Drug Policy

The Ugly Face of the Drug War


The Newark Star-Ledger has an excellent video about New Jersey's debate over a medical marijuana law. The video includes all points of view—and showcases how drug prohibition really screws over pain patients.

Watch the video here.

Reason.tv recently looked at the horrible results "when cops play doctor." Check it out here

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  5. If you support prohibition then you’ve helped trigger the worst crime wave in this nation’s history.

    If you support prohibition you’ve a helped create a black market with massive incentives to hook both adults and children alike.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to make these dangerous substances available in schools and prisons.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped raise gang warfare to a level not seen in this country since the days of alcohol bootlegging.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped remove many important civil liberties from those citizens you falsely claim to represent.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped put previously unknown and contaminated drugs on the streets.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to escalate Theft, Muggings and Burglaries.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to divert scarce law-enforcement resources away from protecting your fellow citizens from the ever escalating violence against their person or property.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped overcrowd the courts and prisons, thus making it increasingly impossible to curtail the people who are hurting and terrorizing others.

  6. What is wrong with you Libertarians? The combination of a war on drugs and strict gun control is the answer to all of societies problems. Why, just visit Rio De Janeiro, site of the 2016 Olympic games to see it in action. Since the Brazilian government has adopted an American style war on drugs and outlawed all legal ownership of guns, they now have acheived the highest violent murder rate of any city in the world, and one of the hottest selling consumer goods for those who can afford it, is armor plated passenger cars.

    1. The Right People? weren’t in charge.

      Now move along, nothing to see here.

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