Last Week's Top 5 Hit & Run Posts


Here's what you were reading last week at Hit & Run:

Obama: 'I Don't Think I Said That.' In Exactly Those Words. In That Particular Speech, by Jacob Sullum (2/1)

Weisberg: God Bless America? No, God Damn America! by Tim Cavanaugh (2/5)

Meet The New Obama, Same as The Old Obama: Tomorrow We Scrimp, But Today We Spend! by Nick Gillespie (2/1)

How Does the D.C. Establishment Compensate You for Smashing Your Leg with a Diplomatic SUV? By Giving You a Jaywalking Ticket for a Faraway Intersection, Then Accusing You of "Jogging" Into the Vehicle, by Matt Welch (2/4)

Climategate Update 1: The China Syndrome, by Ronald Bailey (2/2)


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  1. WHAT??!!!!!

  2. er might be of interest

    Libertarian wins 21% of the vote in Costa Rica

    that must be a record eh?….._elections

    1. And What? This is supposed to somehow quell the uncontainable rage I am experiencing at what must have been a dry January for Suderman? Damn it man; we need to see those computer codes!

  3. White House Infested With Bedbugs After Biden Brings In Recliner Off The Curb:

    WASHINGTON?The White House suffered a severe bedbug infestation last week after Vice President Joe Biden reportedly “scored” a discarded recliner chair that “someone was just throwing out” on the corner of Windom Road and 32nd Street. “It’s plenty comfy, and I’ll tell ya, they don’t make ’em with levers like this anymore,” said Biden, scratching at a series of red welts on his arms as he pointed out the pocket on the side that could hold both a remote control and a Coors tallboy. “It reclines all the way back. All the way. And you wanna know what else? It holds two people, if you know what I mean.” Meanwhile, Senegal officials reported that their nation has been plagued by an outbreak of bedbugs since its president returned from a short stay in the Lincoln Bedroom.…..ested_with

    1. Ok, you got me. I actually thought it was serious right up to the last sentance or so when i spotted the link.

  4. I’m hoping the “John Murtha is finally dead” post from today (forthcoming) will make next weeks top 5.

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