Reason Morning Links: ObamaCare, the PATRIOT Act, a Climate Bill, and More


• The Fort Hood shooter is alive after all.

• At least 10,000 tea partiers protest ObamaCare in Washington.

• The House Judiciary Committee defies the White House by rejecting the PATRIOT Act's "lone wolf" provision.

• The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passes cap and trade while Republicans boycott the vote.

• Investigators "increasingly doubt" that the census worker found dead in Kentucky was killed for political reasons.

• Former NYPD chief Bernie Kerik pleads guilty to eight felonies.

• A political bargain falls apart in Honduras.

• Venezuela cracks down on violent video games.

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  1. Well well! It appears the Islamic terrorist is alive on a ventilator and in a coma.

    I cannot say I feel for him given the circumstances.

    Our heroine, OTOH, appears to be doing well.

    1. Hey! Let’s all speculate about something we really know nothing about!

      1. But the latest reports are that he is still alive. What’s wrong with mentioning that?

  2. We also managed to finally break into the double digits in the government’s unemployment statistic.

  3. Dude Id say its time to Rock and Roll how bout yew???


  4. …if the US had [Venezuela’s] murder rate, we would be talking about 150,000 deaths due to crime…

    Holy shit. That article is really worth a read.

    1. Yeah, that article has a lot more to do with living under the rule of a truly authoritarian regime than anything about video games. The way that games are tied to it is just a bonus.

      1. So what systems have become available in the Venezuelan market so far? PSOne? Super Famicom? They’re banning Street Fighter!

        1. Screw that! “Mario Is Missing”!

  5. Well well! It appears the Islamic terrorist is alive on a ventilator and in a coma.

    I cannot say I feel for him given the circumstances.

    Our heroine, OTOH, appears to be doing well.

    Is this the Baby Einstein version of the story?

    1. Brevity is a virtue; nothing wrong with being succinct.

  6. At least 10,000 tea partiers protest ObamaCare in Washington

    According to Keith Olbermann and his race-baiting guests on MSNBC, the “teabaggers” were angry white folks who were bussed in by the Grand Astroturf Conspiracy to spread their supremacist hate and intimidate our peaceful and caring public servants.

    1. Back off, ed. MSNBC is a real news organization.

      1. And I’m Batman.

        1. I’m Batman.

          1. I’m Brian! Batman!

  7. Note the guy has never deployed anywhere. He worked at Walter Reed. But, fucking NPR had a whole segment this morning on PTSD and soldiers going berserk after coming back from combat. The media so desparately wants this to fit the narative of “all solidiers are crazy and damaged” rather than have to admit that a Muslim may have committed an act of terror. Fucking bastards.

    1. NPR really roasts my kiester.

    2. Well, it fits reality because mental health professionals tend to be quite nuts.

    3. 13 people dead and over 30 wounded? I think “may” is an understatement.

      I have never served in combat, or in the military for that matter, but I would imagine the incredible stress of such extraordinary circumstances would pummel even the most steely of nerves.

      Crazy? No. Irreparably altered? Definitely. The extent one copes effectively? Depends on the individual and how aggressive needed intervention and therapy is and how receptive the patient is to TX.

      The local news has already gotten a statement from the Muslim Society in town; basically condemning the act as “cold-blooded murder” while praising all the good things Muslims have done since the formation of this country.

      I wonder if this will the the meme for this massacre?

      1. They have done studies about the Vietnam generation. And they found that the people who say combat actually have lower instances of divorce, drug abuse, suicide and the like than those who stayed home. Yes, combat is bad, but millions of people deal with the aftermath just fine. The ones who don’t probably would have found something else to not deal with if they hadn’t have gone. They were just those kinds of people.

        Or, it also maybe that if we had just gotten all of those maladjusted hippies the help they needed back in the 70s, they wouldn’t be in such bad shape today. 🙂

      2. I am not sure how altered I was by the experience. I don’t feel altered. But, when you are crazy you don’t know it because if you knew you were crazy you would stop being crazy. All lunatics think they are just fine.

        1. I dunno. I deal with rather unpleasant circumstances, especially when I do weekend ER call. But they are within a very controlled environment (with some exception in ER, it can get a little nutty).

          By and large, I can count on three fingers cases that affected me emotionally and made it past clinical detachment. So, to some degree I can relate; I would venture to surmise that the some of studies done on shellshock post Vietnam were skewed by proxy of a disproportionate representation of returning vets.

          1. I remember as a 9 year old being aware of the profound change in my father when he came back from Vietnam. He was a funloving and gregarious man when he left and was, and still is, a very quiet man with an undercurrent of anger.

            1. It definitely changes a lot of people. But being changed even for the worse, doesn’t mean you are crazy.

    4. John, aren’t you aware of the newly-discovered dangers of second-hand PTSD? Are you against science or something?

  8. The legislation [passed in committee]would allow the Patriot Act’s never-used “lone wolf” section to expire at the end of the year. The provision permits the government to spy on non-Americans even when they’re not linked to a recognized terrorist group.

    The Justice Department has asked that the “lone wolf” authority be continued, even though it hasn’t been needed yet. Patriot Act revisions before the Senate would retain the tool, but the House Democrats said normal criminal investigative tools could be used instead.

    I don’t see anything wrong here, except the fallacy of, “Let’s keep it even though we haven’t needed it; but because we haven’t needed it, that’s proof we should have it.”

    I yield to The Iron Law.

    1. You can’t stop the lone wolf. If someone is nuts and wants to kill a bunch of people, they are going to be able to do it if they really want to.

      1. Yet, it has now come out that there were overt warning signs about this guy’s behavior that people had noticed a while ago.

        And these concerns that were brought up were of course ignored for the exact same reason that that FBI Agent’s memo before 9/11 warning about Muslims in flight school not interested in learning how to land was ignored by her superiors.

        Because the entire country is being run by cowardly, doltish, politically correct leftist scum. There’s no hope for our pathetic country at all.

        1. I can gaurentee you the Army was too fucking PC to notice. You would think posting on radical websites calling for the killing of US soldiers would get you kicked out of the Army. But apparently not.

          1. John, I don’t think it’s a case of being pC as much as a desperation to hire folks of mid-eastern heritage to help bridge the social gap. They overlook a multitude of sins to get help from Muslims in the WOT. The CIA and FBI have been doing it for years with people that were on watch lists and one in particular, I forget his name, that was kicked out of the Egyptian army for his radical muslim views.

            1. If he was a translator, I could understand. But he was a shrink. They were just being PC I think.

              But our government is incredibly stupid on this stuff. They hire a tone of Chinese who still have families in the PRC and give them high security clearances. Gee, how hard is it for Chinese intel to tell these guys, give up your information or watch grandma go to the gulag?

        2. “”Yet, it has now come out that there were overt warning signs about this guy’s behavior that people had noticed a while ago. “”

          Yeah, remember that DHS report about domestic terror? Military + anti-goverment behavior = possible terrorist.

          You can expect more scruitny on blog posts by military personel. While John may complain about NPR trying to make troops sound crazy, our government has more ammo to call our troops possible terrorist just because they made anti-government posts.

    2. But those racists defied the president!

  9. Being forced to live in Texas would provide a powerful temptation to begin indiscriminately shooting people for a lot of people.

    1. You know who else lives in that part of Texas? I anxiously await the conspiracy theorists’ suggestion that W. and Cheney and their Halliburton minions orchestrated this attack to further the agenda of greedy big oil profits derived from the U.S. military continuing to provide secure cover for the interests of BIGOIL in the middle east.

      1. With the same places writing about how Bush policies turned this guy against Obama.

  10. MSNBC is a real news organization.

    Do they have badges?

    1. Badges!?!?! We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!!!

      1. But they do have badgers. Rachel Maddow comes to mind.

    2. No, but they have those way cool PRESS tickets to stuff into their hat bands.

  11. They caught the guys plotting to attack Fort Dix. The guy in Arkansas shot up the recruiting station. There was another plot somehwere to shoot down planes leaving an air base. This is not an isolated incident. There seems to be an effort to attack military targets within the US. Just imagine if radical Christians had shot up a gay bar and been arrested plotting to shoot up a couple of others. Imagine the over the top response by the media. But, killing soldiers, not so much.

    1. I was intrigued about 10 years ago to see such a large percentage of students of middle eastern descent attending the local aviation college. They were getting associates degrees in avionics and airframe/powerplant. The largest local employer for graduates is Fort Rucker. The Army aviation capitol. If you fly helicopters in the army, you go through Fort Rucker. Not that I’m a scaredy cat nutjob, but it is interesting to me.

      1. God that is interesting. I would imagine most of them are just trying to make a living. Sadly, it only takes one nut.

        1. Also here brotherben. There is a nationally known flight and avionics school here as well. It has always has a large percentage of Middle Eastern students and graduates in aviation, powerplant, electronics, etc.

          But then, my graduating class from engineering school also had a very large component of Middle Easterners as well, particularly petroleum and chemical (chem here).

          There is an element of truth in what both you and John suggest.

      2. It’s older than that. When I was still flying in the Southeast the radio was full of traffic from Middleastern flight students. Especially when we were doing night training.

    2. The MSM has never been fond of the military since Vietnam.

      It seems to me the only time the military has been positively portrayed was Kosovo, Darfur and other areas where genocide was going on; these were moral interventions consistent with left ideology and therefore pure in intent, regardless if anything of substance was accomplished.

      Other than that, the MSM and libs have no use for military.

      1. Yes, the crucial factor seems to be whether there is arguably an American interest. If there isn’t, they’re pro-military.

    3. There was that pipe bomber in Georgia who blew up a lesbian bar in Atlanta and he planted one at the Olympics. Wasn’t caught until just a couple of years ago.

      1. But they went apeshit over that guy. He was one of the FBI’s ten most wanted.

        1. Yes. Was just giving you a recent example of There seems to be an effort to attack military targets within the US. Just imagine if radical Christians had shot up a gay bar and been arrested plotting to shoot up a couple of others.

  12. “? At least 10,000 tea partiers protest ObamaCare in Washington.”

    Yes, but Michelle Bachman was there so the media says it doesn’t count.

    1. I wonder if it will count if 10,000 people decide to attack media outlets around the country.



    1. He inherited that from the Bush administration. It just takes a long time to find all the unemployed people.

    2. Reagan had double digit unemployment? Wow, how sucky was he on the economy eh?

      1. But things turned around very quickly in 83. If the economy turns around before 2012 and unemployment is back down to six or seven percent, Obama is in good shape. But, understand that Reagan had big unemployment while Paul Volker was ending inflation and re-establishing stability in the dollar. It was short term pain for long term gain. Obama is doing just the opposite. He is running the risk of inflation and devaluing the dollar and doesn’t even have good short term economic performance to show for it.

        1. Heh, wait until the rest of the stimulus goodies hit in time for next years elections.

      2. According to the Bureau of Labor, it was 9.6% in 1983. I find this odd. Did we change the way we look at the numbers?


        1. 9.6 is technically 2 digits?

          1. It’s 10 digits if I write it this way: 9.600000000.

            Whatever Reagan’s flaws, he did try a few things to help the economy. Unlike the current administration, which would use nuclear weapons on the economy if it could.

  14. President Obama didn’t wait long after Tuesday’s devastating elections to give critics another reason to question his leadership, but this time the subject matter was more grim than a pair of governorships.

    After news broke out of the shooting at the Fort Hood Army post in Texas, the nation watched in horror as the toll of dead and injured climbed. The White House was notified immediately and by late afternoon, word went out that the president would speak about the incident prior to a previously scheduled appearance. At about 5 p.m., cable stations went to the president. The situation called for not only his trademark eloquence, but also grace and perspective.

    But instead of a somber chief executive offering reassuring words and expressions of sympathy and compassion, viewers saw a wildly disconnected and inappropriately light president making introductory remarks. At the event, a Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian affairs, the president thanked various staffers and offered a “shout-out” to “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow — that Congressional Medal of Honor winner.” Three minutes in, the president spoke about the shooting, in measured and appropriate terms. Who is advising him?


    1. I happened to be listening to that speech and thought it rather odd and insensitive as well — however, typical. His artificial intelligence algorithms need an upgrade.

      1. More like feigned intelligence.

    2. Barack Obama couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the dead soldiers at Ft. Hood; he cares far more about Dr. Joe Medicine Pro.

      The only reason he bothered to make any pro forma statement about Hood at all is because it’s the sort of thing is still expected by most people.

      1. I wonder what sort of flashy decorations they will have for his casket photo op?

    3. Not to understate the tragedy at Ft Hood., but why is it necessary that the POTUS speak about these things at all? Why encourage further politicization of events?

      Shit happens. Horrible shit happens. That doesn’t mean it should be the president’s top priority to speak about them, if at all. Man up and come up with some calming words for yourself, if you need them.

      1. The fact that a president acknowledges a national tragedy does not (necessarily) politicize it. It’s one of the traditional functions of a head of state to speak some appropriate words at such times. Obama and/or his advisors are obviously clueless about this.

  15. unemployment up

    Olberdoodle flat out called Murdoch out last night in the cable news war.

    It looks more and more like the shooting was based on religious belief and a fucking nutjob.

    1. I caught that while flippin through “news” channels. If (and it’s a big if) what Olberman said was true, Murdoch kinda stepped on his yang in the cat-fight between msnbc and fox.

      1. I programmed them all out so I couldn’t flip past them any longer. This was the day after Columbine. My life improved immeasurably.

        1. I listen to the channels focused on the markets and shows on each dealing with the market. Someone emailed this to me.

          Murdoch doesn’t care. Seems like a lot of people don’t get that. He has said his companies are an extension of him in many ways. That is what separates the bias of Fox with networks. No one else will man up and admit a bias.

          Olberman is still pissed he got canned from the best gig he had for being a moron. He’s still crying over getting shit canned.

        2. Fortunately, Verizon groups all the news channels together, so I don’t even need to go near them.

          Yes, life is very good that way.

  16. his trademark eloquence

    A “trademark” of which there are no examples. The guy seems unusually weird and stupid, even for a politician.

    “Shout out” is dorky put-on slang for another audience, he got the guy’s credentials wrong, and his tone when he finally got around to noting his murdered charges was creepily mismatched to the words he was reading. All in all, a typical performance.

    1. Hire SugarFree to reprogram The Obamabot, since he is such a whiz with home electronics, slash/fic, and all things Steve Smith.


  17. Looks like Arafat’s legacy of terrorism got a few more victims. Fort Hood shooter was of Palestinian background:

    1. The media is really pushing the “he was a victim of anti-muslim bigotry” meme. See, it wasn’t rfeally his fault.

      1. From the article JB linked to:

        Retired Army Col. Terry Lee, who said he worked with Hasan, told Fox News that Hasan had hoped President Barack Obama would pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Lee said Hasan got into frequent arguments with others in the military who supported the wars, and had tried hard to prevent his pending deployment.

        When you argue with the guys who are actually supporting the mission they volunteered for don’t go crying that they hate you because you are Muslum.

        And I will speculate a little, but from experience, the people who insist on behaving this way are usually trying to undermine the morale and the mission too.

        1. Typical bullshit welfare mentality. If he objected to the war, why didn’t he resign? Oh no, he couldn’t do that. He wanted his free medical degree and paycheck. He could have easily gotten a discharge as a consciencous objector. But that would have involved getting a different job. Better to collect the paycheck and sit around and bitch.

          1. Or he could have said he was gay. That would have been the easiest ticket out.

            1. They probably would’ve told him there was no proof he was gay and then kept him in. Of course, then I guess he could have gone through the difficult process of “producing” photos.

    2. I wasn’t the only person around here who had that suspicion. Wasn’t sure when I blogged about it this morning, so qualified the post and source.

  18. Reagan had double digit unemployment? Wow, how sucky was he on the economy eh?

    Yeah, but those stimulus and easy money policies he pushed through really pulled the economy out of the doldrums pretty quick.

    Oh, wait…

  19. Wrt the Venezuela link, I look forward to seeing how Guido N??ez-Mujica gets treated. Wow.

  20. Gold is at $1100.-/oz.

    Change, Baby!

  21. Rich: I don’t. I guess I’m more pessimistic than you.

  22. BP: /sarc about that. *That* guy has guts.

  23. “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”
    -General Phil Sheridan

    1. You know there were a lot of do gooders around even in the 19th Century. That attitude didn’t arise from nowhere. The Indians got a bad deal but they didn’t take it lying down either. And not surprisingly, the whites got a little pissed off after a few times of Indians killing off entire settlements.

      What is sad is that the radical Muslims are going to keep fucking and around and pulling things like this until that is the attitude people are going to have for all Muslims.

      1. And why does one get the impression, John, that to you that’s a welcome development?

        1. Because one is stupid? Retarded? I don’t know, you tell me since you are the one getting that impression.

    2. “the only good human is a dead human”
      -General Ursus

  24. Soldiers who witnessed the shooting rampage at Fort Hood that left 13 people dead reported that the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — before the attack Thursday, which left 30 people wounded, including the gunman.


    1. What’s the Arabic for “God is a pansy-ass sand nigger”?

      /Right-wing teabagger fascist insensitivity

      1. “Obama”

      2. On what basis do you associate the Tea Party movement with blatant bigotry?

        In fact do you know when I first heard that particular slur? It was a rerun of a Carlos Mencia show he did shortly after 9/11. I did a double take. I had to listen to the context to understand who he was referring to. I only heard that show about a year ago.

        I am part of the Tea Party movement. I am also a libertarian who supports gay rights and served with Muslims in the Air Force. We worked together to defeat Al Quida. If anything they were more furious at Al Quida than the non-Muslims.

      3. AHow is mentioning the fact that he is a Muslim and apparently killed in the name of God insensitive? WTF is wrong with you?

        1. Christ on a pogo stick, why is anyone listening to ANYTHING that supposedly hapened/said/didn’t happen this soon after the event.

          For fuck’s sake, it’s just a bunch of speculative jerking off at this point. Give it a couple days before looking for a reason to get all worked up.

    2. My second counsin’s first wife’s best friend said she read that he had dynamite strapped to his chest, a grenade up his ass, and C4 in his shoe too!

  25. We say a lot of bad things about cops around here. But this is one case where we should give credit. The woman DOD rent a cop is awesome.

    In LE circles a DOD rent a cop is one step above Paul Blart Mall Cop. But, here in stark contrast to the typical asshole cop gearing up with a bullet proof vest and assault rifle to kick down an old lady’s door and kill her poodle, we have a woman who went toe to toe with this asshole with only a handgun and no vest. Not only that, she took a round and still got the bastard. She kicks ass.

    In a just world, the President would be visiting her at the hospital and giving her the Medal of Freedom. Instead, I imagine Ronnie Earl down in Austin is thinking about how he can indict her for a hate crime.

    1. In a just world, the President would be visiting her at the hospital and giving her the Medal of Freedom.

      True, but this idiot President would just confuse it with the Congressional Medal of Honor three months later anyway.

      1. I hear there is a Nobel Peace Prize he could spare……

    2. To this day it pisses me off recalling how the cops at Columbine just stood outside until the shooters were done. I believe something similar happened at Virginia Tech.

    3. In a just world, the President would be visiting her at the hospital and giving her the Medal of Freedom.

      I agree, but maybe it’s just as well he doesn’t. I don’t know that I would want a medal from him; the only reason he would be awarding it is because his handlers decided it would make for a nice photo-op (like that obscene display with the returning soldier’s casket).

    4. I second that, John.

      She didn’t do the typical cowardly cop thing and wait for the SWAT team, she took action. She is welcome at my fire anytime.

  26. “Now the U.S. faces the distasteful possibility that its diplomatic efforts to repudiate the coup have failed and Micheletti will be around to hang the presidential sash on the country’s next leader.”

    So the “distasteful” possibility is a peaceful transition of power? Also Tegucigalpa is the coolest name for a city ever.

  27. This just gets worse and worse. There is a seriously shitty backlash looming in the background.

    1. This does seem to have stirred up a hornets nest. I wonder how long it will last.

  28. Minneapolis Star Tribune Headline:

    Carnage Comes Home.

    I just sent them a letter that simply said, Fuck you.”

  29. Last night, when I heard Hassan’s cousin refer to him as “a great american” several times, I admit I thought of Hannity and chuckled just a bit.

    1. He is talking in code trying to get a job in the White House.

  30. I’ve noticed that a lot of the press is leading with the guy getting insulted for being against the war and being a little too Muslim. Not good that people do that, but why lead with it? Insults justify in some way mass slaughter? Really? Just because the guy is in a minority group? Is that the thinking?

    I get insulted here all the time, and I have yet to even think about typing in all caps, let alone harming anyone.

    1. Insults justify in some way mass slaughter? Really? Just because the guy is in a minority group? Is that the thinking?


    2. You’re a bigger dick than Roland Emmerich, ProL! Now go kill!

    3. I once said that you were catcher to Episiarch’s pitcher. Clearly, you would be justified in taking out a grade school.

      1. And etirely true.

      2. Jesus, Pro L., don’t you know where Epi’s penis has been?

        1. No, thank God.

    4. When I was in the army, my nickname was Bubbles. The idea was that I farted in the bathtub and tried to bite the bubbles. I fucking hated that nickname. But the more I protested, the more people used it.

      So, unless the army has changed a lot since 1990, I’d think that insulting your fellow soldiers is still part of the cultural. It is something you just learned to deal with.

      So a large part of me is think this dude was one big pussy. So he was worried about being deployed. So what you fucking pussy? There are 19 year old girls from Indiana that are worried about their deployment but they “man-up” and go through with it.

      1. Ha ha, Bubbles? I got lucky and got the nickname “Griff”.

        I always felt bad for the people who had been deployed five times. But this guy couldn’t stand the prosepct of being deployed once? He obviously has a lot of mental problems.

        1. And a very small dick.

  31. Pro Lib, it is less scary to think that a crazy guy was bullied into going postal than admitting the U.S. Army has been infiltrated by a radicalized Muslim.

    1. It is much safer to go with the infiltration assumption until it can be eliminated.

      1. Safer assumptions? What is that?

        I’m leaning toward the infiltration theory myself. There’s a big problem if that’s true. We need muslim help for translation and intel work. If this attack creates a major distrust of muslims in uniform, then it will damage at least, destory at most, a much needed tool in fighting terrorism, and both wars. If that was Hasin’s purpose, then helping him spread distrust just continues his mission.

        Assuming we are correct, this is classic insurgent warfare. Using distrust to disrupt your opponents operations. The logical defense of this tactic would be to neutralize the distrust. The odds are we will play into their hands on this one.

        1. Rather than going for blanket/major distrust the screening systems could be improved from the knowledge gained.

          1. Maybe, generally there are lesson to learn, but no amount of screening can necessarily prevent this. Sticking with the infiltration theory, they would adapt to any screening measure we put in place. But that’s not the distrust I’m talking about. I’m referring to the distrust by fellow troops, that could alienate other muslims in uniform, make life tough on them to the point they quit. Or push US muslims away from military service, which would hinder our intel capabilites.

        2. This is the federal government. Of course they are going to fuck it up.

          1. Wait…. I want to be a little clearer I have more faith that the army leadership, part of the feds, would deal with this in an appropriate way. But it is the idiots that tell the army what do to, congressmen and the president, that are sure to fuck it up.

  32. Valid point.

  33. Also, if it is the Muslim thingy, the DoD for damn sure doesn’t want it known. So we may see an orchestrated push for the bullied lone whackjob theory.

    1. In practice it is the opposite. But I would not put it past this administration to pressure the investigation team in the direction you state.

  34. Her name is Kimberly Munley:
    Army officials say the suspect, “the lone shooter” for this tragic incident, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, is currently on a ventilator at a nearby civilian hospital and the police officer who gunned him down, Kimberly Munley, a civilian Fort Hood police officer, is in stable condition.

    She’s a civilian officer:

    Munley, who had been trained in active-response tactics, rushed into the building and confronted the shooter as he was turning a corner, Cone said.

    “It was an amazing and an aggressive performance by this police officer,” Cone said.

    Munley was only a few feet from crazed Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan when she opened fire.

    Wounded in the exchange of gunfire, Munley was reported in stable condition at a local hospital…

    Cone said Munley’s aggressive response training taught her that “if you act aggressively to take out a shooter you will have less fatalities.”

    “She walked up and engaged him,” he said. He praised her as “one of our most impressive young police officers.”

    She’s apparently conscious, and spent the night calling fellow officers to let them know her condition, and checking up on the other wounded.

    All of the other wounded are in stable condition, which is far better news than I expected, with so many wounded.



    1. Most of these guys are real tough as long as they are shooting unarmed people. It just takes a weapon and some courage to stop them. This woman is great. They throw around the word hero way too much. But she really is one.

      1. Agreed.

      2. She should be praised. However, I suspect a flurry of “over reaction” by the usual suspects.

      3. Yep. I like the quote ‘It was an amazing and an aggressive performance by this police officer’, like he was almost in shock that she took the initative.

        1. And if this guy lives, expect him to try to sue the cop no matter what happens in his trial.

        2. Go read the detailed accounts and most of the soldiers were cowering. These are the people who are supposed to be warriors defending the country.

          Comparatively this civilian, while armed, seemed much braver.

          Would you rather die on your knees under a table or while trying to rush the guy?

  35. my “reply to this” function is up the squirrel’s ass again.

  36. And it gets worse: someone went nuts in downtown Orlando.

    1. Jesus. What the hell is going on?

      1. You’re asking me?

        1. Well, fuck, I didn’t ask for this!

          1. Ask for nothing, and you shall receive the answer.

            1. Where’s my pants?

  37. Apparently, the building is secure. Eight people shot, being sent to a local hospital. No word on who did this, or why.

  38. Looks like it was a disgruntled ex-employee.

    1. Are you implying that the stimulus failed in this case?

      1. John, I’ve sprung a leak and I’m deflating! Come blow me back up! Hurry!

        1. Who is the jackass impersonating my blogger buddy?

        2. RealDolls don’t spring leaks. (unless you pay the extra for the squirting orgasm function)

          1. Good point. Where were those links to Warty’s drag whipping session again?

            1. Anyone see “Lars and the Real Girl”? Awesome film.

              1. Awesome? With a title like that? Will look it up.

                In return, check out some of the hijab erotica on the blog.

          2. kinda disturbed that both of you seem to consider this common knowledge.

            1. Are you the only person who does not know that a RealDoll is almost solid silicone with some sort of skeliton inside? Just from memory, can’t research that from this location.

                1. I know it’s a doll. No clue of the in-depth make-up. Not reassured at this point.

                  1. I learned all about them from years of listening to the Howard Stern “terrestrial” radio show.

  39. Obama Searching for the Root Causes of Ft. Hood Massacre
    It looks like the man who killed 13 soldiers and police at Ft. Hood was a Muslim radical who hated America, resented our occupation of Muslim lands, would not be photographed with women, and chanted “Allahu Akbar” before he launched a one-man terrorist attack, but according to CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, Obama wants to know what really made him do it:

    Obama said he met today with FBI Director et al to discuss “what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow servicemen and women.”

    It’s hard not to be reminded of Obama’s famous post-9/11 remarks, which first came to light in the New Yorker last summer. This from a speech the week after the attacks in which he likewise wanted to know, what would cause a bunch of Muslim fanatics to fly airplanes into American buildings:

    We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with, the humanity and suffering of others. Such a failure of empathy, such numbness to the pain of a child or the desperation of a parent, is not innate; nor, history tells us, is it unique to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity. It may find expression in a particular brand of violence, and may be channeled by particular demagogues or fanatics. Most often, though, it grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.

    You have to wonder: Will Obama still find that the fundamental tragedy was not the murder of 13 Americans at the hands of a terrorist, but the failure of our society to address his grievances before he was forced to turn to violence? Are we still to blame for our indifference to poverty, ignorance, helplessness and despair?

  40. Oooops!

    Major Breakthrough: Iran Experiments with Advanced Nuclear Weapon Design
    IAEA seeks explanation from Iran on nuclear weapon implosion device:

    The Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has requested a response from Iran in regard to evidence that the country has experimented with the creation of advanced implosion devices designed for use in nuclear weapons.

    The report, which was compiled by using the data of numerous intelligence agencies over an extended period charges that Iranian scientists have been working on creating the components in a “two-point implosion” device. Such a device is used to bring about the chain reaction in a nuclear fission warhead. Furthermore, the device would be smaller than other nuclear implosion devices, which would in turn give Iran the ability to create much smaller warheads and therefore require a smaller missile system to deliver it to its target.

  41. OK, what I want to know is why the other personnel at Walter Reed didn’t recognize Hasan as an unstable personality. And why the Army, as an organization didn’t give him the boot.

    Also, the fact that he was transferred away from Walter Reed would seem to say something — if he was good they would have kept him there, but this seems to indicate that they knew he was nuts and rather than deal with it there, they reassigned him.

    Granted, the medical corps is much more lax than the regular army, but WTF? Not sure whether this is because psychiatry is basically charlatanism or that the other docs were blinded by their own political correctness (or both).

    1. And why the Army, as an organization didn’t give him the boot.

      As I said earlier, because what passes for leadership in America today mostly consists of P.C. zombies, lazy goldbrickers, cowards, and dolts.

      1. Don’t piss off the zombies. They have a mean bite.

      2. Sorry, Mike M, didn’t read the entire thread. Agree with your assessment.

  42. From Amy Alkon’s blog http://www.Advicegoddess.com :

    It gets better. At a professional conference, Dr Hasan gave a lecture on the Koran, and how it says all infidels should be beheaded & set on fire:


    Posted by: Martin (Ontario) at November 6, 2009 9:33 AM

    1. Yeah, the lecture was covered on NPR this AM, and apparently took place at Walter Reed. That’s why I was harshing on the other docs at WR, and the army as a whole.

  43. Man, I didn’t even know about the Fort Hood shooting until I logged on this mrning. Maybe I need to start watching the news or something.
    Anyway, I’m somewhat surprised (not really) at how accurate most of the conjecture seems to be on here.
    This subject kind of hits home even closer to normal because my battalion was recently deployed with a couple battalions of Fort Hood Soldiers. My heart really goes out to Ft. Hood right now.

  44. I’m waiting for the pictures of cheering Palestinians like when 9/11 occurred. Of course this might be large enough to warrant a celebration.

    1. The MSM now knows not to take those pictures in the first place. Saves the chore of having to pretend they never happened easier.

  45. I read where he was trying to get out of the army for years. I just don’t buy that. It is easy to get out of the army. Tell them your gay. Blow a piss test. Don’t show up to formation. Tell a full bird colonel to fuck himself.
    [Damn it, there is a word for planting and agent that you don’t expect them to take action for years]…Anyway, it seems like this guy is one of those. And he was using the I-am-a-poor-harrassed-muslim card. But hey, it has only been about 24 hours.

    1. It’s true. If he really wanted out of the Army, he could’ve gotten out. And when all else fails, you can always shoot yourself instead of shooting someone else.

      1. And you can shoot yourself in the foot, get a section 8, and still be alive.

        1. That’s one way. And if you really want out but don’t care about getting benefits, you can just show up to work three days in a row falling-down drunk.

          Kids: don’t try that at home.

        2. Who was that guy a few years ago making up stories from Iraq in some Leftist magazine? He got to finish his enlistment as a PV2 I think, but no early out for him.

          1. Oh, I remember that story…I can’t think of his name, though.

        3. He was psych, he knew how to game a medical record to get section 8 discharge. His foot need not be shot.

          1. Yeah, there’s that, too.

    2. [Damn it, there is a word for planting and agent that you don’t expect them to take action for years]…


      1. Thanks John T.

    3. Troy,

      Check out Amy Alkon’s blog today. Lots of good stuff you might be looking for.

      1. That was interesting. Thanks for the link.

  46. Yeah – wondering if we could possibly bury the fucking victims before we start feeling sorry for the perpetrators poor hurt religious feelings. Can we just do that, please?

    Also, not a surprise that the orlando shooter is a white guy. white people are fucking violent – that’s how they ended up in charge.

    1. Finally, a non-racist statement!

      1. I always get nervous when I see a white guy standing behind me at the ATM.

        1. Wait until you get caught an an ATM with Warty behind you.

        2. I get nervous when anyone is near me at the ATM. That’s why I always call the cops to take them away.

  47. Venezuela cracks down on violent video games.

    Other than the whole being socialists and being “out there in the field acting without any decent restraint”, the Venezuelan government’s priorities seem oddly similar to our own federal government’s.

  48. equal opportunity racism is my speciality. I dont discriminate against, spics, wops, camel jockeys, crackers, slopes, porch monkees, or pillow biters. I treat them all the same: like shit.

    1. what is a pillow biter?

      1. A homosexual man.

  49. equal opportunity racism is my speciality. I dont discriminate against, spics, wops, camel jockeys, crackers, slopes, porch monkees, or pillow biters. I treat them all the same: like shit.

    That’s what I tell everybody. I can’t be racist. I hate all of y’all equally.

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