Peter Schiff Qualifies for Primary, Still Lags Behind Wrestling Queen


From Politico:

Connecticut investor Peter Schiff filed enough signatures to qualify for the Republican Senate primary, local officials confirmed Monday, setting up a contested primary between the libertarian-leaning underdog and state GOP-endorsed wrestling executive Linda McMahon. […]

Schiff failed to win support from 15 percent of delegates at the state party's convention, which forced him to collect 8,268 valid signatures to put his name on the primary ballot. Former Rep. Rob Simmons, who came in second to McMahon at the convention, will also be listed as an option in the August vote, but suspended his campaign after losing the party endorsement.

Even Schiff's supporters are not optimistic about his chances of defeating McMahon. […]

A June Quinnipiac poll showed McMahon taking 45 percent of the primary vote, compared with 29 percent for Simmons and 12 percent for Schiff.

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Schiff made three predictions about Barack Obama's economic policies in Reason's March 2009 issue, contributed to our October 2009 forum on inflation, and sat down for a Reason.tv interview in between. Watch it below: