Law Enforcement and DWI Roundup


A quick roundup of recent stories on law enforcement officials and DWI laws…

  • Ten police officers in Westchester County, New York admit to local newspaper that they routinely let other officers off after catching them driving drunk off duty.
  • Off-duty, possibly drunk South Carolina officer pulled over after a chase demands "professional courtesy" she says is customarily granted to other officers. She was charged with reckless driving and disorderly conduct, but wasn't arrested or given a breath test, and was allowed to go home.
  • Chicago police officer shown to have faked dozens of DWI arrests won't face criminal charges.
  • Off-duty Massachusetts state police lieutenant crashes into pickup truck, causing the truck to flip several times. Officer admitted drinking earlier in the day and two open beer cans were found in his car. Other officers don't administer field sobriety test for 2 1/2 hours, after allowing him to talk to his attorney. He was also never given breath or blood tests. He did get a $20 traffic ticket.
  • From last year, DWI charges dropped against Nevada DA who caused two crashes within six hours while in California, and tested over the legal limit after the second. He was allowed to plead to reckless driving.