Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


Here's what you were reading last week at Hit & Run:

Obama: 'I Don't Think I Said That.' In Exactly Those Words. In That Particular Speech, by Jacob Sullum (2/1)

Weisberg: God Bless America? No, God Damn America! by Tim Cavanaugh (2/5)

Meet The New Obama, Same as The Old Obama: Tomorrow We Scrimp, But Today We Spend! by Nick Gillespie (2/1)

How Does the D.C. Establishment Compensate You for Smashing Your Leg with a Diplomatic SUV? By Giving You a Jaywalking Ticket for a Faraway Intersection, Then Accusing You of "Jogging" Into the Vehicle, by Matt Welch (2/4)

Climategate Update 1: The China Syndrome, by Ronald Bailey (2/2)