perhaps you’re thinking of the second incarnation of The Man Show, with Joe Rogan and some other turd. The original was classic.

      1. Both were fucking junior high.

        1. You do realize you’re complaining about juvenile behavior on the H&R Comment section?

          1. Cable I gotta pay for. This H&R shit is free.

            1. H&R commentary is at least as witty as SNL.

        2. Maybe, but truly intelligent people know it’s perfectly fine to indulge in stuff like that once in a while. It’s called “not having a broomstick so far up your ass it has pierced your brain”. The mind needs to be let off its leash once in a while to scamper about the park and poop on trees.

      2. Some other turd was Doug Stanhope who’s stand-up comedy is really good and very libertarian.

        1. His comedy is hilarious—I still quote his bit explaining the rise of kiddie-diddling reports—but he was awful on their version of the Man Show. Liked the first version, especially the bit where they try to get people in Venice to sign the petition against womens’ suffrage.

          OTOH, watching Rogan and Stanhope was like being a fly on the wall of a frat, as they recounted their latest date rape. Not funny, and more than a little disturbing. Of course, YMMV.

      3. I agree, the original was fantastic, the second I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I think the hosts were trying to pretend to be men.

    3. Stanhope hosted it for a while. Granted Stanhope hated and considers it a low point of his career, but still…

    4. I’d totally vote for Carolla for mayor. He’d rock.

  2. Drive through the left turn red arrows. I do it every single fucking day of my life. It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

    Wait until he loses his virginity.

  3. I doubt he’s genuinely a libertarian. I’ll bet he’s just cashing in on the growing libertarian trend. He doesn’t seem that stupid to really firmly believe the libertarian dogma.

    1. Stick with a single name, Max/Morris/Lefiti/Edward. Or work up the nerve to kill yourself, you little coward.

      1. I’ve only ever posted as Edwin, retard.

        Great job, though, your such a paranoid libertarian freak that you come up with conspiracy theories of people who post on the internet.


    3. He didn’t say he was a libertarian. Reason said he was a libertarian and he shrugged and acquiesced.

      1. If you didn’t watch it, it actually appears in the text of the article you are commenting on:

        On his political leanings:
        I just, like, cherry pick all the best stuff out of all the political parties ? Is that a libertarian? Then, so be it.

        1. well, that’s kind of what I’m saying. He knew what libertarians are with the whole growing Glenn Beck, Tea Parties, and wrote this book.

          But even few hevaily libertarian leaning people are so stupid as to really believe so strongly that they know for sure that legalizing every drug will lead to a better world. Marijuana, sure. But drugs like PCP, acid, meth, herion, etc.? Please, I get the idea that the violence that prohibition creates is bad, but I have my reservations. People are pretty stupid, too. Full legalization wouldn’t be like the worst fears of anti-drug people, with tons of people immediately becoming fucked up for the rest of their lives, but it might get close to that over many decades as the effects of drug-addicted lifestyles in at first a few people and then more and more build up.

          1. oh yeah, and my point is most people know that, or fear that, even libertarian-leaning ones. At least, any definition of libertarian or libertarian leaning that includes any actually large group of people in this country

            1. Just to make it clear, I only support legalizing behavior I approve of.

              1. See? See What I mean? Do you see what you’re doing?

                I just raised some serious concerns I have about how a policy would work out in real life, and all you can do is spout silly platitudes. I never said anything about me wanting to restrict behavior because “I don’t approve of it.”

                Most people are smarter than that. Well, most voters are. Nobody’s going to just accept your bullshit on the face of it. Why do you nerds think you never get anyone elected? Why do you think you’re such political losers? Because of stuff like the above. You’re silly, glib, assholes.

                You’ll start getting elected when you start actually respecting the voters instead of sneering at them and thoughtfully presenting your case(s). Until then, you’ll remain fucking losers.

                1. That’s what the articles are for.
                  Note the quote: “Hit&Run; … continuous news, views and ABUSE”

                2. Also, for the record, I fuck sheep.

                3. I just raised some serious concerns I have about how a policy would work out in real life, and all you can do is spout silly platitudes.

                  If that sort of behavior really does bother you, then you must have been furious with the Obama campaign, as well as his subsequent administration.

                  1. hey retard, try to keep up, I’m not concerned with the DOING of the drugs, I’m concerned with the EFFECTS they have on people. Yeah, if drugs just made you feel good, and did nothing else, then it’d be fine, and we wouldn’t even have a word for them. But that isn’t so – heroin addicts, crack addicts, etc. tend not to have the best lives, to put it mildly. And drugs are ADDICTIVE – they have that element in them that helps their use SPREAD.

                    All of this is stating the obvious. Can you keep up? Hmm? Have at least half a brain? You weren’t born yesterday, were you?

                    1. And the only thing that keeps this nightmare scenario from occuring is that they’re illegal.

                    2. Keep up yourself, shit stain, and buy some fucking reading comprehension.

                      Obama gave nothing but worthless bullshit platitudes for his entire campaign, and has continued after gaining office.

                      You don’t give a fuck about other people – just your desire to concern troll their behavior.

                      If you care so much, you pile of shit, start a treatment center for addiction and give the treatment away for free to those who need it.

                      But stay the fuck out of my and everybody else’s life, because kicking in doors, shooting pets, and locking people up for doing a substance that has ‘effects’ that scare you isn’t a form of concern.

                      It’s a form of control.

                    3. People are pretty stupid, too.

                      This is why we can’t have nice things.

                      Control freaks like Edwin think the majority of Americans are fucking retards who will blast their brains out the moment drugs become legal, or in a few decades, whatever. Locking up sick people, who need treatment, is a fucking disgusting act. Perhaps you’d prefer the China method and just execute drug users. Right, Edwin?

                      Suck on my waffle pubes, bitch…

                    4. I agree with penis. Penis for president!

                    5. again, you guys are a joke. All you can do is recite platitudes to deflect away from the relevant, serious issues. It’s not just a what-happens-to-the-addict thing, it’s HOW MANY PEOPLE become addicts, and how that AFFECTS OUR ECONOMY and our society. If enough people become addicts of heavy drugs, things could get pretty fucked up – but it’s not a direct thing, it’s systemic. It takes very little to create a systemic, recurring problem in something as sensitive and interconnected as an economy.

                      At no point did I even mention the word “control”. I couldn’t give a shit about controlling people. Same goes for the majority of Americans, who still support drug prhobition laws. You’re just babbling up platitudes.

                      Get serious and make serious arguments and adress the public’s concerns and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

                    6. You’re implying that the only thing keeping everyday Americans from becoming crazed drug addicts is the fact that they are illegal. Don’t you think that you should give people a little more credit? I don’t do drugs because they would ruin my life. That’s like saying that the only reason that people don’t go on killing sprees is because it’s illegal.

                      Stupid Pansy.

                    7. “And drugs are ADDICTIVE – they have that element in them that helps their use SPREAD.”

                      So is internet porn. What’s your point?

                4. You’ll start getting elected when you start actually respecting the voters instead of sneering at them and thoughtfully presenting your case(s).

                  This from the guy who thinks “people are pretty stupid” so we should tell them what they can and cannot do? Fuck you.

                5. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that anyone would believe the majority of people only refrain from using drugs like PCP because they’re illegal. I’m pretty sure that, even if the government stopped making possession of such drugs illegal, most people just wouldn’t use them because it’s a generally bad idea. And even if they did use them, so what? It’s not like anyone’s talking about legalizing driving while on such drugs. Let everyone have a bad trip and learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

                  1. Are you kidding me? As soon as crack’s legal I’m gonna run out and smoke/inject/jam it up my butt, whatever you do w/it. PARTY!

          2. Seriously, do you have any idea what you are talking about? On what basis are you claiming that “it might get close to that over many decades as the effects of drug-addicted lifestyles in at first a few people and then more and more build up.” If PCP were going to kill all of us, why hasn’t it by now?

          3. Making H illegal is even more stupid than making pot illegal. Because opium has all sorts of legitimate uses that are confounded by prohibition. In a free society, if I go a cough on Friday, I would take codeine over the weekend and see my regular doctor on Monday. Now I have to go to the ER. And because making opium illegal makes it much more likely that a recreational user will take an overdose. A live junkie is better than a dead junkie.

          4. Lol, you can’t really be libertarian on drug laws while only advocating the legalization of SOME drugs. Either we own our bodies, or we don’t. It’s IS NOT the state’s job to make sure people don’t waste their lives.

            Besides, you obviously know little about drugs. Advocating the prohibition of Heroin is the SAME as advocating the legalization of Codeine Cough Syrup.

            Same goes for Acid (LSD)…what, it isn’t like this is some dangerous addictive drug like heroin. BESIDES, that isn’t the point. THE POINT IS: YOU SHOULD’NT GIVE A FUCK how ‘dangerous’ or ‘addictive’ a drug is. It’s not up to you to decide what a person can put in their bodies.

            Either we own our bodies, OR WE DON’t. I don’t need the government telling me what to eat, thanks.

            1. I meant:

              “Advocating the prohibition of Heroin is the SAME as advocating the prohibition of Codeine Cough Syrup.

              1. “We either own our bodies or we don’t”? Please. Nobody views things in such absolutes, other than “principled” idiots like you libertarians out there. I could talk the same way, but in favor of fucking Marxism. “You OWN your body, man! So why should greedy capitalists get to take your excess production!” I could do the same but with any other political philosophy, if I’m absolutist enough. But what all you re-re’s don’t get is society doesn’t view things that way. Or, at least, most people don’t view the law that way. We all live in a society, and part of that, part of getting along, is giving up certain freedoms and making certain sacrifices, but within limits. See: Police power and the Constitution. See: We’re not all going to get our way with public policy, so we have democratic systems in place. Nobody has full property rights over everything, and property rights themselves are societally-defined and recognized. You can own land, but that doesn’t mean you can pollute your land with bucket loads of cadmium if you feel like it, does it? You can own a gun, but you can’t shoot someone with it for no reason. In some places you can’t even brandish it without sufficiently good reason. You can say what you want, but you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theatre. Etc.

                These are things the majority of Americans understand, without even explicitly thinking about it. But you libertarian nerdo fuck douches and your 13-year-old boy brains just can’t fucking wrap your heads around it.

                1. “These are things the majority of Americans understand, without even explicitly thinking about it.”

                  So they understand it by feeling it. Congratulations, you’re in the Colbert mock demographic.

          5. “But even few heavily libertarian leaning people are so stupid as to really believe so strongly that they know for sure that legalizing every drug will lead to a better world.”

            No, that’s what a Marxist might believe.
            A libertarian believes that legalizing every drug will lead to personal freedom. A better world is a matter of perspective, but is wholly incidental.

            Now you can call me selfish. And mention Somalia.

            Or whatever trite cliches you statist douch/wads like to trot out.

      2. No Reason – no Adam is NOT a libertarian. I’m not saying he’s a conservative, but stop trying to claim him as your own, because if anything, there are a LOT more issues Adam disagrees with libertarians about than conservatives. Okay, yea he disagrees with conservatives on pot legalization (as do I) and on abortion, but funny how Reason so, SO very conveniently don’t get his take on gay marriage, border security, war, and most of all ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Illegal immigration is probably one of the subjects that most invoke angry, passionate 15 minute rants from him.

    4. “Growing libertarian trend”

      Well played, sir.

    5. There’s a growing libertarian trend? Where? The Tea Party? Those people would run out of letters in the alphabet slapping scarlet ones on eveyone, and would burn people at the stake for selling National Geographics to children.

      All I can see is everyone and his mother waiting for the politicians to create jobs by… doing… something… Or aborting them out of their ill conceived home purchases.

  4. He sounds like a guy who’s been talking you ear off at the bar all evening.

    “And these congressman? What a bunch of clowns!”

    1. Uh, Duh. The loud mouth misanthropic foil to Dr Drew, hello.

      1. I was thinking of the artistic genius behind giving a 13 year old a fake ID and a half dozen clever one liners and sending him out to buy porn on hidden camera.

        1. That’s actually kinda funny.

    2. “And these congressman? What a bunch of clowns!”

      “Fucking” clowns, fool. It isn’t funny if you don’t say “fucking.”

  5. He needs to work on the “lovable” part of “lovable asshole”, but he’s getting there. Like a smaller version of Penn Jillette.

    1. Penn Jillette is not lovable. At least Corolla didn’t do a show where he claimed to be the ultimate authority on everything. Hell, I agree with Penn on most issues, and I *still* cannot watch an episode of Bullshit! without cringing several times at their poorly constructed and presented arguments.

  6. He’s no George Washington, but he has a few points.

  7. I wish he was still the co-host of Loveline.

  8. So he rallies against raising taxes because doing so makes people move away, but he wants to raise taxes on gas? Then magically give free bus rides to all the poor people?


    1. I think the comments about him and Richard Bronson doing donuts on the 405 might have demonstrated he was joking.

      1. For a smartass, you seem to be having trouble detecting sarcasm.

        1. not meant to be at tr0n

    2. Open mouth, insert foot. Captain Dumbass.

  9. I think you smart alecs are missing the overall point: THINK FOR YOUR GOD DAMN SELVES.

    Hard for progressive/leftists I know.

    Itsokay. There, there.

    1. but then who will make the decisions for us?

      1. I know,I know… the LORD!!! Yeah, that’s always worked before right?

  10. host of the hugely popular Adam Carolla Show”

    I like Adam all right, but…really?

    Most of you really shouldn’t hate him. What he is saying is better than 99% of what comes out of politicians’ mouths and 100% of celebrities’.

  11. Is anyone going to make the effort to dispute what he actually said rather than his credibility or lack thereof?

    1. Why make the effort to dispute it? His points are valid. Unfortanately, many people are going to have a problem with his method of delivery and shut down on the message

      1. They should hire jugglers and mimes

      2. What because he said some fucking swears? What a bunch of fucking babies. Grow up and stop giving a shit about “harsh” words. What a bunch of pansy ass fucks. Go to hell you puritan shit bag cunts.

    2. Apparently what this country really needs, is someone with exceptional oratorical skills. I guess the understanding of functionality can come later.

      1. After this last election, why wouldn’t you come to that conclusion?

    3. Hugh, you fool! Any spokesman for libertarianism MUST conform to the dogma and culture of “I was in the trenches supporting the LP long before you came on the scene”. Conform damn you!

    4. Hugh, you fool! Any spokesman for Libertarianism MUST conform to the the dogma and culture of “I was in the trenches supporting the LP long before you came along”. Conform damn you!

  12. What a bunch of fucking retards commenting here. All you need to pay attention to is the idea of leaving everyone the fuck alone unless they are harming you.

    1. Leave us alone, bitch.

  13. I don’t consider it Libertarian “dogma” to promote (remind?) everyone that the government/police are PUBLIC SERVANTS whose ONLY role is to serve and protect. Oops – I mean WAS to serve and protect – Now it is something much more sinister and frightening.

    1. Cops enforce laws, even ONES I DON’T LIKE!!!!?!?!?


    2. The cops new moto is: To Punish and Enslave

      I shit you not…

      You can thank Transformers for that. 😉

  14. For my money he needs to satisfy more people on this message board.

  15. Too many f-words.
    But bonus points for repeated defiant use of the word ‘retard’.

    1. Those often go hand in hand, along with fearlessly speaking your mind.

      Not being a politically correct weasel is a bonus point for me, along with the demonstration that libertarian ideas are commonsensical. Only in a PC alter-verse is talking common sense ‘abrasive’.

      The swearing and attitude come from the correct response to stupid policies – anger and disgust.

      Possibly unwittingly, the traffic analogy is perhaps the best – government incompetence wastes our lives.

      1. Fuck you. How’s that? Fearless enough for you? Do I get bonus points?

    2. It’s weird, for some reason I think if it were Penn Jillette they interview just as many f-bombs would have been dropped. But I wouldn’t have minded it that much.

      I didn’t think this was all that great.

      I kinda hate Adam’s macho, football manliness shit. He reminds me of some loud drunk at a sports bar who keeps complaining about various shit

  16. I’m not getting all the hate, I thought it was decently funny and a few good points were made. I’ve found worse ways to spend 15 minutes.

  17. He’s fucking right about using the police as a fucking cash cow. It’s retarded to watch them pinching people at every corner. I especially HATE IT when they do it during rush hour traffic when fucking people are just trying to get to work.

    It’s overkill. Whether it’s California or here in Montreal.


    Over to our resident idiot leftists who think it’s all normal and sane.

    1. So you don’t believe in speed limits at all?

      1. Montana did just fine till the Redcoats told them they’d lose funding. Imagine that.

        1. Not to mention teh Autobahn in Germany.
          No speed limit whatsoever in many places and as safe if not safer than any other roads.

          1. So you’re saying it’s okay to go 85pm in residential communities?

            1. mph, rather.

              1. Why the hell not? If you run down a family of 4, get depressed and kill yourself as a result, you have taken 5 people out of the STATE healthcare system and prevented 5 people from using STATE maintained roads. That’s a public service in most technocrats books.

                1. The math looks right, and yet I sense sarcasm.

      2. Not really. Much more so on highways.

      3. How did you deduce speed tickets from that? Man, you’re more out in left field than most.

        Have you ever notice how they obsessively hand out tickets within a 5km radius for everything under the sun?

        Speed tickets in a 30mph school zone is fine with me as it should b. Don’t be fucking daft.

      4. How did you deduce speed tickets from that? Man, you’re more out in left field than most.

        Have you ever notice how they obsessively hand out tickets within a 5km radius for everything under the sun?

        Speed tickets in a 30mph school zone is fine with me as it should b. Don’t be fucking daft.

        1. I was saying. Not too many people should have a problem with school zone tickets.

          What we’re saying is don’t use the police force to make cash. Here in Montreal the previous police chief made it a point to the provincial government he didn’t want his police force used as a cash cow for the state. At one point, I was a courrier and it was RETARDED how many traffic cops were set up. It wasn’t about public safety but to bust balls and make money.

          In rush hour traffic don’t pull over someone for crossing on a god dang solid line. In most cases, it’s poor urban planning that fucks people over and the cops are there to make sure people pay for it.

          1. If they didn’t break the law, then there would be no fines issued. They’re not making money, criminals are giving them money to protect safe drivers.

            1. Drunk Idiot, you can’t even tell the difference between the Criminal Code and the Highway Traffic Act.

            2. Pardon me.
              Fucking retard.

      5. Yes, because someone has a problem with *how* traffic laws are enforced, that means they oppose all traffic laws because the only POSSIBLE positions on any topic are the two polar extremes.

        Holy baby Jebus in a Mini Cooper painted day-glo orange, you don’t think very well, do you?

  18. I’ve always liked Adam. His heart is in the right place. He seems to have a confused idea on some policy positions though.

    He’s better than most. Maybe if he explored some of these concepts a little more he’d be closer to Drew Carey and less like Howard Stern.

    1. he’d be closer to Drew Carey and less like Howard Stern.

      If he hosted a game show and not a call in podcast, he probably would be.

    2. One problem he has is he’s pro-torture. He ranted and raved about it on his radio show. Said torture works, and one of his examples (of it working) was the Spanish Inquisition.

      1. He pretty much just rants about whatever is drifting through his mind at the moment. He doesn’t want the police to give parking or speeding tickets, but wants them to crack down on people selling flowers or fruit on the side of the road. He gets angry at people who don’t build according to code, but gets mad about building codes that impact him personally, yet criticizes countries that have lax or nonexistent building codes. When he needs to fill some space he just talks about immigrants smelling bad, or teases Teresa for being Jewish or Bryan for having no hair due to chemotherapy.

        He doesn’t really get challenged or rebutted on his show, but if it ever comes back he falls on the excuse of, “Listen, I’m just a guy who used to swing a hammer, hasn’t read a book since the second grade, and has a string of canceled shows and failed pilots.”

        Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy parts of his shows, but he spouts so many contradictory or simply bizarre ideas that anyone is bound to agree with him at some point.

        1. anyone is bound to agree with him at some point.

          That describes a lot of people, especially the honest ones. It’s the con artists you fully agree with – because they need that to operate.

          Which is why he might fit in best with libertarians. I like the lack of a ‘party line’, along with the room for disparate opinions – as long as they are defended.

          I agree about his rant style, and that he has a tendency to retreat by disavowing his own expertise. If he could share the floor a little more with someone else (he always danced around Drew Pinsky), he might hash out some of these ideas into something less contradictory.

          1. He’s like a lot of people; he has strong opinions, but he’s never thought about them too much. Like ranting that torture “works”. Works to do what exactly? Get a false confession? Hurt a lot? What is working?

        2. Bryan was bald before he had cancer.

  19. …lethargic, fucking retarded assholes that just drive around at a snail’s pace completely out of it, and they have no idea what’s going on.

    The problem is just the opposite in my once quiet neighborhood. Fucking retarded assholes playing Ricky Racer with their “fart tube” exhausts and boom stereos blasting.

    I’d love a little lethargic tranquility.

  20. Carolla once hung up on Ann Coulter when she started copping an attitude with him. That alone makes him my hero…

    1. You are easily impressed.

  21. I listen to Adam’s podcast regularly, and he is very good at making common sense deductions out of issues. While I often agree with what he has to say, he tends to see things too black and white. While his idealistic theories may sound good in principle, things are never that cut and dry in real life.

  22. Adam Carolla is a douchebag. He’s just some asshole that can get a rise out of people. He has no real philosophies or economic principles. All this bullshit drivel is just cool ‘cos some dude on tv said it? If I was muttering and being incomprehensive like he was in this interview, I’d probably be thrown out of the pub.

  23. Incomprehensible.

    And to you he made no sense because you sound like the state is shoved up your ass.

    I guess you’re the one that sits at a red light at 3am. Like a good citizen.

    1. So it’s okay to break the laws when nobody else is around? You know what else you can do at 3am, pitch black, no other cars on the road? Rape a highschool cheerleader. So, hypothetically, if you had a teenaged daughter, you would not mind me raping her as long as it was 3am and nobody was watching? I wouldn’t want you thinking I was a good citizen by keepin’ my cock out of her mouth against her will.

      1. One hurts someone else, the other doesn’t. Shit, I just fed a troll.

        1. In other words, you can pick and choose which laws you want to follow? There’s a place for types like you: Jail. Enjoy your stay.

          1. Do it everyday dick cheese as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else and I feel like I can get away with it.

            1. wow, you’re like a rebel dude. I bet not hurting anyone and secretly breaking the rules as long as nobody can bust ya makes the panties just melt off them girls, eh? Do you hide yer pot in your startrek comics?

              1. Holyshit, is there a camera in my mom’s basement? Howdoyouknowthis!??!

                1. Tell your mom she can put a camera in my basement anytime she wants…

      2. Do you always do that? Earlier you went off track with a silly “you don’t think speeding tickets are good?” tangent when it wasn’t what we were talking about.

        Now you pull this rape shit?

        Think LONG AND HARD about what you just said. What we’re talking about is a god damn red light. You’re trying to follow through on logical ends using a strawman.

        If you see, as a FREE STANDING HUMAN BEING, it’s safe to go, then go.

        Bringing in an example about rape is a strawman and doesn’t serve the “logical end” well at all.

        I’m a person, as most people I guess are, with reason and morals. There are degrees of serious laws.


        1. If you see, as a FREE STANDING HUMAN BEING, it’s safe to go, then go.

          So maybe she was asleep? I thought I heard her say “Yes”.

          Is this what you want? To break the law and defend criminals?

      3. Mention Somalia.
        All the top anti-libertarian types are doing it.
        So. Mah. Lee. Ah.
        Practice a while. You’ll get it.

      4. You ask if it’s okay to break the law if nobody else is around, then use the example of raping a cheerleader.

        Technically, if you’re raping a cheerleader, then someone else is around. The cheerleader you’re raping.

        1. Not if she’s dead first.

          1. That’s genius! Well, my Saturday nights are booked up for the foreseeable future. 😀 I salute you, sir!

            1. That’ll learn the bitch… next time tell her, “Don’t turn this rape into a murder, baby”. Maybe she’ll do as she’s told.

  24. He’s a comedian, get over it…

  25. The only bigger asses than Adam Carolla are the editors at Reason who worship idiotic celebrity. I don’t give a f*** what this idiot thinks.

  26. “You’re selling mushrooms at a Phish concert, what the fuck do I want you in our prisons for? “

    What happens when the kid who takes the mushrooms flips out, kills somebody, then tries to defend himself by saying he had a psychotic break from reality?

    Like in THIS case

    We should just legalize everything just because people are going to do it anyway? Stealing should be legalized because we’ll never stop people from holding up the gas stations? Child abuse happens every day, should we legalize that, too?

    1. Drunk Idiot, if you weren’t 15 years old, you’d know that the courts are filled – and I mean filled – with alcohol-related crimes.
      I covered courts, douche/wad. You subtract the sh!t people pull when drunk and you’d have empty courthouses.
      So shove your one mushroom-induced crimespree in a lifetime incident up her stupid statist ass.

      1. So you’re saying alcohol consumption should be completely against the law?

    2. Amazing. Someone always equates ingesting something to violently raping, murdering, or stealing from someone. All of those cases, a victim was created.
      Stop with that shit because no one is fucking advocating that.

  27. “You want to do a little blow, you want to do a little crank, you want to do a little speed, whatever the fuck you want to do, go, feel free to do it.”

    Then we have to deal with heroin addicts. Who pays for their rehab when they want to change their lives? Who pays for their hospital visits when they overdose? Who pays for all the methadone when the junkies hit rock bottom and want to comfortably come off their withdrawals? Who pays for their food and housing when they can’t work?

    Or do you just want to sit back and relax while we empower the dealers and let the victims go helpless?

    Drug Abuse is a serious problem in a lot of homes across America. Adam should apologize to them for making light of their situation that he will never understand.

    1. Who pays for their hospital visits when they overdose? Who pays for all the methadone when the junkies hit rock bottom and want to comfortably come off their withdrawals? Who pays for their food and housing when they can’t work?

      Uh…no-one. Didn’t you get the libertarian memo?

    2. Or do you just want to sit back and relax while we empower the dealers and let the victims go helpless?

      Again, read that memo. There would be no “dealers” if all of these things were legal. Dealers only exist to profit off of the price inflation that prohibition creates.

      1. So you’re against the black market? Essentially you’re opposed to free-lance capitalism. Do you think the sale of drugs would be some how better if the state regulated its uses?

        1. This is too stupid of a comment to merit a response.

          1. Or possibly it’s too challenging of a question for you to attempt a potential refutation?

            1. Actually, it’s really simple to refute. Since you’ve expressed a willingness to learn, I’ll make it real simple for ya.

              Prohibition = higher prices for prohibited thing.

              Drugs = prohibited thing.

              Assume: reasonably smart people will sell addictive things to people if and only if there’s a good profit in it for them.

              Assume: would-be dealers are reasonably smart.

              Assume: drugs were to be legalized (i.e., not prohibited).

              Conclude: would-be dealers wouldn’t bother dealing drugs.

              Ergo: end of drug “problem”.

              1. I’ve sold legal things above their recommended retail value. Cigarettes, and booze. Only because I didn’t like the people that asked me for it.

                Really, I agree with you, I’m just surprised that Libertarians are so willing to condemn the free-lance market. On one hand we say that taxation and regulation are driving businesses out… that we should stop regulating because people are basically responsible and ethical enough to maintain a competitive market without government intervention. Then, simultaneously, when it comes to drugs, that people are not responsible and need the government to protect the citizens from capitalists who would exploit people for profit.

                1. There’s some arguments I will always eschew when dealing with legalizing drugs, typically marijuana. I feel it’s over rationalizing the issue, and leads for more contradiction.

                  (1) Marijuana has intended medical purposes.

                  (2) The black market creates criminals, and the only way to deal with disputes is through violence.

                  (3) People are going to do drugs anyway.

                  (4) Alcohol is legal, why not pot?

                  (5) Bacon kills more people than pot, why not ban it?

                  (1) People want to use Marijuana for non-medical reasons. Any time we want a ban lifted on something we’ll have to prove that it’s healthy? Back when alcohol was prohibited, there were protests against it.. the signs simply said, “We Want Beer”. They didn’t try to say that 2 beers makes you urinate better and helps your circulation.

                  (2)The Black Market is not as bad as people think it is. We’re only responding to the violence that we hear about. The majority of marijuana sales in America are not done the way we see it on tv. We just want to expand the profitability of marijuana by letting companies who follow the rules in on the competition. Why aren’t Anti-Trust lawyers going after the federal government for only letting “criminals” sell pot?

                  (3) Too easily refuted. Many of things are done in life that the law has a difficulty stopping. Saying, “people are going to do it anyway” makes us look like we’ve given up hope and don’t care. Politicians love this shit. It creates a “We Will Never Give UP” vibe to their bullshit.

                  (4) There were 1 million kids at Woodstock, tons of drugs, no violence. 12 dudes get together in a bar and they’re fist fighting. So what? The argument that pot is safer than alcohol just suggests that alcohol should be banned too. If we remove ourselves from the moral monopoly argument on all mind-altering substances, then policy writers will lose half of their persuasion. If you support legalizing of marijuana, then please don’t talk shit about alcohol.

                  (5) One of the worst things you can suggest to a politician or group like M.A.D.D is a contradiction of their values. IE. Drunk driving kills, but so does heart attacks, why don’t we ban cheese and bacon and fatty foods? You know what will happen? They will start banning cheese and bacon and fatty foods. And pot will still be illegal too. Support consumer freedom at all cost.

    3. Drug Abuse is a serious problem in a lot of homes across America.

      Libertarian solution: take the kids away from parents who harm or neglect them (in the serious way that drug addicts do). Give them to other parents. No-one said that libertarians view children as property of their parents, like dogs or cats or something.

      (None of this is to say that children should be taken away from responsible drug users, just those who demonstrate their inability to care for their young children.)

      1. Who would be responsible for “taking the kids away from parents who harm or neglect them”? The State? The federal government? I’m confused. Who funds the institution that would perform these services, and who elects them to decide what is “harm” and “neglect”?

        1. Uh…do you think we’re anarchists? There should still be cops, judges, lawyers, and other agents of the state.

          1. So then you’re not opposed to taxation that pays for these government agencies?

            1. Heard of the fair tax? Eliminate the federal income tax, institute the fair tax, and I’ll be happy to pay it when I drive to Walmart from my home (either in Houston or somewhere in New Hampshire; haven’t yet decided).

              I’ll purposefully shop at Walmart (even though I think it’s run by a bunch of opportunistic dicks who would throw capitalism under the bus if it would profit them), just to piss off whiney progressives.

              1. No, I’ve never heard of the fair tax. I will look it up later when I have more time. I’m interested in what that is. I agree with eliminating the federal income tax. I believe in private security, private schools… basically anything that can be privatized should be. .. but naturally there are going to be a small remainder of things that can’t be private. How to fund these things is something I’m puzzled about because I reject the concept of taxation completely.

                People need to understand that taxation is not a payment for a service. It’s not like I can drive on the roads and say, “well, I helped pay for this” so it’s mine. When in reality we’ve paid for it a million times while the government uses our cash for their own expense accounts and other frivolous things that we would never buy like we would buy heat, water, and electricity.

  28. Drunk Idiot: Internet porn is a serious problem in a lot of homes across America.
    You should be advocating for a porn-free America. And jail terms for monkey-spankers.

    Maybe hold a charity walk to help get it off the ground.

    1. The sale of pornography should be forbidden. Two reasons: (A) Porn addiction makes men neurotic, compulsive, and dangerous, which does nothing but creep out women and it makes it difficult for regular guys to interact with women because they’re all terrified and sick of being objectified. (B) Any couple that is willing to watch pornography should make it themselves. I’ve done it, and it’s great. Nothing like watching your own cock getting sucked on a big screen tv. The sales figures of home video cameras will triple once all the fuckups with porn collections start dating actual women.

      1. [citation needed]

        Uh.. I watch porn and still manage to get laid at the same time. How the fuck is watching porn going to make someone dangerous, compulsive, and neurotic? Somehow, I manage to talk to women and not constantly stare at their tits or wonder what their bush looks like. Next, please.

  29. you prohibitionist pigfuckers dont understand you are the ones who see the world only in black and white. you give worst case scenarios as reasons for prohibiting arbitrary things.
    if that dipshit logic was applied everywhere, nothing would be legal. every single action and inaction carries a risk.
    but since you are the almighty arbiter of what is too risky, you can use your intellect to determine what others should and shouldnt be able to do.

    i dont know how legalizing all drugs would affect society, but neither do you dumbfucks. at least i admit my fallibility. you guys can go join obama, fidel and mao in thinking central planning works if the people planning are smart and caring enough.

    1. Federal and state laws against drugs are installed to protect victims. If there were no laws regulating the sale and distribution of drugs, there would be no accountability for criminals to face.

      1. Um, there are always laws regulating the sale and distribution of legal drugs. And if the drugs are legal what “criminals” would need to be held accountable for their sale?

        1. Sorry, I forgot you were drunk when you wrote that.

        2. People who do not follow the regulations are criminals.

  30. I like Carolla and listen him regularly, but he sounded like a douche bag in this interview. He knew he was talking to a libertarian audience so he threw all his libertarian ideas out rapid fire in the most bombastic way possible (he’s trying to sell books).

    He’s much better in long form where he has time to develop his rants. Some of them are still retarded (like his support for torture), but at least you know where he’s coming from.

    1. The reality of this situation is that there are hundreds of idiots in frat houses, pubs and even dunkin donuts across America that could have spouted out the same bullshit. Reason just wants to accumulate more celebrities for their message. .. which can be detrimental in the long run.

      1. Hasn’t hurt scientology.

        1. Libertarianism is cult-like. .. and the Reason Foundation? What’s with that bullshit? It’s like PETA calling itself Ethical. Anybody that has ever done shrooms or lsd (or even read Kant) knows that Reason is questionable at best.

  31. Anyone got a count on the number of “fuck”s?

    1. Gentlemen do not count fucks.

  32. hint: left turns on red lights

    I’ve been saying that for years. There’s already some intersections have a green and yellow arrow, but no red. When the arrow goes away you just yield to oncoming traffic as normal. Just make them all like that. People seem to handle them fine.

    I dig Corolla, but he can stuff the gas tax you know where. He should do another home rebuild show. That one was fun.

    1. So it’s up to you when you feel like you can disobey the laws? It doesn’t make sense to you, so it shouldn’t be illegal to do?

      Try giving a Frotteurist permission to use that same logic.

      1. Do they rub on straw men too?

        1. If someone was molesting you against your will, then what actual reason or logic could you use to prove that what they’re doing is wrong? Is it simply because you didn’t welcome it or didn’t like it?

          1. I don’t have to prove anything. My leg is my property. Whose property is being violated by a left turn on a red arrow?

    2. I live in North Texas, where I grew up with the ‘go on green’ left-turn rule. They’re doing away with it here in a lot of areas because of the amount of wrecks at these intersections.

  33. “Heard of the fair tax?”

    I read an article on the Fair Tax. It makes a lot more sense than the current Tax Code in America. I would like to see all taxes wiped away in this country. This would be a start. The next step is ending welfare, the majority of government jobs and agencies, and wasteful spending programs. Privatize all current public resources. Anything leftover should be funded by community support groups, private organizations, corporate funding (philantro-capitalism), and other charities.

    Let people pay for only the things that they are using, like their heating bill and alarm systems.

  34. I liked this idiot but then he mentioned the $10 per gallon gas and that was it. Fuck him.

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