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The civil liberties advocacy organization Flex Your Rights has a new video coming out next month called 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. Here's a trailer:


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  1. Gotta love how Google put up an ad for “how to become a police officer” why the video played.

  2. Looks like it could be a very valuable video. I don’t remember learning any of this stuff in Civics class.

  3. Aren’t we getting to the point where if people start asserting their rights, the cops will just murder them and plant guns on their corpses?

  4. Up here in the Canaders I got a ticket for expired plate tags while the ministry office I had to get them from was on strike. The Police officer admonished me for not getting it at the earliest date. Then went on about his kids and responsibility and got mad at me. A Pig. His younger female partner seemed to have sympathy for me and surprise at his reaction, but did not tell him to lay off and cool down.

    Justice of the peace threw it out, but I had to schlep around and waste a lot of time for nothing.

    Of course I was not hurt or criminalized, but I can see how these things escalate when idiots have power.

    1. In that cop’s defense, it’s not his job to determine guilt or innocence, that’s the function of a judge/magistrate. So while he could’ve let you off with a warning it’s not really a big deal for him to cite you on this. Pain in the ass yeah, but then it’s a pain in the ass to have public servants that can go on strike in the first place.

  5. tip # 11: doggie-size body armor

  6. Really, just one rule will suffice (and when you’re in a stressful situation that could lead to your arrest, one rule may be all you can remember:

    1. STFU.

    OK, two rules.

    2. Seriously, STFU. Nothing you can say will make things better. It will all be used against you.

    OK, three rules.

    3. Don’t fucking run. Bullets are faster than you.

    1. Corollary to rule #1: STFU also means don’t nod your head “yes” when they ask permission (or seemingly demand permission) to enter your house, or search your car, or search your person or backpack. Don’t consent to any search whatsoever. If they have probable cause, they won’t ask for permission. They only ask if they don’t have the right to do it.

      1. Since most cops aren’t being recorded, I’ve always wondered why they just don’t search anyways. They could always claim that you gave consent. Your word against a cop’s, we know who always wins that fight.

  7. Okay, Radley, use your imagination and come up with a scenario on dealing with private cops in Libertopia.

    1. Morris wants a cops (or cops) to play “hide the baton” with him.

      1. Think Somalia, fuckhead

        1. Somalia != Libertopia.

          1. Also, very few us here are anarchists.

            1. Why the fuck am I responding to Edward?

              1. We were wondering the same thing. Next time you see him, pretend he’s a cop, and don’t talk to him.

            2. But we’re the coolest!

            3. I am Spartacus!

            4. So non-anarchist libertarians don’t want private cops?

        2. Why am I not surprised that Morris is a slavish devotee of cops’ authoritah?
          (And ya’ll know why he calls himself “Morris,” right? Think old-time commercials.)

          1. Yes, that’s right. Morris is a finicky pussy.

    2. Pay them whatever the market will bear to taser you and shoot yer dog.

  8. I want them to come up with 10 Rules For Dealing With School Officials that I can give to my kids to watch.

    1. My advice would be basically the same as with the police, i.e. don’t say anything. Have them tell the school officials to call you in if there’s a problem.

  9. I dont care what this “famous lawyer” says, wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey warrants some sort of police intervention if for no other reason than that poor person may need help and simply doesnt realize it.

    1. More of a psychiatric problem, I’d think…

      1. So, Baker Act for that transgression?

  10. Speaking of Browns fans, Warty once linked to a video with a law professor talking about why you should never, ever, talk to cops. It was followed by a cop – talking about why you should never, ever talk to cops.

  11. Right here, BP. I pass it along whenever I can.

  12. Also, since Radley didn’t put up the link to the Flex your, here it is.

  13. Whatever this rule is, it apparently didn’t make the cut….…..-a-johnson

    1. How can you arrest a guy with such a righteous mullet?

      Cut Santo some slack on the pot dudes!

      1. Sorry, bad link copying skillz.

        Here is the right link.

  14. And part two is here. They’re a little long, but I’m really, really glad I saw this before I’ve even had to be in this situation.

  15. Is there an 800-number I can call that will record a conversation? I’d like to have it rolling during a traffic stop, just for peace of mind.

    1. I think a lot of cell phones have the capability to take voice notes. It might work.

  16. My BlackBerryhas a time limit of 60 seconds for recording. If I’d been the airport Ron Paul guy, I’d be screwed. Guess I need an iPhone.

    1. must be an older berry.

      1. It has to be an older one. I have a 8900 Curve and it’s still recording after 2 minutes. Even better the screen blanks after 15 seconds.

        I never have a use for that feature, but I do now. Excellent tip. I should map it to an external button.

    2. Point is, the 800-number is remote storage. They can’t just confiscate your phone and delete your evidence.

      1. Just keep an old style answering machine hooked up at home and call yourself.

  17. My BlackBerryhas a time limit of 60 seconds for recording.
    Really? That’s hilarious. Come, join us in the 21st century!

  18. Thanks for confirming those Kentucky stereotypes, HoneyBunny.

    I have a 3Gs, for the record.

  19. My recording time is only limited by the extent of my imagination. And my 8G SanDisk card.

  20. I have a 3Gs, for the record.

    I used to have one of those. It made me feel like a caveman.

    1. Someone stole my PDA, and I will ruin this house with my anger!

  21. Billy Murphy of Baltimore fame. Nothing to do with the admirable aim of Flex Your Rights, but Murphy is one hell of a slimeball…Even for a PA/Criminal Def attorney.

    1. Worse than Mary Beth Buchanan, John Woo, MS AG John Hood, or the former Dallas DA who once said “anyone can convict a guilty man. It take a real prosecutor to convict an innocent man.”?

      Because in the scumball playoffs, that’s some stiff competition.

  22. I’ve always wondered, if you ask for a lawyer when the cops are questioning you, what happens next? Do they let you borrow the phone book? Can you call a friend or family member and have them get you a lawyer? I don’t exactly have a lawyer on retainer…

    1. In theory, if they have enough to arrest you, they arrest you, and then they have to let you call someone and arrange for a lawyer. If they don’t have enough to arrest you, they pretty much have to let you go. They may keep trying, and they may become extravagantly unhappy about your lack of cooperation, so be prepared for that.

      1. The important thing to do is not answer any questions other than providing ID, etc. Anything else should be responded to with “Are you detaining me, or am I free to go?” If they detain you, flex your right to remain silent.

  23. This video is racist.

  24. Hey this Billy Murphy guy is the dude who played Clay Davis’ defense attorney in the final season of The Wire. Sweet.

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